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Well this  Saturday the  Florida State  Seminoles  face  their  antagonists  and  instate  rivals  the  University of Florida Gators. In  a game  that  all  but  will  signify  who  has bragging rights  to  call  themselves  the instate  champions  of college  football within  the state.    That being  said  we’ll  also be  seeing  two of the  heralded  players  within  that  state’s  much  heralded  college  football program.   They  are  Myron Rolle of  Florida  State  and  Tim  Tebow  of the  University  of Florida. 

Tim Tebow the Gators’ quarterback runs  for a first  down against  the  Citadel during  the  first half of  he  game played  in  Gainesville, Florida.  The Gators  would  go on  defeat  Citadel  70-19  in  a  lopsided win. picture appears courtesy of  ap/photo/Phil  Sandlin  ………….


Tim Tebow we  already know as  the reigning  Heisman  Trophy  winner  and  with  Myron Rolle he’s  the  Rhodes’ scholar  who one  day  hopes  to  become  a  neurosurgeon.  What  hasn’t  escaped many who  understand the  intricacies  of  the game  is  what  this  will  mean  to both   programs  as  well  as the  players  themselves.  To say  that  they’ll end  their  careers  on  a  high  would  be  an  understatement. Albeit  that  Tebow  has yet  to  make  it  clear as to  what  his ambitions are  once  the  season  is  over.  The  one thing  for  sure  that  we  know  concering  Rolle  is  that  having graduated already  in  2 1/2 years  with  3.75 GPA and  with a  degree  in Exercise Science  and a  Masters in Public  Administration.  But it  has  been his interest  in  articulating  his  passion  for  medicine  and  helping  others  less  fortunate  than  he.  His  interests in  biochemistry   and  all  that  it  entails  shows  that this young  man  is  indeed a  very  extraordinary  human  being. And  with the aspirations  to  become a  neurosurgeon  it  can  be  said  that his  calling  is  a  profound one.   The  beckoning of the  NFL  can’t  be  far from  his  mind  but pursuant  of  that  may  well  lie  the  fact  that  Rolle himself  doesn’t  seem  to  be  overly   concerned   by the  riches  that  particular   will   reward  him with.



Florida State Seminole safety Myron Rolle is congratulated after the  Noles’ defeat of Maryland 37-3 in a game  played  in College Park, MD. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Rob Carr ……………..


For Rolle’s counterpart who’ll be  on  the  opposing team. In Tim Tebow  we have  a player  who it can  be said  is  having  another stellar year.  Though  on the face of  it  his  statistics  aren’t  as  eye  popping  as  last  year.  It can be said  that he’s  now  leading  the  Gators  with   even  more  assuredness  than  anyone  could’ve imagined.  And what  the  team  has been  doing as  of  late  to  their  opponents  has sent a  shiver  across the  college scene.  So much  so  that  there’s  the  belief  that  this  team  is  by  far  and a way  playing  better than  any other  college  program  at present.   In every  facet of  the  game at present they’ve  been  playing  with an exuberance  not seen  in  a team  in a long  while.   Their  confidence  now  is at  an  alltime  high  but  that’s  not to  say  that they’re  about  to  go  into this  game  thinking  that  all  they’ll  have to  do  is just  to  turn up  to intimidate  their  opponents.  Nothing  could  be  further  from  the  truth  and  one doubts  that  the  Gators’ coach  Urban Meyer would even allow  them  to  think  that  way.  The  game  singularly  would  have   tremendous  ramifications  were  they  to  lose.  National  championship   aspirations are  still  within their  grasp.   And with a game  against  Alabama  in the  offing   for  the  SEC championship, one  has  to say  that there’s  still  a  great  deal  to  play  for.


Tebow(15)  and  teammate  backup  quarterback  John Brantley(12) leave the field  after  the  team’s  win  over the  Citadel.  They’re congratulated  by  fans as  they  make  their  way  to  the locker  rooms.   picture appears courtesy of  ap/photo/Phil  Sandlin ……………………… 


When  the  two  teams  step  unto  Bobby  Bowden Field at Doak Campbell Stadium in  Tallahassee.  This  game will  mean a great deal  to  the  fans  in attendance  and  those watching  nationwide.  Both  teams are  ranked in  the  AP Top 25.   The  BCS rankings as they  now  stand leaves a  lot  to  be desired  and any slip up  by  any  of the  teams  ranked  within  the  top5  most assuredly  would  signal the death knell  as to their ambitions. And an emphatic win  by  the Gators  over  their instate  rivals  could  very well  be  the thing  that’s needed  to cement an even  greater presence amongst  the national  championship  aspirants as well as the  justification  to  the  public at large. Seemingly   playing  the  best  of  any  of  the  teams at the  upper echelons of  the  rankings.  Florida’s  ranking of #4 in  the BCS  doesn’t  on  the  face of  it  do them  any  justice.  But  for  their  loss to Ole  Miss we mightn’t  be  discussing  the   facts  and  opining  on it.  But  that’s indeed  why  the  games  are  no doubt played on the  field  and  not  in  the  minds of the  protagnosticators and  analysts.



Myron Rolle

Florida State safety  Myron Rolle is  congratulated  by Back Judge Tommy Pace having  entered the  game in the first half against Maryland. The game played in College  Park ,  Maryland  was  won 37-3 over Maryland. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Rob Carr ………………

As  for Bobby  Bowden  and his Seminoles’  team  this  may  well  be  all the  inspiration  that  they  need  to derail  the  ambitions  of  Urban  Meyer’s team.  Though  the  team  has played  with a great deal  of  gusto of late.  They’ve been  viewed as somewhat of  a disappointment  within  the ACC.  Their 8-3 over  record  though (5-3) within  conference and  sitting  atop  of the  Coastal Division. So  much  were  was expected of the team as a whole. Nor  too was the inconsistency  of  their play throughout much of  the season.  There’s  a great deal of  talent  on both  sides  of  the  ball  on  this team.  And in  Christian Ponder they’ve  a quarterback  who’s playing with a great deal  of confidence and  it’s  now beginning to  be  embraced by  his  teammates.  And  they’re feeding  of  this  with their  play, raising  it to what’d been  expected  by  Bowden himself. And for  all  of  the  coaching experience  by one of  the  grand  old  men  of  the  game it  can  be said  that for Bowden this  is a season that  has turned around  somewhat.  A bowl berth is theirs  for  the  taking should  the team  close its  schedule with  the  wins  needed. But much of  that  now  is  predicated  upon their  performance this  upcoming  Saturday in their  home stadium. 

Gators’ offensive  lineman Carl Johnson(57) celebrates  with  teammate Percy Harvin after he’s  scored a touchdown  on  an  11yd reception in the game played against the Citadel,  in Gainesville, Florida.  The Gators went  on to  win with  game in  a lopsided  fashion, winning 70-19. picture appears courtesy of  ap/photo/John Raoux ……………………..

Rivalries being  what they are can either be  exciting or they  can  dampen  the  ardor of  the  fan  should  the  event  fail  to  live up  to expectations. And that if  anything is something  that I  for  one feel  won’t  be happening  this  upcoming Saturday.  With  so much  at stake  for  both  teams they’ll  be playing with a great deal  of passion  and   physicality. Both  teams it can  be  said  have  their set  of  renowned  athletes. The Gators however have  been lighting up  the  scoreboards with such propensity  that  it  has  become  downright scary  to  see  them  play  with  a full head of  steam.  

Seminoles’ quarterback Christian Ponder(7) splits Maryland  defenders Jeff Allen and Dave Philistin  to score a touchdown during the  second half of the  game played in College Park,Md.  picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Rob Carr …………..

The Seminoles for their part  know that  they’ll have to  raise  the level of their  play if  they’re to  have  a  remote  chance  winning  the  game.  Such  has been the ferocity of  this  rivalry  at times that  it  has  to  be said  that  without  these two  teams  college  football within  the state  as  of  late would  be  nothing  more than afterthought.  Yes  Florida’s most recent  championship was in  2006 .  And with the  Seminoles  now appraoching  on almost a decade since  their  last win  of  national  championship.  The woes  of within  the  state  though  not  acute  it has  to  be said  that  if  there’s  not the  presence  of  at least  either Florida, Florida  State  or  Miami on the  national landscape when  it  comes to the  college  game.  There  isn’t  as such  any  veracity  to  the  game  overall. 

Florida State quarterback  Christian  Ponder  is  sacked  by  the  Terrapins’ defense  during  a game  played in  College Pk, Maryland.  The  Seminoles  would  go on  to  defeat the  Maryland Terrapins  37-3. picture appears courtesy of  ap/photo/Rob Carr  ………………….

As the season slowly  winds  down  to  its  culmination, it  can  be said  as  to  the  vagaries   therein.  We’re all unsure  as to  what’ll  happen  as to the  fortunes  of  a  number  of  teams.  But  for  many  of  them  their  fates  will  lie in their  own  hands.  And for  others it’ll  lie  in  the  hands  of  the  BCS committee  and  the computer geeks who’ll  be  playing  with the  numbers   in deciding  who’s worthy of  a BCS Bowl Berth  and  who’s not.  Technology for all of its  advances  and  we can’t yet   to  decide  on a  national  champion  in athletic  endeavor . That  it may  well  come  down  to the  crunching of  numbers  when  it’s  all  said  and done as to  who’ll be  a  participant in the  game itself.    

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