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Let Me Tell You A Story ……………..

Let Me Tell You A Story ?

Now don’t get me wrong while I admire much of the responsible journalism that ESPN at time does. It does grate on me when they sugary coat the subject matter and try to make them into something they are clearly not. In many ways it’s like trying to reinvent the wheel . It can’t really be done at all !


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It Pays To Get Your Swerve On … Rosa Acosta Style !

It Pays To Get Your Swerve On … Rosa Acosta Style !

She’s certainly not for the squeamish so hopefully you’ll enjoy all of the wonderful attributes that Rosa Acosta brings to the table ? If not then I can only surmise that you’re dead from the neck up and from the waist down !


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This hot blooded Latina brings it all and more with her sexiness and temperament it’s there for all to see. And is it any reason why she’s one of the more sought after video vixens on the rap , r & b circuit ? If a brother wants his video lookin’ good, then Rosa ups the ante big time with that bangin’ bod of hers ! So without further ado enjoy the many attributes of Rosa Acosta .

<font face="andalus" size="3"> <b> Teach  me   so   that   I  can     then  please  you  ?  </b>  </font>
Teach me so that I can then please you ?


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Click here to read more of Rosa’s bio …………….

Started her classic ballet studies at the age of four at the Centro de la Cultura in Santiago, Dominican Republic. She later moved on to the ICA, ( Instituto de Cultura y Arte), where she excelled as one of the most gifted students of the academy. After graduating with honors from the ICA and the Ballet School of Norma Garcia with a Bachelor in Art with mention to Classic Ballet, she became part of the Dominican Nacional Ballet as the youngest soloist member in 2002. Partaking in all major classic and modern shows in the Dominican Republic, she is nominated twice by the Secretaria de Estado de la Juventud for her work in the category of Cultural Development. She initiated her modeling career in 2004, participating in magazines and television for prestigious Dominican enterprises. Rosa moves to United States in 2006 where her career takes a new turn, distinguishing herself in several areas of the modeling world, featuring in magazines, radio, tv programs and commercials and numerous music videos.

Age: 25
Height: 5’5
Weight: 125
Chest: 34 D
Waist: 24
Hips: 38
Hair: long /Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Caramel
Dress: 0-3
Shoes: 7 1/2
Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latin (Dominican Republic)
Languages: English and Spanish


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Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder ……………….

Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder

It really gets me how when I hear people prognosticate about the NBA Playoffs , they merely talk about current form . But they don’t look at the pedigree of the team they claim is the favorite in a series. Can you hear me AB ? Dallas Mavericks becomes a “bitch” in the playoffs. When you look at a “hot chic” you’d better be sure that she’s gonna put out ? Because the Mavericks are merely a tease ! I repeat the Mavs’ are merely a tease ! You _ick may feel hard but it’s not going to be satisfied orally.

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Dwyane Wade Has Been Left Out On An Island Where’s His Man Friday ?

Dwyane Wade Has Been Left Out On An Island Where’s His Man Friday ?

Well as we all know the NBA Playoffs have started and the prospect of seeing a first round blowout and sweep seems to becoming all the more apparent. Unfortunately , for Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat , he has been left all alone on a deserted island . He’s overwhelmed , as this Heat team has underperformed against the Boston Celtics in this Eastern Conference quarter finals’ match-up. Never mind the fact that in last night’s loss 106-77 to the Celtics was as lopsided a defeat as one could ever wish to see. What might be even more telling and exasperating for the Heat fans and their team’s front office was that the Celtics were able to achieve the win with Kevin Garnett not playing. The Celtics’ inspirational leader had been suspended for game two of the series having been involved in altercation with Heat player, Quentin Richardson in the latter stages of game one.

For Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and the team’s President & GM Pat Riley this cannot bode well for the team’s hopes of retaining its best player. With the player said to be reluctant to sign a long term deal with him becoming an impending unrestricted free agent. One has to believe that a first round loss might hasten Wade’s decision to forgo resigning with the team !. He knows that he can go elsewhere and “obtain a maxed out contract” with a team that actually has aspirations to become a “perennial contender” . In the case of the Miami Heat it’s extremely difficult to envisage that , given the existing complement of players that Wade is said to be surrounded by.


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Michael Beasley has yet to meet expectations and the veterans such as Jermaine O’Neal , Quentin Richardson and Udonis Haslem might as well be playing for pennies given their contributions in this series as it has progressed.

With the Heat now 0-2 down in the best this seven game series. They now know that they will have to rally round and put on a very intense display on their homecourt of the American Airlines Arena in Miami – if they are to stand any hope of cutting the deficit and playing themselves back into contention in the series. With the apparent acrimony between the two teams becoming more heightened and evident . You can be sure that there would be nothing better that Celtics’ coach Doc Rivers would like nothing better than to clinically and surgically close out this series , leaving the Heat players to make their home with their tails hanging between their legs. A four game sweep might be even more exhilarating for the Celtics , their players and fans in sending a clear message to the rest of the Eastern Conference that they’re not yet “dead” and “buried” as some might believe. Granted the likes of the numbers one , two and three seeds within the conference have all been playing well. But it’s clear that they Boston Celtics intends to use this series to send a shot across the bow of the Cleveland Cavaliers , Orlando Magic and the Atlanta Hawks .

The travails of the Heat have been well chronicled this season . And I for one though not taken by surprise that they made the playoffs ! I am completely surprised by the team’s lackluster performance in the series so far !. Given the fact that in the run up to end of the regular season they were one of the hottest teams in the conference in terms of their record (9-1 in their last 10 games) coming into these playoffs. The wheels on this Heat bus have not only fallen flat but they’ve actually fallen off the damn vehicle ! And whilst Wade is there trying to repair what damage there is , the rest of his teammates have deserted him. Were Wade , Robinson Crusoe he would be without his man , Friday. And Friday in this case are his less than apt coterie of teammates who allegedly make up this roster .

My own feelings are at this juncture , is that it wouldn’t at all surprise me should the Miami Heat fall at the first hurdle in these playoffs. Then most likely , we’ll see Wade come to a decision to leave the Miami Heat altogether ! It would definitely be a blow to Pat Riley and the team’s coach Erik Spoelstra. But in all honesty the roster that Riley has surrounded Wade with, is “marginal at best” , if that at all ! Other than Dwyane Wade who on this roster would you actually say is deserving a place on the roster of another team in the NBA ? Think about it in depth before you come to a decision .


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NB Click here to view the details of the 2010 NBA Playoffs thus far .

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No Man Is An Island lyrics by Joan Baez

No man is an island,
No man stands alone,
Each man’s joy is joy to me,
Each man’s grief is my own.

We need one another,
So I will defend,
Each man as my brother,
Each man as my friend.

I saw the people gather,
I heard the music start,
The song that they were singing,
Is ringing in my heart.

No man is an island,
Way out in the blue,
We all look to the one above,
For our strength to renew.

When I help my brother,
Then I know that I,
Plant the seed of friendship,
That will never die.

All rights reserved @ copyrighted material

These words may well now typify the plight that Dwyane Wade is now facing. The unfortunate thing for Wade is that his teammates are hardly being supportive in this quest.

Mya Jane ………….


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I’d Rather Not Have My Intelligence Insulted But I Guess When It’s Either Geithner or Goodell We Have To Put Up With That Sh_t !r

I’d Rather Not Have My Intelligence Insulted But I Guess When It’s Either Geithner or Goodell We Have To Put Up With That Sh_t !

I’ve already come to the conclusion that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has indeed missed his calling. I know that he felt it proud to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor , Paul Tagliabue . Goodell should’ve been a federal legislator either in the House of Representatives or Senate . At least the bulls_it there commands the respect of the “idiots” enclosed who happen to have nothing else better to do ! I mean’s that’s more of an old boys’ club than that of the “Klu Klux Klan” or the “Masons” ! But since being installed into the position as the game’s highest ranking official . He has proven to be a bumbling and an absolute blithering incoherent idiot ! Much like Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner . Goodell and the his federal government counterpart while coming across as technocrats . They have about as much insight on their respective positions and at this moment in time command about as much respect as a Roman Catholic priest would , in a room filled with sexual abuse victims. Goodell’s incoherent communique’s concerning when and how he’ll render his decision concerning Ben Roethlisberger are bout as viable as the recent pronouncements made by Tim Geithner that there are indeed signs of a recovery in the economy. What the hell is that all about ?


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Courtesy of USA Today

NFL crime rate has dropped under Goodell

By Tom Weir USA Today

To cynics, Roger Goodell’s constant emphasis on the NFL’s conduct policy might seem like just talk and image shaping. But a long-term analysis shows the NFL commissioner’s harsh approach to player behavior has coincided with a significant decrease in run-ins with the law.

The San Diego Union-Tribune says arrests and major citations for NFL players are down by nearly half in the past year compared to the year before Goodell implemented his policy in April 2007.

The newspaper has tracked 495 incidents in the last decade and says NFL players had 44 cases in the past year. The Union-Tribune says Goodell has suspended 15 players under the conduct policy since April 2007, about double the number for predecessor Paul Tagliabue in his final years as commissioner.

The study does add, however, that there hasn’t been much chance with the league’s biggest criminal issue, drunken-driving charges. It says 28% of player arrests are DUIs. Next biggest problem, at 22%, involves fighting and disorderly conduct.

The database also says the NFL averages one arrest per every 47 players annually, better than the overall American rate of one arrest per 22 people.


Signs of a recovery in the economy ? What signs are there that Geithner sees, that such a turn of events are now taking place ? Has the unemployment rate dropped beneath 10 % as is now the national average ? Or are companies reinvesting and buying new equipment , hiring or rehiring ? These are normally the initial telling signs along with consumer confidence. But no , Secretary Geithner would rather fill our heads with a a great deal of mindless information that at present has no rhyme or reason in fact ! Goodell from his own lofty perch , has merely stood by while the whole Roethlisberger saga unfolded, knowing full well , that it was within his means to suspend the player, the moment that the allegations had been made against the Steelers’ quarterback of his alleged sexual assault. The NFL’s own general counsel could have informed the commissioner of that fact and given his use of the policy concerning conduct (personal conduct policy) detrimental to the image of the sport. Not even the NFLPA (union) could have done anything about it at all, on the behalf of the player. This is now how asinine this situation has become and it has left “the fans” wondering what if anything either the league , the NFL owners but above all NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith will do to rein in the conduct and behavior of his members. The only pertinent statement one hears being uttered by Smith nowadays, has to do with money and how the league and the owners are getting away with their unscrupulous practices . Nothing suggests the sheer level of intolerance than an executive who chooses not to make a statement that on a subject that ought to be addressed forcefully and with some conviction of intent. But that is the last thing we can now expect from either Smith or Goodell for that matter !

Courtesy of Associated Press & Yahoo Sports

Goodell: Roethlisberger violated NFL policy

By Allan Robinson , AP Sports Writer

Pittsburgh (AP)—Ben Roethlisberger zipped passes to his wide receivers, exchanged jokes with teammates and smiled throughout his first workout since the Pittsburgh Steelers missed out on the playoffs.

Business as usual for one of the NFL’s most-accomplished quarterbacks? Hardly.

At the same time Roethlisberger was practicing for the first time this spring, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was telling a radio audience Monday that the quarterback violated the NFL’s personal-conduct policy with his “pattern of behavior” and “bad judgments.”

Roethlisberger was accused of sexually assaulting a 20-year-old college student in a Georgia nightclub last month, although he will not face criminal charges. Roethlisberger does face disciplinary action by the NFL, including a likely suspension, following the release of documents outlining tawdry behavior by the two-time Super Bowl winner.

“The issue here is with respect to a pattern of behavior and bad judgments,” Goodell said on the Dan Patrick radio show. “You do not have to be convicted or even charged with a crime to be able to demonstrate that you’ve violated a personal-conduct policy, and reflect poorly not only on themselves, but all of their teammates, every NFL player in the league, and everyone associated with the NFL. That is what my concern is, and I have expressed that directly to Ben, obviously, and I’ll be making a decision as soon as I possibly can.”

The Steelers are anticipating a suspension lasting as many as four games that could be announced next week. Goodell also could issue a conditional suspension, much as he did in the Michael Vick(notes) case, in which the length of punishment isn’t determined for months.

Even if he is suspended, Roethlisberger could practice and take part in preseason games.

The Steelers didn’t take action against Roethlisberger themselves to avoid a possible appeal from the players’ union. However, several players said the club outlined to them, during a Monday meeting with coach Mike Tomlin, a newly adopted zero-tolerance policy in which unacceptable player conduct will be dealt with harshly and swiftly.

In what apparently was the first case of the rule being implemented, former Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes(notes) was traded to the Jets for a fifth-round draft pick last week following a series of problems.

“We were told early this morning that either you get in line or you’ll get kicked out of line. You’re going to be traded or you’re not going to be here,” right tackle Willie Colon(notes) said. “If your conduct is going to play a part in you not being a good football player, they’re going to get rid of you.”


In order to read this AP article in its entirety just click unto the link
provided herein.

We’re told league spokesman Greg Aiello that the commissioner will render a decision as to the punishment he sees befitting Roethlisberger. Never mind the fact that the Pittsburgh Steelers’ organization now has the player attending the team’s offseason OTA’s at their practice facility. All of the statements forthcoming from the Rooney family and the team’s coach Mike Tomlin has elicit about as much sincerity as that of the inane rants of <b Osam Bin-Laden as he decries his feelings towards the West and in particular the United States. If the organization actually took this matter seriously then the player would now be under suspension , with them having led the charge on the matter. I have to ask myself what is that Roethlisberger has to do before he even runs the wrath of anyone within the Steelers’ front office ? Thankfully the player hasn’t the mindset of a Rae Carruth or a Donte’ Stallworth ! Their acts alone showed how stupid and a lack of accountability that there was initially forthcoming from either , concerning the actions that they were involved in. And please don’t bring up the fact that Stallworth admitted his guilt right away , as nothing could be further from the truth ! . The player having had bac (blood alcohol content) level of .0136 had also been smoking marijuana on the night he killed a pedestrian in South Florida. But when questioned about the incident he denies that very fact, even after the evidence was all part of his criminal trial that led to his conviction and then only having to serve 24 days in jail for vehicular manslaughter. Do you get the feeling that Goodell might merely give Roethlisberger a slap on the wrist , given the inadequacies shown by the justice system to begin with ?

We’re told the commissioner will render a decision and make a public statement on the matter on Wednesday afternoon. One can only hope that Goodell is a man of his word and that he looks on this matter with the utmost concern. Giving the fact that he’s wavered on this about as much as the sail on the mast of a clipper or schooner. You really have to wonder if you can actually take him at his word ? As I alluded to earlier , it may well be that Goodell would’ve been better served had he been a member of Congress. But as it is there are already 535 members of that particular idiotic domicile ! What’s the chance that adding one and subtracting one would make a blind bit of difference to begin with ? All the altruism in the world never actually changes , because once installed within the alleged hallowed halls of legislative surety. All we are actually served up with is a great deal of inanity and hypocrisy. Very much as is now being demonstrated by Roger Goodell , Tim Geithner and the “entire” Pittsburgh Steelers’ organization.


Picture gallery … on pics individually to view up close.

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Janelle Monae ….feat’g Big Boi ………………..”Tightrope”

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A New Vice , A New Reason To Love The Women of The AVP Tour ……….

A New Vice , A New Reason To Love The Women of The AVP Tour ……….

Well the girlfriend decided it was time for her to venture south to see if she could drum support for her business as she’s a partner in an interior design firm . Coincidentally in joining her for the weekend she advised me that she wanted to take in the AVP Tour event taking place on Ft Lauderdale Beach . Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth as it would also give me the chance to work out of the Miami office of the firm I’m employed by . I thought it’d be mutually beneficial in me joining her for the weekend. Though my return back north won’t be until Wednesday, it gives me the chance to not only get some work done but also visit some old acquaintances and haunts.

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Though beach volleyball is but a niche sport it seems to pique everyone's interest once the Summer Olympics comes around . Though for myself this isn’t the first time I’ve come across the sport , having played on a regular basis when I use to reside in the South Florida area. Weekends after having hit the local Bally’s gym in North Miami was then but a mere scamper to Miami Beach to play few sets , ogle some very hot females all in the higher order of things on the evolutionary scale for any hot blooded heterosexual male. And it certainly didn’t hurt at the time that a number of the females were either amenable to playing either mixed doubles or in large it became a battle of the sexes.

Courtesy of

May-Treanor /Branagh take Ft Lauderdale crown

Men’s final rained out Dalhausser/Rogers, Fuerbinger/Lucena share win

By Matt Landes

Misty May-Treanor and Nicole Branagh capped off their debut as teammates by winning the AVP NIVEA Tour Gatorade Fort Lauderdale Open on Sunday, while rain washed out a men’s final that would have put Phil Dalhausser and Todd Rogers against Matt Fuerbringer and Fort Lauderdale native Nick Lucena.

May-Treanor/Branagh swept sixth-seeded Angie Akers and Tyra Turner, 21-14, 21-17, to win the title without losing a game all weekend. The win was May-Treanor’s 106th, adding to her all-time record, and Branagh’s 17th. May-Treanor/Branagh are the first women’s duo to win their first event as teammates since 2002, when Holly McPeak and Elaine Youngs won in Huntington Beach.

“We kept getting better,” May-Treanor said. “You could feel we started meshing a little more. I always saw us in the finals. It was a matter of us doing what we needed on our side to get there.”

“Good communication helped in the success of our new partnership,” Branagh added. “We are thrilled with our win.”

Akers/Turner had to win three matches Sunday to advance to the final out of the contender’s bracket. They knocked off Brooke Hanson and Lisa Rutledge and Annett Davis and Jenny Johnson Jordan then dominated second-seeded Jen Kessy and April Ross in a 23-21, 21-8 upset in the semifinals.

The cancelled men’s final marks only the fifth time in domestic history in which competition was not completed and the first time since 1996, when strong winds forced the cancellation of a tournament in Dallas.

Top-seeded Dalhausser/Rogers and sixth-seeded Fuerbringer/Lucena both went undefeated over the weekend and both earn credit for the win. Each team will split $17,500, the midway point between first- and second-place prize money. In Sunday’s semifinals, Dalhausser/Rogers beat John Hyden and Sean Scott; Fuerbringer/Lucena defeated Billy Allen and Braidy Halverson.

Click on link provided to read article in full.

The event held on Fort Lauderdale Beach was the AVP sanctioned Nivea Gatorade Fort Lauderdale Open , offering $200,000 in total prize money , in an event that had players coming from all over the world to compete. The event itself was televised by ESPN and no doubt given the game’s popularity in South America and the Pacific Basin , there was bound to be an international audience following the event as it unfolded. mongst those competing in the women’s event with a new doubles’ partner was Misty May-Treanor . May-Treanor along with Kerri Walsh are the two time Olympic champions in the event. But over the weekend at the Nivea Gatorad Ft Lauderdale Open she was partnered with Nicole Branagh an Olympic contestant in Beijing. Walsh on leave, having recently given birth to a child will be looking to re-team with her partner in so many of their professional triumphs over the years.

On the men’s side you you had Phil Dalhausser , Todd Rogers , Matt Fuerbringer , Nick Lucena and other amongst the prominent competitors competing . And as alluded to earlier with a total of $200,000 in prize money there for the taking. This wasn’t being viewed as a penny ante tournament on the AVP Circuit. The next scheduled tournament will be the AVP/Nivea Santa Barbara Open (April 29th -2ns May 2010) , Santa Barbara, California . The tournament is being ran in conjunction with the Susan G Komen Foundation . Proceeds of which , will go towards research with regard to finding a cure for breast cancer. A more than noteworthy cause.

Now for my girlfriend who’s an avid fan of the sport and who played volleyball in college. For her this was just another way of getting to see a sport that she’s come to enjoy a great deal. And having been often paired together when we have fun playing alongside friends on our all too infrequent beach sojourns . This for Mae-Lin was something whereby we both had a great deal of fun. For myself, it was most definitely for the mos obvious of reasons. I mean where else can a guy go whereby he’ll get to ogle a bevy of females on the beach all dressed in two pieced swimsuits and knowing full well that you’re not about to come under suspicion ? Life is good ! But for this weekend on Fort Lauderdale Beach , ” life was damn near perfect” ! I’m not ashamed to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself along with the festive events in tow.


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Come Undone ……………… NBA Playoffs Are Here

Come Undone ……………… NBA Playoffs Are Here

Well it’s that time of year when the most ardent of NBA fans will be glued to almost every segment and minute of the NBA Playoffs . It may not elicit as much excitement as the NCAA tournament . To my mind the NBA Playoffs can’t hold a candle to “March Madness” . And that’s no matter how much that David Stern and the NBA hierarchy tries to spin it. You simply don’t compare Beluga caviar to plain old ordinary fish eggs at all !

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