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Dwyane Wade Has Been Left Out On An Island Where’s His Man Friday ?

Dwyane Wade Has Been Left Out On An Island Where’s His Man Friday ?

Well as we all know the NBA Playoffs have started and the prospect of seeing a first round blowout and sweep seems to becoming all the more apparent. Unfortunately , for Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat , he has been left all alone on a deserted island . He’s overwhelmed , as this Heat team has underperformed against the Boston Celtics in this Eastern Conference quarter finals’ match-up. Never mind the fact that in last night’s loss 106-77 to the Celtics was as lopsided a defeat as one could ever wish to see. What might be even more telling and exasperating for the Heat fans and their team’s front office was that the Celtics were able to achieve the win with Kevin Garnett not playing. The Celtics’ inspirational leader had been suspended for game two of the series having been involved in altercation with Heat player, Quentin Richardson in the latter stages of game one.

For Heat coach Erik Spoelstra and the team’s President & GM Pat Riley this cannot bode well for the team’s hopes of retaining its best player. With the player said to be reluctant to sign a long term deal with him becoming an impending unrestricted free agent. One has to believe that a first round loss might hasten Wade’s decision to forgo resigning with the team !. He knows that he can go elsewhere and “obtain a maxed out contract” with a team that actually has aspirations to become a “perennial contender” . In the case of the Miami Heat it’s extremely difficult to envisage that , given the existing complement of players that Wade is said to be surrounded by.


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Michael Beasley has yet to meet expectations and the veterans such as Jermaine O’Neal , Quentin Richardson and Udonis Haslem might as well be playing for pennies given their contributions in this series as it has progressed.

With the Heat now 0-2 down in the best this seven game series. They now know that they will have to rally round and put on a very intense display on their homecourt of the American Airlines Arena in Miami – if they are to stand any hope of cutting the deficit and playing themselves back into contention in the series. With the apparent acrimony between the two teams becoming more heightened and evident . You can be sure that there would be nothing better that Celtics’ coach Doc Rivers would like nothing better than to clinically and surgically close out this series , leaving the Heat players to make their home with their tails hanging between their legs. A four game sweep might be even more exhilarating for the Celtics , their players and fans in sending a clear message to the rest of the Eastern Conference that they’re not yet “dead” and “buried” as some might believe. Granted the likes of the numbers one , two and three seeds within the conference have all been playing well. But it’s clear that they Boston Celtics intends to use this series to send a shot across the bow of the Cleveland Cavaliers , Orlando Magic and the Atlanta Hawks .

The travails of the Heat have been well chronicled this season . And I for one though not taken by surprise that they made the playoffs ! I am completely surprised by the team’s lackluster performance in the series so far !. Given the fact that in the run up to end of the regular season they were one of the hottest teams in the conference in terms of their record (9-1 in their last 10 games) coming into these playoffs. The wheels on this Heat bus have not only fallen flat but they’ve actually fallen off the damn vehicle ! And whilst Wade is there trying to repair what damage there is , the rest of his teammates have deserted him. Were Wade , Robinson Crusoe he would be without his man , Friday. And Friday in this case are his less than apt coterie of teammates who allegedly make up this roster .

My own feelings are at this juncture , is that it wouldn’t at all surprise me should the Miami Heat fall at the first hurdle in these playoffs. Then most likely , we’ll see Wade come to a decision to leave the Miami Heat altogether ! It would definitely be a blow to Pat Riley and the team’s coach Erik Spoelstra. But in all honesty the roster that Riley has surrounded Wade with, is “marginal at best” , if that at all ! Other than Dwyane Wade who on this roster would you actually say is deserving a place on the roster of another team in the NBA ? Think about it in depth before you come to a decision .


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NB Click here to view the details of the 2010 NBA Playoffs thus far .

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ……………..


No Man Is An Island lyrics by Joan Baez

No man is an island,
No man stands alone,
Each man’s joy is joy to me,
Each man’s grief is my own.

We need one another,
So I will defend,
Each man as my brother,
Each man as my friend.

I saw the people gather,
I heard the music start,
The song that they were singing,
Is ringing in my heart.

No man is an island,
Way out in the blue,
We all look to the one above,
For our strength to renew.

When I help my brother,
Then I know that I,
Plant the seed of friendship,
That will never die.

All rights reserved @ copyrighted material

These words may well now typify the plight that Dwyane Wade is now facing. The unfortunate thing for Wade is that his teammates are hardly being supportive in this quest.

Mya Jane ………….


10 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade Has Been Left Out On An Island Where’s His Man Friday ?

    1. Steve

      D Wade’s problems are magnified at present. His soon to be ex is trying to clean him out and she wants half of everything plus child support . D Wade wants sole custody of the kids. Furthermore an ex business partner is suing him for $90 million for reneging on a business deal . So if he ends up losing the series , I don’t blame him for wanting to leave Sth Beach and Miami.

      I’m sure that’d make Gabrielle Union extremely happy don’t you think ?

      Alan Parkins

    2. Steve

      D-Wade always wanted to play the innocent concerning his relationship with Union even while he was married. I can’t tell you the number of times he was seen with her at a number of clubs on South Beach .

      Wade & Union

      He’s got a real handle on his marriage alright ! His _ick in Union’s booty and then complains about his wife ?

      Alan Parkins

  1. Yeah, D-Wade has no help in Miami. They played good at the end of the year, but all their guys aren’t good enough for the playoffs. Hopefully they can win their home games to make this series interesting again…

  2. chappy 81

    Wade has been “left and hung out to dry” by his teammates This series is all “ but over bar the shouting” and it wouldn’t at all surprise me if the Celtics swept them out of the series altogether ! Other than Wade there’s no one on the team with the stomach for a fight against the Celtics in terms of playing competitively !

    Beasley is going through the motions , Q-Rich isn’t fit to lace up anyone’s jock-strap and as for Jermaine O’Neal . How far has his game regressed since his days with the Pacers ? He simply bitched and moaned once “he wasn’t the man” there in Indiana. And I can now understand why Bird got rid of his tired ass !

    Alan Parkins

    1. Chris Humpherys

      The likelihood of that happening are perhaps still slim to none ! The longer the Suns progress in the playoffs . The more likely it is that GM Steve Kerr and team owner Robert Sarver will do their utmost to retain Amar`e .

      The simple truth ? The team is better with him than they are without him ! Financial realities or not they can ill afford to let him go when the game of Robin Lopez has yet to reach its potential. And what should happen should Lopez go down injured ? The players’ styles contrast the formation and style . In doing so it makes it all the more difficult for the opposition when they face the team.

      As I alluded to in the piece the Heat’s present predicament has been brought about by the neglect shown by Riley not bolstering the team’s roster . In doing so it may well force Wade to make the decision to leave the organization altogether ! And I wouldn’t blame him for making that decision at all ! The Heat as an organization (front office) has become complacent and negligent in every facet of the game, as well as the way in how they conduct business.

      And that hasn’t sat well with the fans in attendance at the American Airlines Arena in Miami at all.

      Alan Parkins

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