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Morally Ambiguous ……………..

Over the   weekend   as I   didn’t have  to  work.  I  thought  I’d  catch   up    on  my   sporting   intake   somewhat.   As  it   is   the  girlfriend  had   been   chiming   on as  to  how we  don’t   do  enough  together  as  a  couple.  To   which   I  replied …..”  we   live together   don’t  we   that’s  a  start   isn’t  it ?

I’ll   tend  to   reread  the  USA  Today  and   in   particular  the    business   section and   then   sport’s  pages.   And   then   that’ll  be  it.   I’ll   then  take   in    one  or   two  of the   new  magazine   programs   such   ‘Meet  The  Press’(NBC)  and  ‘This  Week ‘ (ABC) with  George  Stephanopoulos.  My  own  personal    favorite   however is   CNN’s  ‘GPS’  with   Fareed  Zakaria  . Basically   programs   such  as  these   just  keep  me  abreast  of   things   to  an  extent.  However   much   of  what  I  do   glean  information  wise  for  the  large  part   does   tend  to   come   more   from  the  internet  and  the   scouring   of  the  various   online  editions   of   some   major   international   newspapers.   

This   past  Sunday    however   whilst    tuned   into   ESPN   to watch  ‘ The  Sports  Reporters’    hosted   by  John  Saunders.  I   also   continued  to  watch  afterwards    ‘Outside The  Lines’ (OTL) ,  the  network’s Sunday   morning  news   magazine   program.   The  entire    program   dealt  with   male   professional   athletes   fathering    children   out  of  wedlock.  Not   that’s   anything   new  to  begin.     But   what   got   me  not   so  much   visually  dumbfounded    was  the  fact   that   the  journalists   were  carrying   on  as   if   this  was  anything  new.  I  don’t  know   if  they’d   been   hiding   under  a   rock   but    it’s   something  that’s    become  common  place  within   sports  for  an   eternity.   Much   like sex  ,drugs  and  music    goes   hand  in   hand   in  the   entertainment   field.   In  the   world  of   high    profiled   sports   the   two   go   hand  in  hand  there  also. 

Travis   Henry  with  six  of  his  nine   children .   Another  woman  has  since  come  forward to  suggest that  Henry is  also  the  father  of  her  twins  of  a  boy and  girl  who  are   two years  old.
Travis Henry seen here with six of his nine children. A woman in the state of Florida has since come forward to state also that Henry is the father of her set of two year old twins, a boy and girl. picture appears courtesy of afp/ Roman Atkins ...................






One   of  the  athletes  that   the   segment   dealt   with   in  particular  as  a  subject  matter ,  was  that  of  former  Tennessee   Titans  and Denver  Broncos’  running   back  Travis  Henry.  The   program   also   mentioned   New   England  Patriots’  quarterback  Tom  Brady  , the  Orlando  Magic’s  center   Dwight  Howard  and  the  Arizona  Cardinals’  quarterback  Matt  Leinart.   It’d  be  remiss  to   think   that   these   three  individuals  ought  to  be  seen as  the   poster  children    for  this sort   of   social  behavior ?  Were   it   not   for  the   fact    you    can   this  all   happening   across   all   four  of  the  major   professional   sports  to  begin  with.   One   can’t   surmise  and   quantify  to what  extent  this   goes   on  with    amongst  the   college  ranks.   But  it’s   safe  to   say  that   it   happens     but  it  isn’t   always   brought   into the   public   domain    too  much.





Politically   correct   or   not   our  views   on  this   matter   over  the   years   has   diminished  somewhat.  From  being   overly   conservative  to    where    we  to  an   extent    accept  it   as  being   part  of  the   norm.     However the   tone  that   is   set  and   the   behavior  or   lack  thereof   shown   by the   individuals  in  accepting  the   responsibility   of  fathering  a   child and  then   being  a  responsible    parent  does   give   great   cause   for   concern.  And   this  was   if  anything  a   part  of   the  mission  that   the  story   set   out  to  investigate.   When    approached    to    give  an   on  air   interview   or   statement   .  The  spoke’s  people  for Howard  ,  Leinart  and  Brady    declined  to   give  an   interview   much  less  a   statement.    It  was   left  to  Henry    to   speak   openly   of   his   travails   and   woes   on  this   topic.  

Dwight Howard  seen  here  with  his   son  Braylon .  The  child's  mother  is  a  former   Orlando  Magic  cheerleader and   dancer.  The  player  does  maintain a  relationship  with  his  son  and   pays  the  child's  mother  child  support   payments.
Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard seen here with his young son Braylon. Howard and the child's mother Royce Reed are no longer involved in a relationship. Reed a former Magic cheerleader and dancer now has custody of the child and receives child support payements from the player. For Howard however this does create something of chink in his pristine armour of being a devout Christian and in espousing abstinence .





In  the  case  of  Henry   having   fathered   nine  children with    nine   different  women.  His   plight   as   it   now   stands   is   extreme.   And   to  add  this  story   is  the   fact  the   former   player    now   owes  in   excess  of  $176,000   in  child   support.  Furthermore   the   player   also   faces   Federal    drug   trafficking   charges   that  when   it’s  all   said  and   done  only  adds  to   his  woes.  And   were  that  not   enough   a  tenth   woman  now  has   proof  that   Henry    also   fathered   her   twin  children   who   are  just   over   two  years  old.    Henry    himself    acknowledges  the  nine   children   that    he  says   he  knows  he’s   fathered.  But   he  can’t   be all   that   sure  that  there  aren’t  any  others.   What   I   found   disgusting   was   the  all  too   flippant   attitude   when  asked  why  had   he   not  considered   using   protection  when   he  chose  to  be  with  these  women ?   His    response   was ‘ that   they    should’ve   been   the ones  to   make  sure’.  In   effect  that   tells   me  all   one   would   need to   know   concerning   Henry  and   how   he   views   many  of  these   women.  In   some   circles   they   may   well  be  viewed  as   gold   diggers    who  are   seeking  an   opportunity   to   entrap  the  athlete and   then  use  them as  a  meal   ticket.   But    in  large   part   more  than   anything   else   is  the   fact  that   we  have    consenting    individuals   who    are  merely   using   each  other   for   sexual   gratification   without   really    thinking   about  the   consequences  and  the  aftermath  of  their   actions. 

Leinart  seen   here  with   former ex girlfriend  and  college  sweetheart  Brynn  Cameron  and   their   son  Cole.
Leinart seen here with former girlfriend and college sweetheart Brynn Cameron and their son Cole. The player no longer maintains a relationship with the child's mother. But it's been stated that he meets all of the child's needs monetarily. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Lee Clarke .............................







And   if    you   think   that   Travis  Henry’s   situation   is   acute.   Then  consider  the   situation  with   former   Chicago   Bulls’  player   Jason  Caffey ?    Having  fathered    ten  children   with   eight    different  women. He’s   now  staving   off   legal   threat   of  being   imprisoned   for   failure  to   pay   child  support.  One  of  the  women  who’s   the  mother   of   his  year  old   son   is   now   owed   in  excess   of  $197,000   including interest  and   court  fees.  At  this   moment   in  time   Caffey   is  still   a   free  man.    He  has   withered   away    much  of  what  he’d   earned   over  the   course  of  his   career   either  on  gambling  or  speculative   business ventures  and   investments   that    didn’t   pan   out.  It   seems   inexplicable to  think  that   many  of  these   athletes    feel  that   they’re    invulnerable   in  situations   such  as  this.   But  then  again  they’re   enabled    in  many  ways    merely   because   of  what  they    feel    is  there  and   openly   available  to  them. From  the   amount   of money    that  they   can   make   and   their   behavior    both   in   public  and  private.   It’s  as  if   being   amoral    is  the  only   thing   that   they’d  deem  to  be   appropriate.  




Brady seen  here  with  his   young  son  Jack.   The  player  and  the  child's  mother  actress and  model   Bridget  Moynahan   are   no   longer   involved.   Brady  is  now  wed  to  supermodel  Gisele  Bundchen .    The   player  does  play  an  active   role  in  his  son's   life .
Tom Brady seen here with his young son Jack . The player is no longer involved with the child's mother , actress and former model Bridget Moynaghan. The two who separated some two years ago do play an active role in their child's life. Moynaghan maintains primary custody of Jack. Brady is allowed visitation and provides for him monetarily. picture appears courtesy of Tim Shaughnessy ............................




From   a  legal   perspective   it  certainly   doesn’t   help   when  they’re  treated  by   legal   environment  as  if their  acts   aren’t  at  all  irresponsible  and  has   a  consequence.    All    too  often    they’re  let   off    without   much    of   an   edict    by the  presiding    judge   as   to  their  actions.  By   merely   making   a  court  order  placing   a  monetary   value  or   penalty  as  the   case  may  be    upon  someone  who’s    earnings  millions  of   dollars  isn’t  in  the  end  much  of  deterrent.  But  then  again   how   else   ought to    view  the  legal  profession  to  begin  with  ?  All    too   often  they   fail    to  do   the   right  thing     even  when  the  facts  are   there   steering  them    right  back  there   in  the  face.





Former   Bulls'   player  Jason  Caffey  .  The  player  has   ten   children  with  eight  different   women.  He  now   finds  himself  at  the  center  of   a  legal  wrangle   concering  child  support   payments  and  a  failure  to  pay.
Former Bulls' player Jason Caffey . The player is father to ten children with eight different females. He now finds himself in the midst of a legal tussle concerning child support payments and a failure to pay. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Brett Matthews ..............





The  real   victims   here  all  too   often   aren’t   the  adults    in   question.  It’s  the   children    who  become  embroiled   in  this  all.  Especially   where    it  comes  to   the  situation   where   they’re  being   used  as a  piñata   by one  if   not    both  parents  to   justify    their   actions  one   way  or  another.  They’re   the   innocent   ones  in  this  all   and    but   for   the   stupidity    shown   by  the  adults .  Much  of   what  has   transpired    wouldn’t   have   taken   place  to  begin  with   had  they   thought   about  the   consequence  of  their  actions.



Brady seen  here   with   son   Jack  , then  girlfriend  Gisele  Bundchen and  the  family  pet  in  tow.   Brady  and  Bundchen   recently  wed   and   Jack   has  become part of now a  somewhat  enlarged  family.
Brady seen here with son Jack , then girlfriend super model Gisele Bundchen and the family pet in tow. picture appears courtesy of Shaughnessy .............................




The   show  itself   whilst   trying  to   show  all  sides  of the  argument    merely   only   scratched   the   surface  of   a  situation   that  is   still  is   rife   not    just   within    the  sport’s   world.    But   right   across    society   as   a   whole  and  it  doesn’t  seek   sensationalize    the  subject  matter.   But   neither   did   it   make  an   attempt   to seek    to   answer   as   to  why  this  all   takes  place.   One   could  say   that  it  may  well  have   been  the  socially  prevalent  in  seeking   out  a   story    that   in  some  ways   shows  the  underbelly   of   how   far  we as  a   society  have  fallen.   Or  perhaps   the   fact  that   these   so  called  athletes   that   often   at times   we   treat  as   gladiators  or   deities   are   really   no   different   from  us  at  all.  

11 thoughts on “Morally Ambiguous ……………..

  1. Yup, I learned from working at Pebble Beach that celebrities and athletes are pretty normal people. The more I met them the less excited I found myself. There are mean and nice clebs, just the same as everyday people… They have the same problems as you and I, but on a slightly different scale!

  2. chappy 81

    The thing that in the end differentiates them between us is the socio-economic status. Wherein they may well that they can be above the law . But on appearance then seek the public’s empathy when they run afoul of it.

    If you or I were placed within the Caffey or Travis Henry situation. I can assure of this – there’d be now way in hell we’d have been still out on bail ! What a complete schmuck Travis Henry has to be ! He then gets busted drug trafficking at the federal level.

    He’s up to the Big House where someone there can toss his salad as they see fit.

    Alan Parkins

  3. The Bible spells out what is right and wrong. Believe or it is true. The word of God. Some call the Bible old and out of date. I will reply to this statement which part. The part that says thou salt not kill or thou salt not commit adultery. The kids will suffer. It a part of our problems. We have kicked God out of our lives.

    1. Bobby Gee

      I doubt that many of these athletes have taken note as to what the Bible says . Much alone have they read a sentence of it all. We all have a moral compass within us and though the Bible is there to provide us with faith and guidance. Surely one’s own common sense ought to count for something ? Either that or many of these individuals just don’t give a damn just as long as they’re said to be enjoying themselves.

      Alan Parkins aka theoraclesays

  4. I don’t know If I said it already but …Excellent site, keep up the good work. I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Tony Brown

  5. Im sure many of you are like me and one of the first things you do in the morning is head here and check out the new post. Along with seeing the new posts, I’m also always checking out the blog roll rss feed and watching them grow, or shrink sometimes. In one of my past …but all in all excellent site. Keep it up!

  6. Just wanted to drop you a line to say, I enjoy reading your site. I thought about starting a blog myself but don’t have the time.
    Oh well maybe one day…. 🙂

  7. Hey, I really enjoy your blog. I have a blog too in a totally unrelated field (Online Stock Trading) but I like to check in here on a regular basis, just to see what’s going on and it’s always interesting to say the least. It’s always entertaining what people have to say.

    1. Henley

      Thanks for commenting. Worked in the financial field for a number of years when I lived in London. I worked within ‘The Square Mile’ , the financial district of the City of London.

      Alan Parkins aka abritishman

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