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You’re Being Paid To Play

You’re Being Paid to Play

It’s not so much of a travesty but the biggest misnomer out there is that the fans are the most important element of competitive sports. My acquaintance sportschump seems to be under the impression the fans are the most important piece of the puzzle . In the business of sports the fans are an element but the biggest element nowadays are the general consumers and the corporate sponsors. Have you seen the devotion shown by the hierarchies of MLB , _ NBA and the NFL to their corporate patrons ? The only sort of devotion that’s shown with such subservience is that of the US Congress and US Senate to a lobbyist. Thereafter the concern of that legislator may well be that of the constituents that he represents. But more often than it’s to the lobbyists and the agenda that they want pushed through. Much as it is with each of the four major sports and then some ! So don’t be fooled into thinking it’s about the fans it may well have been eons ago but that all changed when salaries ballooned to unheard of proportions and then the respective leagues had to look for even more diverse revenue streams.


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Who here is under the impression that the All Star games of NBA , NFL and MLB are there for the benefit of the fan ? Please let’s get one thing straight, though they may well be exhibition games, here are the facts other than baseball’s All Star Game the other two events are merely there to entertain and simply that’s it. I mean are the Pro Bowl of the NFL and the NBA’s All Star games competitive ? When was the last time you saw a competitive game between either of the respective participants of those sports ? Think about and be content with those thoughts because I’d dare that you’re coming around the belief that the games themselves aren’t really worthwhile taking place. It’s only being done to keep the sport in the psyche of the fans and consumers. I mean how many of you out the would’ve been able to afford attending the NBA All Star Game held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas , this past season ? Given the inflated prices of the tickets and the concession prices and for that of the memorabilia that would’ve been on sale. Would you still have been able afforded to attend the game. ? Likewise that of the Pro Bowl game which for the first time in a number of decades wasn’t held in Hawaii ___ isn’t usually heavily attended and if anything the event itself had a meager viewing television audience.

Courtesy of The Orange County Register

Anaheim prepares red carpet for All-Stars

Anaheim – Major League Baseball’s best players are coming to Anaheim for the 81st All-Star Game and the city is literally rolling out the red carpet.

Angel Stadium is hosting the Midsummer Classic for the third time in its history – the first time since 1989.

Events leading up to Tuesday’s internationally broadcast game begin on Friday, giving even those fans who won’t get inside the stadium a chance to participate:

FanFest (Friday through Tuesday): More than 40 exhibits in 450,000 square feet of exhibit space will give fans a chance to hit and pitch, take part in skills clinics, get autographs from the pros and shop for baseball memorabilia. Location: Anaheim Convention Center. Tickets: $30 for adults, $25 for children – available online at

All-Star 5K Charity Fun Run (Sunday): Registration begins at the stadium at 6 a.m. 5K race at 7:30 a.m. and the 1-mile Fun Run at 8 a.m. Participation is $35; or $30 for runners 12 and under. Jillian Michaels, fitness coach on “The Biggest Loser,” scheduled to cheer on racers.

All-Star Futures Game and All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game (both on Sunday): 50 top MLB prospects will participate in the Futures Game at 3 p.m., followed by a softball game featuring MLB legends matched up with TV and film celebrities at 6:30. Both games are at Angel Stadium. This year’s softball lineup hadn’t been announced but past participants have included Alyssa Milano, Billy Bob Thorton and Billy Crystal and MLB stars Dave Winfield and Ozzie Smith. Tickets good for both events range from $75-$135 at

State Farm Home Run Derby (Monday): The top sluggers in the game swing for the fences in a home-run competition, following All-Star workouts. Participants include: Miguel Cabrera (Tigers), David Ortiz (Red Sox), Vernon Wells (Blue Jays), Corey Hart (Brewers) and Matt Holliday (Cardinals). A few tickets left for $120-$350.

Parade (Tuesday): Starts at 11:30 a.m. at Harbor Boulevard and Convention Way in Anaheim and proceeds three-quarters of a mile north along a red carpet to Disney Way. Continues inside Disneyland on Main Street. Free outside Disneyland; inside free with paid park admission.


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Now my friend sportschump would suggest that this is merely an exhibition game but the fact of the matter is the All Star Game in baseball has now become a competitive event because of the edict of Commissioner Bud Selig who saw fit to make it so, by stating the winning division would have home field advantage throughout the entire postseason of the baseball playoffs. No such incentives are there for the NBA or NFL. One other thing , my learned colleague stated that was because the All Star Game was a mere exhibition there’s nothing at all for the players to play. Well if you’re the likes of Alex Rodriguez or Mark Teixeira where in your contract with your team , you have a rider of incentives that can pay as much $1 million for merely attaining a certain feat. In the case of A-Rod he can get as much as $500,000 for an appearance in the game and $750,000 winning the AL MVP . So to suggest that a player has nothing riding on making to the game is somewhat naïve. Riders such as this are also found in the contract if NFL and NBA players. Think of it as a performance bonus. I’m sure that in your place of employment you might well be rewarded with performance bonuses based upon productivity ?

So prior to the main event itself will be the Home Run Derby __(July 12th ) where we’ll get to see the best of the league’s power hitters looking to power their way to glory and acclaim . In 2008 the Texas Rangers’ __ Josh Hamilton gave us an event to remember by powering his way 28 home runs in an early round of the event. The fans were in awe and it made for great television amongst art of the event and this time around hopefully we’ll be able to see the same type of thrills and excitement. If nothing else it’ll give us something talk about as a water cooler topic.



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NB: The MLB All Star Game will be held at Angels Stadium , Anaheim , California . Click here also to see the list of events taking place between the 9th-13th July, 2010. Click on link provided to see the roster including reserves for both divisions

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15 thoughts on “You’re Being Paid To Play

  1. The Allstar used to be about the fans. Now it is about the money. The fans are given the short shift. MLB gives the allstar game an element of real competition but in the end many of the players will try and opt out. I have a hard time following the game now. Who wants to watch juicers play steriod ball. I think they are boring. The Homer Run competiion is cool but ESPN sucks.

    1. Bobby Gee

      The All Star Game has now become a competitive one whereas before it was merely being played as a way of a goodwill gesture for the fans. The coverage by ESPN is consumer driven and does nothing to make the fans a part of the spectacle thereof.

      Alan ……………..

  2. Al…

    Just because the All-Star Game is an exhibition game, or maybe more so now that it determines home field advantage in the World Series, it was still always a competitive event.

    Players still tried. There will still always pride when they took the field. One need look no further than Pete Rose barreling over Ray Fosse to demonstrate that players have always wanted to win that game.

    My point was regarding all-star snubs. If Joey Votto or Stephen Strasburg are not voted in by the fans, then so be it. Votto was undoubtedly deserving but he plays in a smaller market and fewer fans are familiar with the season he’s having. Meanwhile, Ryan Howard is on every Subway commercial known to man.

    I’m not saying it’s right. I’m just saying that’s the way it is and has always been.

    1. Chris Humpherys

      In what era was the All Star Game ever a competitive one until Selig sought to change the rules ? Before that is was merely there to make the fans happy and the hierarchies’ way of making the fans feel as if they were appreciated.

      OK so Votto and Strasburg play in small markets and most fans wouldn’t actually know them from Adam. But it says a great deal that repeatedly it comes down to favorites rather than players deserving of the feat being given the chance to play in the event.

      It ought to be left to the players and managers with the fans having a say but only in terms of their say not being the deciding factor overall.

      Good God Chris, even when someone like Jeter has an off year he’s still a top vote getter. And I’m not talking about this year but in years past where that has been the case .Even you know this to be true .

      As Obama says…….”change we can believe in” . That’s what’s needed in this archaic voting system . Otherwise the whole thing just becomes one big farce like the elective process we have here at the moment for the politicians. There it’s not about change but who has the deepest pockets !

      Alan …………

  3. Since baseball is my favorite sport I may be biased, but in my opinion the only all-star game worth watching is major league baseball.
    There has always been and always will be all-star snubs. I’m not sure if a player should be named just because of a few months work or should his entire career be the determining factor. Popularity has always been a consideration. No method of choosing is perfect, but baseball’s system seems to get it right most of the time.

    1. aero

      I concur with you on that the All Star Game is fun to watch. The Home Run Derby where the kids can participate is great for them. But when it’s all said and done the game and the fact that’s for all the marbles in terms of home field advantage makes it all the more worthwhile. Unlike the idiocy of the NBA All Star Game and NFL Pro Bowl ! The latter two as events warrants about as much attention as seeing Rosie O’Donnell breast feeding one of her kids !

      “And what’s wrong with me choosing to breast feed one of my kids in public ? Have you never seen a woman’s breasts before ? I may well be a dike but I’m a “feminine dike” despite what you may well have heard .And I’m a good one at that ……at being a parent and a dike (lesbian)”!

      Alan …………..

  4. It’s all about money….you think the team really give a damn about the fans? It is a paychecks…paid for mostly by corporations…hey we have Heinz Field and PNC Park with all the ads there…then there is the abuilding hockey rink….same for all the others….Fans, fans? We dun’t need no stinkin fans

    1. al clements

      What some fans fail to understand is that the owners are here first primarily out to make money in the business of sports entertainment. OK, so the game being played is meant to be a competitive one . But at the end of the the day players want theirs as do the owners and that comes at the expense of the fans and consumers . That’s the only time that fans as such are needed.

      Some seem to forget that they’re (owners & players) already riding high on the hog by the way of the television contract monies.

      Multi-millionaire athletes and billionaires owners bitching about money . Whoa is me a mere pauper by comparison !

      Alan …………..

    2. al clements

      And never mind the fact that when it comes time for a new facility to be built in large part it’s taxpayers’ monies that’s being used to build some of these frigging monstrosities ! State , county and municipal officials seemingly bend over backwards faster than a whore who looks to score a “trick” !

      That’s the same situation being faced within Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties concerning the Tampa Bay Rays . Team owner Stuart Sternberg has been none committal as to whether or not he and his partners will be putting up any funds to facilitate the building of a new facility to replace an aging Tropicana Field in St Petersbirg, Florida.

      The fan base for the team is a miserly 15,000 on average but yet here they are cooing and awing about how they need a new facility. They’ve tried their best but the so called fans in the area are nowhere near appreciative enough of the team or the organization as they’re simply fair weather fans !

      Tropicana Field in all of its alleged glory .


  5. Baseball’s all-star game is the best of the three. I actually do like watching it and the events surrounding it, probably a lot more than I watching Lebron’s decision unfold. I think they try during the game. Nobody wants to be the guy who gives up three runs in their only inning, and no guy wants to strike out when there’s a chance for their team to score. I think Ichiro shows that teams care. He fires up the AL squad every year with an inspirational speech…

    1. chappy

      I’m no fan of hockey so I’ll immediately discount it ! But of the other three major sports baseball by far in a way is best of the bunch in terms of the All Star Games ! NFL Pro Bowl is a joke and NBA All Star Game is simply a party for the NBA players so that they can flaunt their “bling” ! Whereas with baseball the fans feel appreciated by the players and in turn the game itself actually means something. The only caveat I have is the voting process . The fans tend to bungle it more often than not because they’re simply voting for their favorite players rather than voting for players on merit as to their season.

      The Home Run Derby is exciting when the players are finding their rhythm and really hitting all corners of the ballpark with immense power .

      Alan ………………….

  6. Rvntion LLC

    The MLB All Star Game and surrounding events are far more entertining than the NFL Pro Bowl, NBA All Star Game and even the NHL’S own event .

    What’s not to like here then ?


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