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The Hopes of A Nation Rests Upon Your Shoulders ………

The  US  Open   tennis  championships   have   begun  and    there’s   the  belief   now   that  should    the  US men   be  unable   to  acquit  themselves   well   throughout  these   championships. Then  the  domestic  program  of   the USTA   will   have   to  be  revisited   and  any   questions   arising    out  of  their  investigations  will  have to  be  addressed. 


  Andy Roddick (R) of the US shakes hands with Fabrice Santoro of France after their first round match at the US Open tennis tournament on August 27, 2008 in Flushing Meadows, NY. Roddick won in straight sets.       AFP PHOTO/DON EMMERT (Photo credit should read DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

Andy  Roddick  congratulates   Fabrice  Santoro of France  having   won in  a  straights  set   victory 6-2,6-2,6-2   in  the  first   round   of   the   men’s  singles   tournament of   the  US  Open  at  Flushing   Meadows in  New  York.  picture  appears   courtesy of  afp/getty  images/Don  Emmert  ………….. 

 At   the  National   Tennis  Center   in  Flushing   New  York  home   to  the  championships.  The  tennis   itself    will  be   a  spectacle    for  even  the   most  ardent   of   fans .   And   their   expectations   of    homegrown   win  will   rest    soundly   upon  the  shoulders  of    the  country’s  top   two  male   players   James   Blake   and   Andy  Roddick.  Both   are   ranked   amongst  the   top   10  in  the  ATP  rankings  and  a   domestic   win    by   either   will   go  a  long  way   in restoring   some   cedibility   to  the  men’s   game   domestically.


Andy Roddick, of the United States, stretches to return to Fabrice Santoro, of France, at the U.S. Open tennis tournament in New York on Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2008.

Roddick   at  full   stretch   returns   a  forehand    to  Santoro    during   the   first   round   of   their   singles’  match.  picture  appears   courtesy  of   ap/photo/Elise   Amendola ……………

Blake  had  a  marginally  successful   tournament    at   the   Beijing  Olympics.  He    was  able   to  defeat   former    world   #1   Roger   Federer    in  the  men’s  singles   tournament.   His   biggest    singles’ victory  of   the  year   thus   far.     The   men’s   singles   event   at   Flushing   Meadows  in  New  York    hasn’t   been   won   by   an  American    since    Andy   Roddick   raised    the  trophy  in  2003   his   sole   Grand  Slam   tournament    won. 

Blake    raises   his  arms    aloft     having    just  secured   a   hard   fought    five  set  thrilling   victory   over   former   world   junior   # 1  ranked   player   Donald  Young.  picture  appears   courtesy  of   ap/photo/ Elise   Amendola  ………..

James  Blake   for   his   part   has   never   really    fulfilled    his   abilities   despite   his    undoubted   talent  as  a  player.  Long   thought of  as   the  player   most  likely   to   take  over    the  mantle   left   by   Pete   Sampras as  the  premiere   player   of   his  era.  But   this   was  never    the   case  as   Blake’s   career   waylaid     by   a  series   of    injuries   that   would’ve  curtailed   the   career  of a  lesser    player.  Back   and    playing    somewhat  inconsistently      Blake   has  seen    something  of   a  renaissance   in  his  career.   In  the   first  round    he  had to   battle    to  beat   former US   teenage   phenom  Donald  Young    in  a   five   set   battle   6-1,3-6, 6-1,4-6,6-4.  

Ninth   seed   James   Blake   of  the   US  returns  a   backhand   to   his    opponent    Donald   Young   his   fellow  countryman    in  the   first   round   of  the     US   Men’s  Open  at    Flushing   Meadow  in  New  York.   picture appears   courtesy  of     ap/photo/Elise  Amendola  …………..

And  whilst    there  are   seveal    other   US  male   competitors   within    the    tournament.  It  is  to   Blake  and   Roddick    that   the   fans  will  be   looking   to   in  order   to   see   of    an   American   male  can  once    again   bring   back   some   luster   to  the  game   domestically.  

Andy Roddick returns a shot against Fabrice Santoro of France during Day 3 of the 2008 U.S. Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on August 27, 2008 in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Roddick    returns   a   backhand   to   his   opponent     Fabrice   Santoro   during   their   first   round  match  of   the men’s   singles   tournament.   picture  appears   courtesy  of  getty   images/  Matthew  Stockman …………………..

At   present   it’d    appear  to be    just  a   two   horse    race   for    the  major   Grand  Slam    tournaments    with  the   last   two   Grand  Slam   tournaments    having    been   won   by   Spain’s   Rafael   Nadal .   Who   in  defeating   Switzerland’s     Roger  Federer   at  Roland  Garros   for the   French  Open  and   finally    debunking  the   myth  that    Federer  was  unbeatable   at  Wimbledon    by   defeating   him   there  also.    In  achieving  this   and     with   his    gold   medal  win   at  the  Olympics .   Nadal    wrestled   away   the   number   #1 ranking   on  the  men’s  ATP Tour. 

Spain's Rafael Nadal returns a backhand to Germany's Bjorn Phau at the 2008 US Open in New York. Reigning Olympic champions Nadal and Elena Dementieva have started their US Opens having faced stiff challenges from unseeded challengers.

Newly   anointed    world    #1   Rafael   Nadal    returns    a   double   handed   backhand   in  the  first  round  against  Germany’s Bjorn  Phau.  Nadal    won  his  match    7-6(7-4),6-3,7-6(7-4)  in   straight  sets  finding   very   little   opposition   from  his  opponent.   picture   appears courtesy  of    ap/photo/Elise  Amendola  ……………..  

And   as   much   as   we’ve    all    wanted    the  existence   of  a   rivalry     on  the  men’s   tour   to    create  the  interest    we   once    enjoyed    when    Agassi  ,   McEnroe   ,  Lendl   and  Sampras    graced  the   courts .     Nadal   and    Federer    has    provided    that  and     a  great   deal   more .    Nadal   has   now proved   to   be    the   thorn    in  the   side   of  Federer .   And    Federer    for    his  part  must   now   question     whether    or    not    he  has  the  ability    and   the  intestinal    fortitude  to    chase   after    tennis   immortality  and   surpass    Pete   Sampras’    slam   record   of    14  singles’  tournament   victories.

Roger Federer of Switzerland returns a shot against Maximo Gonzalez of Argentina during Day 2 of the 2008 U.S. Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, on August 26, in New York City. Federer won 6-3, 6-0, 6-3.

Roger  Federer   returns   a  crosscourt  forehand   against   his    first   round   opponent Maximo   Gonzalez  of   Argentina.   Feder   won  his   match   in   straight   sets  6-3,6-0,6-3 .  picture  appears   courtesy  of   afp/getty  images/ Andy   Lyons  ……………   

Federer’s    nemesis    now   in  the   guise   of    Nadal   has   provided    him   with  an  adversary     that   demands   his  complete   attention   now   on  any  surface   that   they  meet.   No   longer   does   Federer  has   the  comfort    grass   as   his   his    own   personal   domain.     Nadal   for   his   part    has    proven  himself   more   than   adequate   now   on   all   surfaces.  In   securing   his    first   Wimbledon   grasscourt title  and  with   four  slam    titles   to    his    resume’.  It  can     be  said   that    Nadal    can   no  longer   be    described   as  one   trick    pony    whose  comfortable   on the clay   courts  alone.     If  anything    he’s    now   proving   himself   to  be  equally   adept    on  all   surfaces.  And   this  will   test    Federer’s   resolve    now    as   he   embarks   upon   surpassing   Sampras’    record  and  supplant   him    as  the   greatest   player   of   the  modern   era   .  If   not   the    best   male   player   of alltime.

abritishman  …………

5 thoughts on “The Hopes of A Nation Rests Upon Your Shoulders ………

  1. Very nice, top!

    One thing I feel is in Blake’s favor is mileage. With his college start and time off the tour, he has relative freshness on tour for a player his age. And apparently. still some speed in those legs!

    Santoro was entertaining as always! Should be interesting to see Roddick up against Gulbis.

    Nadal has shown some wobbles in his first two rounds. Not quite as convincing as he would like, I’m sure. I just don’t think he has that aura of dominance on this surface that Fed carried.

  2. MCLioness
    The mileage may well be there but what’s lacking is heart and guile on the path of Blake. The win against Federer though great shows his potential. But how often have we seen this from him and then he becomes overly complacent and then loses to a lesser opponent.

    As to Nadal what we’re now seeing from him is more likely than not just pure fatigue. He’s had a phenomenal season thus far.
    A win at the US Open and he’ll join a selective number of players that’ve won three of the four Grand Slam touraments in the same calendar year.

    abritishman aka tophatal ………..

  3. The US isn’t going to win anything major with this generation of players and the way things look, there isn’t anyone coming up through the pipelines that will change that result in the next few years. Roddick is over the hill, he’s shown us all that he has and it’s not good enough. Blake, he’s just not good enough from what I’ve seen.

  4. Lana
    The women’ll fare better than the men . At least there they’re competitive and more than able to hold their own against the top females on the WTA.

    On the men’s ATP it’s now all about Federer and Nadal. They’re the top two players and they’re so far ahead the rest of the field that it it doesn’t bear arguing about.
    Roddick and Blake at best are just playing for time and not much else. It’s not as if they’re able to make a serious challenge at winning the event.

    It’s been awhile since an American has won the men’s US Open.

    abritishman aka tophatal …………..

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