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GM For A Day Or Perhaps 6 Months ……………

GM For A Day Or Perhaps 6 Months ……………

If you were given the chance to either be a general manager or owner of a professional sports franchise . In what city and of the four major sports would you want to oversee ? Granted each of us are in awe of either basketball, football , baseball and hockey. Of the four major sports I’d opt out of hockey altogether ! It’s a badly ran sport that’s overseen by a hierarchy that shows about as much insight as a blind man left to fend for himself in the midst of a sandstorm .

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Now the other three sports by themselves are in no way themselves a model of fiduciary responsibility . Commissioners David Stern , Bud Selig and Roger Goodell are not always the epitome of common sense but given the norms, ” it’s better the devil you know than the devil you don’t “! The one aspect of baseball that I don’t like is that the owners consciously act as if they’ve all the financial wisdom in the world but in essence the vast majority of them wouldn’t know a balance sheet from a baking sheet for that matter ! Considering the dire financial straits of more than 60 % of the teams , it’s hard to see how many of them are still surviving on bare bones , if that at all .

Los Angeles Lakers’ General Manager Mitch Kupchak takes questions from the convened press concerning the finalization of the signing of Kobe Bryant’s new “three year” contract extension with the team .

A good organizational structure from the executives on down tends to create success overall. It starts with having a good but practical general manager. And then he seeks to hire a damn good coach or manager whom he feels that he can not only get along with but someone who knows how to spot talent and nurture through the various stages. That if anything defines what a “really good coach” or “manager” is all about .

So here is my proposal to you all , who are of an interest in just creating a scenario. If you were given the opportunity to become a general manager of any professional sports franchise . Bear in mind that within certain sports you’re prohibited as to the how much you can spend in terms assembling “a team roster” . Who would be the manager you would hire and then in accordance with that coach or manager , who would “you desire” to build your franchise or team around ? Think cautiously about this, as there have been many examples across the sports panacea “where all the money in the world” hasn’t brought about success for a number of teams .

I look forward to reading each and every comment and I’ll do my utmost to answer each as succinctly as I possibly can .

Alan Parkins aka tophatal …………………..


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