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Let The Games Begin And Begin They Will But Not In The Way We’d Perceive

On   the   8th  of  August   the  opening   ceremony  of    the   Beijing   Olympics   will   commence.   And   over    the   next   seventeen    days   the  games    becomes   the     focus  of   the  world’s   attention.     And   as   much   as  we’d    like   to   think  the   focus    will  be    on  the   athletes     themselves  and   their    pursuit   of   excellence.    I  somehow   think   this’ll    be    the  furthest   thing   on  the  minds  of   many    of   those    athletes  competing  as well   as   the   viewing    public   from  around   the   world.

The    Olympic    symbol  and   all    that  it  entails.    

Much   has  been   made   of   the   political   unrest   and      the  fact  that   China    has   been   mistreating    the    citizens   of    Tibet    and     their    support   of    the   Sudanese   government.   Where   in   the  region    of  Darfur    in   the   western     part  of    the  country,  there  has  been   scenes  of   genocide   and    the   loss   of   hundreds  of   thousands   of  lives   over   the  past   decade. 

The   closing   Olympic   gala     of   the   Athens  Olympics   in   2004.    picture   courtesy  of

And   though   the   feeling    is   that    the     Chinese   government    may   well    use     this     extravaganza   as    a   propaganda     exercise   to   show    the   world    that  it  is   finally   opening   up  to  the    West.  The    thinking   also  is   that    the   Chinese   have    much   to    hide    in    terms    of   reforms   within    the   country   itself.     We’ve   been   told    that    the    country     is  an    oppressor     of   human   rights  and    religious      freedoms.     Be  that   as  it   may     it  may    well    be   no   different    than   the    troubles    a  fledgling      democracy   or   a   country    that      purports   to   espouse    those    ideals.       

Olympic   stadium  .........Beijinng 


The   main    arena    where    the   track  and  field  events  will   be  held  and   where   the   commencement  of   the  Beijing   Olympics   will  unfold.   picture  courtesy   of  …………

China    as  a   developing    country    with   an  astounding   economy    and     immeasurable    wealth  will   see  the   Olympics  as    the   legitimacy   that    it  seeks  to   finally  become   adept    politically  and  diplomatically.     Those   concerns    at  this     juncture   aren’t    going   unnoticed     to   others   around   the   world.     And   whilst    there’s   the  feeling    that    the   event   was   awarded    to  China   by   the    IOC  through    backroom   dealings  and   the   wish   of   IOC  Chairman    Jacques   Rogge.   It    remains    to    be  seen   as    whether   or    not    the  controversies   that   are   unfolding    will  subside    once     the  event   gets    underway.

Buddhist  monks  Labrang , Tibet

Tibetan  Buddhist   monks   walk   the  streets    in   Xiahe   close    to  the  Labrang  monastery  in  Tibet.  One  can   clearly  see  that   with  the   unrest    the    police    keeps  a  watchful   eye    on  any  type   of  disturbance   or   unrest   that’s  created.      picture   courtesy    of afp/getty images/ Mark  Ralston  ……………

China’s   meddling   and    so  called   influence    peddling    in  many   ways    is no    different    that     than    that   of  the   so  called    diplomatic     machinations    that’s    often   carried    out   by   countries   in  the  West.    However    as   the   view   of   the   country   is   that   of   a  domain     that    still   remains    Communist    in   its     ideology   with   some  smattering    of    economic     reforms.  There’s   still    that     mistrust  of    a   nation   that  still    keeps    itself    closed     to  an   extent    to  the    outside   world.    Even   though     there   are    now     Western    companies   now  sprouting    up  all   over    the   major    provinces      of    the  country.    Their    interest  are  as   varied       as   one    would     expect.    Ranging  from  retail,  to heavy  industry  , construction,     automotive  to   manufacturing   and   finance.     And    though    these  companies  have    led  to   economic    growth   and   wealth    therein.       The   usual     seeds   of   corruption    have    followed      along    with    the  calls   for   China    to  open   its   in  internal  markets    to    companies   from the  West.     As   well  as    the    country   now  being   called    one   the    major   environmental    polluters   on   the  planet   because   of      its   lack   of  controls   on     many  of   its     industries. 

Refugee  cam  in Darfur  ,  Sudan

A refugee   camp   in   the  Darfur   region    of  Sudan.       Sudan  being  an    oil   rich   nation   is one   China’s   major   partners    in   terms    of    its    oil    imports.  picture  courtesy  of  …………


At   this    juncture    the   questions    posed   and    what    materializes  are    answers    that   we  can  either  agree  or   disagree  with.   The    commercial   expense   and   the   willingness   of  the  country  to   proceed   forward  shows    us    that    the    Chinese   are   more   than    determined    to  go   ahead  no  matter   what   criticism   will  be    levelled  at  it.   The   Chinese    government    and    its    citizens   have   their   pride  at  stake    and   they’re   not   about     to   take   what   they  believe  to  be    unfair   criticism  that’s    now   being    placed   at  its  very    door .    Without   answering    back    as   the   best   way   it    knows  how.     And   that  it  is   to  produce  sporting    extravaganza   that  the   whole    world  will  enjoy.  

Liu  Xiang    of  China   the  110m  hurdles   gold  medalist   .......

Liu  Xiang    China’s    sole   gold  medalist   from  the  Olympics   in  Athens  Greece   in   2004.  Xiange    won  the   the men’s  110 m hurdles  in   world  record   time of   12.91  seconds.  picture  courtesy  of  ………..

 There  are    bound  to  be  utterings   of    criticisms     by    countries    participating .   And   no   doubt  there’ll   also  be   athletes     who’ll   choose  to  express    their    views    in   ways    that   they’d   deem   apparopriate.    But    somehow     there  may   well  be  orders    given   to   them    by   their    respective   governing   bodied    that   any    undue   criticism     will   not   be  viewed    favorably    themselves   or   the  Chinese  government   in  particular.    The  country   will  no    doubt    look   favorably   upon   those    who  are   there      just    to   compete.   And   to  those     who choose   to detract     from   the  event.      They   may   well  be  doing    so    at   their    own   peril.


The   cyclists    from  the  Olympic  road   race  event in  Athens  ,  Greece  in  2004.    picture  courtesy  of   Papadopolous  ………………

China’s  wish    it’d   appear   is  to    join   the   world     openly    but    under   its     own   conditions.   One    where   it’ll   not  be    dictated   to     how   it  conducts    its    business    diplomatically   and    economically.   And   whatever   restraints    placed    upon   the   country     may  well   be  equally  met    with   the   same    sort   of   stubborness    one  would    expect    from    a  child   that  has   been   rebuked.     So    one   can     either    play   nice    or   one   can   vent    at   them    in   whatever    way   one    might    feel  appropriate.     But    in  doing  so,    one   has to   be   sure    that   they’re   quite    prepared    to     meet  whatever    fate   that  they’re    sure  to   reciprocate  in   return. 

So   at  this   juncture  let   the   games  begin    in  whatever    form   it   takes.   It’ll    either   be  a  spectacle   worth   watching .  Or  an   endeavor    that    we’ll   choose    to   forget   merely    because    of   the   scenes    that   one    senses   will   unfold .



abritishman  …………..

9 thoughts on “Let The Games Begin And Begin They Will But Not In The Way We’d Perceive

  1. I try to remain mum on the politics of the Olympics, so I’m at least willing to give China the benefit of doubt until the games begin. After which, whatever happens will be on their watch and on the official record for the world to see.

    I hope everything goes well. And I hope the games result in future human rights advances for the country and it’s outlying regions.

    These Games represent a huge opportunity for China to show the world that they are ready for the 21st century.

  2. Mean Dovine
    That’s all well and good but the Olympics have always been a political minefield since its inception. And I’m not talking about it’s rebirth and under the auspices of Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

    That came about when they were first held in Marathon after the Greeks defeated the Persians and the games were held as a gift of sustainance of ther Gods for their victories.

    That being said it fares well as a useful tool and propoganda machine.
    The problem however will be in telling what’s fact from fiction as everything begins to unfold.
    I for one am just looking forward to it being a successful event in all quarters.

    abritishman aka tophatal ………….

  3. I don’t really care what Americans say about China to be honest. I assume they have some great injustices. We have had more great injustices according to my Republican family, under GW Bush than in anyone’s entire lifetime. This man, his henchmen and his financial backers are not as crude, certainly more sophisticated than the Chinese or Bin Laden but they are the equal of either as to being world terrorists.

  4. Nique
    I’d have to concur with a lot of what you’ve said. As has been evidenced by this country’s uneven handed foreign policy. Much of it predicated upon placing so called allies at the their behest in order to gain further economical benefits at the expense of their alleged allies.
    Never has this been more apparent than with which the way they’ve turned a blind eye to the genocide in Sudan but yet still laud the leader there.

    Howe can anyone suborn what this counry has done by letting 800,000 people die in mass genocide. And at the same time state that the Chinese has enabled these atrocities ?

    Thanks for the props with regard to the article. Much of what they won’t deem approriate over at the other forum . You’ll be able to find here from now on. So as and when you’re ready stop and take a read and by all means leave comment. You’re always wlecomed !

    abritishman …………..

  5. In the West, they teach that Jesus said :”Do not do unto others what you wish not to be done to yourself.”

    “Those who have not sinned, let him throw the first stone.”

    The question to be asked to this writer is :
    “Are you an objective student of history? How many native American Indians were there before it was completely colonised today? Do you have the courage to know the real figure? And not just North America but also the South. Where are these indigenous peoples today?”

    “How many wars have the USA and her allies waged and how many people were massacred just in the 20th and the beginning of the 21th centuries? Do you have the courage to face the truth?”

    Never forget that if you point a finger at someone, THREE NOT ONE, are pointing back at you.

    May truth prevail in your heart.

  6. Truth
    I’m the one here who’s written the piece and I’m no way absolving China. But I do feel that the US itself has been tantamount in much of the world’s ills. When it comes to diplomacy it’s what best for their interest rather than what’s amenable for all parties concerned. The US may well be providing aid but what does it suggest when they’re also selling armorments to the Sudan . And at the same time suborning the actions of a heinous dictator .
    Much of what China has been doing is just to buy a basic commodity that it is in need of.
    Black gold has been the thing that has driven much of this more than anything else.

    abritishman ……….

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