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I Want To Go To Disneyland Bitch !

I Want To Go To Disneyland Bitch !

What can you say about the Orlando Magic that hasn’t been said ? A wolf in sheep’s clothing by any other name wouldn’t do this team justice. They’ve been poor in every aspect of the game in this series against the Boston Celtics that it has me wondering if this team has any pride much less a backbone ? They are gutless , spineless and all the excuses that can be made cannot hide the fact that this team has absolutely no character ! Now down 0-3 in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals they’ve shown about as much urgency in the series as an elephant or hippopotamus taking a mud bath on a hot day in order to avoid the heat and humidity !

And for the Magic fans out there looking to make an excuse for their poor display please forget it as it’s simply not worth it ! If Dwight Howard is “the best center in the game” then clearly there’s something wrong with the player ! Because from where I sit the Lakers’ Pau Gasol makes Howard seem like a geriatric wearing “Depends” , going through the early onset stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Howard much like his teammates have shown about as much resolve as a whimpering child. The Magic rather than being a cohesive unit have essentially become team that’s simply outmatched by a Celtics’ team that simply outplays this Stan Van Gundy coached team and wants and relishes the zeal of making an appearance in the NBA Finals . After all that is meant to be the ultimate goal is it not ?


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Celtics cruise past Magic; open 3-0 lead in series

By Jimmy Golen , AP Sports Writer

Boston , Mass ,. (AP) – There were still 20 seconds left in the game when Paul Pierce(notes) decided he didn’t need to see any more and headed to the locker room.

In the hallway, he repeated aloud: “One more. One more.”

Pierce helped the Celtics open a 16-point, first-quarter lead, then watched as Rajon Rondo(notes) and Glen “Big Baby” Davis helped Boston coast to a 94-71 victory over the Orlando Magic and take a 3-0 lead in the best-of-seven Eastern Conference finals.

The most-decorated team in NBA history, the Celtics are one win away from their second trip to the finals in three years—and their 21st in all. No NBA team has ever lost a playoff series after winning the first three games.

“We’re motivated for what’s at stake. We see the big picture,” said Pierce, who was the finals MVP when Boston won its record 17th NBA title in 2008. “We were coming home for two games on our home court. We’re motivated. We can feel it. Guys know what its like to win a championship and play for a championship.”

The Magic have to win Game 4 on Monday night to avoid a sweep and force the series back to Orlando. They’ll need a better effort than in Game 3, when they fell behind early for the third straight game. This time, they didn’t even mount a late charge to make it close.

“The most disappointing to me was that I didn’t have our team better ready to play,” said Magic coach Stan Van Gundy, who was himself knocked over late in the game when Kevin Garnett was pushed into the Orlando bench going after a loose ball. “It starts with me. It’s my job. I’m the coach of this team. It starts with me and I’m not happy with where we had our team tonight or anything I did.”


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Watching this Orlando Magic team surgically and being clinically dismantled by the Celtics’ Rajon Rondo was simply like watching a “maestro” conduct an orchestra . The Magic had no answer for Rondo or anyone else from Doc Rivers’ coached team. And for a team that many viewed as the overwhelming favorites coming into this Eastern Conference Finals match up. The Boston Celtics has essentially made sure that the Magic’s postseason ambition is quietly coming to an end. Anyone under the mistaken impression that this Magic team can now erase a 3-0 deficit had better come off their medication. This team simply isn’t good enough to overcome the deficit much less possibly win a game in this series ! And even if they were to win a game there’s still not a hope in hell that they’ll be even able to play their way back into the series. Absolutely no one on this team has the identity or character to play their way back into the series. All we’re going to hear from the players are the usual perfunctory of excuses possible. Even Van Gundy is liable to jump on that bitch and make the excuse as to why his team has under achieved .

No one wants to held accountable for their actions and it has become clear that this team simply isn’t good enough to win an NBA title. The biggest mistake was to even believe that the Orlando Magic in part was actually a team of character. Because if that were this case then the team would be playing with more passion and their effort would be great deal more than what we’ve seen thus far. Prior to game two we had the Magic‘s power forward Rashard Lewis making the statement …… “I‘ve got to find out what it is that I need to do to contribute more to make the team better“ . Well if .Lewis hasn’t realized that and no one from Van Gundy’s coaching staff has told him what in essence needs to be done. Then why the hell is he playing this game ? Only an idiot at this juncture would be of the opinion that there’s any semblance of the Orlando Magic playing like a team. They’ve simply not shown it throughout this series. And though credit has to be given to the Boston Celtics. It does take two contestants to make a game something of a competitive contest . What we’ve seen has been only one team willing to come to a contest and play while the other is simply somewhere else playing without heart and seemingly showing little interest in winning.

Game four of the Eastern Conference Finals resumes on Monday night and we’re liable to see the Boston Celtics close out the series and make their second appearance in the NBA Finals in the last three years. As to who their likely opponents will be for the time being , we’ll have to take it at face value that it will be the Los Angeles Lakers . That would clearly be an eagerly anticipated match up that would the envy of NBA fans everywhere and no doubt the NBA hierarchy of Commissioner David Stern .



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As to the Magic fans out there what excuse are you now going to come up with should the Orlando Magic be blown out of this series without a win ? As the title would suggest …… “I want to go to Disneyland bitch “ ! No chance of that apparently happening now , as the Magic made it known that although that venerable entertainment complex is within easy reach of them as a destination , they simply have no desire to visit . Much like they have now have no desire to win an NBA title at this juncture. If that were the case then we’d seen this team show us exactly what they’re made of. Instead we’ve seen a team that was vastly over-rated and over hyped. But then again what’s new ? Isn’t that we tend to get when you have an alleged team of highly overpaid primadona athletes ?

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ……………………….

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12 thoughts on “I Want To Go To Disneyland Bitch !

    1. chappy

      Their checks were donated to Habitat For Humanity and the ASPCA . However in both cases it was refused by the recipients as they felt that the Magic were in need of it more than they were .

      Make a difference give generously to the ASPCA and the Orlando Magic jointly as they’re both in urgent need of your assistance. As Bob Barker states …….” have your pets spayed and neutered as it helps in the over exacerbation of the pet population”. In the case of the Magic it’d be the appropriate thing to do in order to stop their brand of basketball being seen within the NBA !

      This will also be adopted by the greater community of Orlando as it concerns the Magic. All the players on the team will each have a vasectomy or be castrated whichever is preferable in order to make ’em eunuchs . I mean for God’s sake they’re playing like a bunch of emasculated males. Kudos to Bob Barker for raising this ! Magic fans and Otis Smith take note have the players on the team spayed and neutered.

      Magic GM Otis Smith may well have to “blow out” Stan Van Gundy and implode this team after this debacle. Because next season they’re still going to look and play like crap if they’re still kept together !

      Alan Parkins


    Superman put wears his costume on the outside and is in reality a “true American hero” ! Dwight Howard isn’t intelligent enough to be considered either at this juncture ! His “basketball IQ” is line with Paris Hilton’s overall IQ and that’s not saying a lot !

    Alan Parkins

  2. Fortunately, I’ll be at the Sox-Rays game tonight which means I won’t have to subject myself to another woeful Magic performance.

    Tell me what happens although I’m pretty sure I already know.

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Watching the Rays beat up on someone is far more enthralling than watching the Magic just literally beat up on themselves . SVG’s days in Orlando could well be numbered at this juncture. Is self flagellation part of the Magic’s mystique and training regimen ?

      I think with the Sox seemingly back on track this could be a very good series

      Alan Parkins

    2. Chris Humpherys

      What are the odds that it’d be the Rays who’d end up disappointing the fans instead of the Magic ? Is it me but is Maddon that naive in suggesting that Wade Davis had a good outing ? The guy threw 97 pitches through 3 2/3 innings . How in God’s name does he feel that’s good , especially when he walked so many pitchers ?

      Good win for the Magic but now they have to win win three of four which I believe is actually beyond them !

      Alan Parkins

  3. I went to the Sox-Rays game last night. Still a 50-50 crowd, divided between Sox and Rays fans.

    But yet the stadium was probably only 60-70% full, if that.

    St Petersburg needs to prove it can fill that stadium because them coming over to Tampa sounds like it’s a foregone conclusion.

    1. Chris Humpherys

      The Rays moving to Tampa is by no means a foregone conclusion. The city of Tampa much less Hillsborough County can’t justify building a new ballpark not in this economic climate. And especially when you’ll be talking about the issuing of bonds to facilitate the financing.

      Sternberg and Friedman have done their leveled best and the fans simply aren’t that interested ! It’s time for them to cut their losses and pull up stakes. They (fans) only attend specific games on the schedule and that’s it. A fan base of 11,000 simply won’t cut it at all !

      Do you honestly think that the organization can continue to lose in excess of $30 million a year ?

      Alan Parkins

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Three scenarios likely …..

      1) Rays remain in St Pete

      2) They’ll move to Tampa but it’ll be short lived because they still don’t get any fan support

      3) Mayor Oscar Goodman and the city of Vegas makes a pitch for them as they’ll built a 45,000 seat stadium with skyboxes , luxury suites all at their disposal and they’re allowed to keep all revenues derived from those suites.

      Which of the three do you think is liable to happen ? Think about it and then come back to me. Cause obviously you haven’t thought this through from the outset.

      Rays’ fans are filled with so much optimism but yet they won’t get off their ass and “support the team” wholeheartedly. Many of them just bitch and whine about having to travel to the Trop . What a bunch of friggin’ morons !

      Alan Parkins

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