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There’s No Such Thing As Trouble In Paradise When It Comes To Terrell Owens………It’s Always About Him ……..

Well we know first hand that there appears  to be rumblings  of disatisfaction amongst the  Cowboys as of late. Much  of  this has to  do with players Patrick Crayton , Roy Williams  and the perennial self centered it’s me  and  no one  else  but  me  Terrell Owens.  All three players  happen to be part  of  Dallas’  offensive arsenal of wide receivers.   

Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo is sacked by  Steelers’ defensive player James Farrior  for a loss of yardage on the play in the game played in Heinz Field, Pittsburgh.  The Steelers would go on to defeat the Cowboys 20-13. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Paul McCambridge  …..


And for  a team that  has in some people’s eyes  this  season has  underperformed. The why’s and wherefore’s as  to this  latest reverberation has got many wondering who’s minding  the  ship ?   Insomuch as  we had  owner Jerry  Jones questioning the  resolve and  courage  of his  running back Marion  Barber. Due to the  fact that  the  player wasn’t suited  up in the team’s  20-13 loss 3 to the Pittsburgh Steelers. It adds to the situation if we’re  now going  to see  this  team  melt down  right  before our  very eyes again this season ?  

A somewhat somber  look on the face of  Wade Phillips after his team’s loss to  the Pittsburgh Steelers  which  now leaves  the team on the cusp of  the  wildcard entrants looking  to make the playoffs in the NFC.  The Dallas Cowboys were projected  as  a Superbowl contender  and favorites to represent the NFC.  picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Mark  Rogers ……………..


The NFC East as  a division is viewed as  the  NFL’s elite  and with the  New York Giants(11-2)  seemingly running roughshod over their opponents in and outside the division this season. It can be  said that Jones and  his  gaggle  of high profiled players must  feel somewhat  aggrieved that  the limelight  doesn’t seem to be on them. That’s unless one counts  the off the  field  incidents  and antics of  cornerback  Adam Pacman Jones  this seaon ? 


 Tashard Choice(23) of the  Dallas Cowboys tackled for a loss by  the  Steelers’ Troy Polamalu during  the  fourth quarter in the game played  at Heinz Field, Pittsburgh , Pa.  picture appears courtesy of  getty images/Gregory Shamus ………………..


The Cowboys  for their  part have  proven how invaluable a player  quarterback Tony Romo is to their  cause. Without him  on the field  as their signal caller  they’re  at  best just  another  bearly above average team. With him being out  for  a number of games due to  injury. It was left  for the team to be guided by journeyman Brad Johnson. Yes the  same  Brad Johnson who guided the Tampa Bay  Buccaneers  to  victory  in the Superbowl over  the Oakland Raiders.  That  being said Johnson for  his part has  proven that  all that  glitters is  not gold.  He’s  merely a player whose  best  days  are  behind him  instead ahead of him.  And  with the erstwhile  virtues and presence of  Jason Garrett as the  team’s  offensive coordinator.   Even Garrett knew  that  he was in for an impossible  task. Owens for  his part  hasn’t  come out and directly  pointed a finger  at  his quarterback  but  he’s clearly prepared  to make it  known  that the  fault if  any is not  his as  to the  inconsistencies  of  the team.


 Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger evades the tackle of  the Cowboys’ linebacker Bradie James(56) whilst teamate Greg Ellis looks on. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Gregory Shamus ……………………


So what is now troubling is  the fact that  Owens along  with  the sortie of  Crayton and  Williams are  now seeking to question the  play calling of offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. And  the very fact that tight end Jason Witten is  getting even greater  productivity and  action  in terms of the  plays on the field.  For his part  the coach  Wade Phillips  sees the situation as nothing more  than the players placing  their own input  as to team strategy.  Whatever concerns there might  be  one can clearly see that  the  soap opera setting that surrounds  Terrell Owens never  wanes.  If he’s not  part  and  parcel of  getting the  attention on the field. Then more certainly than  not  he’s bound to  make  sure  that  he’s part  of  it  off  the  field.  But most definitely  not  necessarily  for  the  wrong  reasons.  That  being  said what other player within the NFL at  this  moment  in time  can be  equally as annoying  as  he is  brilliant ?  


Tony Romo attempts a pass to wide receiver Terrell Owens during the game played  against the Pittsburgh Steelers. picture apears courtesy of getty images/Gregory Shamus …………………


Owens for his part has  had somewhat of a productive season thus far but  that  being  said they’re obviuously not  in line with the expectations of the player himself. Fifty five receiptions on the season, with 9 touchdowns and 848 yards receiving to any  other player  that would equate to a productive year. But for Terrell Owens  he may  well be  view it as being  sparse  given  his undoubted and considerable talent.  With that being said if  he’s now about  to implode when the  team are  in need of him most. Then it doesn’t augur well for  the remainder of the  season with  just  three games remaining for them salvage  some semblance  of success.  At (8-5) the Dallas  Cowboys sit second within the NFC behind their fiercest rival the New York Giants.  And seemingly on the outside  looking in  the team now must   maximize their potential and play above their ability.  The playoff race  amongst  the teams in question looks as  if it  will turn into  an outright dogfight.  It  doesn’t help  the Cowboys’ cause  that both the Philadelphia  Eagles and Washington Redskins  are  still  in the picture  within the division.  A failure to make the  playoffs  at this point  would be an immense disappointment for the franchise.  And  with them moving into a new multi-billion dollar state of the art  edifice next season. The  ramifications of that alone would be felt.  This season now comes down to the do or die attitude of the  team and  not merely  about  the wiles of one  player  who  feels that he’s not being  best  served  by  a teammate or  the  offensive  coordinator. 


Tight end Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys dives in order  to  make the first down in the  game against the Pittsburgh Steelers played in Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, Pa. picture appears  courtesy of getty  images/ Gregory Shamus  ………………………..


The underlying  problems  that this  team  has  is a lack of  real  leadership on or off the field  and  it’s  cohesiveness if any is  but  an inconsistency of  highly overpaid players. Who when they’re at the  best  play exceptionally well  but  when  faced  with  adversity  they tend  to cower like  children who are  afraid of the dark. If it’s one thing  that  can be said of the Cowboys  they’re  no  different from  any other professional  sport’s franchise with grandiose ideas  but  who as  of  late   haven’t  lived up to their  past success.   Jerry  Jones would have  you believe  that the franchise is the  only  show in town  and  that the NFL would  be the  worse off without them.  But  when as  a franchise you’ve  not  won  a postseason  game  in  almost a decade and  counting.  Is  anyone  really  concerned  with  what  you’ve got to  say  let  alone  that   of  a  player  who  knows  that  his own  window of  opportunity is quickly closing  for  the one thing  that  covets above all else.  And  that’s  a  Superbowl  ring.  Owens  may well  think  of  himself  of  winner but until a  team that he  plays  for  lifts the  Lomardi trophy.  He’ll  merely  be viewed  as  nothing  more  than a  malcontent who craves  the  attention  of all  be  it  on  or  off the field  of  play.





tophatal  ………………………………………

9 thoughts on “There’s No Such Thing As Trouble In Paradise When It Comes To Terrell Owens………It’s Always About Him ……..

  1. photogr
    I’d concur with the cheerleaders as of present concerning the Cowboys. As they’d be far more entertaining than anything that we’re now seeing from the team at present.
    How the hell can Owens be said to be now moping when the team is on the cusp of missing the playoffs once again ?
    If he was any sort of a player he’d be leading by example rather than making a complete asshole of himself once again.

    And the same thing can be said of Jerry Jones at present.
    He’s so susceptible to the fact this team is far better than it really is.

    Need one say anyomore ?

    tophatal ……………….

  2. It is getting old, but considering I’m neither a Cowboys nor a Yankees fan, I love the drama that surrounds those teams, particularly if it leads to their demise.

  3. tigervidmar
    There’s no such thing as a definite lock when it comes to an NFL game. But I can tell you this Cowboys are a complete mess and what we’re seeing from this team at present is that they can’t handle adversity all that well.

    It’ll be good to see if TO and Romo are on the same page come Sunday. If not then this team’ll fail miserably. I expect the Giants to prevail.

    tophatal ……………

  4. Chris aka Reverend Rhythm
    It doesn’t matter which team one supports when it comes to this particular episode. The Cowboys have become the soap opera that everyone desires to see end in failure.

    As for this latest debacle concerning TO it’s beginning to look as he’s now beginning to outstay his welcome early within Dallas and Texas in particular.
    God knows this guy really knows how to alienate people one way or another. He’s become self serving and a complete hypocrite. It’s always been about him and absolutely no one else !

    abrtishman aka tophatal …………

  5. Views From The Heartland………
    TO is once again proving what a pompous ass he really is !
    There’s no other guy within the game that can alienate the genuine fan and the at the same time have such God given talent .

    That being said we know that this team lacks leadership and a genuine will to perform in the face of real adversity.

    abritishman aka tophatal ……………..

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