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Softly Does It Goes The Approach

Softly Does It Goes The Approach

There was nothing to be overly enthused about concerning the sports weekend. Baseball seems to be strolling long to as usual inevitable conclusion as far as the playoff races are concerned. Things will somehow get derailed for some teams while others will continue to prosper. Unfortunately for the team things have all of a sudden taken a turn for the worse . Suddenly players are dropping like flies after they’ve been hit with a pesticide. Tigers’ manager Jim Leyland must now feel as if his whole world has come crashing down around his feet.


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The team has lost several key players to injuries that could very well derail their entire season as it now stands. With the AL Central being such a competitive and contentious division it’s hard to see how things will play out in the Tigers’ favor at this juncture. Injuries have left the Tigers without Brandon Inge , Zach Miner , Magglio Ordonez , Bobby Seay , Carlos Guillen , Joel Zumaya and with only Miguel Cabrera there to primarily provide the offensive presence needed , one can understand the problems the team now faces down the stretch run of their season .

What initially looked like a three horse race between the Chicago White Sox , Minnesota Twins and Tigers now looks as if it could end being a two horse race between the White Sox and Twins . How the team can overcome their situation will go long way in telling us about the determination of the organization as a whole.

Well the organized training activities (OTA’s) are the springboard to tell us that the preseason for the NFL is just around the corner. And with many camps reporting for duty the fervor of seeing the “new rookies” as well as the seasoned veterans it can only have the most ardent of NFL fans chomping at the bit for the <a href=" to get underway.With the NFL hierarchy’s asinine talk of making the season into an 18 game schedule . I’ve got to ask myself and that of Roger Goodell when will he get it into his thick skull that we have enough games being played as it is but the real problem concerning the game and that of its image ? That image has most certainly been sullied by the irrational behavior of the NFL’s members and the complete lack of authority being shown by the commissioner’s office and that of the NFLPA under their Executive Director DeMaurice Smith . Not only do we now have the players running amok but now also we have team executives now making complete asses of themselves.

Personally, I can’t curtail my excitement concerning the upcoming season within the NFL. Teams are certainly looking to prove themselves and the young rookies will no doubt also be looking to make ther statement that they too belong in the league. Strangely enough there are several players yet to be signed by the respective teams , given the fact that the NFL Draft took place over over three months ago. Players and ther gents are looking at the salary slots and how things pan out as the top tiered players taken in the draft sign their contracts.

Sam Bradford taken first overall by the St Louis Rams still remains unsigned and with his agent Tom Condon of CAA (Creative Artists Agency) looking for the his client to sign what will be an extraordinarily lucrative contract which could be worth close to $100 million . Call me naive but $100 million to a kid who’s yet to play a “down” in the NFL ? Unless he’s defecating gold bricks out of his ass then there’s no way in hell that this kid is worth anywhere close to $100 million. Both the NFL and their union counterpart (NFLPA) re crying bout escalating costs and salaries but they’ve done little if anything to rein in the rookies’ rising pay. And the fans are now to believe that Bradford’s situation will be enough to assure us that this won’t continue to happen within the game ? Surely there’s now something wrong with the thinking of both Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith ? They’ve spent more time having a pissing contest between the both of them, rather than conducting business that concerns not only the well being of the game but the continued long running support of the fans. But I digress, we’re taking about the NFL and not the government who at present show about as much concern for the electorates’ well being than a boa constrictor would for its dying prey.The two to my mind are cut from the some cloth ! Despicable elements who claim that they have our best interests at heart !



Other than the NFL precursor what if anything over the summer months thus far in the world of sports has had you in awe ? Comment on this or any other subject that has been of interest you and I’ll do my utmost to respond in a timely manner . Thanks as always for the continued support as it’s greatly appreciated.

tophatal ……………………….. 🙂

The Fugees ……………………….. ” Killing Me Softly”

12 thoughts on “Softly Does It Goes The Approach

  1. The Tigers and the Red Sox have had a tough year so far. I wouldn’t count either team out just yet, but it’s getting very close to closing time.

    1. aero

      Terrific pitching performance by Garza last night . He was outstanding against the Tigers.

      Should the Rams go 2-14 or 3-13 let’s hope that Bradford will throw some of that money around to his teammates .

      tophatal …………. 🙂

  2. Rough times for the Tigers. I picked the White Sox to win the division, but still think the Twins will win it in the end. They will get rolling again when Morneau gets his head right… Can’t wait for football, theres a chance the Raiders could be .500 again. That would be a winning season in my eyes!

    1. chappy

      Trust you’ll enjoy this ?

      If Jason Campbell is on top of his game then I could see the Raiders surprising lot of people in and outside of the the division .

      As for the Tigers no team should have to go through what they’ve been through this season injury wise.


      tophatal ………… 🙂

      1. Solid video Al! I forgot what it looks like when the ball is actually close enough for the recievers to make a play on it hahahaha! All I know is they were close in a lot of games that they ultimately lost, and if now that they have a QB that doesn’t turn it over 5 times a game we should be better…

        At least the Tigers can root for Miguel to get that Triple Crown. I’d love to see that happen!

  3. I’m sure them getting no hit last night didn’t help matters.

    Masterful performance by Garza.

    He was throwing some nasty stuff in those late innings.

    Too bad the Rays are gonna fold, huh, Al?

    1. Chris Humpherys

      It was a tremendous performance by Garza whichever way you look at it. Long overdue for the kid !


      tophtl ………. 🙂

    2. Chris Humpherys

      If the organization folds then much of the responsibility belongs with the fans who chose not to come out and support the team. Bitching and whining about having to drive too far smacks of friggin’ stupidity on their part if nothing else.

      The Trop

      Jen Sterger Rays’ fan extraordinaire



      tophatal ………… 🙂

  4. Snicker, snicker….beesbaals ben gud to me…….I maks lots o moni, da res is fo ma famly.
    Actually…I always admired Jim Leyland. Wh’d you ruin the article wit a pic of Pope Roger??

    1. al clements

      Pope Roger needs to be given long a leash so that he can hang himself with it from the highest rafters. So anything that can do to be of assistance I’ll do it OK !

      Alyssa Milano loves the Tigers

      What Leyland and the Tigers are going through I wouldn’t wish upon anyone at this juncture.


      tophatal ……….. 🙂

    2. al clements

      Jenna Jameson says that it’s better to give thn to receive . And as we all know Jenna is quite experienced at giving and receiving . Far more so than TO and Ochocinco combined .

      Jenna Jameson flips the bird


      tophatal ………… 🙂

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