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Opening Up Pandora’s Box You Simply Don’t Want To Know What’s Inside

Opening Up Pandora’s Box You Simply Don’t Want To Know What’s Inside

As a young child were you ever told by a parent or an elder …..” never play with matches and never touch anything that doesn’t belong to you ” ? Well it’s something that I believe that in the cases of both NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and David Stern they’ve failed to heed those very warnings. Goodell seems to be delighted with the fact that the 2014 Superbowl will be held at the new $1.6 billion stadium that will be home to both the New York Jets and New York Giants in East Rutherford , New Jersey. The fact that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to be clamoring over this like a young boy who’s discovered his first copy of Playboy has me even more worried. Bloomberg’s craving for the public spotlight borders if not surpasses that of the NBA Commissioner David Stern. But consider this , Bloomberg’s city will have a budget deficit approaching $1.67 billion for the fiscal year of 2011. However, he and the city’s comptroller John C. Liu hope to have the now projected shortfall reined in by 2014. However, by then it’s projected to be in excess of $4 billion . Is it any wonder Bloomberg won an unprecedented third term in office ? He’ll be creating more havoc than the pimps and drug cartel leaders could ever have wished to. You can always rely on a politician to get things done by essentially fu_king things up to begin with !


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While the NFL owners are now patting themselves on the back about this latest development. have to ask why now and why the Giants and Jets ? Merely because they’ve a spanking new edifice ? OK , so we know that the economic impact of staging a Superbpowl does mean a great deal of business for the host city and that it can garner it more publicity than it could wish , had they spent the money on marketing their city. The economic impact of staging the Superbowl can mean as much $2billion to the host city over a period of six months prior to and after the event itself. And one can well understand the reason why the cities who’ve staged the event fall over themselves and clamor to re-stage the event when given the chance. But prior to this , did you realize that NFL championship games were hosted by the team who had “the best record” from the previous year ? In the era of the Superbowl all of that went right out of the window. If anything, wouldn’t that have been more of an incentive to teams than what we’ve now witnessed ?
For Jets’ owner Woody Johnson the Jets’ organization along with his counterpart from the Giants , Steve Tisch and his organization . This has to be a more than welcoming occurrence. As it immediately gives both organizations the credibility that they seek .

Now the NFL hierarchy under Goodell’s guidance merely looks at its calendar of cities that’ve successfully staged the event and then announces the winner as they would deem fit. Surreptitiously we’re told that ballots are cast to in order to create the perception of fairness. If fairness is deemed having the owners in a room locking horns and the most influential amongst them simply holding sway , then I guess you could consider it as being fair wouldn’t you Now the ramifications of which will be that all 32 teams in the NFL will feel that they too ought to be given the chance to stage a Superbowl. If the truth be told that scenario will never see the light of day under any circumstance whatsoever ! This is a Pandora’s Box that should never have been open to begin with. But you know what frankly I hope this sh_t rains down on Goodell and the rest of these damn greedy owners to begin with ! The Superbowl whenever it has been staged has never been about the fans but more so to do with the patronage of the NFL’s many corporate sponsors and major partners. Try purchasing a ticket for the very event itself better yet try purchasing a series of tickets for a group of five or six people and see how much the cost sets you back ? Goodell and the owners aren’t and never will be the least bit concerned as to what the fans may well think or how they might feel !

Pardon me for say this but I wasn’t aware that LeBron James’ father was David Stern . For some reason the NBA commissioner is now ready to levy fines upon anyone who apparently says anything as it regards the player’s impending free agency. Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban found this out to his cost and is now $100,000 lighter in his wallet. Considering a fine of that nature, is like a ripple across a pond to someone of Cuban’s wealth. I fail to see what imposing such a fine does in the first place. Cuban, in giving a statement did not go out or seek to influence James, as to making a decision about his future. But from Stern’s mere decision and candor he thought that the owner was bringing undue influence to bear upon the player. David Stern is acting like an autocratic despotic leader whose very command must be obeyed. He’s protecting James as if he were his child. I think LeBron can defend himself as and when needs be ! And in referring to David Stern , we call the likes of Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong-Il maniacal in terms of their authority and power ? Stern makes those two despotic leaders seem like mere children at play when it comes to undue use of power !

Tonight the Eastern Conference Final ___ series resumes between the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic . With the Magic still steering elimination in the face being down 3-1 in the series . It will be interesting to see the resolve being shown by this Stan Van Gundy coached team . Their play through much of this series has been un-inspirational and lackluster to say the very least. And the fact that there’s not been much of a sighting of Dwight Howard in the series until game four’s explosive output of 32 points and 16 rebounds on the way to the team’s 96-92 victory over the Celtics. You had the impression that the team would bow inauspiciously out the conference finals , making history as the first team that swept their opponents in the opening two rounds of the playoffs and were then swept themselves. In staving off that scenario they still have to force a game five if they’re to at least have a chance of erasing the deficit and playing themselves back into contention.

The one thing we do know is that the Celtics led by Rajon Rondo and their veteran coach Doc Rivers aren’t going to let a one game slide get to them either mentally or physically. And if anything they’ll be looking to close out the series in front of their home crowd at the TD Banknorth Garden Center in Boston , Massachusetts.

If the Magic were the presumptive favorites to win their match-up against the Celtics. Then the Los Angeles Lakers had to have been considered the overwhelming favorites against their opponents , the Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference Finals . Now with the series tied at two games apiece. This contest has now become one of intrigue and suspense. And any thought it would be the Lakers now dictating the pace and structure of the contest. Well, let’s just say the most ardent of Lakers’ fans are by no means certain their team” will come out of this series unscathed. This is becoming a dog-fight that I’ve got to believe that the Lakers’ players and their fans want no part of ! Do you think that Lakers’ coach Phil Jackson has Michael Vick’s number on speed dial ?

So the rallying cry has begun to support the US men’s national soccer team as they begin their buildup to the World Cup . Unfortunately, the cry was lost on the players as they got off to an inauspicious start by being completely outplayed and trounced by the Czech Republic team 4-2 . What one ought to consider however , is that the Czechs failed to qualify for the upcoming event to held in South Africa. If this display is a sign of things to come then there’s a distinct possibility that the US team mightn’t make it out of the opening round of the competition.

Coached by Bob Bradley the roster of the squad set to open up their tournament play against fellow qualifiers in Group C ____ England on June 12th ,the day after the opening day ceremony. And that game is being met with a great deal of anticipation as whomever comes out of it with a victory will essence be in the driver’s seat within Group C. A great deal is expecte of the team but I think it best to be realist as it concerns the US team. Ranked 14th in the FIFA World Rankings their play of late has hardly exhibited that. And Bradley knows if they are to indeed to prevail then they’ll have to raise the level of their play on all fronts.

“Respect” is what US soccer says it is looking for . Well , before you get respect you’ve got to go out and earn it and at the same respect others on the same foreboding journey as yourselves. Thus far Bradley hasn’t instilled that into his team and the players have shown very little of that from the outset. Which doesn’t augur well for this team and its fortunes in South Africa. Suffice to say that they had better get it together before they fall at the very first obstacle placed in front of them.

Sooner or later you knew it just had to happen. And for the Tampa Bay Rays all of a sudden that streak that they were on has suddenly become yolk around their neck. Having lost their series to the Boston Red Sox . They look to take the third and final leg of the contest and put themselves back on a winning roll. Now don’t get me wrong when you’re still able to maintain a 5 game lead over the New York Yankees in the AL East , that is certainly no mean feat. The thing is , maintaining the consistency of play will be what really matters at this juncture. Any slip ups and it could prove to be costly for the team and in particular the coaching staff of Joe Maddon .

As good as this Rays’ team has been playing and they’ve been playing exceptionally well that their record (32-14) clearly bears this out and why many consider them to be the best team in the majors this season . I get the feeling that if they start to lose their rhythm and concentration then things could suddenly begin to spin out of control. Maddon and his coaching staff certainly has got the players to believe in themselves and each other. And that may well be the sole reason why we’ve not really seen the team go on a prolonged losing streak as of yet. Certainly when this happens to a number of teams we see them inexplicably wilt under the pressure. Not so as of yet for this team and I’m not so sure that we’re liable to see that scenario rear its ugly head. But for the moment we just ought to merely appreciate and relish what it is that they’re doing at present.



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Opening up Pandora’s Box can fill you with either a few surprises , things to savor or things that you simply loathe. Here I’ve placed a few scenarios for you to discuss or perhaps you could suggest one or two yourself ? Either way simply chime in with a comment as to what you think as to what’s now happening in the realms of sports as you view it .

Alan Parkins aka tophatal ……………………………

Aaliyah ……………”Rock The Boat”

14 thoughts on “Opening Up Pandora’s Box You Simply Don’t Want To Know What’s Inside

  1. One thing about putting the Super Bowl in NY was that the owners were the ones that made the decision after four votes. I don’t doubt that Goodell was pushing heavily for it to happen, but ultimately the owners decided. It does open the door for lots of other teams to lobby for the event…

    It’s laughable that Cuban got fined that much for just talking about Lebron. IF he talked about a bench player, I doubt he would’ve even made any headline news!

    I hope the Rays keep it up, they have a long way to go, but they are still the cream of the crop!

    1. chappy

      The guys who voted for SBXLVIII in New Jersey ……… Kraft of the Patriots, Lurie of the Eagles , Tisch of Giants obviously and Woody Johnson of the Jets. What do they all have in common ? All four owners backed Goodell for the position of commissioner. It’s as the old adage goes ” it’s payback time bitch what you offering” ? And Goodell offers up a Superbowl .

      And heavens to think there might’ve been some collusion going on ?

      As for Commandant Stern he’s become an autocrat and he’d do Stalin proud !

      Alan Parkins

    1. al clements

      In all honesty would you really want to see both Goodell and Stern up in the White House in DC ? Haven’t we enough on our plates as it is already with so many lawyers in the White House , Congress and Senate ?

      Now here’s something you won’t often see all four major sports commissioners in front of the members of Congress giving testimony and listening to those very same legislators.

      And another thing would you even vote for either of them ?

      Alan Parkins

  2. Personally, I don’t think an open air stadium in the northern U.S. is a good place for a Super Bowl, but I am hoping for good weather. It would be a shame if the game had to be played in the snow.
    David Stern sounds like he has a bit of a Napoleon complex.
    The Rays have to focus on the long term. Getting on the bad side of the umpire’s union is not a good idea if they hope to compete for the pennant.

    1. aero

      As you very well know with any game the officials love to interject themselves within the game. And even when they’ve made an obviously wrong decision they’re the last to freely admit that they’ve made a mistake.

      The Rays right now need to get back to what they do best and that’s to win games and series consistently. If not this mini swoon of theirs should become something of a regularity. Then in doing so it’d place them at a disadvantage and play right into the hands of the Red Sox and Yankees . In winning this series the Sox are now merely 6 games behind whereas just over 10 days ago the Rays had an 8 game lead over them.

      Personally I feel that playing a Superbowl in NYC is a bad idea. How is the league now going to be able to say to teams in Kansas, St Louis , Denver and Green Bay they can’t host a game but they’ll allow the Giants and Jets to co-host their showcase event ?

      I’m not about to infer collusion but doesn’t it have you thinking along those lines at present ?
      Especially in the light of two of the owners who voted for the game to be staged in New York. Bob Kraft and Woody Johnson were two of Goodell’s most vocal supporters in his applying for the position as NFL commissioner.

      Alan Parkins

  3. You’re right for including the Magic-Celtics in your Pandora’s Box analogy.

    The Celtics let their foot off the Magic’s throat and now stare at a difficult Game Six with a depleted roster against a very determined Magic team.

    Awwww yeah!

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Not much of an NHL fan as they’re making about teams coming back from an 0-3 deficit. But if the Celtics lose this series then they’d better not return to “Beantown” under any circumstances or measure or they’re liable to be lynched by the fans there !

      Alan Parkins

    1. Chris Humpherys

      The Celtics were up 3-0 and thought to be well on their way to the finals . If they lose this series then Allen , ‘sheed , Pierce and Garnett ought to “call it quits” and make their way to a retirement home for the elderly !

      This’d be a choke as catastrophic as the Yankees in the ALCS against the Red Sox some years back. Red Sox fans still won’t let the Yankees or their fans forget it at all . And why should they ?

      Alan Parkins

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Like I said if the Celtics lose this series then the ‘Big Three’ and ‘sheed needn’t bring their ass back to Boston as there’ll be a lynch mob waiting for their ass. And we all know what they’d like to do to the bruthas when they f_ck up now don’t we ?

      Last night’s game ‘tween the Lakers and Suns was a blast and could’ve gone either way ! This series isn’t necessarily over as the Suns have given the Lakers more than they could really ever have imagined and then some !

      Artest has actually done something for this Lakers this postseason .

      Alan Parkins

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Way to go for the Magic ! Turn up for game 5 in the series and then become friggin’ zombies in game 6 ! Lewis and Carter combined are being paid in excess of $30 million a year and what was their total contribution to this series ? And you believed that “this team” was good enough to win an NBA title ? This team proved that they’re as soft as a baby’s ass ! It was a mere dog-n-pony show from start to finish !

      Alan Parkins

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