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Winning Is Everything And The Only Thing …..So Can Someone Explain That To The Chicago Cubs ?

In the quaint old world of sports we all understand that the game itself has its foibles , history but above we’re led to believe its honesty, dignity and integrity.

And the venerable Vince Lombardi , a man known for his honesty and integrity but more so for his success and anecdotes. He states the following ……”Winning is not a sometime thing, it’s an all time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.”

Lou  Piniella  is  formally introduced  as   the  Chicago  Cubs'  manager.   Assisting  him  in  putting  on the  team  jersey  is   the  GM  Jim Hendry.     Piniella  took  over the   position  from the  fired   Dusty  Baker   .  He  assumed those  responsibilities  on   October of   2006.  He  signed a  three  year  conract  for   $10m    with a  1 year   option  extra as  an  incentive.   picture  appears  courtesy  of   upi/photo/  Brian  Kersey  .....................
Lou Piniella is formally introduced as the Chicago Cubs' manager. Assisting him in putting on the team jersey is the GM Jim Hendry. Piniella took over the position from the fired Dusty Baker . He assumed those responsibilities on October of 2006. He signed a three year conract for $10m with a 1 year option extra as an incentive. picture appears courtesy of upi/photo/ Brian Kersey .....................

So it’d explain a great deal at present with regard to the plight of the Chicago Cubs and their woes over the last century plus. And the fact that they’ve continued to be mired in the depths of ineptitude. Furthermore the fans have had to endure these debacles without much recourse. When on the outside looking in would say it’s the Cubs’ fans undying loyalty and willingness to accept the futility that they’re prepared to endure such pain.’ Personally , I feel it’s all a bunch of hog-wash and it lies with the fact that neither the Cubs’ management or ownership aren’t prepared to be ambitious and do what it takes to place a winning product on the field of play !

Courtesy of ESPN and Associated Press :

Hearing on Cubs sale set for Sept. 24

Associated Press

WILMINGTON, Del. — A Delaware bankruptcy judge on Monday approved Tribune Co.’s request for quick court action on the company’s planned sale of the Chicago Cubs.

The family of billionaire Joe Ricketts, founder of TD Ameritrade, has agreed to buy a 95 percent stake in the team and its Wrigley Field home for $845 million, but the deal must be approved by the bankruptcy court, as well as Major League Baseball.

Judge Kevin Carey approved Tribune attorneys’ proposals regarding notification to interested parties, including creditors of both the Tribune and the Cubs.

The process approved by the judge calls for any objections to be filed by Sept. 17, followed by a Sept. 24 court hearing on Tribune’s motion for court approval of the deal. Carey also approved break-up fees ranging from $5 million to $20 million to be paid if it falls through.

The plan filed by Tribune attorneys calls for a separate bankruptcy filing by Chicago National League Ball Club, a Tribune affiliate that is not involved in the company’s Chapter 11 case. That filing would come after Carey approves the sale as part of Tribune’s bankruptcy reorganization and escrow financing documents are in place.

In order to view this article in its entirety just click on the text link shown .

Milton Bradley is formally introduced as a Chicago Cubs’ player. Listen carefully, as the player waxes on lyrically about his emotions with regard to the team. My, how times have changed ?

And even though the franchise, having been sold by real estate mogul and developer Sam Zell to Tom Ricketts and the immediate members of his family. Tom Ricketts is one the founders of the online investment firm TD Ameritrade . The final selling price was said to be $845 million . Somewhat of an overly inflated price but clearly what Zell was after- considering that he’d placed the Cubs’ parent company -The Tribune Group into bankruptcy proceedings. And whilst MLB haven’t been all that forthcoming as to the ongoing situation. We’re led to believe that Commissioner Bud Selig and MLB Chief Executive Officer Bob DuPuy were said to be closely monitoring the proceedings. This, I for one find to be totally preposterous. Considering the duo were about as cognizant of the issues with regard to the the steroid issue and its ramifications for the game as a blind man would be in the desert. You know it’s hot but you’re not prepared to do anything to safeguard yourself. Much as in the same they’ve both mishandled the issue. Albeit, that they’re now crediting themselves with what they believe to be the unparalleled success of the game’s steroid program.

In light of what has gone on with regard to Cubs . Isn’t it somewhat strange that a public comment hadn’t been forthcoming from the commissioner’s office or for that matter from anyone within the game’s hierarchy ? But then to MLB … silence is golden . Until there are serious ramifications for the health and financial well being of the game. But even then , they’ve failed to act appropriately and with due diligence. It is to be expected from an organization that has been as transparent as the members of Opus Dei . There’s a lot that they’d have us all believe divine as to their being. But there’s so much more that’s held from the prying eyes of the public. Much like the inner workings of the hierarchy of MLB

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports and AP :

Cubs suspend Milton Bradley for rest of season

By R B Fallstrom AP Sports Writer

ST. LOUIS (AP)—Milton Bradley’s(notes) season is finished. Perhaps his days with the Chicago Cubs are, too.

The Cubs suspended their volatile outfielder for the rest of the season Sunday, one day after he criticized the team in a newspaper interview.

Bradley was disciplined for conduct detrimental to the team. General manager Jim Hendry said he decided to send Bradley home after learning of the player’s remarks in the (Arlington Heights) Daily Herald of Illinois. Bradley, scratched from Saturday’s lineup with a sore left knee, was quoted as saying “you understand why they haven’t won in 100 years here.”

Bradley has two years remaining on a three-year, $30 million contract that he signed as a free agent last offseason. Hendry said he doesn’t know if the relationship can be salvaged.

“The last few days became too much for me to tolerate,” Hendry said. “I just decided late last night that’s what I was going to do, and I didn’t give it a lot of thought what’s going to transpire moving forward.”

Cubs manager Lou Piniella agreed with Hendry’s move.

“Jim made the decision and I support it,” the manager said. “I really do.”

Chicago signed the switch-hitting Bradley to provide balance in the lineup, but he struggled throughout his first season with Chicago, batting .257 with 12 homers and 40 RBIs. He was booed vigorously by home fans at Wrigley Field.

In order to read this article click on the text headlined link provided within the piece.


And if you thought that the present situation for the Cubs couldn’t at all get any worse. You’d be entirely wrong . As the team has taken the unusual step of suspending their outfielder Milton Bradley until the end of the season. The reason behind the suspension are for the statements made to the press with regard to the Cubs’ organization by the player. The Cubs for their part see Bradley’s actions as conduct detrimental to the sport and to the organization. Both GM Jim Hendry and the team’s coach , Lou Piniella are in complete agreement with the course of action taken.

And for the Chicago Cubs as a team who’ve underperformed throughout the entire season. Theirs is a situation that if anything , is viewed as irreparable. Piniella now seems to be out of his depth and unable to communicate with his players. Hendry as the team’s GM has been about as useful to the organization as a three legged horse trying to run an obstacle course. He’s fallen so many times that it has become laughable. Personnel decisions made under his tenure have proven to be disastrous, more often ,than not. And as a duo , Hendry and Piniella would make for some very fine comic relief.
It remains to be seen upon finalization of the sale of the franchise , whether not both the general manager and manager will be asked to remain with the organization.
If they’ve not been able to lead the team win anything of merit . Then in reality there’s no reason at all for them to remain with the Cubs’ organization.

The Chicago Cubs (76-72) remain 10 games behind the NL Central Division leading St Louis Cardinals (87-63) . As the season now winds down , it has to be said that for all sense and purpose the season just can’t end quick enough for the Cubs and their long suffering fans. They’ve been asked to endure far too much and more than any one fan can be asked to bear. And even though there are second , third and fourth generations of fans that still show their unwavering support to the organization. One has to ask the question ….’how much more are they all willing to bear’ ?

Bradley’s future with the club remains bleak and it’s enough of a suggestion to believe that the player won’t be back with the club for the 2010-11 season. And it wouldn’t be at all out of the question to suggest that the player’s professional career within baseball has reached its climax. One hardly feels that there’s still a major league team that’s willing to want the player- with the all the baggage that he’ll apparently bring with him. A worse case scenario, would be to see the volatile Bradley implode once again and seemingly bring down an organization with him. Best case scenario , he once again becomes a productive player and contributes to an organization. One of those is preferable but in actuality I’m inclined to believe that he won’t be around to contribute to a team. It’s as plain and simple as that !

For the Chicago Cubs and their long suffering fans. One empathizes with them. But at the same time how must they feel seeing the likes of the Arizona Diamondbacks, Florida Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays all making it to a World Series . Two of those organizations winning the game’s most prestigious prize. But bear this mind, all three in question have been around a lot less longer than the Chicago Cubs, in terms of their tenure within the game of baseball. And it has been over 100 years since the Chicago Cubs won the last of their two World Series championships. And it could well be another century before they’re liable to achieve the feat again.

So what say you as to the impending fate of the Chicago Cubs ? The game’s lovable losers seemingly can’t win but for losing. It’s not been within their DNA for years ! Winning that is .

8 thoughts on “Winning Is Everything And The Only Thing …..So Can Someone Explain That To The Chicago Cubs ?

  1. I’m a life long Cubs fan…And let me just say you’ve confused points here regarding the Cubs. If your post was centered on another year of not winning a World Series, okay fine, you’d be adding to the well documented 100 years of futility on the title front. But to incorporate that into a larger theme that the Cubs aren’t any good, and things can’t get worse, you’ve strayed away from solid footing. Currently the Cubs are 4 games above .500, which indicates a classic average MLB team…Were also coming off Playoff appearances in 2007 and 2008, not to mention a NLCS 7 game loss to the Marlins in 2003. Say what you will but this decade the Cubs haven’t been awful by any means on the baseball landscape. And besides a twitchy August that saw us slide out of the race the Cubs were competitive, and have a ton of excellent pieces talent wise heading into next season. Things could be far far worse.

    As for Milton Bradley, he was a $30 Mil mistake, which luckily in baseball you can rid yourself in a variety of different ways. I like this move by management and wouldn’t mind cutting him and paying his salary in full.

    1. dyslecix

      So as a Cubs’ fan you’re prepared to consider abject futility as being OK ? Things could be far worse off-course. Sam Zell as an owner , placed the team and then the parent company into bankruptcy proceedings and not even the most avid of Cubs’ fans actually gave a damn. Or were they all asleep at the wheel as well ?

      Much as in the same way that Piniella and Hendry have been.

      Furthermore , is average now the norm for Cubs’ fans ? Cause if it is then by all means stick with it. It’s served them well thus far don’t you think ? And how you or any other Cubs’ fan can tolerate the mismanagement under Zell’s custodianship is quite tragic. It’s not as if he’d sought to improve the team even with the vast assets it’s believed he and the organization allegedly have. More’s the pity as it’d appear the vast majority of fans only appear to want to be vocal in their support. Rather than looking also at the underlying issues that their teams face .

      Milton Bradley was more than a $30 million mistake. What the hell were the Cubs thinking to begin with ? All that baggage and they were still prepared to take a flyer on the guy. Now if they get rid of him they’ll still be owing him money if they can’t facilitate a trade.

      Oh we’re coming off a playoff appearance and then what ? Gimme a break it’s been abject futility that you’ve found all too acceptable.

      I suppose thing could be far worse as you could have Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya handling the Cubs’ organization. Need I say anymore ?

    2. dyslecix

      When it comes to the Cubs and mediocrity , one size fits all ! How else can you explain the maneuvers by Sam Zell to place the club into bankruptvy proceedings before then selling it off to the Ricketts’ family at an over inflated price ? The organization much like the team is in complete disarray. But you fans are far too blind to damn well see it !

      Alan Parkins

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  4. I don’t know If I said it already but …This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read….

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