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Go West Young Man , Make Your Fortune And Claim The Fame That Awaits You ……

Go West Young Man , Make Your Fortune And Claim The Fame That Awaits You ……

Now the most avid and voracious of us await the countdown and start of the NFL season . And we’re all looking and praying that our teams will strive to do their very best . From afar I liken this season to unlike anything we'll see. First , this season will be one where there's no salary cap and it'll be left to the likes of the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins to spend lavishly like drunken sailors on furlough come time to bolster their rosters. With that being said I’m essentially looking at the NFC West to see what will transpire for much of the upcoming season within the division.

The class of the division for the past two seasons has been the Arizona Cardinals but with the retirement of Kurt Warner the Ken Whisenhunt coached team will entrust the starting quarterback position job between seasoned veteran Derek Andersron and former USC Trojan ——– Matt Leinart . And for Leinart merely five years removed from his introduction to the NFL where he was taken tenth overall in the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft . We’ve seen the player struggle find his game and gain not only the respect of his teammates but the entire coaching staff , fans and the front office of the Cardinals. At this juncture one can only surmise that team GM Rod Graves and team owner Bill Bidwill must’ve reached the end of their tether concerning Leinart . With a great deal of money vested in the player but with him having not yet shown any degree of maturity in any aspect of his game. One now wonders whether not Leinart still has a future within the NFL ? Certainly his career stats don’t seem to bear this out and his continual complaining that he’s done everything asked of him by Whisenhunt and his staff gives credence that he’s yet to show any maturity as an individual.

Leinart’s days at USC where was seemingly coddled by his then coach Pete Carroll and Carroll’s coaching staf must have created the perception that he would be in for an easy ride once he made it to the NFL . If anything we’ve now seen that the player hasn’t applied himself to the task at hand. And what does it say about him that not having been able to beat out Warner for the starting position that he’s now once again in a battle with Derek Anderson for the signal caller’s position ? Clearly for Leinart this will be a make or break season . This isn’t so much an indictment of the Cardinals but more so with Leinart and his immediate future within the NFL . At this juncture this has to be the last draw for Whisenhunt and his staff. With the loss of Anquan Boldin to the Baltimore Ravens via a trade the Cardinals still remain a potent force on offense. Albeit , we’ll have to see who’ll be part of the tandem receiving corp alongisde Pro Bowler Larry Fitzgerald . And defensively team defensive coordinator Billy Davis will have to show the rest of the league that the team doesn’t remain a liability on that side of the ball. If anything it has been the team’s inconsistency there that has stymied much of their play. Though in their Superbowl (SB XLIII) run we saw that they could apply themselves to the task at hand . This season we ough to be able to see whether or not those improvements have as such continued.


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Within the division I can’t say that I’m entirely enamored with the San Francisco 49ers —— Seattle Seahawks or the St Louis Rams . A great deal is now being asked of Pete Carroll this time around upon his return to the NFL. And having choice choosing to flee the cauldron of USC and the possible aftermath of his actions there and that of Reggie Bush . Can we say that Seahawks’ owner Paul Allen either had to have been desperate or Carroll was indeed that persuasive in the interview process in landing the job that now makes him one of the highest paid coaches in the league. Carroll will no doubt look to instinctively stick with what made his teams at the college leve such a success. But what one applies at the college level doesn’t necessarily work in the NFL . Simply ask Steve Spurrier that ?

And even with heightened expectations from the fans there in Seattle it remains to be seen whether not Carroll can work his magic with a team led by an aging Matt Hasselbeck whose best days are indeed behind him and not ahead of him ! My own thoughts are that the Seahawks could well end having a respectable season or they could well end posting a rather moribund record of 5-11 . You simply throw the dice and look to see how they might land .

The San Francisco 49 ers will look to excel under their coach Mike Singletary but to my mind I think that this team can only go as far as Alex Smith can lead them. And like Matt Leinart , Smith has had his problems convincing the fans and teammates that he step his game and play at the next level. Insomuch as the Niners are a storied franchise , of late their legacy has been that of an organization that his been mismanaged and whose ownership merely see the team as a bauble that they can show off to their socialite friends. Pardon me for saying this but the interest shown by Dr John York and his wife Denise Bartolo-York is like of that of a parent who has a misbehaving stepchild . Their concern seems to be merely with the overall worth of the franchise rather than the product that is on the field on any given week. And this season for the Niners could be telling in more ways than one as many feel that they are capable of a postseason berth in the playoffs. Much of that however will be predicated upon the play of Smith and his teammates. They could well be the presumptive favorites in many people’s eyes within the division. Not one to normally hazard a guess but if they were to end up with a 10-6 record and garner a postseason berth then I wouldn’t at all be surprised ! But then again should they fall short of that then I wouldn’t again be surprised by that at all ! Such are the machinations within this division that it’s easy to understand why the football played within the division has been so bad in recent years.

Crazy as this might seem but if Sam Bradford is meant to be the savior of the St Louis Rams then his offensive line had better do a great deal more to protect his ass . If not then his and their season could be over before it has even started. Steve Spagnuolu and his coaching staff coming off a rather horrendous season in 2009 (1-15) will look to rebound from it all. And for those fans hoping too see something different this upcoming season at the Edward Jones Dome Arena in St Louis. Well they can look no further at a revamped team looking to find its way back to their halcyon days where they once were described as the “greatest show on turf “. Now of late it’s been more like a team steeped in cow dung right the way up to their shoulders in terms of their performances within the league in recent years.

And one could ask whether or not the Rams are good in enough to shake things up within the NFC West ? But then again we could ask, is Bradford ready to lead the team and are his teammates prepared to follow ? No doubt also much of the team’s success will be derived from the coaching tactics of Spagnuolo and his staff. And at the same time if that offensive line can protect their quarterback and the defense plays with a great deal of resolve. Then we could well see the Rams spring or one or two surprises along the way this season. Suffice to say there’s a great deal hanging on the shoulders of the first year quarterback and it’s now up to him to prove that he can deliver. Chances are both Bradford and the Rams will have a season which they and management will deem a success if they can show signs of overall improvement .



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What thoughts if any do you have on the upcoming NFL season and in particular within the NFC West. I think that we can all attest to the fact that the division itself could never be viewed as a powerhouse within the NFL ? Albeit that in recent years it has been the Cardinals and Seahawks that have been viewed as the teams that have shown a modicum of consistency. But more often than not the brand of football being played there has been either way too sloppy and inconsistent or we have seen from time to some flashed of brilliance. Which is it to be this year within the division ? What thoughts if any do you have on the subject matter ? Chime on in with a comment and thanks as always for the continued support !


Alan aka tophatal …………………………………


Maggie Q

Actress Maggie Q soon to be seen in the CW’s action drama series “Nikita” reprising the role first played by Bridget Fonda in US version of the hit French movie ” La Femme Nikita” and then reprised by Peta Wilson on a short lived tv serial .


14 thoughts on “Go West Young Man , Make Your Fortune And Claim The Fame That Awaits You ……

  1. Just like the AFC West, the division is up for grabs. I hope the Niners and Raiders pull it out this year. I have no idea what Arizona is going to do. Who knows what Leinart can or can’t do, and the losses they suffered could be their undoing…

    1. chappy

      This might sound harsh but should Leinart flame out then who’s to blame ? The player , the Cardinals coaching staff or Pete Carroll while he (Leinart) was at USC ? This much we already know in his five years in the league he’s yet to win over the Cardinals’ fans much less his teammates or coaching staff.

      The NFC West is up for grabs but it’ll be down to the determination of the teams there as to who wants it the most . And as far as the AFC West is concerned as I’d already told you that division is the Raiders for the taking . Cable has to get it into the players’ heads that all they have to do is to play a dominant brand football and they will fare well.

      Raiders’ baby they can go all the way if they really try !

      tophatal ……….. šŸ™‚

      1. Ravenation LLC

        I think that the Chargers will fall back the pack . And it’ll be down to the others within the division to take advantage of the situation. If not the Raiders then who ?

        Kendra Wilkinson before she discovered what a basket could do for her .


        tophatal …… šŸ™‚

    1. Chris Humpherys

      It may not be that the division is bad but it has more to do with the real lack of talented coaches within the division . That being said if the talent isn’t there to begin with then you tend to end up crap anyway ! One could say the same with regard to the AFC West also !

      The Cards making it to the Superbowl didn’t really surprise me as they’d hit a rich vein of form in the playoffs and they simply rode with it. It was the same with the Saints last year and there no one expected them to derail the Favre traveling circus in the NFC championship game. But what might be even more asinine after the result was the assholes who were stating that the Viking were still the better team . WTF ? They had their asses handed to them by Brees and the Saints and that to me suggests who on the day was the better team ! And it certainly wasn’t Favre and his opinionated bunch of cretins !


      tophatal …………… šŸ™‚


  2. I like the 49ers to win the west this year. I would like them more if they had an established quarterback leading them, but you can’t have everything. Coach Singletary has that team playing solid football and really isn’t that about all it’s gonna take to win that division?

    1. aero

      True enough Singletary has the team playing some solid football. But that defense of theirs is now one of the more tenacious ones within the league. They’re going to put a world of hurt on one or two teams around the league . And in Frank Gore they might just have one of the most underestimated and underrated running backs in the entire NFL .

      Rhona  Mitra

      But if things should get bad in the NFL this season you can always spend some time staring down Rhona Mitra don’t you think ?

      If the Cardinals win more than eight games this season I’ll be pleasantly surprised !


      tophatal ……. šŸ™‚

    1. Ravenation LLC

      Not only is the NFC West weak as a division but the coaching there is barely above average and so too is the talent in the vast majority of cases ! There’s no real standout or dynamic player within the division that would have your mouth dropping in awe at all !

      The Niners for their part have to win this division if anyone is to take them seriously .


      tophatal ….. šŸ™‚

    1. Ravenation LLC

      What I can’t understand is why everyone seems to be under the impression that Leinart is getting such a raw deal ? If he can’t even beat out Kurt Warner from the outset and now Derek Anderson . Then why all the huff and puff of these idiot analysts ? They seem to forget that he bitched and moaned when Warner got the starting position when he was stinking up the joint more than a whore’s armpit and draws ! Now he’s bitching and whining again even when his own damn teammates have no real faith in him.

      He’s never really gotten the respect of Fitzgerald , Beaston or Boldin while he was there. So what makes anyone believe that anything has changed ? Never mind the fact that Whisenhunt doesn’t think all that highly of him to begin with ! He was coddled way too much while he was at USC and all that comes down to how Pete Carroll conducted things there. Much ass was kissed with a great deal of brown nosing as well ! Players lauded around the campus as if they were kings. And as we know there was a sh_t-load of stuff going on that we now know lead to the program’s untimely demise. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of cheating bastards led by none other than Carroll , himself !


      tophatal …………… šŸ™‚

    1. chappy

      I don’t know what it is that the Texans are looking to do. But clearly Kubiak thinks that the addition will light a fire under Matt Schaub . As for that I’m not so sure that it’ll help in the long run ! We’ve seen that Leinart doesn’t apply himself to the task at hand. Were that the case then the veterans on the Cardinals’ team would’ve come out in support of him there in Arizona . Instead there all were as silent as a church mouse . I wonder why ?

      tophatal ……… šŸ™‚

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