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Tha Crossroads ………. See Ya’ At The Crossroads …….. So You Won’t Be Lonely ……

Tha Crossroads ………. See Ya’ At The Crossroads …….. So You Won’t Be Lonely ……

Well the “epicenter” of the sporting universe will very much this weekend be in the city of Boston . The NBA will have the continuation of the playoff series between the Boston Celtics against the Cleveland Cavaliers . And in MLB (baseball) we have the renewed and very much heated rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees of the AL East .

And for the venues in which both of these spectacles will be showcased for the attending fans and those watching on television. Expect the excitement and action to be riveting in its form and presence. Fenway Park , Boston will take center stage for what is perhaps baseball’s richest and most storied rivalry. The New York Yankees will be looking to keep astride with the division leading Tampa Bay Rays . And it’d be safe to say that the Rays are not only the “surprise team” of the division but they might just be the best team in baseball at present based on their current form. If only their “home fans” were appreciative of that fact in turning out at Tropicana Field , St Pertersburg in droves to show their unconditional support for the team . But alas, they are very much a fickle set of fans , to say the very least !


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The TD Banknorth Garden Center in Boston will play host to the Cavaliers led by their newly minted regular season MVP _____ LeBron James . And this particular series and game will be “pivotal” for both teams. Tied 1-1 James and his Cavaliers’ teammates will be looking to retake the advantage by winning the first game at the Celtics’ home venue. Not to be outdone however, Doc Rivers knows that if his team are to have a chance against this Mike Brown coached team and keeping the momentum after their ” lopsided” game two victory 104-86 over the Cavaliers. Then the Boston Celtics will have give their fans a repeat performance of their display at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland , Ohio.

And as surprising at that 18 point margin of victory was , what even be more shocking was the laissez-faire approach taken by Cavaliers in general. Mike Brown’s post-game interview was none apologetic and if anything both he and his coaching staff ought to be held accountable for such a poor display. And the fact that he was unwilling to call out his star player as well as the supporting cast makes you wonder who is in fact ruling the roost there in Cleveland ? Is it “King James” or is it the coach ?

Can we all agree the disdain and contempt that the Red Sox fans have for the New York Yankees’ fans as well as the the team borders on that spirited feud between the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s ? If there’s a more heated rivalry both on and off the field in all of sports. Then I for one have yet to witness here in the United States ! Now don’t get me wrong there may well be one or two other rivalries that would like to lay claim that theirs is comparable to that of the Red Sox and Yankees’ rivalry. But you’d be hard pressed to convince the majority of baseball fans that is indeed the case. What one fans purports to be a rivalry one hand pales into insignificance when measured against of what we’ve all no doubt witnessed between these two teams over the course this rivalry’s existence. I know it’s not allout war but the Palestinians and Israelis could learn a thing a two from this long existing feud. Yankees’ fans can be obnoxious because their self conceived superiority complex. Red Sox fans on the other hand, now feel that after years in the wilderness and now with renewed success. Well in essence , they feel that their time is now to hell with what the Yankees’ fans might think or who the hell they are. As for their contempt of the team , well let’s just if they had a pot urine or fecal matter it would not surprise if they chose to launch it in the direction of an opposing fan or player of a fan ! Do you get where I’m coming from concerning this matter ?

Well what can the fans and viewing public expect to see throughout the series ? A Yankees’ team that’s playing well and in many ways some might say pacing themselves for the long haul drudgery of the season . The Red Sox for their part seem to be back to their winning ways . But this is a team that’s lacking in confidence and the players brought in via trades or free agency have yet to show their worth. As astute as GM Theo Epstein is deemed to be , even he must be somewhat disappointed in the form of Adrian Beltre , Marco Scutaro , Mike Cameron and in particular the team’s DH , David Ortiz . Granted, Mike Cameron is on the 15 day DL . Oh what a surprise that is ? Were he a race horse the veterinarian might well have considered euthanizing the often injured player. If there’s said to be a real disappointment however , then it has to be the inconsistency of the front-line starters in terms of the pitching rotation . Josh Beckett’s ERA of 6.31 is either an aberration or there’s a real cause for concern. I’ll let you be the judge of that if you happen to be a Red Sox fan. On the other hand, if you’re a Yankees’ fan then you’re probably rolling about the floor laughing your a_s off .

How manager Terry Francona and the team goes about contesting this series may well go a long way in telling us about the Boston Red Sox and their real aspirations for the season . His opposing number Joe Girardi knows that with the bulls eye resting squarely on their backs as World Series champions . Everyone within baseball will be looking to take them down and usurp their dominance. With a plethora of high priced stars on the team’s roster . This is a Yankees’ organization that takes “their dominance of the sport” rather seriously. Winning equates with success , which equates with making money. And no professional sports franchise makes money the way that the New York Yankees is able to do. Be it from a business or competitive standpoint their success is unparalleled and unmatched .


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Well all that is left to say at this juncture , is merely to enjoy the sporting weekend and the revelry of the spectacles as they unfold. Be it in support of the Red Sox , Yankees or Cavaliers or Celtics . Just have fun and hopefully you’ll enjoy the cavalcade of sports entertainment at your disposal. For myself , it may well not so much be about these two series in question. But if anything I’ll be watching to see how the San Antonio Spurs acquit themselves in their playoff series against the Phoenix Suns . They have to erase a 0-2 deficit and still play themselves back into contention. An impossible task ? Not necessarily but given the consistency of their play against the Suns . I’m hoping that they can defend their home-court successfully in order to put my mind at ease. Thereafter, it’s then everything to play for .

Alan Parkins ………………….tophatal ………

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony ……………….. “Tha Crossroads”


The always sultry Kerry Washington .

9 thoughts on “Tha Crossroads ………. See Ya’ At The Crossroads …….. So You Won’t Be Lonely ……

  1. I think the Red Sox will bounce back at some point… It might be tough with the Yankees and Rays piling up wins the way they have been, but there’s still plenty of time. I kind of feel like this is how the Yankees were a few years back. Good, but not great. Then they got youthful with A-Rod, Tex, CC, etc. Wouldn’t it be funny if Manny got traded back to Boston towards the end of the year!?!

    A great Bone Thugs song, one of my all time favorites!

    1. chappy 81

      The Red Sox have been really inconsistent this year . Their best offensive player is an aging catcher in Varitek . Beltre for his part puts up numbers in terms of hits but his “rbi figures” are anemic . The best pitcher on the team at present isn’t Beckett it’s Clay Bucholz . And defensively they’re average at best.

      So tell me when and where do you see them turning things around ? Because if it’s not evident soon then their season will be over before it’s even in full swing.

      The Rays are playing at a .575- .650 clip in baseball. If they maintain that then they could end up winning in excess of 105 games. Feasible but I think unlikely at this juncture . They’re liable to come back to the pack and then we’ll be able to see how really good they are. It’s safe to say that one of the “big three” in the AL East will end up tremendously disappointed at the end of the season .

      Hot 97’s Angie Martinez says ……….”why you hatin’ on my Yankees vato” ? “You crazy or somethin’ fool ” ?

      Any bets on which team it’ll be ? I know you hate the Yankees with a passion. So it’s my belief that you’d rather not see them make the postseason !

      The Bone Thugs-n-Harmony “joint” I think goes well this piece as it relates to how important things are for each of the teams mentioned and the situations that they’re involved in. And that’s in essence what I try and do when I at times select a piece of music to go along as a collaboration of a written article.

      Glad you liked the piece and thanks as always for the continued support !

      Alan Parkins

  2. like what tampa is doing…even the pirates are beginning to look better…just hope it keeps up.
    spent some of the evening installing my ne dell…lot faster response.

    1. al clements

      I don’t now ’bout the Pirates ! As long as Bob Nutting is running things the organization will steeped in mediocrity !

      As to the Rays it’ll be interesting to see if they can keep up the momentum throughout the rest of the season .

      Alan Parkins

    1. Chris Humpherys

      NHL and hockey & has become a niche sport ! And on the overall scale of things its importance rivals that what of color sock when wears when you’re getting dressed to out to a club !

      I’m all ’bout the postseason but only when it involves the NBA Playoffs , MLB and NFL and that’s it ! Don’t throw hockey in the mix as if it’s relevant. Cause it’s only relevant to those in Boston because that’s all they’ve got in terms of a genuine sporting relationship when the NFL isn’t in full swing.

      Man the Spurs have stunk up the joint in this series that I’m done with ’em as far as the rest of the series goes !

      Eva gave up way too much pootie-tang to ‘TP’ that he’s suddenly forgotten how to play basketball .

      Alan Parkins

  3. Guys

    It’s too late to write an obituary on the Spurs other than sufficing to say that ” they sucked out loud ” against the Suns in the series ! Here endeth today’s lesson , heedeth the world of the ‘al’ !

    “For the conspiracy theorists out there this is how I greet Tony each morning. The fact that we had sex on the eve and day of the game has nothing to do with the fact that the team lost the series to the Suns ” Eva Longoria-Parker

    Alan Parkins

  4. You’ve got to hand it to the Rays. When they lose the do it in spectacular fashion. To have two perfect games thrown on you in the space of ten months has got to be a wake up call. The things that need to wake up are the Rays bats, especially Pena and Burrel.

    1. aero

      Not only am I astonished but the scary thing is that Maddon came up with these lame ass excuses as to why things didn’t go right. It’s not as if Braden had been throwing heaters all afternoon long. The team simply couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn were they given an assist from state of the art missile guided devices. That’s how piss poor the offense was !

      Now there’s talk of bringing up Hank Blalock from the minors and sending down Pat Burrell ?

      The Rays became “complacent” against the A’s and it showed throughout the series . They seem to forget that they haven’t really achieved anything as of yet. Winning the AL pennant counts for nothing if you can’t close out the deal right at the end of it all !

      Alan Parkins

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