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Punch Drunk Apathy ………


In the world of boxing as it now stands  there are the have’s and have not’s.  In the heavyweight division it has now become about  the apathy therein.  The fighters there are about as devoid of talent and character as there’s ever been witnessed within the sport.  What was once viewed as the most prestigious division within boxing has now become a place where there’s  said to be a plethora of boxers who are  without talent and even it can be  said poise.


Germany Boxing Klitschko Rahman

Klitschko defends his  IBF,IBO and WBO crowns  against former champion Hasim Rahman of the United States in the SAP Arena, Mannheim ,Germany. picture appears courtesy  of ap/photo/Daniel Maurer ……………


On Saturday night in Mannheim, Germany Wladimir Klitschko of the Ukraine defended his title against the  former champion  Hasim Rahman of the United States. Rahman, himself hasn’t been the same fighter who many of us saw dethrone Lennox Lewis for the title in the latter part of the nineties.  Since then he’s buffered around the division  propping up his record with even less meaningful bouts.  The fact  that he was a challenger here  for Klitschko’s IBF and WBO crowns is even more astonishing given the current scene of the heavyweight division. And  less we forget not to cheapen the fact Klitschko’s lightly regarded IBO title was also on the line. 



Referee Tony Weekf of the United States intervenes to save Rahman from further punishment  during the  bout in the seventh round ...............

 Referee TonyWeekf  of  the United States intervenes to  save Rahaman from futher punishment  during the  bout in the seventh round. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Daniel Maurer ………………………..


Klitschko is viewed by many as perhaps  the best heavyweight on the scene at present.  But in reality  it doesn’t say much  for the talent that’s now out there within the division.  Nonetheless things are  what they are and  fans of the sport will have to grin and bare it. It should also be noted  that Klitschko’s brother Vitaliy holds one of the other belts within the division. And as much as some may desire to see  both  brothers  face each other in the ring.  It apparently  won’t be happening anytime soon.  Such was the pledge  made to their  mother  concerning  their  ambitions.


Klitschko lands shot to the head  of  Rahman .........

Wladimir Klitschko takes to offense in landing a shot to the head of  Hasim Rahman during their title bout. picture appears courtesy of afp/getty images/Thomas Lohnes ………….


Boxing has known its’ ups and downs and it may well be that the sport is going through one  of those languid periods where  things’ll sort themselves out. But how long must the paying  public be asked to put up with  the diatribe that’s now taking place within the heavyweight  division ? So political and  fractious has the sport become. That  in  many respects  the  powers  that be are all too  oblivious as to  what’s happening therein.  The governing bodies as they are along  with a number of promoters seemlessly feel  that as long  as their  share of the pie doesn’t become too  miniscule then the status quo can remain as it is. Were it not for such attractions as Oscar De La Hoya , Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny  Pacquiao  the  death knell  would  be being signalled for the sport as we now know it. And  unfortunately within the heayweight division itself  it  most  certainly doesn’t  bode  well  for the  future when you’ve still got fighters such as Evander Holyfield, Riddick  Bowe  and  James Toney still feeding  from the trough and of the belief that  they’re the ones who can bring back  some respectability to the  division.


Both Klitschko  and Rahman  land punches during the third round

Both Klitschko and Rahman  land  punches during  the  third  round of their title bout in Mannheim, Germany. Klitschko would go on to win the bout with a TKO in the seventh round. picture appears courtesy of  ap/photo/Daniel Maurer ……………….


Saturday’s night bout between  Klitschko did nothing to stave  off the belief  that  the sport  boxing amongst the heavyweight division is in extreme dire straits. So much so that  I wouldn’t put it past some to joke that the  Federal government  would  be  at the  point they’d enter into the fray to bail  out the  sport in one form or  another. Such as  are  the machinations of the Federal  government as we know it at present.  Any self inflicted problem that’s in need  of  an assist and  you can be sure that  the  government’ll be on hand for  the assist.  It’s safe to say  however that  when it comes  to the consumer however  the  help  needed  when necessary  isn’t at  all forthcoming.  Klitschko  for his part  proved to many that as champion he’ll do his  best  to  live up to  the part.  Unfortunately  other than what little  prowess  he  has in the  persona of  a fighter  is about as appealing  as damp cloth soaked  in pig’s blood. For the better part of  six rounds we saw that he was technically  sound as a fighter.  But other than that  we learned  nothing of  him by  way  of  his demeanor  in  or  outside of the ring.


Klitschko showing even more aggression than usual pins Rahman against the ropes in the sixth round

Klitschko showing even  more aggression than most are accustomed of seeing from the fighter pins Rahman against the ropes during their bout. picture appears courtesy of getty images/bongarts/ Lars Baron …………………


Rahman during the bout was  never  able to  land a meaningful shot against the champion and what was even more surprising was that he allowed his opponent to dictate the pace and flow of the bout from start  to finish.  Nonetheless for the German crowd who’ve grown  accustomed to  treating the domiciled Ukranian as one of  their own. They were  more than pleased to see  him come away with a victory  against the  American at the  end  of seven rounds.  Referee Tony Weekf had  to intervene during  the seventh  to save  Rahman from further punishment when he was unable to defend himself adequately.  Part and parcel of what is also wrong in a bout such as this  was that Rahman wasn’t even  considered by many a worthy challenger let alone  the number one ranked contender.



Knocked to the canvas Rahman seemingly unaware as to his  surroundings is counted  over  by American referee Tony Weekf  during the seventh  round  of the  heavyweight title bout.  Klitschko in a neutral corner looks on as the referee continues the count. picture appears courtesy of getty images/bongarts/Lars Baron …….


As to where this now leaves the landscape of the  sport as to the  division as  a whole.  It has to be said that whilst Wladimir Klitscho rules the roost and the meager pickings continue to look slim. It makes the heavyweight scene all the more tragic  and in urgent need of a  real  champion  therein.  Much as  the division hasport  has failed miserably to live up to those heady days of  Tyson , Foreman, Ali  and  those other alltime  greats  of the  past. It has to be said  much of  this could’ve been avoided if only those  with the  power within the sport  really  sought about what is best for the sport  rather than merely looking  to fill  their pockets  and at the  same time  cheat the  fans  out of seeing some meaningful entertainment in the ring. 


Germany Boxing Klitschko Rahman

Klitschko  shows off his  belts  having successfully  defended his world  heavyweight title  with a victory by  TKO over Hasim  Rahman in Mannheim, Germany on Saturday night. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Thomas Kienzle ……………….



The  sport is in dire need of a recognizable  face and character to take  it into the  next decade.  At this moment  in time we have  the likes  of Pacquiao, De La Hoya , Hopkins  and  Calzaghe.  But their  careers have  peaked  and in some cases  they’re choosing to ride off into the sunset.  But  when you  have  the  likes a  less than stellar  and often  aged James Toney, Riddick Bowe and Evander Holyfield  thinking  that they can provide  us with  the seeming unified champion that  the  division so  desperately seeks.  One supposes  that when someone  like  a Wladimir Klitschko comes along  we’ll have  to make do  and be shortchanged  at the same  time.






tophatal ………………………..

6 thoughts on “Punch Drunk Apathy ………

  1. Avy Smith
    I think that at a time when the sport is in need of some positivity. The likes of De La Hoya and Pacquiao certainly gives it that. But now is the time for Oscar to step down once and for all !

    As for the Klitschko , Rahman bout it was a complete diabolical farce. Rahman wasn’t even a worthy contender for the title. But
    then again when politics abounds the sport the way it does. There’s certainly not much that the fans can really do about it one way or another.

    tophatal …………

  2. good read man, even better to hear some news from you. not sure if you got my email a couple months ago?

    anyhow, i’ll try to be on some time later and leave you some of my thoughts regarding today’s boxing!

    good to see you back in business

  3. kdjs
    The fight game is in somewhat of a mess and it doesn’t bode well for the future because of ever uncertain economic times. The marquee fighters we’ve all come toknow and love are either retiring or on the downside of their careers still fighting as if they’ve got something to prove. That being said the heavyweight division has become a complete mess and misnoma with no real outstanding fighter amongst them whatsoever. It’s become so dire that it now plays second fiddle to the divisions that’ve now become even more prestigious and entertaining.

    I may well have received your e-mail and by mistake disregarded it. If that was the case then I apologize. I’m still mulling around doing pieces within this my own site as well as another that’s based out on the West Coast. I’ll send you some details of what I’ve been doing within both.

    tophatal …………….

  4. I grew up loving boxing – most of the cats of my generation are long gone… Ali, Ray Leonard, Hearns, Hagler, Duran, Bramble, Boom Boom, Holmes, just to name a few. I enjoyed the new brand of cat too – loved me some Oscar, Tyson was my hero till he flipped out and fired his original crew for don king’s incompetent crew – been down hill since.

    Lennox was a GREAT champion hands down – but don’t get the love cause he’s from England. I got respect for B. Hopkins, Floyd “You Know I Keeps A Private Jet” Mayweather Jr. Pac Man is awesome – but by in large boxing ain’t what is used to be – and as I said before they have to learn how to get their fighters more exposure without having the public pan out PPV bucks. Until then – they are just going to have to recycle. Now that Oscar is done, until Pac and Floyd fight – you’d be hard pressed to shell out a fifty spot.

  5. bbgcmac
    I was born in London though my parents originate from the Caribbean. My sister went to school with Lennox’s younger brother. That being said though Lennox was indeed good I don’t consider him to be great in the true sense of the word. He did what was asked of him and that was to beat whomever was placed infront of him . My alltime favorite boxer is and always will be Marvellous Marvin Hagler. To my mind perhaps the best middleweight over the last thirty years.

    The heavyweight scene is now in such a mess that it’s no longer of any interest to even the most curious of fans. They’d rather see some really talented fighters than overblown , out of shape and marginally talented Neanderthals. Because that’s how bad the heavyweight scene has become !

    I’m still an avid fan of the sport but I now follow MMA with some intensity. I’m a martial arts practitioner having learnt from high school on up and then teaching it in the military.
    I studied Ishin-Ryu form of karate as well as Wado-Ryu forms.
    I’ve also praciticed other disciplines as well over the years.

    Thanks for chiming in with the comments !

    tophatal ………

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