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Yes She’s Learning But She Still Appears To Be So Dumb ……….!

Prodigious   female   golfer    Michelle  Wie   if anything   is  proving   that  she’s   by   no  means   ready  yet   to  assume   the   mantle   now   held   by   Lorena   Ochoa  as  the  world’s   number  one   female   golfer.   Ochoa   in    turn  assumed   the  mantle   from  the  legendary     Annika   Sorenstam

Michelle Wie walks off of the ninth green during the third round of the LPGA State Farm Classic golf tournament in Springfield, Ill., Saturday, July 19, 2008.

Michelle   Wie  walks  the    ninth  green   during  the    third   round   of    the  State  Farm  Classic  in  Springfield , Illinois.     Wie   was  made   aware   of her   mistake   as  she   ended     the   third     round,  having   not   signed   her   scorecard at  the   end  of  Friday’s   second   round.   picture   courtesy  of   ap/photo/Seth  Perlman  ………………..

So  it should   come as   no  surprise that    Wie    was   disqualified   from   the   current   LPGA   Tour  event  the  State  Farm  Classic  in  Springfield , Illinois.   What  also   is  becoming   apparent    is  that   Wie   somehow   thinks    that   one   can   flout   the   rules    of   a  game   that’s   built   around   etiquette   and   abiding    by  the   rules  and    bye  laws   of  the   game.    Leading   the   tournament   with  -12  under  par   after   the   second    round.   Wie    inexplicably    failed   to  sign  her  scorecard   having  left    the   players’  tent   at   the   Panther  Creek Country   clubhouse   of   the    event.  

In this photo provided by the State Farm Classic golf tournament, Michelle Wie speaks to reporters just after learning she had been disqualified from the LPGA State Farm Golf Classic Saturday, July 19, 2008, in Springfield, Ill.

 Wie  speaks  to  the   press  after   finding   out   that   she’d   been   disqualified     on   Saturday   afternoon  having   finished   the   third   round   of  the   State Farm  Bureau  Classic   in  Springfield , Illinois.   picture   courtesy  of   ap/photo/ Lee  Milner   ……………..

This   has  been   the  second    time     that    Wie   has   suffered   the   indignity  of   a  being   disqualified   from  an  LPGA   tournament.    She’d  been   disqualified  once   before   in  her  professional    debut  at    the  Samsung  World  Championship  of   golf  event  in  2005.    Her   mistake   was   to   take   an  improper  drop.    Golf   prides   itself    on   its    members     knowing   the   rules    and   abiding    by  them.      However    in   Wie’s   case   she  either     appears  to  be   oblivious   to   them    or   she   just   doesn’t   seem   to   feel   that    the   appropriate    behavior    is  required    of    her   when    it   comes   to    the   game.   Some   might   say  that   there’s  a   degree  of jealousy   that   surrounds  Wie   and   the    fact   that    she’s    been   lauded   as  the   next   big   thing   on   the  LPGA   Tour.   To   date   however    Wie    hasn’t   been   able   to  produce   the   success   that  many    feel   that   she’s    capable  of   achieving.       She’s    yet   to   win   on  the   LPGA   Tour.      And    despite  her    high  profiled   visibility   on   the    tour  ,    many  of   the   highlights    of    her    career   has   encapsulated    by   marked controversy. 

Wie  attempts  a   bridie  putt   during   the  Sony   Open   in   Honolulu,  Hawaii   in  2006.     picture  courtesy of   ap/photo……………….. 

Wie   and  what   this    says    about  her    persona    leaves   the  LPGA   Tour    in   need   of  some    vibrancy.   Ochoa    has  proved   that   she’s   capable   of    being    the  pre-eminent    female   player   this   generation.    But   even   she   has   to    be  seeking   some    form    of  competition   on  the   tour    from  another   female   player   capable   of  challenging    her   dominance   on  the  LPGA   Tour.    The   likes   of   Natalie   Gulbis,    Morgan  Pressel,   Grace   Park,  In  Bee  Park   and    many  of  the   North  Korean    female   players   that   seem   to  be    propping   up    on   the  leaderboard  at   what’d   appear  to  be  every  other   event,   seems  to    be    the    norm    at  present.    If  the   game   is  to  survive   with  an   avid   following   then    Wie  must    prove   that   she’s    capable   of    playing    with  the   best   of   what   the  LPGA   has  to  offer.  

Michelle Wie

The   ominous  drop   that   said   it  all  ,  Wie  and  the   first  of  what   has  been   two   disqualifications  that  has  set   Wie’s   career   in   somewhat   of   a   tailspin.      picture   courtesy  of   getty   images/  Scott  Halleran  ……………………..

 With   this  incident  now   befalling   Wie  in  competition   one   has  to  wonder  what  else   can  go   wrong  with   her  at  this   juncture   that    won’t   create  a   stir    on   the  LPGA   Tour  ?   With   each  passing   incident   it   can  only  be  a  matter   of   time   before   many   will  begin   to  consider   whether    or   not   Michelle   Wie    just   a  phenom   whose  yet   to    live   up   to  her   potential . Or    indeed   just   another   put   upon     self   absorbed   young   athlete  who   can   no  longer  handle   real   adversity   when  it  comes  their  way.    When   so   much   is   foisted    upon    someone   with  such   a   prodigious   talent.   It  can  only   be  matter   of  time    before    we’re    able  to    assess   whether    or   not  they’re   capable   of   proving  themselves   at  all.    Though   now    playing   the   LPGA  Tour   only   part  time   while   she   attends    Stanford  University.      Many  of   Wie’s    obligations  with   regard to   playing    on   the   tour    will   come   through    sponsorship   exemptions   or  through    the   schedule   that   has  been  set   up   for   her    by   agent.    Wie’s   still   an   attraction  on  the   LPGA   Tour    but   for   how   long   will   the   fans   be  willing   witness   much   to   their   chagrin,   her   lackluster   performances    thus   far.      It’s  a   learning   process   but   it’d    appear   that   the  learing   curve    hasn’t  yet   reached   its  peak  for   Wie. 



abritishman  ……………………….

11 thoughts on “Yes She’s Learning But She Still Appears To Be So Dumb ……….!

  1. idk…i would like to cut her some slack just because this was probably the closest her ever winning a tournament and probably got too excited after leading the second round. i mean she is still a teenage girl. i would think she was overly excited and just wanted to run back to her parents to tell them how well shes playing…and forget to sign in. There are north koreans playing in the LPGA?

  2. idk…i would like to cut her some slack just because this was probably the closest her ever winning a tournament and probably got too excited after leading the second round. i mean she is still a teenage girl. i would think she was overly excited and just wanted to run back to her parents to tell them how well shes playing…and forget to sign in. There are north koreans playing in the LPGA?

  3. hello
    There are two North Koreans playing on the LPGA Tour. As for Wie how can you state that she’s just a teenager who was just overly excited ? She has to be aware of the rules of the game has she not ? And those are implictly stated when it comes to the game of golf.

    Having finished your round you sign your score card and then turn it in. How could she have forgotten something so simple and valid as that ? She’s a Stanford student for God’s sake ! Not some youngster who’s been playing the game for only a short period of time and hasn’t learnt the rules and bye laws of the game.

    abritishman ………

  4. She should know the rules, but she is a teenager. Who knows what she was thinking? The true test will be whether she ever makes the same mistake again. If not, then maybe she’s learned her lesson.

  5. Iowa Girl
    There’s no excuse for this sort of mistake to be made. And where was her caddie in all of this also ? One would’ve thought that it’d be encumbent upon that individual to make sure that she signs her scorecard once the round was finished.

    She may well learn from this but it’s not as if this hasn’t happened before. An improper drop in the Samsung Championship cost her a shot at winning before. And she’d been made aware of her predicament prior to that.
    It’d appeart that many would rather make excuses for both her and Patrick rather than holding them accountable for their actions.

    abritishman ……………

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