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Dan’s Got To Do What Dan’s Got To Do ………. !

 Dan’s   Got  To  Do What   Dan’s   Got  To  Do 


Well  considering  the  situation  that befronts  the   Cleveland  Cavaliers.  The   question  now  has  to  be asked   is   the  franchise’s   owner  Dan  Gilbert  looking to   line  up  all  of  his  ducks  in a  row  ?


Cavaliers'  owner  Dan  Gilbert in  attendance  at  a  Cavaliers'  home  game  at the  Quicken Loans'  Arena  in  Cleveland  Ohio.   Gilbert  is  a  founding   partner  in  Rock  Financial Inc.   as  well  as  Quicken Loans.   The  latter  being  one  of  the  largest  financial  services  and  mortgage  loan  companies  in North  America.
Dan Gilbert owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Gilbert is one of the founding partners of Rock Financial Inc as well mortgage and financial service company Quicken Loans Inc. The arena whose naming rights are named after Gilbert's company. Now comes word that he's prepared to sell a minority stake in the Cleveland based NBA franchise. It's purely speculation as of this moment the price that his potential investors are prepared to pay. But it is believed to be in the tens of millions for a 15% 20 % stake in the Cavaliers.


As  the  majority  stakeholder   in  the  entity that owns  the  Quicken  Loans  Arena  and  the  Cleveland   Cavaliers  franchise.    The   rumors  and   rumbling   concerning   Gilbert  and  the  very   fact that  he’s  prepared  to  sell  a  minority   stake  in  the  franchise  to   a   Chinese  investment   group  led  by  Jianhua  (Kenny) Huang.



It’s  rumored that  Huang  and   his  business  partners  were   in  town  as   guests  of   Gilbert   , the   successive   business  entrepeneur     who  created   mortgage   giant and   financial  services  company   Quicken  Loans  Inc.   Albeit  that  the  economy  is  in  something of  a  mess   primarily   stemming   from the  mortgage   crisis   brought   about   by  the   egregious   acts   by  not   only   the   borrowers  .  But   also the  predatory   lending  practices  of   many  of the    major   financial   institutions  that   led  to   gargantuan  debacle. 



We all  know of  AIGFP   (American International  Financial Products) and its parent  company  AIG.   AIGFP ,   the  subsidiary    company   behind  the  derivatives   meltdown  that  has  led  to   trillions  of  dollars   being   wiped  off  the   major   stock  indices    around  the  world.   Never  mind  the  fact that   for  a  number  of  employees  that’ve seen their   net   worth   diminish  rather   rapidly   in a  short  space  of   time. 



As  for  Gilbert’s  own  wish  to  have  a  cash  infusion  into  the  Cavaliers’ organization.  It’s quite understandable   given  the   fact that  he   and  the  hierarchy    within  the  Cavaliers’   inner circle  have  got  to  be  looking   ahead as  to  the  direction they  believe the   franchise  to  be   heading  in.    In   2010   they’ve  got  to  look   secure  the  re-signing  of  their   superstar  LeBron  James  .  And   if  nothing   else   bolster  the  roster   if   the  franchise  is  to  be   thought  of  as   a  legitimate  contender   for    postseason  honors,  in   terms  of   winning  an   NBA  championship.


LeBron James  leaves  the  court  after  his  team's loss  to  the  Orlando  Magic  in  game  three of  the  Eastern Conference  Finals  played  at  the  Amway  Arena  in  Orlando,  Florida.
LeBron James leaves the court after his team's 99-89 loss to the Orlando Magic in game three of the Eastern Conference Finals. The game was played at the Amway Arena in Orlando , Florida. Orlando leads the Cavaliers 2-1 in the best of seven games' finals.



The  postseason   travails  of  the   Cavaliers   thus   far  has   been   impressive.   But   now   it  appears  that   they’ve   ran  into  a  buzz-saw  in the  guise  of the  Orlando  Magic. With   tonight’s  99-89   loss   to the  Magic  and  the   fact that  they  now  find   themselves  in a  2-1  deficit  in the  Eastern  Conference  Finals.   It  might   suggest  Gilbert   may  well of the  opinion that  the   team   mightn’t  be  the  franchise  everyone   believed them to  be .



The   postseason  has    a  way  of   creating   something  of   an   illusion.    And   nowhere  is it  now  becoming  more  apparent   than  with  the all  too  unbelievable  fortunes  that  has   befallen  the   franchise.    What  was  seen   as  the  season  that  was  filled  with  so  much   promise.   All  of a  sudden  it   looks  as  if  it’s  all   falling   at  the  feet  of  LeBron  and  his  castmates.   But for   his    heroics   in   game  2 , we’d  be   talking   about   the  Magic  leading  this   series   3-0  and  looking  to  close  it  out   ,  in  double   quick   time.     And though the  belief  is  that   this   series  is   still   far  from  over and  there’s  still  a  great  deal  to  play.   One  can’t  but  help  feeling  that  a  further   loss.  And  indeed  the  postseason  ambitions    of the  Cavaliers  would  be  definitely   dead  and   buried   , bar  the  shouting. 


Now  comes  the  hard  part  how  will  this  all  be   viewed   by  the   fans  of the   Cleveland  Cavaliers  ?   Would  the  impression   be  that   Gilbert  is   looking  to  actually  sell  the  franchise ?   Could    his  financial    viability    be  teetering   on the  brink  of a  precipice  ?   Billionaire  or   not  this  is   still    a  tough  time  for  everyone  in this   financial   meltdown.  


Dwight  Howard  of the  Magic and   the  Cavaliers'   Dwight  Howard  share  a  few  words  during  a timeout  in  game  three  of  the  Eastern Conference  Finals.
LeBron James (left) and Dwight Howard share a few words during the game interval of their Eastern Conference Finals matchup played at the Amway Arena in Orlando, Fl.



Gilbert   is merely   looking  to   make   sure   that  his   slice  of the   pie   still   remains   the same.  And   if   anything   also   his   slice  of  the  American  Dream   still   is  in  tact.      The   fact that he  might   be  selling  to  a  foreign   investor   shouldn’t   really   be  a  cause  for  concern  should   it  ?   



Afterall  it’s  not as   if  it’s  a  major   industrial   entity that’s now   falling into  the  hands   of  a   foreign   invader  ?  Or   is it  ?

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