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For The Greater Good And The Glory……………….

Interestingly  enough   the   US Olympic   swimming   trials  took place  and   with  the   much  precedented  presence  and  furore   surrounding  the  acclaim  of the  athletes.   In   particular  that of   Michael Phelps,   Dana  Torres  and    the   others   who’ll   have   aspirations  of   making    it   to   Beijing  to represent   the    US   at  the  upcoming  games.  The   fulfillment   was    there      for   many  of    these   athletes. 


Olympic  swimmer   Michael Phelps   seen  here   posing   for   a   display   that   features   team   members  of  the  US  Olympic  swim   team.  picture   courtesy  of  getty  images/Jeb  Jacobsohn……

Years   of  training  and   dedication   has   been   put   to  the  test  of    finally    garnering    a   berth   on the  Olumpic   team.   And   once    having   attained   a  berth      much   of  the   celebration   can  begin.     And    for   these    athletes    that   is   when   the    acclaim    for   them   also  takes  on  a  new  meaning  altogether   as it’ll   take   on  a  new  meaning   for   each   athlete.    Phelps    whose  talent  is    unquestioned  will  be   trying   to   usurp   the  medal  tally    garnered   by    Munich  Olympian  Mark  Spitz.    Spitz’s   seven   gold  medals   and   the  world  records    that  went   with   each   are  the   things   that   legends  are   made  of.  Phelps    is    the   pre-eminent    swimmer   in  the  world   .   And    were   it  not    for    the    retirement     of  Australian   Ian   Thorpe    the   challenges    facing     Phelps   in  Beijing    would    be   greater  ones.   


Dara  Torres  seen  here    during   the   US  Olympic   swim   trials    in  Omaha  ,  Nebraska .   Torres  seen  here   won  the  100m   freestyle   at the  trials.  However   it may  well   not  be   the  event  that  she  chooses  to  compete  in  at  the   games  having   qualified     several   events  overall.  picture  courtesy  of   afp/photos/……………… 

For  his   counterpart   Dara   Torres  it’s   something  of  a  rebirth   for   the   forty  one   year   old   mother .  She will  be   upon  the  commencemnent   of   these    games  the  oldest   female   ever  to  represent  the  US  in  swimming.   This   will  be   her   fifth   Olympics  that   she’ll   have   competed  in   ,  having   first  made   the   US team  as  a   seventeen   year   old    in   1984.  She  would   then  compete   again   for  the   US  in  1988,1992, 2000  and   in  these upcoming   games   of   2008.  

Torres   competing   in   the   100m  freestyle   heats   at  the   US  Olympic   trials   in  Omaha  , Nebraska.    picture  courtesy  of ………….

Torres  for   her  part  has   proven   that   despite  her   age   she’s  more   than   capable   of   competing   against   her   female   counterparts   who    are  in  some   cases   less  than    half   her  age.   And   at  the   same  time   she   has   proven   to   be   much    quicker  as   a  competitor   than   she  was   when   she    first   represented  her   country.    The  years   have   passed    but  it’d   appear  that   they’ve   been    kind   to   Torres   and    her  yearning    to     to  compete  at   the   highest   echelons  of  the   sport    goes   unabated. 

Eric   Shanteau   competing   in   the   200m  breastroke   at the   US  Olympic   trials   in  Omaha    , Nebraska.   Shanteau   was   diagnosed  with   testicular   cancer  and  he’s    sought  to   forego  treatment  in   terms  of   chemotherapy  until  after   the   games.  However   he’ll  be  constantly    monitored by    the  team’s  doctors  and  his   own  physician   whilst in Beijing.     picture  courtesy of …………..

For  many  of   the  swimmers   this   may   well  be   their    one  and   only   time    that  they’ll  ever  get  to  compete   in   such  an  event.  As  it’s   not   often  that   many   will   get   a  second   chance  to compete   in   multiple  games.     The   pressure    to  qualify   and   then  the  competition   itself   may  well  be  too  arduous   for  some.   One   swimmer   who    now   seems  to  be   facing   that    dilemma   is   Eric  Shanteau    who   having   gained   a   berth    on   the   swim   team     now    has  a  decision  to   make    that’ll    affect   his   life    irrevocably   for   years  to  come.    Shanteau    prior    to   the    trials   was   diagnosed  with   testicular  cancer   by    his  doctor  and   an   oncologist.   To  that   end   treatment    will  have   to  be    ongoing    for  the   swimmer   who   qualified   in  the  200m   breastroke   and  200m   individual  medley at  the  trials  and   is    considered  to  be   one  of    the   young  bright   hopes   on  this   Olympic  swim  team. 

University of   Texas  Longhorn   and   Olympic   qualifier    Eric  Shanteau  .     picture courtesy  of shanteau  ……………… 

The  greater  glory   is  compete    for   your   country   and   show  one’s   allegiance.     But    for   Shanteau   this    may  well  be  a   risk   that    is  far  too  great  to    bear .   He  can   compete   knowing   that  his    body     will  be  ravaged   by  the   cancer  or  he    can   make   the   choice    not   to   compete  and    forego  the   glory  and   all  that  it entails.     Choices   are  made   but   there   those   that   are   far   too  precious   to  ignore    when   it  concerns     that      of   your    health.    Shanteau   for his  part    has  chosen  not  to  heed   the  advice   of  his  medical   advisors .   Because  he  feels   that  can    compete   with   this    impediment.   Something    that  others  feel   might   be  too   much   to  bare  for  an   individual   no  matter  how   valiant    the    effort   is. 


abritishman ………………….



10 thoughts on “For The Greater Good And The Glory……………….

  1. Very well written and great information for someone like myself who watches the Olympics but really doesn’t know much of anything about specific American Athletes. Good write.

  2. nique
    For me it’s the intrigue and the stories that’ll unfold as the games commence is what I’ll enjoy the most.

    However the story concerning Shanteau and Torres is uniquely intriguing and of interest to many I believe.
    Torres as the oldest female to have swam for her country. She’s as competitive as of her much younger counterparts who are in some cases less than half her age.

    And then you’ve also got the story surrounding Shanteau who’s been diagnosed with testicular cancer . But who for now chooses to forego the radical treatment of chemotherapy in order to compete in the upcoming games. Some may well see it as foolhardy, whilst others may view it as him being brave and patriotic more than anything else.

    abritishman ………….

  3. Wow this is great…
    are you going to write of the 2008 Beijing Games ? We hope so….
    We are in Camps right now and we come home to nana’s once a week only and big bro’s lap top doesn’t work all the time.
    We’re all had been committed to 11 camps by our dear old mean , loveable, & sweet nana. we like it because we are learning all kinds of new things. LOL
    we might not able to comment but you can bet that we read & appriciate it very much. 🙂
    thanks for the help and information my friend.

  4. Tiff
    I’ll be doing a lot on the Olympics as it commences. I’ll try to keep everyone abreast of the activities as much as I can. It’d appear that won’t be the case over at Fox.

    abritishman …………

  5. Can I ask though – how did you get this picked up and into google news?

    Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

    Obviously this is a popular blog with great data so well done on your seo success..

    The swimming greats you should write about next, my ex was an olympic swimmer!

  6. Weapon:Swords
    It comes as a great surprise to me that the piece is up amongst Google news. All that I did was make sure that it’d be part of the RSS comments in order for others to view.

    I’ve been a continuous blogger for a while now (2 1/2 years) within various sport’s forums. But I decided to branch out somewhat on my own. Primarily because of my passion for sports in gerneral.
    Though my interest beyond sports are wide ranging.
    As for the Olympics I’ll be doing small snippet on them covering various events as the games commence. So keep a look out for those .
    And thanks once again for the compliments !

    abritishman ……..

  7. And then you’ve also got the story surrounding Shanteau who’s been diagnosed with testicular cancer . But who for now chooses to forego the radical treatment of chemotherapy in order to compete in the upcoming games. Some may well see it as foolhardy, whilst others may view it as him being brave and patriotic more than anything else.”

    There is nothing to suggest he will need Chemo. First step is to remove the testicule. The pathology will determine that course of treatment. From the result of the blood tests, he may well have seminoma, which is a very slow cancer. It is quite possible that the operation alone could cure him. Non seminoma, which Lance had, can be very agressive, and in a month could be everywhere. Nothing is absolute, but the tests would indicate that he caught it early, and it is most likely seminoma. Chemo is not a standard treatment for seminoma. surveilance, or radiation, or if very advanced, then chemo.

    I also dont think it is right to say he is going against medical advice. Eric is not a daredevil, as his agent says. Obviously, they would rather have the surgery to determine pathology sooner than later, but none of his Dr are calling him crazy. I cant say for sure, but I suspect he is probably with seminoma as a result of the blood tests. There are variables to everything, and what he is doing is to HIS situation.

    I had very agressive Tc. It was probably more than 2 months before I finally got in to do the surgery. Once he has the testicule removed, then he can go from there.

    He has my full support

  8. Benji
    I for one would like to take this opportunity to let you know that you’re in my thoughts with regard to this particular malady. With regard to Shanteau , you’re right when you state that it’s dependent upont the type of cancer. But in younger men there is cause for concern as it can spread through the body rather quickly if unchecked and treated aggressively. And even with certain types of drugs it’s not always possible to treat the cancer as you’ve stated without an acute diagnosis.
    Shanteau and his doctor’ll no doubt do what’s best for him. But should there be a problem I for one don’t think that he’ll risk his health. Hopefully though things’ll prevail and he’ll have a successful games.

    abritishman ………….

  9. I found this as a very good read. You are really talented writing like this. I would like to keep getting these and reading them. Thanks for including me.

  10. floridagrama1
    Thank you for the compliments as they’re always appreciated. I’ve always loved to write as it’s something that I’ve done from my days in high school. I did journalism courses. But that wasn’t the goal that I’d set for myself.
    As to the games themselves they’ve been really exhilerating to watch.
    And now as they’re reaching their culmination. We’ll now have to wait until London 2012.

    abritishman ………

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