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Reasons To Be Cheerful ……… Tiger’s Back on The Tour …..Blah , Blah , Blah !!!

Reasons To Be Cheerful ……… Tiger’s Back on The Tour …..Blah , Blah , Blah !!!

Well it’s happened, what the whole world had been waiting for finally arrived. The return of Tiger Woods to the PGA Tour. In the world of golf his return was viewed with almost as much anticipation as the “second coming” of Jesus Christ. Some might even make comparison that Woods was crucified in the press and on the air to begin with. God knows the likes of Christine Brennan and Gloria Allred wanted to share their views on Tiger. Needless to say that both Dr Phil and Dr Drew Pinsky were looking to off their services to the famed but ailing golfer . When I say “ailing” I mean in terms of his sexual addiction.

And granted the personality who actually commands the public’s attention when she’s ready to comment on this all . Well let’s just say when Oprah speaks “the whole” world tends to drop what they’re doing to listen. I mean let’s face if she says “Tiger is a douche-bag ” ! I can guarantee that at least 70% of the females out there will be in agreement with her ! Alas, Oprah has yet to make a public statement on the matter. However , the chairman of Augusta National Golf Club Billy Payne has admonished Woods for his behavior. I mean who better as a spokesperson for an establishment that up until forty five years ago would not have allowed a “minority” upon its “hallowed” golf course ? Never mind the fact that the PGA ,itself, did not allow African Americans to participate in their tournaments on the PGA Tour. I don’t know if this is Payne’s way of making amends but I for one doubt that he’ll be atop of Woods’ Christmas gift list on that particular festive occasion !

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Well “The Masters” tournament , itself, has started and the fans have thronged to see Woods , Phil Mickelson and the rest of the world’s best golfers contest the first “Major” of the season. And it’s widely being anticipated that the event will be the most watched golf tournament in history. I guess “sexual intrigue” and the fallout from it trumps competitive play ? The leader at present , midway through the third round is the Englishman, Lee Westwood at 11 under par. He’s closely followed by Ian Poulter , 3 shots (-8 under par) back and with Mickelson a further shot behind at 7 under par . Woods is contention and is presently tied for sixth place at 5 under par. He’s joined in that standing by fellow Americans , Anthony Kim and Hunter Mahan .

There’s every reason to believe that Woods is capable of pulling of a win in the tournament . But with him having been away from competitive golf for five months and until recently only getting back to swinging a club. I seriously doubt that he’ll end up winning his 5th Green Jacket ! As good as Woods has been known to be , this may well be one task that is physically beyond him!. It’s one thing to be “laying the wood” to a bevvy of females but it’s another to think that you can simply shake off the rust and win the first “Major” of the year on the PGA Tour. As “gifted” and “special” a player as Tiger Woods is, he became fallible the moment he sought to lie , become a philanderer and sexual degenerate and an alleged sex addict. I know some might say that there are players on the “Tour” who wished they had half Tiger’s golfing talent at present, if only to enable them to remain competitive within the sport in general.

I’m looking at the standings within MLB (baseball) merely to see how the Florida Marlins (2-2) are faring. When I look to see also the standings in the NL West . Sitting atop of what one might describe as a lackluster division are the San Francisco Giants (4-0). Now don’t get me wrong it’s not that there isn’t talent there within the division. It’s merely that the talent is spread so thin amongst the five teams that makeup the division. The remaining quartet are the Arizona Diamondbacks , Colorado Rockies and last and “yes the very least” the San Diego Padres (1-3). And as their record would suggest the lowly Padres are an “organization” that’s in a great need of help. I don’t know that divine intervention would help ! But the saying “……. God don’t like ugly” ! Well it have to been originally affixed to the Padres for some reason ? One can pose the question are the Padres that bad a team ? Or are they really just a badly ran organization ?

PETCO Park home to the Padres’ organization is one of the better venues in baseball. Take nothing away from the fans but the stadium would be the envy of others around MLB. General Manager Jed Hoyer , Chairman John Moores and Vice Chairman & CEO Jeff Moorad , principal partner – are trying to get the Padres on a competitive and financial footing whereby they can be seriously be considered as contenders within the National League . Unfortunately, as a reality it has yet to take shape. And the Padres’ long suffering fans have got to be wondering what “must happen” for the team to start to have some semblance of success ?

Padres’ manager Bud Black and his coaching staff littered with years of experience face an uphill and daunting task, with what is in many respects a very ” young team”that is indeed short on experience. When one looks down the Padres’ roster you tend to first look at a recognizable name and someone who you could deem to be the vocal and inspirational leader amongst the players listed. You would be hard pressed to suggest as to who that might be . Would it be slugger Adrian Gonzalez , Scott Hairston , David Eckstein or even Jon Garland ? The more you assess the team’s roster the more unsure of what it is you will find. If this team is to contend then there has to be someone there who is willing to assume that role.

One of the biggest struggles that the San Diego Padres have had to contend with has been the very fact that they are viewed as a small market team. And as resourceful as the front office has been . When you’re forever viewed as an organization that operates on the cheap. Then it’s very hard to shrug off that perception “no matter how hard you try”. And all things point to the fact the Padres, of the 30 teams within major league baseball they are ranked twenty ninth out of thirty when it comes to the salaries paid to the players . Atop of the heap are the New York Yankees who will have a salary payout of $201, 449,289 for 2010. This is the one fact that when approached to discuss the imbalance that there is within the game concerning the salary structure of the teams Commissioner Bud Selig seems to be at a loss for words. He and the MLB hierarchy will always stress to you “that the game has never been in a healthier state financially than it is today”. If it is true then why is that they’re not prepared to have their finances opened up to for public scrutiny ? If anything one would like to think that the commissioner’s office as well as “the owners” would have nothing to hide ? Unfortunately , in the game of baseball there are somethings the game’s hierarchy would rather keep secret whereas there are other things that they’d rather present to us at face value . Do you ever get the feeling that you’re being conned by major league baseball (MLB) ?

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6 thoughts on “Reasons To Be Cheerful ……… Tiger’s Back on The Tour …..Blah , Blah , Blah !!!

  1. Ah well I haven’t followed either MLB or the Masters since I have not much interest…but I would, really, see Tigger win….just for the hell of it…..let the whining and complaining then begin.

  2. Ya know what?

    Tiger made a good run at things. Phil had a substantial lead going into the back nine of the final round but Tiger’s three putt didn’t help matters.

    Congrats to Phil on a tournament well played.

  3. Such a good weekend for golf! I loved it! I enjoyed every minute of Tiger’s hissy fits.

    The Padres need a TON of help. Hopefully they can get a few good players for Gonzalez when the trade deadline comes around…

    1. chappy

      Better for Tiger at this stage to have a hissy fit rather than “drop trou” and “lay the wood” to another chick !

      ” El Tigre” didn’t do me but I’m still ready willing able and able to suck at least one or two of his balls for the right price ” . Miss Linda “Dominatrix Extraordinaire “ !

      Alan Parkins

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