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Did It Work For You ?

Did It Work For You ?

Well the NFL __ preseason has now started and a number of teams are looking to find a rhythm and sense of where they’re at before the regular season begins. Though I’ve never put much store in the preseason the way that some fans do. I do however believe that the rationale behind the league and owners wanting a four game preaseason schedule is merely being done out of greed and not much else . It’s bad enough that we have the coaches and GM’s tying their season to the fans exhibiting their wish to viiew their teams in the preseason and having to pay full price for those exhibition games and viewing somewhat of a watered down product . Now the fans may well have to put up with the fact that neither side can reach an amicable agreement in terms of an ongoing negotiation process of the league’s collective bargaining agreement . The NFLPA and Roger Goodell seem to be at loggerheads insofar as showing sound judgement .

With the talk being amped up that for the 2011-12 season there’s talk of a labor dispute and possible lockout . I’m now beginning to wonder whether or not this season could be the last of what we could see as in terms of professional football being played. Never mind that the now fledgling organization UFL enters its second year looking to make some inroads. But no one could ever view the UFL’s brand as being comparative in terms of the talent or competitiveness on display. That’s akin to comparing caviar and a meal bought from a roach mobile . Suffice to say that while the NFL is on display the earnest fans of the game will be on hand to witness the brand and cheer on their teams.

OK so the baseball season has not only heated up but there are now some teams now fighting for their very survival as the divisional races are now really on the line. Other than the AL West where the Texas Rangers now possess an 8 1/2 game lead over their nearest rival within the division the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim one can surmise that the Rangers are pretty much on their way to postseason play. As to who they’ll fare and whom they will meet is now open to a great deal of conjecture and debate. The one thing we can be sure of however is that the Rangrs under the new ownership of Charles “Chuck” Greenberg and Nolan Ryan are looking to make the team a complete success and bring some sense of respectability to the organization.


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Of the remaining divisional races I for one am not about to make any prognostications as to how things will fare for the teams said to be in the midst of those particular races. It’s one thing to see how error prone or inconsistent some of those teams have become without them being further handicapped by my own thoughts on their play. The one thing I do know however and think will have to happen and that is that the New York Mets will have to gut their team and completely start afresh. But what might be even more worthwhile is for Mets’ owner Fred Wilpon to fire not only GM Omar Minaya but also team manager Jerry Manuel and the coaching staff . If the two men in question can’t assess talent much less place a worthwhile product on the field of play. Then what use are they given the vast financial resources at their disposal ? And given the fact that the Mets have a payroll that exceeds $132 million , that ranks fifth amongst the teams in baseball . One has to ask the question where’s the so called “talent “ that the front office seems to have squandered this money on ? Depth alone and the entire roster seems to be made up of players that are either vastly overpaid or who are well past their prime.

Well having won the Olympic gold medal in Beijing and now back at the summit of men’s basketball . The stars of the NBA have assembled to represent team USA for the upcoming World Basketball Championships to be held Istanbul , Turkey , from the 28th August to 12 th September 2010. As the reigning Olympic champions the team is highly favored to win the competition outright. But this time around even with the team being coached by Mike Krzyzewski and his assistants Jim Boeheim , __ Mike D’Antoni and Nate McMillan in tow. I’m not so sure that this time around that team USA will have it as easy some might first think. Especially when in light of the fact that upon reviewing the roster the most experienced players on the team with international experience are Chauncey Billups and Lamar Odom . That being said with the coaching pedigree that’s on hand there should be no reason to believe why the team shouldn’t prove to be successful at these championships. The one thing that we don’t want to see is the sort of complacency that was seen in 2006 and and then in the two most recent Olympic games prior to 2008.

Playing in Group B and based in Istanbul the team is grouped alongside Brazil , Croatia , Iran , Tunisia and Slovenia . The team’s sturdiest opponents in the first round of group play will most likely come from Slovenia and Croatia and perhaps Brazil. But in no way should one overlook any opponent at this stage given the fact that these teams all qualified for what is the most prestigious international team event outside of the Olympic basketball competition , itself.

As the tournament progress beyond the opening stages it’s hoped that the team will be able to show its guile and skills under the coaching philosophy of Krzyzewski and his staff. The play of the NBA being what its is , it becomes a completely new ballgame at the international level literally. And instead of playing four quarters as we’re accustomed to seeing within the NBA , at the international level the game is played in two halves of 20 minutes apiece and where the NBA rules do not apply. But given what we know has been the preparation of the squad we should expect the players to adjust and acclimatize themselves to the rigors of the competition. One would coach Krzyzewski and the team can home victorious at the culmination of the event with another dominating performance and with the trophy in hand as well the applause of his peers and the other participants there in Turkey. Over the next three weeks we shall see if this all comes to fruition .

The fallout from the LeBron James’ fiasco notwithstanding it appears the player’s skin isn’t as tough as was first deemed. God knows based on his play within the NBA and the demise of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals this past season against the Boston Celtics . I’m now beginning to wonder who’s tougher ? LeBron James or the now “out of the closet” homosexual Ricky Martin ?

James is now said to be somewhat aggrieved to what he feels is the unjust criticism that he’s said to be receiving from such former NBA stars as Charles Barkley , Larry Bird to and to a a lesser extent Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen . Now as we know “Sir Charles” tends not to hold anything back when he has an opinion to offer be it on game of basketball or any other topic for that matter. But it appears that the now Miami Heat player feels that the criticism being leveled at him by Barkley is completely out of line. From where I sit I feel that James has placed himself in this predicament with the less genuine stance taken by him in granting that rather asinine interview with ESPN in announcing his decision to leave Cleveland to ply his trade in Miami alongside Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade . In two rather overly boring two hours he spent being fawned over by Jim Gray , James did more to harm his image and came of looking like a narcissistic idiot . Nevermind the fact that he had the audacity to accept $250,000 from the sports programming outlet for granting the interview. As to credibility , neither James or the outlet can lay claim that they now possess any !

And while no one doubts James’ ability as a player it would appear that in terms of maturity he still has a great deal of growing up to do. His vanity and no dobt the belief that he should be fawned over by his predecessors and fans like does give credence that he fully believes that he’s done enough where the asinine proclamations anointing him as King James ought to be believed and that he too believes it to be fact. What we now know to be a fact is that James while being a prodigious talent is nothing more than the usual self absorbed athlete we’ve now become use to . Soft demeanor and with his own personality flaws simply looking to avail himself of all the wealth and power possible but who’s yet to prove himself as an athlete and a leader within the NBA . Unfortunately this tends to come about when members of the press tend to feed the voracious appetites and egos of athletes such as this without wanting to hold them accountable .



What thoughts if any do have on the topics mentioned within this piece ? By all means do chime in with a comment .

Alan aka tophatal ……….. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Did It Work For You ?

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Whatever now happens down the stretch for the Rays the fans ought to be there in droves cheering them on . Shame that there was only 19,000 plus on hand for last night’s victory over the Rangers .


      tophatal ……… 🙂

  1. Baseball is definitately heating up. I’m excited to see how it all shakes out. I wonder if the Giants can find a way to beat the Padres. At this point I don’t think so especailly after this weekend…

    I hope Curry makes the final roster, they have to cut one more guy, but I think they will keep Curry over Gordon….

    1. chappy

      I don’t know that this Giants’ team has the depth or will to overtake the Padres and win the NL West at all. They’ve shown me nothing over the past few weeks and Lincecum seems to be wearing down and to my mind without him they can’t go anywhere.

      With the FIBA World Championships I’m not overly impressed with the US roster as in terms of international experience there’s only Billups and Odom there who’ve actually got that.

      I know that Krzyzewski wants to assess the young talent in terms of gearing up for the London Olympics in 2012 . But by then established stars such as Wade , Bosh and James will want in and then some of the players such as Curry who’s on the present roster mightn’t get the chance to appear and play for the country.


      tophatal ……. 🙂

  2. I wonder if the NFL owners are lining up replacement players as we speak.
    The AL east is still up for grabs, with the Rays, Yankees, and Red Sox capable of winning the division. It’s gonna be exciting.
    There’s is no doubt that the Mets need a new approach if they intend on competeing for the pennant. In my opinion they should replace their General Manager and start reloading that team.

    1. aero

      If the NFL owners should ever resort to that again then they might as well shut up shop once and for all. Isn’t it bad enough that the UFL is out there trying to entertain us with their brand of football ?

      The AL East is now down to the Rays and Yankees . I don’t believe that the Red Sox given their injuries can come back and overcome the lead at present.

      However the upcoming series between the Rays and Red Sox could very well have a decisive bearing as to the outcome of the division.

      Red Sox fans/

      “Hello aero come up play with me big boy ” ?

      Sexy Rays fans

      “No aero come and support us ” ?

      tophatal ……… 🙂

  3. Ah well….what would happen if n o one went to the stadiums?? I know it will never happen, but…what if?

    1. al clements

      And what if Pelosi said to you she wants to spend the night with you and make mad passionate love to you merely because she wanted to ? LOL,LOL,LOL !! Would you be amenable to taking her up on her offer ?


      “Ooh that’s something so big I’ll have to put it on my agenda ! Not one of my male interns ever showed me anything that big “.

      The fans will always go to the games and that’s what the owners and the games’ hierarhies will always bank on. What I find exacerbating though is the fact that all of the teams from the various sports will continually raise the prices of their PSL’s and any additional fees on top of that. Nevermind the fact that season ticket prices are also on the increase and need I remind you the PSL is none refundable ?


      tophatal …. 🙂

  4. I wanted to go last night and regretted not going once I found out the pitching match-up.

    But as it’s my only night off this week, I opted for the comfort of my sofa.

    Incredible pitching performance by Price. Kid was giving that radar gun a workout.

    There may have only been 19,000 but those were some fired up fans.

    1. Chris Humpherys

      The Rays are now clicking on all cylinders and that includes not only players like Price but even the young kid Hellickson . He’s off to a 3-0 start and people were hyping up Strasburg like he was the second coming of Jesus Christ and Nolan Ryan all wrapped up in one person ? I just hope that they can now remained focus over the remainder of the season and into the playoffs . If they can do that then I think that they’ll fare well in spite of the fact that should they make the World Series then the NL team will have home field advantage.

      Heat   cheerleaders

      Really looking forward to the FIBA World Championships and seeing how this young US team will fare as there are no real established bona-fide stars on the team at all. Other than Odom and Billups that’s literally it.


      tophatal ………. 🙂

  5. That’s a good point on the guys coming back to play in 2012. I guess this year is more of an audition than anything.

    I think the Giants have made some strides this year. They were in the playoff hunt last year until the final weeks, so I think they break through and take the Wild Card. Their offense is a little improved, but Lincy is a definite concern with his lowered velocity… Good thing all their pitchers are throwing well this year so they don’t have to lean on Lincy quite as much as they used to…

    1. chappy

      Guys like Wade , Bosh and LeBron who sat out from playing merely did so because they were more concerned with their financial well being. I thought that the honor of playing for one’s country would trump that but obviously it doesn’t .

      Female batter

      “I can smack your balls right outta the park . Wanna try me ” ?

      The Giants aren’t going anywhere as Brian Sabean should’ve gone after a bat and pitcher to bolster that squad . Instead they’ve stood pat and there’s no way that they’ll catch the Padres much less gain that NL widlcard berth .

      tophatal ………. 🙂

  6. The NFL is losing money. They have reached their apex and it is now on the downhill slide. The Phillies are hanging in there. The Bums are hurting. Their big guns will be back. I hope the rays beat the Yankees for AL East. The RPL rules

    1. Bobby Gee

      One or two teams are liable to be losing money but collectively as a whole the NFL is still highly profitable.

      The Phillies are likely to be the NL representatives as the wildcard entrant if they can’t beat out the Braves in the NL East .

      As for the Bungles they’ll only go so far as TO and Ocho can take them.

      The AL East will come down to who wants it more between the Rays and Yankees . I don’t believe that the Red Sox can play themselves back into contention within the division as to me they’re too still banged up .


      tophatal ……. 🙂

  7. I’m in total agreement with Barkley and those former players that’ve been critical of LeBron ! He may well be a two time league MVP but beyond that what has he really done in the league ? Led his team to the finals where they were soundly beaten . He’s simply shown that he’s something of a phenom but it’s now becoming apparently clear that he’s no leader and has a great deal of growing up to do . Not only that he’s become a caricature ! What we’re seeing from the guy isn’t really what he’s about but a facade created for the media and public alike !

    James has yet to deal with reality merely just the hype and adulation foisted upon him. He’ll soon fall afoul of the press and media alike. It happened with Kobe and Woods. And it will soon happen with LeBron for sure ! But should he ran afoul of the law then the sh_t will most definitely hit the fan with him and we’ll see all of that facade scraped away from that exterior of his .

    tophatal ……….. 🙂

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