The Most Interesting Man In The World ? But Who To Your Mind Is The Most Reviled Man In Sports ?

The Most Interesting Man In The World ? But Who To Your Mind Is The Most Reviled Man In Sports ?

The Dos Equis commercial suggesting ‘the most interesting man in the world’ is viewed an intellectual and a man of charm and wit. That being said who to your mind is the most reviled man in sports ?

We all have differing opinions as to who that person or persons may well be. I mean there are so many people, one could choose from, not only past but also present. And not only at the professional level but also from among the college ranks or even perhaps from the executive side of sports also.The cast would be endless much like one of those damn Hollywood blockbusters that were made during the seventies that the moguls would thought be a big money maker merely because the list of stars would make the movie all the more appealing. Problem was , in large part the plot was so poor that the only thing the movie might have going for it , were the special effects. With the most reviled man or woman in sports, the only thing each has going for them may well have been the fact that they were conceited , liars , cheats and more often than not , they simply just didn’t care.

From my own perspective I’ll just give you list of athletes and I executives who I find as such, contemptible and leave it for you to make a decision as to whether or not you’re in agreement.
They’ll be in no discerning order nor are they ranked as to how I may well feel about them individually.

Most of you know that I find the duo of Bob DuPuy and Bud Selig of major league baseball (MLB) about as affable as a dose of dengue fever. What these two idiots alongside Donald Fehr , the former Executive Director of MLBPA have done to the game of baseball has been about tantamount to perpetrating a financial fraud upon the fans of the game. Many feel that the players are equally to blame. And they are right but at the same time three highest ranking officials have merely shun their responsibility for many of the ills that the game brought upon itself , merely by standing aside and simply doing nothing. From the steroid era on down to the financial meltdown that ‘not even’ Selig or the ‘owners’ are fully willing to acknowledge at present .

Still keeping with baseball , how can one overlook Roger Clemens or for that matter Jose Canseco , Mark McGwire , Alex Rodriguez , Barry Bonds , Rafael Palmeiro, Miguel Tejada , Manny Ramirez or any of the other players that have been implicated in the steroids scandal ? Offering apologies and then trying to suggest that it was all a mistake is simply stupid. A mistake is normally an act that one does when simply unwittingly knowing the consequences of the actions. For many of these player it was simply being done to get ahead and at the same time gain an advantage . But the windfall at the end of it all were the financial rewards. Anyone who thinks otherwise need only to view the fact as to how several of the players profited from it all.

And when it comes to ownership within the game of baseball . Can there be any worse an organization than that of the Baltimore Orioles , Kansas City Royals and Pittsburgh Pirates ? The owners of each of the three ball-clubs in question have been about as keen for success as the Republicans would be in seeing the Democrats be in power for another two more terms in the White House .

David Glass as the owner of the Royals , has shown as much about as much business acumen for the organization as has been shown by the executives that ran Enron. Hard to believe that Glass was at one time a senior executive at Walmart ? But that’s exactly what he was prior to becoming a board-member and then owner of the team. How the hell the Royals have survived under his tenure is hard to believe. Glass and GM Dayton Moore have struggled to make the team competitive . And what little success that has been attained has been minuscule to say the very least.

Each and every time I see the Orioles , I wonder why they bother at all to turn up for the start of the regular season of baseball. It’s not as if owner Peter Angelos possesses the will to see the organization become competitive within the AL East , much less within baseball to begin with. With he and GM Andy McPhail , the American League has its very own version of Laurel & Hardy. The thing is , the legendary comedic duo were simply paid to be funny and were damn good at it ! In the case of Angelos and McPhail , they just aren’t funny but the whole world of baseball just seem to keep on rolling over with laughter when they suggest that they want success for the team and their fans. If things carry on this way for much longer then Camden Yards will soon become an elephant’s graveyard. It’s not as if there’s anything exciting going on there to begin with, in terms of competitive baseball being played !

We know simply know that the Pirates are there just to make up the number. It’s like a game you always know what the outcome will be as it concerns the organization. They will have their moments in the sun but like the meteorologists tend to state, there’s a chance of cloudy weather with intermittent showers and thunderstorms. That pretty much sums up the Pirates’ season year and year out. And unfortunately for their fans that’s not about to change anytime soon under the present ownership of Bob Nutting and his management team headed by GM Neal Huntington . To say that the Pirates have been starved of success would be to suggest that the victims of the unfed child victims were merely malnourished . Suffice to say , that for the Pirates’ fans success has been hard to come by. They try their darnedest to be competitive within the NL and it each year it all seems to no avail.

With PNC Park merely a decade old, one has to wonder if it was in anyone’s best interest to have the facility built when there’s really little of note said to be happening there by way of a competitive product being placed on the field. It’s now becoming clear that Nutting and Huntington simply aren’t sure what direction that the ballclub is heading in. And neither are the coaching staff for that matter. As they all seem to be stranded on the vessel known as the Pittsburgh Pirates. They say that rats tend to desert a sinking ship and the survivors are left to fend for themselves. The rats here are both Neal Huntington and Bob Nutting who simply won’t admit that they’re both in over their heads and are unwilling to sell the team to someone who’d be more versed in turning things around. Instead they’d rather lead ballclub into obscurity and baseball purgatory.

As much as David Stern has his array of admirers and detractors and they are many. I have to admit that I find him condescending and disingenuous ! Now don’t get me wrong, he might just be the most astute executive there has been in professional sports over the past twenty five years. And that is with due respect to Pete Rozelle . What Stern has been able to do with the NBA in the twenty five years that he’s presided over the league as its commissioner has been astounding. But at the same time his autocratic rule and the fact the league’s hierarchy has been less than transparent in many of its innermost dealings does leave a great deal to be desired.

We can understand that were it not for the years of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson , then to be followed by the Jordan years. The league would not be what it is today , a multi billion dollar business with tentacles now reaching across the globe. And for all of that we can be thankful to Stern , no doubt. But at the same time Stern has simply tried to make it more about him and the fact that he feels he’s on an equal footing with the players and in particular the superstars within the game. And while no one doubts the contribution and hard work of the commissioner. Need we be reminded of the fact that this is the same commissioner whose actions with the departure of the Seattle Supersonics to Oklahoma City to become the Oklahoma City Thunder , left a number of people rather disturbed by the league’s actions. Stern and the Thunder ownership group led by Clay Bennett , were less than forthright with the city of Seattle . But at the same time the Sonics’ owner Howard Schultz who’d sold the franchise to Clay Bennett should’ve known the problems that would be forthcoming. Especially given the length of time it’d taken in reaching an agreement with Bennett’s syndicate group. But it doesn’t hide the fact that Stern and Bennett were quite prepared to circumvent a written an agreement with the city even when there was a clear understanding that the franchise had to live up to the terms of that agreement.

Stern can come off as being quite ‘the nice guy’. But more often than not he’s use to playing the role of Machiavelli. And then he’s always the one to make himself look the savior and hero when the willing ear of the press and television media is in midst.

Mike Tyson has his own version of a ‘happy meal’. And here I thought cannibalism in the United States was a thing of the past ?

As much as I love the sport of boxing and though I’ve now become an ardent follower of MMA . I have to admit that I thought I’d seen it all within the sport of boxing. But boy , was I wrong ! The infamous night when ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson saw fit to take make a meal out of Evander Holyfield’s ear , still has me wondering whether or not Tyson was just simply angry or completely mad .

Now everyone has their own version as to what went on and the reasons why Tyson reacted the way that he did. But by my way of thinking , boxing as an art form was about the use of hands fists as a weapon. I don’t remember the Marquess of Queensbury prescribing to the fact that the use of biting an opponent was a legitimate tactic in the ring. But then again I might be wrong that given the fact that prior to title fights being regulated to fifteen rounds and then to twelve rounds . Fights would usually last until the last man in the ring was left standing. I can only surmise that Mike Tyson on that infamous night had other ideas and wanted to make quick work of Evander ? On a lesser note , how sad is it to see how far both of these guys have fallen ? Tyson through his own self inflicted wounds and problems. And in the case of Holyfield , he now fights in order to put food on the table for his numerous children and the alimony that he has to pay to his several ex-wives. These two men combined over the course of their storied careers earned in excess of $550 million . And today , neither has anything to show for it , at all.

Marion Jones (center)  is  seen   here  alongside  Tulsa  Shock  coach  Nolan   Richardson  (Jones' immediate left)    and  Team  President   Steve  Swetoha   (Jones'  right) .    photo  appeares   courtesy of  Associated Press /  Tim  Rogers  ................
Marion Jones (center) is seen here alongside Tulsa Shock coach Nolan Richardson (Jones' immediate left) and Team President Steve Swetoha (Jones' right) . photo appeares courtesy of Associated Press / Tim Rogers ................

Disgraced Olympian Marion Jones is now back in sports having joined the WNBA , where she’ll play for the Tulsa Shock . Now don’t get me wrong , Jones having paid her small debt to society got off pretty lightly. And she’s deserving of a second chance. But then again , the US Justice Dept seems to pick and choose the battles it wants to win and then points out that it is indeed meting out justice. What a crock of fecal matter ! You have none violent offenders who’ve been sent down for more time than Jones served in a Federal penitentiary . And less we forget, Jones was part of a massive check fraud cashing scheme that went across several state lines . Albeit, that she pled down to a lesser charge of lying to a federal investigator. The main reasoning behind the Fed’s targeting of Jones wasn’t just the matter of her use of steroids and then lying about it. It was also the fraud itself and others involved in their investigation. We know that the runner and her ex-boyfriend Tim Montgomery another disgraced track star were amongst the names mentioned on the BALCO list. The two of them also were involved in the fraud check cashing fraud for which Montgomery was indicted , charged, tried and found guilty.

Jones finally admits to something that she should’ve done a long time ago. Especially in light of the fact she was threatening to sue anyone who stated that she had been using steroids during her track career.

That asides, Jones’ notion that having paid her debt to society , she doesn’t need to seek redemption indicates that she’s learned nothing from being incarcerated. Never mind the fact that her contrived apology after admittance that she’d lied to not only the federal prosecutors , law enforcement officials but also to high ranking officials of the IAAF , USTAF and the IOC . Never mind the fact that she still sought empathy from the public after all of the cheating and lying.

Now as I alluded to earlier in the piece there are numerous names and choices that we might as add as to who we may deem to be the most reviled person in sports. I could still add a few more names but it’d simply go on and on. So I’ll now leave it up to you to chime in with a few of your own and perhaps we might comment and discuss them on their merits ? Thanks as usual for the continued support as it’s gratefully appreciated !

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ………………


U2 ………….’I Still Haven’t Found What I’ve Been Looking For’ , from the CD Rattle & Hum.



10 thoughts on “The Most Interesting Man In The World ? But Who To Your Mind Is The Most Reviled Man In Sports ?

    1. Chris Humpherys

      I think it goes without saying that O J Simpson and Rae Carruth would be somewhere up there in most people’s top 10 list don’t you think ? From there who knows ?

      Alan Parkins

  1. Ah well…need a national poll to determine the “most reviled”….course it changes day to day….right now it is Big Ben….tomorrow? The next one who sticks his/her finger in the light socket.

    1. al clements

      The jury is still out on Ben but I think it asinine that his lawyer Ed Garland is stating that two off duty cops were part of Ben’s entourage and they state that they saw nothing happen. I’m now wondering what those officers’ superiors are thinking about it all ? Given the fact this is the second such incident involving the player.

      How much of an a_s does Garland actually believe some people to be ? The fact that two off duty cops were with him counts for squat ! Especially if like Roethlisberger they too had been drinking throughout the evening.

      You can bet those upon their return to duty were either reprimanded or given some kind of a warning. How could they not be ?

      Alan Parkins

  2. OJ Simpson. Bud Selig, and The NCAA. The NCAA makes millions of dollars yet they treat the athletes as slaves. These kids make millions of dollars for the schools yet they get shit on. Follow the money

    1. Bobby Gee

      I’ve always felt that the NCAA, MLB and the NFL should have their status rescinded by Congress . But there’s no one House Oversight Committee with the ‘balls enough’ to even contemplate doing that ! They’re all ‘as corrupt’ as one another ! .

      Merely this is why the public has lost faith in their federally elected officials. As they cannot be trusted to do what’s right. But yet I hear people complaining as they still vote the same friggin’ idiots repeatedly back into office.

      Alan Parkins

  3. If you were going worldwide with this interesting man post, I’m sure it’s a soccer player somewhere that everyone except a good chunk of the US knows about. If it is based on US athletes I’d want to add at least one funny man like Charles Barkley or Steve Nash…

    1. chappy 81

      If I went worldwide I’d doubt half the readers would recognize any of the names. As it is I had someone try to tell me that they have a draft for the soccer players for the English Premiership (EPL) . Need I say any more on the matter as for as that person’s knowledge of English soccer goes ?

      I try to stick within the reader’s sphere of knowledge and not go outside it. It’s not as if most guys here really have that much of an interest in soccer in the US (MLS) . Much less that they know who the likes of Man Utd or Chelsea are.

      Alan Parkins

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