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Tragedy When It Strikes It Can Hit Home Hard……….

Whilst the horse racing world was no doubt in awe with Big Brown’s win in the Kentcuky Derby. It couldn’t have gone unnoticed as to the tragedy that followed with the loss of the filly Eight Belles who would finish second but in doing so had to be euthanized having suffered irreparable damage to its forelocks under tragic circumstances at the end of the race.








Big Brown winner of the Kentucky Derby. Big Brown was ridden by Kent Desormeaux and won by an astounding 5 1/2 lengths over Eight Belles who was later euthanized. picture courtesy of getty images/ matthew stockman ……

And while we were all impressed with Big Brown’s win, the loss of Eight Belles will be one that may well have reverberations across the sport. Though rare in its occurrence when it does happen especially at one of the major events of the thoroughbred racing world. The visibility becomes all the more heightened. Now with the loss of the filly it can’t be lost on the fans that with what was achieved by Big Brown we’re seeing something of a respite and questions being asked to what may well have gone wrong to bring about this unfortunate incident.

abritishman   aka   tophatal  …………………

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