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One Isn’t Quite The Loneliest Number …………..


One Isn’t Quite  The Loneliest Number  ………….





It probably hasn’t  gone  unnoticed  by  many of  you. But  recently  the  Lady  Vols of  Tennessee  and  their   coach  Pat  Summitt  sits on  the  cusp  of  winning  1,000  games  in women’s   collegiate  basketball.  Summitt  easily the  most  successful  coach  in  women’s college  basketball . In the women’s   game  she  has  been  the  quintessential  individual  who  everyone else  is  judged by when it  comes  to  the  game.   





 A  disheartened   Summitt  deep  in thought  after  her  team's  loss to  Oklahoma  80-70 in Oklahoma City ,OK .......
A disheartened Summitt looks deep in thought after her team's loss 80-70 to Oaklahoma in Oaklahoma City , OK. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Sue Ogrocki ..............



A disheartened  Summitt  looks  deep in thought after  her  team’s  loss 80-70  to Oaklahoma  in Oklahoma  City, OK.  picture appears  courtesy of ap/photo/Sue Ogrocki ………….





We’ve  had  John Wooden the  coach of  the  heralded  UCLA  Bruins  whose  records  bear  no  introduction.  The  program is  the  pedestal against  which  all  in men’s  basketball  hopes  to  aspire  to.  However when  it  comes to  the  women’s  game.  It  has  to  be  said  the  achievements  of  Summitt  and  the  University  of   Tennessee  is  simply  astonishing.  No  other  program  even  comes  close  .  OK so  Geno  Auriemma  and  the University of  Connecticut  (Huskies)  may   well  think  that   his  program  is  equal  to  that  of  the  Vols.  But when  I  look  at  Auriemma   I  tend  to  see  a  guy  who  thinks  so  highly  of  himself   that  he  tends to  forget   where  comes  from. 



Sooners' fans acknowledge  Summitts  attempt at making  history but  they  also  acknowldge Soonners'  coach  Sherri Coales' attempt  at winning  her  273rd game  .  picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Sue  Ogrocki  ..........
Sooners' fans acknowledge Summitt's attempt at making history but they also acknowledge Sooners' coach Sherri Coales' attempt at winning her 273 rd game. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Sue Ogrocki ......




Sooners’ fans  acknowledge  Summitt’s attempt at  making  history  but they also  acknowledge  Sooners’ coach  Sherri Coales’  attempt

at  winning her  273rd game . picture  appears  courtesy of  ap/photo/Sue Ogrocki ………….. 





His  Huskies  have  been  very   good  over  the  time  of  his  tenure. But  he’s  yet  to  reach  the  heights  that  Summitt  has  reached. He  may  well  bark  louder than  most.  But  his   bite  has  been nothing  more than   that  of  a  puppy.  






For  Summitt  this’ll  be  an  extraordinary   achievement   when  she  reaches  that  unprecedented  height.  No  other  coach  within the  collegiate  game  has ever won  1,000  games.   Not  only  does  it   say  something   about   longevity  but  also  the  very   fact  that  much  of  this   has  been  achieved   with  the  Volunteers’   program.   She  may  well have  failed  when   the Lady  Vols   succumbed  to  Oklahoma.   But   there’s   every   reason  to  believe  that  when they  face  Georgia  tonight.  This   may  well  be  the  game  where   this  magnificent  achievement   will  take  place.  








It has  been  said  that  were   Summitt  a  male  she’d  be  coaching   in  the  men’s   ranks.  That  may  well  be  the  case.   But  with the  glass  ceiling   still  in  existence . It’s unlikely  that  we’d  ever  come to see the  day  where  a  female   will  be  coaching  a  men’s  team  at  the  collegiate  level  much  less  in the  NBA.  And   that’s   not   said  as  a  disservice to the  abilities  of  Pat  Summitt.  But   I  for  one   believe    the   NCAA  much  less the  NBA  is yet   ready   for   such  a  distinction.   It’s  still   the  old  boys’  network    in   many   a  case. And   they  make   what has  taken  place  when  it  came  to  minorities  within  their   midst   either   as  players   or   coaches    much  more  than an  egregious  error.  Hell  were  it  not   for  UTEP’s  victory over  Kentucky   in the  mid  sixties   the  face  of college  basketball  much  less  the  NBA   wouldn’t  have  seen  such  a  seismic  shift.







But  it’s as   they say   good  things’ll  come  to  those  who   wait.   I  know that   we   now  have   the   existence  of  the  WNBA    as  a  basis  for  the   professional   game   for  women.  But  as  to  its  competitive   nature   it  pales  into   significance  when  measured  against   that  of  the  NBA.








As  for  Summitt  the  road  traveled   for   her  has  been  one  filled  with  success.  And   much  of  it  has  been  appreciated   by  the  alumni , fans,  and  the  public  in  general.  They’ve  seen  the  highs  and  lows  with the  program   and  its  teams.   Thankfully  their  highs  have   far   exceeded  the  lows   under   Summitt’s   tenure.  The  eight  national  championships  won  under  her  tenure  are  a  record.  With  her  closest  rival  being  the  five  won  by  Auriemma  with the  Connecticut   Huskies.   Obviously  atop of  all  this   in  collegiate   basketball  world  stands  John  Wooden’s  10  titles  won over  his  tenure  with  the  storied UCLA  Bruins.   John Wooden  is   still   beloved  by  all  and  his  significance  to the  men’s   game  is without  doubt  indelible.  The   same   can  be said  of   Summitt’s  mark   on  the  women’s   game  as  well.








This   year  it  may  well  be  viewed  that  there’s  a  chink  in  the  program’s  armour  as  they’ve  struggled  somewhat  to   avail  themselves  of  wins.  But within  the  SEC  they sit  at  (5-2) fifth  within the  conference  and  17-5  overall with a  number  17  ranking  nationally.  You’d be  somewhat   foolish  to  think  that  the  program  is  declining.  If  nothing else   it’s  that   we   know that Pat Summitt  knows  how  to   motivate  her  players  and  bring   out  the  best  in them.    They  may  well  struggle  this  season   but  it  won’t  be   for  the  lack of   effort  on their   part   or   that  of  their   coach.  Her   determination  is  that  of  her  players    and  they’ll  reciprocate  accordingly  with  their   effort  on the  court.







So  as  we  await   this   landmark  that  will  probably  remain  unbroken.  It  says  much  as  to the  esteem with   which   Pat  Summit  is  held  with  the  collegiate  game  of   basketball.  No one  else  has  perhaps  personified  what  the   game   has  been  about    better  than  her   when  it  comes  to  women’s   basketball.    A  feeling   long  held   by  many.  

3 thoughts on “One Isn’t Quite The Loneliest Number …………..

  1. Congrats to Pat, it is a feat that will probably never be equaled. As far as Geno goes, I do not think he ever forgets where he is from. That is exactl whay he is the way he s.

  2. Beverley
    I commend Summitt on this monumental achievement. It’s astounding what she’s done. And to think that there are those who are already deriding the achievement itself. Merely because it has been done by a woman instead of a man.

    As to Auriemma I think that he can be all too condescending to those whom he feels are beneath him. And with that most recent incident whereby he got into a scuffle with a student on the opposing team. His language and the way he carried himself was completely out of order. That being said what he’s achieveed with UConn can be attributed to his dedication and hard work.

    abritishman aka tophatal ……………

  3. Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I am gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll appreciate if you continue this in future. Lots of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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