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Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder ……………….

Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder

It really gets me how when I hear people prognosticate about the NBA Playoffs , they merely talk about current form . But they don’t look at the pedigree of the team they claim is the favorite in a series. Can you hear me AB ? Dallas Mavericks becomes a “bitch” in the playoffs. When you look at a “hot chic” you’d better be sure that she’s gonna put out ? Because the Mavericks are merely a tease ! I repeat the Mavs’ are merely a tease ! You _ick may feel hard but it’s not going to be satisfied orally.


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With the Spurs taking 3-1 lead in the series I’d like to know if those out there stating that the Mavericks were the outright favorites in this matchup ? What are there thoughts now concerning the so called “aging” Spurs ? We’re told because Tim Duncan is past his sell by date , the Spurs would be more than likely done. Well who’s ……………” your daddy now “ ? If Duncan is past his sell by date then what are the likes of Dirk Nowitzki , Shawn Marion , Jason Terry , Jason Kidd and Eric Dampier ? Between them the quintet has over “five decades” of NBA experience …… but apparently no guts ! . Well at not least not for a competitive fight on a basketball court to begin with that is ! Perhaps in a game of “tiddley-winks” or “tic-tac-toe” they might fare better ?

Now with the San Antonio Spurs in the driving seat, we’ll see whether the less than mature Mark Cuban will start to “bitch” and “whine” as only “he can” ? Unfortunately as I’ve always maintained his Mavericks have no guts for a fight when it really matters most. The Dallas Mavericks are essentially are one of the ugly sisters who gets to go the ball . But as usual when the clock strikes midnight they simply are longer the center of attraction . Cinderella may well have left the ball but at least we knew she’d end up with the Prince . At this juncture what’s the most likely option facing the Mavericks ? Based on their play throughout the series does anyone truly believe that they can overcome a 3-1 deficit in this series ? The team hasn’t even got the intestinal fortitude to show up play a game. And this is meant to be the second best team in the Western Conference ? A record may well indicate something but all it gives you during the playoffs is home court advantage . And the Mavericks haven’t even got the maturity or intelligence to defend their home court with any semblance of determination.

If Dirk Nowitkzi is meant to be such a “great leader” then why hasn’t “he led” with “his teammates following” ? We’ve heard how good this team is and how great they have been in the regular season. But the Mavericks only appearance in the NBA Finals led to them being blown out by the Miami Heat . And it was where they had no answer for Dywane Wade throughout that particular series and the NBA Finals (2006) itself.

The biggest idiocy one can ever hear is …..”oh they’re such a great team” because so many hospitable things have been said about them by their peers. Well I look at this way, one will only say something good about an adversary when it has been thoroughly deserved and they’ve proven themselves when it has really mattered most. To date the Mavericks haven’t proven anything whatsoever ! The only thing that they have really proven is that they possess an ignoramus as an owner and a team that is littered with stars without “the stomach for the battle” when it matter most.. We’re witnessing it now and we’d witnessed it in the NBA Finals against the Heat. Is there really anything else to be said on the matter ?

The Spurs can now close out this series and make it known to the rest of the NBA that they’re still a force to be reckoned with ! And at present thing aren’t exactly looking up for many of the other presumptive favorites within the conference to begin with. And who’d have thought that at this juncture ? Certainly not the oddsmakers in Vegas that’s for sure !

Now a great argument can be made that the Denver Nuggets should have been able to dictate the momentum in their series against the Utah Jazz . But my own thoughts were that the moment they loss their erstwhile coach George Karl to his prolonged treatment for throat cancer . Well essentially to my mind, this placed the Nuggets at ‘a real disadvantage” !

Now don’t get me wrong I’ve the utmost respect for Adrian Dantley but he’s no George Karl as a coach ! Dantley has tried to instill the same tenets of Karl into this Nuggets team . By enlarge the only player on this Denver Nuggets’ team willing to put it all on the line is Carmelo Anthony . Unfortunately however, Anthony has no…….”answer” for the triumvirate of Carlos Boozer , Deron Williams and Paul Millsap of the Utah Jazz . Paul who ………….I might hear you ask ? Well Paul Millsap has stepped up to the plate and answered the call for a third option on this Jerry Sloan coached team . Now one might suggest that this series is far from over but given the fact that the Jazz now has a “3-1” lead. And with one more victory the Nuggets could be marching home with its tail between its legs . One wonders when Carmelo will actually show “his maturity” not only as a player but also as a human being ? With the asinine ad the he and Nike were behind, did nothing but amp up the rivalry and competitiveness of this series. Now pardon me for saying this “…..but if you’re going to talk the talk at least have the balls first to walk the walk ! Thus far ’melo has merely proven that he can talk a great deal of sh*it without delivering the goods.

The NBA Playoffs> for me thus far , has proven to be enough of a respite from the three days of monotonous and bloviated opinions of the pundits and analysts of ESPN in their coverage of the NFL Draft. Let’s put it this way, Mel Kiper became less relevant to my mind the moment none of his projected draft picks came to fruition throughout the majority of the first round. I know it’s not rocket science but Mel and his lightweight counterweight Todd McShay would have you believe otherwise. If that were the case then they’d each be in the front office of an NFL organization helping them to some semblance of success with their personnel decision making. I know that both are being handsomely paid to entertain us with their opinions but Kiper and McShay combined on any presentation by ESPN is akin to watching paint dry. At least paint drying you’ll definitely know what the end result will be. In the case of ESPN’s alleged draft gurus you essentially just sit back and laugh at the comparison to be made from their choices and what has taken place in actuality. Wax on , wax off , Daniel san. Yes Mr Myagi !

So what if anything has proven to be a surprise for you during the 2010 NBA Playoffs ? .

Alan Parkins aka tophatal …………………………

Burning Spear ……………..” Marcus Garvey”

6 thoughts on “Beauty Is In The Eye of The Beholder ……………….

  1. Durn!! Ya fooled me! The title led me to believe that some bodicious beauties would be more or less (hopefully with less on) featured here…..ah…just basketball….

    1. al clements

      As Steve Urkel said ……….” did I do that “? Sorry !


      Mya Jane

      But here’s something to wet your appetite ’til the next hot female piece.

      Alan Parkins

  2. Man were you right on the Mavs. I thought this one would at least be close, but the Spurs have pretty much dominated… I feel sorry for D-Wade. Hopefully he leaves Miami…

    1. chappy 81

      When you look at Rick Carlisle as a coach what is it that you see ? Does he possess the “eye of a ruthless” cold blooded assassin ? Or does he come across as a “Mr Softy” ? Because that’s how I view him and this Mavericks’ team . They are soft mentally as well as physically ! But you’d be hard pressed to tell that to someone like Burrola , who essentially sees the hot chic’ with her skirt ridin’ high up above knees. His d_ck gets hard but in the end she turns out to be nothing more than a tease ! And that pretty much sums up the Dallas Mavericks. They are “prick teasers” as we Brits like to say. Simply nothing more than prick teasers !

      I have a lot of money so I spend a lot of money cause that’s the type of a-hole I am ! Mark Cuban the NBA’s biggest douche-bag !

      But the biggest prick teaser within the organization is Mark Cuban who also tends to be an egotistical and absolute whinin’ bitch !

      Alan Parkins

  3. All great points, man.

    Congrats to your Spurs. Just remember to finish things off.

    San Antonio is tough and battle-tested. I love how Pop shoved his assistant coaches off the sidelines as if he were going to run on to the court and kick Eduardo Najera’s ass personally for throwing Manu to the ground.

    Al, if it’s Magic-Spurs in the NBA Finals, you and I are going to have a blog throwdown!

    1. Chris Humpherys

      If this Spurs Mavericks’ series goes beyond five games . Then rest assured you’ll be hearing from be big time.

      If “his fat a_s ” can’t even keep in step with his dance partner . Why would anyone be under the impression that his Mavericks’ team could keep in step with the Spurs ?

      I expect the Spurs to take either game 5 or 6 and then Cuban and his buffoons can march their asses off back to Dallas with their tails between their legs !

      “Battle tested” is the thing that counts and not the pretension of a great regular season record. That’s what some people are too dumb to realize to begin with !

      Alan Parkins

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