Have You Had Your Can of Whup Ass Today ? As Prescribed To The New York Yankees ………



Have  You  Had   Your Can  of  Whup  Ass   Today  ? As  Prescribed  To  The New York  Yankees  ……………..




Well  the Tampa Bay  Rays  opened their  season   home   opener  for  the  Major  League Baseball  season   with the raising  of   their  American  League  Championship  Series’  banner.  With  the  fans  in  attendance  there  at   Tropicana Field  in  St Petersburg, Florida.  This  had  to be  the  most  exciting  thing   to  have   befallen    the  team  since  their   unbelievable  playoff   run  and   appearance  in  last   season’s    World  Series. 



Rays' fans cheer as the ALCS championship banner is raised prior to the game played against the New York Yankees at Tropicana Field St Petersburg, Florida. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Al Messerschmidt ..............





This  time around  in the  opener   they  would  be  facing   divisional  rivals   the  New  York  Yankees.  Of whom  it  can  be said  with  their   plethora  of  highly   paid  stars   . Absolutely   no  one  last   night  knew  what  was  about  to  unfold  before  their   very   eyes within  the  stadium.   Suffice  to  say  that  the end  result  did  not disappoint the  home  fans.   As  to  those  New York  Yankees’  fans  in  attendance  one  can  only  surmise    that their  visit  to  St  Petersburg  can  only  be  offset  by the  face that  some  in  attendance view the Rays  as  their  second  love  when  it  comes to  showing   support   for a  team ?    Well  within  the  state  of   Florida  known   for its  snowbirds   and   transplanted   residents  from   farther   afield. If you’re   not  supporting  the  Yankees or  Boston  Red Sox  . It’s   deemed  that   you’re   at all  astute   when  it  comes  to  the  game  of  baseball.   But  I  digress   I’m a   Florida  Marlins’   fan  an   proud  of  it and  I’m  English  to   boot.    So  what’d  that  make   me  ? 


Rays' players celebrate their victory over divisional rivals the New York Yankees. The Rays routed the Yankees (15-5) in a lopsided win. picture appears courtesy of getty images/Al Messerscmidt ..................





What  took  place  between  these two   teams   last night  won’t   go  a   long  way  in  determining  anything  at this juncture   as  to  what’ll  happen  at  the end  of the  season.    Other than   to  suggest    that this   Yankees’   team  despite  its   high  payroll  and  roster of  stars.  It is  by   no  means   a   team  in  the  true  sense  of  the  word.  It’s  merely   a  gathering  of  forces  gathered   together  for  the  sole  purpose  of   trying  to win  a  championship.  Unfortunately  the  architects  of this   exercise   in acquiring  the   talent  they did.  They  seemed  to  have   forgotten  before  you  call  an  assembly   of  players   brought  together  as a   team.  There   has to be  cohesiveness  ,  communication   and    above all   real leadership  from   within to  begin   with.    None of  that  was  evident   last  night  as   the  Yankees   were   thoroughly    outplayed  in   every facet of  the  game. 



Ramiro Pena and Robinson Cano of the Yankees collide infield a they attempt to catch a pop up fly ball. They would fail in the attempt. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Al Messerschmidt..........................


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