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Herein Lies The Rub , The BCS Is …. ?

Herein Lies The Rub , The BCS Is …. ?

Someone really needs to let me know why I’m suppose to be enamored with the college football bowl games that we’re now being festooned with. It has become something of an oxymoron to think that these Bowl Games are in the best interests of competitive collegiate football. But that is what the BCS hierarchy would have us all believe. And who am I, to question their rationale ? Oh I know , I’m one of a growing number of detractors of the system ! But let’s put it this way, they’re hardly liable to listen to the fans of the game, much less anyone else.

Bill Hancock  , the recently installed  Executive  Director  of  Bowl College Series (BCS).  Hancock  will oversee  the  operations of the BCS but  is ultimately  answerable to the  six  major  conferences that  essentially make up  the  organization.  picture  appears  courtesy  of   ap/photo /  Rex Thompson .......
Bill Hancock , the recently installed Executive Director of Bowl College Series (BCS). Hancock will oversee the operations of the BCS but is ultimately answerable to the six major conferences that essentially make up the organization. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo / Rex Thompson .......

The six conferences that in large part makes up the BCS, are essentially the custodians of a financial behemoth who’d rather see the status quo remain as is. And why not, when one considers that the system rakes in , in excess of $ 6 billion a year. The SEC, Big 10, Big 12,ACC , PAC 10 and the Big East make the operations of KBR (Kellog Brown & Root) (a Halliburton subsidiary)and Blackwater LLC seem like positive bastions of morality and accountability. Less we forget also, the six conferences in question, as too the BCS, is registered essentially, as a charity as a way of circumventing having to pay federal taxes. And the way the BCS operates, offers absolutely no transparency whatsoever. Much like the two aforementioned government contractors. Who by last count were under investigation by federal government under the auspices of the US Justice Department, for numerous issues borne out of their operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Misappropriation of funds and several criminal charges brought against both entities.

Nick Saban (center) leads  out  his Alabama  team ('The Crimson Tide') prior  to the start  of  NCAA college football game.  Saban  as a coach will be seeking  his  second national  title , having  won  a national championship  with LSU.    picture appears courtesy  of getty images/  Rich  Costello ..................
Nick Saban (center) leads out his Alabama team ('The Crimson Tide') prior to the start of NCAA college football game. Saban as a coach will be seeking his second national title , having won a national championship with LSU. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Rich Costello ..................

Now it’s understandable that the system has its admirers as well its detractors. But from there your guess is as good as mind as to their very existence and what they represent and do. Does anyone really know ? But somehow here we are regaling over the virtues of this pseudo organization. They are about as trustworthy as La Cosa Nostra (Mafia). But then again what’s new ?

Courtesy of The Washington Post

BCS again proves its worthlessness

By John Feinstein

Let us begin today by turning to John Swofford, the commissioner of the ACC, a football conference that might — might — have one good football team. As it happens, this is Swofford’s year to be the spokesman (read: spinner) for the BCS because the six commissioners who run the so-called power conferences take two-year turns trying to defend their indefensible system.

After Sunday night’s BCS “selection show,” — which had all the suspense of the tallying of the electoral college — Swofford said this about the fact that undefeated Texas Christian and undefeated Boise State had been so graciously included in the BCS bowls — actually one BCS bowl, since they will play one another in the Fiesta Bowl.

“I think it certainly shows that there’s more access than before in terms of the BCS system,” Swofford said. “If you look back in recent years, there’s a consistency in that access that is evident and very healthy for college football.”

Gee, why does the BCS need to spend all that money on former White House flack Ari Fleischer when it has Swofford and his fellow commissioners out there to drop such words of wisdom on us?

To paraphrase another former White House press secretary, here’s what the commissioner meant to say: “Look, Congress pretty much forced us to let them [non-BCS schools] into our house, but you can be damn sure they’ll be using the back door.”

In order to read John Feinstein’s article in its entirety just click on the link provided

University of Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown (L) smiles as Longhorns quarterback Colt McCoy (R) takes the golden hat off of the Texas Oklahoma Trophy at the conclusion of their NCAA college football game against the Oklahoma University Sooners in Dallas, Texas October 17, 2009. picture appears courtesy of  Reuters / Jessica Rinaldi ......
Texas coach, Mack Brown (left) and the team's quarterback, Colt McCoy (12) seen here at the end of a NCAA game . picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Tim Sawyer ................

It’s now on to the Bowl Championship Series , a series of games set out to reflect the popularity of the collegiate football. But in no way does this determine or truly represent who eventually is the national champion in collegiate football, at the 1 A level. The national championship game will pit Alabama (13-0) of the South East Conference against Texas (13-0) of the Big 12 Conference. Alabama the newly installed number one team in the nation against the number three. Though these two teams are unbeaten , it was probably more out of serendipity than anything else that the BCS was in some way fortuitous with this final scenario. Whoop di-do , if that wasn’t a joke to begin with ! A ranking system that has a computer as part of the derivative in determining the actual ranking. Well there is voting , but that’s done by the coaches and writers who cover the sport. Did I miss something here ? Please let me know when China and the US begins to use computers as part of the democratic process , well with regard to them (computers) being able to vote. Can someone say I Robot ?

Well as much as I may well be looking forward to the big game itself, I’ll just say that I may well or may not watch. It’s not that I’m not an avowed a fan of collegiate football. But let’s just say that the game in terms of the BCS, is in dire need of restructuring . Unfortunately as it is all driven by commercialism and money. We ’ll just have to continue living with this monstrosity as determined by the game’s hierarchy and the tv broadcasters who over the years have emboldened the BCS to carry on with this outrage.

Now if you were under the impression that in any way shape or form, the BCS benefits the smaller conferences and schools within collegiate football. Then you’d be sadly mistaken, as theirs is the mantra ,…..’you’re on your own buddy’ ! And given the fact that it’s a rarity if the BCS actually recognizes the merits of a smaller conference and the contributions and competitiveness of a smaller school’s program. It is as if they’re not worthy of being part of the bigger overall picture as to the system and what it allegedly stands for. But you’d be hard pressed to find someone within the BCS not try and change things to the benefit of the smaller conferences and schools with national title ambitions. It’s essentially a ‘closed shop amongst the Big Boys’, unless you happen to gate crash the party. And even then, you’re still at a disadvantage in the ‘pecking order’ of things.

Click here…. to view the various series of Bowl Games that’ll take place leading up to the culmination of the national championship game Citi BCS National Championship game.

10 thoughts on “Herein Lies The Rub , The BCS Is …. ?

  1. Until they D-1 has a real playoff it will always be fake. Follow the money. Everu college sport does why not D-1 ball it is time to do it.

    1. Bobby Gee

      For now neither the BCS or the broadcasters want to change anything but should push come to shove and the government intervenes and rescinds their anti trust and charitable exemption status. Let’s just say they’d be forced to rethink the whole issue.

      There’s so much money now being made by the broadcasters and BCS that they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

      Alan Parkins

    1. Chris Humpherys

      There’s over 120 schools participating D-1 Collegiate Football and with the all told revenues in excess of $6 billion that equates to approx just under $ 50 million per school on equitable share. But obviously that’s not how the monies are being split. So you tell me what’s fair and equitable about the present system ? All these morons who carry on about this being the best for what we’re now getting haven’t a damn idea as to what they’re talking about.

      As to the championship game itself, let’s just hope it lives up to all the perceived hype that’s to be expected of such a showcase event.

      Alan Parkins

  2. Money rules, that will never change unfortunatley! I don’t understand why they think that this is the best set up, but it’s hard to get things changed in the NCAA. Hopefully they do one day, but it seems doubtful…

  3. chappy 81

    Hence the reason why the system is so corrupt and has no basis for it to exist in the format that it now does. But the BCS would have all believe that this is still the best way forward in terms of deriving of a national champion. As you’ve so rightfully said ‘cash rules everything’ , especially when it comes to collegiate athletics at every level conceivable.

    Alan Parkins

  4. chappy 81

    The only thing that may well change the mindset of the BCS , were if the idiots within Congress were to take away their tax-exempt status . Then they’d know that they (government) means business as to the way they (BCS) allegedly conduct themselves as they say in the ‘ best interests of the student athlete’ ? The only people who are profiting from this all are the schools , coaches, AD and a number of boosters and certain members of the faculty. Most definitely not the student but that’s discounting the shenanigans that goes on , on the campus of USC. Not that Mike Garrett cares to begin with. He’s obviously turned a blind eye to it all , over the years.

    Alan Parkins

  5. Yeah, there’s way too much standing in the way of the playoff format. I wish sponsors would realize they could make just as much and possibly more having a playoff setting. They could keep the lame bowl names and just use them for the semi finals and championship game. Possibly rotating the championship game to another venue each year, but it probably won’t happen unfortunately… I’d love to see the government help out, but they have other messes that need more attention unfortunately 😦

    1. chappy 81

      The commercial endorsers realize that already but as long as they’re getting the required exposure they’re not going to question the wherewithal of how the BCS conducts their business. But like I said if Congress intervenes and threatens lifting their tax-exempt status a well as certain anti-trust legislation concerning collegiate athletics. Then the whole ball of wax could very well change.

      At the moment the NCAA and BCS will make sure that their lobbyists won’t make any legislative initiative see the light of day, in Congress , at all. That’s the sort of power that they can now wield.

      Alan Parkins

    2. chappy 81

      We’ve already got Rep Joe Barton (R-Tx) trying to intervene and change the format. But with the BCS’s and NCAA’s lobbying power up there on Capitol Hill. You’re not going to see it happen anytime soon. As usual Congress are merely paying ‘lip service’ while getting another photo-op. I mean we all saw the crap that took place concerning the congressional hearings on the steroid abuse and issue in baseball.

      In the end very little was achieved and the players were still cheating and getting caught.

      Alan Parkins

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