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Terrapins Are Having Problems …………


Terrapins  Are Having  Problems ………………….






It’s  time  and  it’s  not a good  for   Gary  Williams  at  present  and  the University of  Maryland men’s  basketball  team.  Much  has  been  made  of  the  program  and  the  belief  that  it  just  might  be  getting  stale  under  the  tutelage  of  Williams.



Williams  directs  his  team during  the game  against  North Carolina which  resulted in Maryland's loss 108-91 in ACC game .  picture appears  courtesy of ap/photo/Gerry Broome  ................



Williams  directs  his  team  during  the  game  against North Carolina  which  resulted in Maryland’s loss  108-91 in  an ACC game .  picture  appears courtesy  of ap/photo/Gerry Broome  …………………….. 




Mediocrity  is  not  an  acceptable  word  in their   dictionary   when  it  comes  to  this  particular  program. The  heights  of  success   reached  under  Williams  goes without saying .  But  when his  abilities  comes  into   question  one  has  to  wonder   what  it  is  that  went   wrong  with   regard  to   the  program.   It’s  certainly   not as if  overnight  the   program   fell  upon   hard  times.     The  luster  of  the  program   has  gradually  worn thin  and   the  scuff  marks   have  begun  to makes its way  into  how  the   team  plays.







It’s  becoming   a  stark   certainty  that  the  Terrapins  are  in  line  of  missing  the  men’s NCAA tournament.  And  were  that  to happen  then  it’s  a possibility   that   Williams  could  be   fired  by  the  AD.  The  firing  of Williams  were  it  to  happen  would  seem  unwise.  But that  tends to be  the  thing  that  happens  when  an  esteemed  program   falls on  seemingly  hard  times.   Strange  as  it  may   seem  this  might  just  be  the  best  thing  that could  happen  to  the  program.    Sacrilegious   you   may  think  .  But  what   else   ought  to  be  done  ?  Or can be  done  ?  It’s not  as  if   one   can  wave  a  magic   wand   and there’d  be  an  immediacy  in   terms   of   a  change.




Tar Heels' coach  Roy Williams  acts with  indifference  to the official's  call in  a game played against Maryland. picture appears courtesy of  ap/photo/Gerry Broome  ................
Tar Heels' coach Roy Williams reacts with some indifference to an official's call in an ACC game played against Maryland at Chapel Hill , NC., Carolina would go on to an easy win routing the Terrapins 108-91. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Gerry Broome ......................




Tar Heels’  coach Roy Williams  reacts  with  indifference  to  a  game  official’s  call  during the game  played  against  Maryland. His  Tar Heels  would go on to  triumph 108-91  over  the Terrapins. picture  appears  courtesy of ap/photo/Gerry Broome  ……………….






Recruiting  has  to be  the  main  problem  with  regard to  the  program for the  Terrapin. If  they’re  not  getting the   typical  recruits  normally   associated  with  a  program  of their  stature.  Then  it tends  to  equate  with  the  problem  that  tends  to  arise.  And  when  that  happens   one   sees a   regression   in the  form , which  affects   the  program adversely.














The  ACC  conference   and  the  basketball  powerhouse that  it  is  .  The  record  possessed  by  the  Terrapins  within the  conference elicits  one  of  sympathy. They’re   (3-5)  within  conference  ,  14-5  overall  . sitting  seventh in  the  conference  overall.  When  one   considers  that  ahead  of  them  are  teams  such  as  North Carolina (#3)  , Duke (#4), Boston College  Wake  Forest (#7),  Florida  St , Boston  College , Virginia  Tech , Clemson(#10) and  Miami (Fl).  Of those   nine  teams  four  are  ranked  inside  the   top  25.  And the  rankings as  they  now  stand  and  Maryland’s own  record doesn’t  bode  well  for   Williams’ team  overall.  Perhaps  the  only  bright  spot  for  the  team  has  been the play of  their  junior guard  Greivis Vasquez.  If  not  for  him  perhaps  there’d  be  absolutely  nothing  to  be  hopeful  about  as  far  as  the  future  is  concerned.  But then  again  he’s a  junior  and  it  may  well  be  that   once the  season  has  reached  its  culmination.  Vasquez may  well  seek  his   future   amongst the professional  ranks.






Tar Heels' Ty  Lawson(5) drives to the basket  as the  Terrapins'  Adrian Bowie is unable to  negate the play.  picture appears  courtesy  of  ap/photo/Gerry Broome ...................
Tar Heels' Ty Lawson (5) drives to the basket as the Adrian Bowie of the Terrapins is unable to negate the play . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Gerry Broome ..................



Tar Heels’  Ty Lawson (5) drives to the basket  as the Terrapins’ Adrian  Bowie  is  unable  to  negate  the  play.  picture appears courtesy  of ap/photo/Gerry Broome  ………………







The  roster  of    Maryland  possesses   just  one  senior  in  the  guise of  Dave  Neal .  And  this  may  well  be thing   that  has  brought  about  the  lack of  success  as  there’s  no  real  experience  there  in  terms  of leadership. When  there’s   that   sort  of none  existent  role there  it  leads  to  the  problems   we’re   now  seeing  Maryland  have  on  the  basketball  court.  As  to  what  can  be  done  for them  to  resurrect  their   season.   Nothing   says  that  more  than  winning  and   playing   consistently   at  a  high  level.  If they’re  able  to  achieve that.  Then  perhaps   the  season   has  been a  worthwhile  one  in  terms  of  showing   signs  of   growth  and  maturity.  Terrapins’  fans  and   their  alumni  may  well  be  none  too happy  with  that at  all.






Maryland's Adrian  Bowie  handles the  ball  whilst the  defense  of  the Tar Heels'  Wayne Ellington tries to  defend the offensive  play.  picture appears courtesy of  ap/photo/Gerry Broome  ............
Maryland's Adrian Bowie handles the ball whilst the Tar Heels' Wayne Ellington isn't able to negate the play defensively ................... picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/Gerry Broome ...........


Maryland’s Adrian  Bowie  handles  the ball  whilst  the defense  of  the Tar Heels’  Wayne  Ellington tries to  defend  the  defensive  play. picture appears  courtesy of  ap/photo/ Gerry  Broome  ………………………..







If  there  was any  indication  as  to  how  bad   things   have  become   for  Maryland.  Then  the  game  that  was  indicative  of  this  was  borne  out  of  the  mauling  that they  took  at  the  hands  of  the  North  Carolina Tar Heels.  They  were   outplayed   in  every  facet  of the    game  and   though  the  final  result   may  not  on  appearance  be  reflective  of   this.    The  box score   suggests   otherwise. The   result  a 108-91  loss  was  about  as  convincing   as  one  would  ever  wish  to see.  Lethargic   and   rarely able  to  get  anything   going   they   succumbed  to  a  team  that’s   playing   with a  great   deal  of confidence.  And  one   can  easily  see  why   Roy  Williams  team  is  considered   one   of  the   favorites  for  the  NCAA  national  championship.







We  may  well  lament   the  fortunes  of  the  Terrapins. But   consider this  were  it  your   favorite   basketball   team.  How’d   you  be  feeling  at this  moment   in  time  ?    Sadness  ?    Despair  ?  Or   thinking  it  really   is   time   for   a  change ?  A  change  that  we  can  all  believe  in.  Afterall   wasn’t  that  why   many   voted   for  change   in  the  White  House ?


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