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From Worse To First That’s The Miami Way …………….

Well the Miami Dolphins having come off a 1-15 record from last season have played themselves into the playoffs as divisional champions of  AFC East.  Much to the surprise of those within and outside of the game.  Falling by the wayside in all of this are  the  New England Patriots .




Pennington hands  the ball off  to teammate  running back  Ronnie Brown during a game played  against  the New York Jets  in  East Rutherford  New Jersey ,............
Quarterback Chad Pennington hands the ball off to teammate running back Ronnie Brown.............

Quarterback Chad Pennington hands the ball off  to teammate  Ronnie Brown during a league game against the New York Jets game played in East Rutherford, New Jersey. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/  Matthew Bostick …………….




And while much of this has  gone on  the  New  York Jets  now find  themselves  in the  midst  of  another  meltdown  having  their coach Eric  Mangini fired  and the internal rift  now  building between Hall of  Fame  bound  quarterback Brett  Favre  and a number of  his  teammates.  If  ever  a season  was steeped  and  doomed  for  failure  then  the season  undergone  by  the  Jets  was it. With  much of  went  on  within the  division being  entertaining  to say the least it  was  felt that  the  division  was  wide  open.  The expectations  that Favre would be  asked  to meet  were  far too  great  for  a player on  the downside  of  an  all illustrious  career.  


Coach Tony Sparano of the Dolphins  is seen here  on the sidelines  during a game played  against  the Arizona  Cardinals  in Glendale , Az , .................
Coach Tony Sparano of the Miami Dolphins seen here on the sidelines during a game played against the Arizona Cardinals in Glendale , Az , .....................

Dolphins’ coach Tony Sparano seen here on the  sidelines of a game played  against  the  Arizona  Cardinals  in  Glendale , Arizona.  picture  appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Ross D Brown ………………….



Buffalo  got  off  to a  fast  start  but  that  would  soon peter  out  as  they   fell  by  the  wayside  all too quickly.  With Tom  Brady  of  the New England  Patriots  suffering  a  season ending  injury  in the first  game of  the season against  the  Kansas City Chiefs. Many  felt that  the  Patriots’ season would too  fall  off  as  well.  With  rookie  quarterback  Matt  Cassel  being  asked  to  take over the  reins  from  Brady.  No one was quite  sure  what  to  expect  from  a  player  who  hadn’t  played  the  position  since  his  days  in high school  and whose  college  career  was  basically  playing  second fiddle  to  Heisman  Trophy winners  Carson  Palmer  and  Matt  Leinart  while  at the University of  Southern California. 




Dolphins' offensive lines coach  Mike Maser works with  his  players  at their  practice facility in Davie, Fl ......................
Offensive lines' coach Mike Maser works with his players at the team's practice facility in Davie, Fl ..........

Dolphins’ offensive line coach works with his  players at their practice facility  in  Davie , Florida.  picture appears  courtesy of ap/photo/ Matthew Glassman  ………








Cassel  would  excel  in the  position  and guide  the team  to  an 11-5 season  narrowly  missing  the  playoffs by  finishing second in the  division behind  the  Miami  Dolphins. That  being  said  this  season was all about  the  Miami  Dolphins  and  their  triumphant  return  to  respectability  under  the  coaching  of  Tony  Sparano  under the  ever  watchful  eye  of   Bill  Parcells   the  behind  the scenes  architect of  the  franchise’s  resurgence. With their  wildcat offense  simply  catching  a number  of  teams by surprise  it can be  said  was  a  season  of  firsts  for  this  team  and  their  quarterback Chad Pennington  who was  cast  aside by  the  New  York  Jets.  That bitter  taste  now  on the  palates  of  the  Jets  and  their  fans  has  got  to be  now all the  more  unbearable for  the  franchise  as  a whole. 










With Pennington seemingly  having  a  resurgent  year  and   running  backs  Ronnie  Brown and  Ricky Williams  playing in unison.  The team  became  the  fanfare  and  the  ticket  that  almost  everyone  was willing to  pay  for  and  see. It  also  helped that  the  defense  as  well  was  willing   to  play  above  and  beyond  what  anyone  had  expected  of  this  team.  One  could  remember the  comedy of errors that  beset  this   team  last  year  as  they  became  the  laughing  stock  of  the  NFL. In every facet of  the   game  the  ineptitude  shown  was  glaringly  obvious  for all  to  see.  



Pennington and Brown celebrate  a touchdown scored against  the  Seattle Seahawks  in a regular season game ..............
Pennington and teammate Ronnie Brown celebrate a touchdown scored against the Seattle Seahawks .........

Pennington and  Ronnie Brown celebrate  a touchdown agasinst  the  Seattle  Seahawks.  picture appears courtesy of  ap/phot/ Matthew Slocum …………..







As for Tony Sparano  this  was  definitely  a year  of  obvious  growth and  change  not just  for the  team  but  for  the  coach as  well. But if anything  it  has been  Parcells  and  the   foundations he  put in place  that  set about  this  remarkable  change  in  the  fortunes  of  the  franchise  and  the  mindset  of  the  fans in Miami.  They’re  now  of the  opinion  that  they  possess  what  it  takes  to  go  all  the  way  to  the  Superbowl.  And  with the  game  being  held  instate  in the  city  of  Tampa  this  would  indeed  be a wonderful  way  for  the  team  cap  off  a  memorable  year. But  first  they’ll  have  to  get  over  the  obstacle  of  facing  the  Baltimore  Ravens  in the first  round of  the  playoffs.  A team that’s  steeped  in  the  tradition  playing  football  with  the  resolve  and  who in  safety  Ed  Reed  and  linebacker  Ray  Lewis   they may  well  have  two  of  the  most  feared   players  in  all  of the  NFL.





And like  the  Dolphins  themselves    the  Ravens  are  resurgent  under  rookie  quarterback  Joe Flacco.   Much like  his  counterpart  Matt Ryan  of  the  Atlanta  Falcons  who’s  led  his  team  also  into  the  playoffs .  Flacco  has  shown  that  he  too  possesses  the  same  type  of  calm  resolve  shown  in leading  a  team  into  the  playoffs  in their   first  year  in the  NFL.  This  year   has certainly  been one  of  surprises  for  many  within  the  NFL and outside of  the  game as  well.


Adam Terry (78) of the Baltimore Ravens  comes off the field  having  just scored  a touchdown against the  Jacksonville Jaguars  ......
Adam Terry(78) and his coach John Harbaugh discuss a play after Terry's touchdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars in a regular season AFC game ..................

Ravens’ offensive tackle Adam Terry discusses a play  after the player  had  just scored  a  touchdown against  the Jacksonville Jaguars in an  AFC  game .  picture appears courtesy of  ap/photo/  Matt  Hagen ………………..





If  the  Dolphins  are  to   prove themselves  against  the   Ravens  then  they’re  going  to  have  to   take  the  game to  Baltimore  and  not  let  up  one iota.  Inasmuch  as  we  know  that  this  game  will be  one  of  ebbs  and  flows. It will be  predicated  on how quickly  they  get  out  of  the  gate  once the  game starts. If  they’re  not able  to  dictate  the  pace  then  they  could  very  well  end  up  on  the  wrong  side  of  a loss  that  would  seal  their fate  and postseason aspirations.  And failing  like  that  would most  definitely  end  their  Cinderella  story  for  sure.  As  we all  know   fairy  tales  for those  of  us  who  believe   in them  tend  to  always  have   a  happy  ending.    Somehow   for  the  Baltimore  Ravens it’ll  be  their  task  to  make  sure  that  the   dreams  of  the  Dolphins  and  their   fans  doesn’t  come  true.



Ravens' coach John Harbaugh smiles on the  sidelines  during  his team's  triumph over the Philadelphia Eagles  36-7 ...................
John Harbaugh coach of the Baltimore Ravens is all smiles as his team goes on to triumph over the Philadelphia Eagles 36-7 in a regular season game.

John Harbaugh coach of  the Baltimore Ravens is all smiles  on the sidelines  as his  team triumphs over  the  Philadelphia  Eagles  36-7 in a thoroughly convincing  win. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/  Paul Rushen ………………..




John Harbaugh’s  team  has played  with  a resolve  not  seen  since  they  won  the  Superbowl  with  Brian Billick  as their coach.  But  since  those  halcyon  days  the  franchise  has undergone  a number  of tough times.  And  those times  we’ve  seen  their  play  become  inconsistent  and   very erratic. However  once  Harbaugh  was  brought in  as  the  new coach  as  Billick’s  successor   we saw  a  turnaround with the franchise  and  a  newfound  resolve   in  their  play. We  knew  that  the  Ravens’ play  was  predicated  on  sound  defense.  But  now  we’re  seeing  a  team  whose  play  is  now  also  about  an offense that’s  very much  built around a running and  passing  that’s  equally  balanced.  As to what  we  may  well  witness  will  be  open  to  a great deal  of  debate.











tophatal ……………………….




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