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A Simple Twist Of Fate ………………

The game  last night between the San Diego Chargers  and Indianapolis Colts  was a game was played with such abandonment and passion . That it was hard to view and not wonder why there had to be a winner and a loser. In defeating the Colts  the Chargers’ season just  got unfashionably intriguing to say the very least.   


Darren Sproles  scores the winning touchdown against the Colts with  a 22yd run in the wildcard round of the playoffs ...............
Darren Sproles of the Chargers scores the winning touchdown against the Colts after a 22yd td run depriving the Colts of a playoff berth in the divisional rounds...........

Chargers’ running back Darren Sproles scores  the  winning touchdown after a 22yd run into the endzone depriving the Colts of  a berth in the divisional round of the playoffs. picture  appears courtesy of  getty images/ Harry How  ……………….. 



The unlikely hero in all  of  this  wasn’t  their Pro Bowl running  back LaDainian Tomlinson but  the soon to be unrestricted free agent Darren Sproles.  The player more than held  his own against the  Colts  and if anything  created  a reason why  he  may well be  one  of  the  most sought after  free agents  once the postseason reaches  its climax. Sproles would go on to garner over 328 all purpose yards  in the  game  against  Indianapolis. 



Sproles  gains some yardage  against  the  Colts.  The player would end up with some 328 all purpose yards in the  game  at  Qaulcomm Stadium , San Diego, Ca
Sproles gains some yardage in the game against the Colts. The player would gain in excess of 328 all purpose yards........................

Sproles gains some yardage against  the Colts . The  player would gain in excess  of some 328 all purpose yards during  the  game played at Qualcomm  Stadium in San Diego, Ca,. picture appears  courtesy of getty images/ Harry  How  ………………………..





Three time league MVP Peyton Manning  was his  usual  customary  efficient self  but  it was all to  no  avail against a  Chargers’  team  that  played  with such  voracity  and  passion. The  fans in Indianapolis had to be disheartened  seeing their team succumb to their  AFC rivals.  Phillip Rivers  for his part was  his counterpart’s  equal and led  his team with  resolve.



Colts' quarterback Peyton Manning gives his postgame interview after the team's loss 23-17 to the San Diego Chargers ...................
Colts' quarterback Peyton Manning gives his postgame interview to the convened press waiting in attendance ...................

Colts’ quarterback Peyton Manning gives his postgame interview  to the convened press after his teama’s loss 23-17 loss  in overtime to the  San Diego Chargers . picture appears  courtesy of getty images/ Stephen  Dunn …………………..



For coach Norv Turner  this  was a game  that may well  add some legitimacy to his  resume’  as  a coach.  Being in the shadows of more recognized  stalwarts  such as  Jimmy Johnson ,  Dave  Wannstedt and  others who  were  a part of  the  Dallas Cowboys’ success in the  nineties. That was  when the boys in  Big  D were  running rampant  across the  league  on their way  to two successive  Superbowls  under Johnson’s  guidance.  Wherein the  likes  of  Aikman, Irvin and Smith were  laying the  foundations  to their  Hall of Fame  careers. 



Phillip Rivers  of the Chargers  signals  a play  prior to the  snap against the  Colts ................
Phillip Rivers of the Chargers signals a call prior to the snap ............

Phillip Rivers of the Chargers signals a play call prior to the  snap against  the  Indianapolis Colts . picture appears  courtesy of  ap/getty images / Stephen Dunn …………




While one can’t  understate the  success  that  the  Chargers  saw this  season as  winners  of  a rather mediocre AFC  West division.   Having  waylaid the ambitions of  a Denver  Broncos’ team that was totally  outplayed in their  final regular season  game. The  San Diego Chargers  found their  way into the playoffs as  wildcard entrant.  The fact  that their  renewed rivalry would culminate  in  a heart pounding  defeat of the  Colts .  If there  was a team  viewed as  a dark horse within the  conference  it had to be  the  Indianapolis Colts.  Their nine game regular season ending win  streak  bore  this  out.  Having  ended  with  a record of 12-4 and  runners  up in the  AFC South to the Tennessee Titans.  The team were  playing  perhaps the best  of any of  the  AFC  teams with postseason aspirations.







To see how this game played out over  the  remaining minutes  as  it entered ovetime  was to witness a chess  game between  two equally  compelling  figures  with a  great deal to  play for, more than just  bragging rights. Just like chess masters  this  game came down  to  who’d be the  first to make a mistake.  And that’s what it did take  in the end as  the  Colts gave up  a play that’d lead to Antrelle Rolle collecting  an intended  pass  by  Manning,  for  an interception that would give  San Diego the  chance  they needed to make  this a certainty as to its  outcome.  Sproles  would  become  the hero the  team was not expecting.  The  long  sought after heroes  viewed  on the  team  such as  Rivers  and  Tomlinson played their  part  but in reality it was  Darren Sproles  who  paved the  way  for this  exhilarating  victory.




The 23-17 victory  by the  Chargers  albeit in overtime may well have  been the win that brought  some respectability back for  the team this season.  But  for  the  Indianapolis  Colts  the result  itself  may well now play out  like  a nightmare.  With the result  seemingly  within their grasp  they gave  up the  play that sealed  their  fate  and for Tony  Dungy’s  players  the season ended somewhat  on  a sour note.  They’ll be thinking  about  this with an even bigger sense  of  regret and  the  mere  fact  that  they’ll  now  be back  on their  way  home with nothing  to play for.




Now for  the fans of  the  Chargers  their postseason aspirations  are what they are.  And  whether  or  not they  can play alongside the  likes  of  the  Pittsburgh Steelers ,Tennessee Titans,Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins remains  to be seen.  But it’ll  be  interesting  to see  how this  whole scenario  plays  itself  out.  The  script  was written  but  someone  forgot to  remind  Darren Sproles  and  his teammates as  to  the  outline of the  plotline.  









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2 thoughts on “A Simple Twist Of Fate ………………

  1. The Chargers simply outplayed the Colts when it mattered most. The defense of the Colts was also found wanting when it mattered most.

    tophatal …..

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