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Telling Tall Tales In The World of Basketball ………

Telling   Tall  Tales     In   The  World  of  Basketball

OK  so  what  is  that  makes  Stephon  Marbury feel that   he’s  still   relevant in  the   sport  of  basketball ?  It’s  not  as if  his career  was  a storied one  to  begin  with.  Having   played  alongside  future  Hall  of Famers  Jason  Kidd  and  Steve  Nash the  player  who  recently   “tweeted”  that  he’d   like  to  see   the now retired  Allen   Iverson  return  to  the  court  to  join  and  play  alongside him  in  China  .   Now   pardon  me  for  saying this  but what have  the  Chinese done  deserve such  a  fate  ?  Marbury’s NBA __ career  hasn’t  been  a   storied  one  and  it   failed  to  live  up  to  the  hype of the  ‘once prodigious’  blacktop  star.

For  Iverson  to  even  consider  returning  the   court   much  less   playing  in  China  given  the mayhem  in  his  personal  life would   leave  a  great  deal  to  be   desired.  In  the   midst  of  an  acrimonious  separation  from  his estranged wife.  The   player has  a  great   deal  on  his   plate to  deal  with  much  less  forming  something  of  an   intriguing duo of  he  and  Marbury  playing  professionally   in  China.  If  there’s  a  possibility  I’d   like to see   Iverson remain retired and   Marbury  well  let’s   just  say  should  he  return   to  play  professionally  in China then  hopefully   he’s assigned  to  a  team   in   outer  Mongolia or another remote Chinese province !


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Is  there  a   chance  that  the   triumph  of   team  USA  in  the  FIBA   world  championships will  be truly  appreciated  ? What  was  achieved  by  coach   Mike  Krzyzewski  and  his  staff  I for  one don’t  believe can be quantified and  appreciated. With   only  Chauncey  Billups  and  Lamar Odom  on  this national squad  with  previous  international  experience. The team led by  Kevin Durant went to  Istanbul Turkey  and   decisively  won  the   world  championships. Though  they  might’ve   been  favored   one    doubts  that  the  team  would   go  unbeaten  throughout the  tournament and   beat  the   host  nation  with   ease.    In  defeating   Turkey   team  USA won  the   world  championship  for  the  first  time  since 1994 .

USA  Basketball once  again can  consider itself  atop of the  basketball  world  internationally.  And  while  no one  can  deny  the  truly  astonishing  feat of  the  team  and the  praise   heaped upon   tournament MVP Durant . One   can’t  but ask  what   now  happens  in  the run-up  to  the  Olympic  Games  in   London  , 2012 ?  Major  stars   such as Dywane Wade  , __ LeBron  James Carmelo  Anthony  and  Chris  Bosh  were  not  participants   in   Ankara.  And it  has to be  said  that   the  players  mentioned  will  be   looking to  be   willing  participants  on  the  team  that   is  an  automatic   qualifier  for  the London   games.   Now  one   might look at  this venially,  with the  fact  that   such  major  stars  as   Wade  and   James   will   no   doubt   seen  as  automatic  choices  for  the  team   which  will  once   again  be  coached  by  Krzyzewski  in what  will be   his  last  international   tournament  as  a  coach.   In  high  anticipation  of  this    I’ve   no  doubt  that   USA   Director  of  Basketball Operations Jerry Colangelo  will  consult  with his much revered  coach   as  to  what   will  be  in   the  organization’s  best   interests  as  it  relates  to  the   tournament But   given  what   we  saw  from  these   players   who  in  many  respects   really dropped themselves from  consideration from  the  world  championship merely to pursue  the  multi-million   dollar contracts  of the  NBA  .   I’ve    got to  ask    will  it  be   fair  to  the   younger   players   who   played  with  passion  and   pride   for  their   country     to be quite possibly left  off the   team  for the  Olympics ?

And  the NBA  itself  isn’t without   discord  at  present   as the  league   hierarchy   headed   by   David  Stern  and  NBPA   Executive  Director  Billy Hunter are till  trying to  hammer  out a   comprehensive  collective   bargaining  agreement  in order to avoid  what   would  be a  disastrous  labor  dispute should  that  scenario  arise. NBA  Commissioner  Stern  has  been  reticent  to  discuss in public   not  only  how  the   talks are  progressing .  Hunter  for his  part   has   stated  that   he’s willing to  work  in  conjunction  with  the   commissioner  but  only  under the  terms  dictated by  his members. On  the  face  of this is simply about  two groups  of   multi-millionaires  not 
wanting to  give  any   leeway    image   wise  by appearing to look  weak

Given the  weak economy and the   fact  that a   number   of  NBA  teams  aren’t  exactly in  a   healthy   financial state.  One  could ask  the question  what  is  it  that   Stern and the  team owners have to hide ? Stern’s   idiotic  argument that  the   $250 million  loaned  to fifteen teams in 2009 in order curtail the =woes  of those teams shows that for all  of the grandiose statements made by the commissioner, all is not as it appears. But you’d be hard pressed to hear the majority of owners admit to the fact that their financial woes are  as acute as we know them to be. The  league  itself  lost in excess of $400 million  in  2009 and is forecast to lose in excess  of $500 millionor the 2010-11 season.Half a billion dollars in losses in an industry where revenues are in excess of  $ 5 billion has to be  a worrying picture for the NBA owners .

The the players’ union would like or us  to  believe  that  the owners have something to  hide and  aren’t  being  entirely   honest  as  to   their  revenue  streams  and  profits. And given that  the  league  is  a   private  enterprise  and  that  their   books   have   never   been  opened  for public scrutiny   it’s   hard  to  know where   the   truth  begins   and  where   false claims  come  into  play.

With  the   upcoming  season but  a  few  months  away   it  remains  to  be   seen  what scenarios  will   arise  in  the  NBA.  Quite   possibly  before  the  season   commences   we  could  well  see  a major  trade as  rumors  were  rife  that the Denver Nuggets were   prepared  to   trade  Carmelo Anthony  in  exchange for the  Chicago Bulls’  center  Joakim  Noah.    That   move   would  bring   immediate   dividends for  the  Bulls   should  the  trade  take   place  and   would  make the  team a    serious  contender  within  the  Eastern Conference  alongside the  Miami Heat Orlando  Magic  and  Boston Celtics.  Anything  that  would make the conference  all  the  more  intriguing rather  than  being  seen  as  a  coronation  in  waiting  for  the  Miami  Heat.

Courtesy of ESPN & Associated Press

Nuggets focusing on Carmelo Anthony

DENVER — Now that the Denver Nuggets have their management team in place, they’re developing a strategy to keep All-Star Carmelo Anthony in powder blue and gold.

At his introductory news conference Tuesday, Masai Ujiri, the team’s new vice president of basketball operations, said he’s been in contact with Anthony and will meet with him soon.

The Nuggets offered Anthony a three-year, $65 million extension through 2014, but if he rejects it, the team will have to consider trading the forward who has guided them to seven straight playoff berths.

“I think I’m going to convince him to be a Nugget,” Ujiri said, smiling. “No, I don’t know, I can’t make a judgment on that. Like I said, it’s a process and until he tells me that … we want him back, the city wants him back, ownership wants him back.”

There have been hints that Anthony might be thinking about moving on: his mansion in the Denver area is on the market and at his New York wedding to TV personality LaLa Vazquez this summer, there was that now famous toast by New Orleans point guard Chris Paul about reuniting with Melo in Gotham to form a super-team along with Amare Stoudemire to counter the Miami Heat’s terrific trio.

Anthony has never come out and said he wanted to be traded, however.

At his basketball camp this summer, Anthony dismissed all the speculation of his impending departure from Denver: “I’ve been hearing that for five years. I’m a Denver Nugget. I’m here, I’m with the Nuggets. I don’t become a free agent until next year, if I decide not to take that extension.”

He said then that he was just taking his time making a decision.

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What  thoughts  if  any   do   you  have   on  the  achievements  of  Mike  Krzyzewski being    the  first  national   coach  to  win  the  Olympic   gold  ,world  championship  gold  as  well  as  an   NCAA  national  championship ?   And  how  do   you   view the   upcoming  season  in  the  NBA   and   how  it will   pan   out   for  some  of  the  teams  ?  By  all  means  simply  leave  a  comment   and  I’ll   do   my  utmost  to  respond to   your  comments   in a  timely  manner .   Thanks  as  always  for  the   continued  support  as  it  has   always  been  appreciated    !

Alan  aka  tophatal _ 🙂 * 🙂



Model Jessica White . Who wouldn’t want to have a lick of her pineapple ?

5 thoughts on “Telling Tall Tales In The World of Basketball ………

  1. chappy 81

    I’m sorry to say this but should you still have any family members remaining in China then I’d like to offer my own profound apologies should Marbury go there to play ball professionally. One billion people don’t need to be subjected to this ignoramus’ idiotic antics. I mean it’s not as if his NBA career amounted to much to begin with .

    As to the team that’ll step on court in 2012 I hope it’s filled with players and not egotistical wankers like James and Wade ! Both guys gave Krzyzewski the run-around before stating that they wouldn’t play in the world championships. At least Bryant was upfront from the beginning and make the coach aware as to his intentions concerning his none participation.

    One way or another someone in the Eastern Conference will bitch and whine crying to suckle on their mom’s tit ! Any takers as to who that might be ? I’d say Shaq for one as I can’t see the Celtics going beyond the conference semis at best !


  2. No offense taken. It’s funny out of a billion people you’d think there would be some more basketball players that were good enough to keep Marbury out of the lineup, I guess not haha!

    I’m wondering if the Warriors have a shot at Melo. The only way I’d want him is if he signed an extension and not as a rental. We actually could put up a good package with Ellis as the main piece. Here’s an overly optimistic article I read the other day on his chance of ending up in the bay…

    1. chappy 81

      In all likelihood unless the Warriors are willing to give up a top notch player off their roster they’re unlikely to obtain ‘melo .

      I can’t envisage Iverson coming out of retirement to play again professionally. I for one don’t believe that his mind would be fully in it , especially given the fact of the mess that his private life is in !

      I hear that Adam Morrison had a tryout with the Celtics but I haven’t heard whether or not he was signed by the organization.


      Willing to have sex in order to become famous.

      Hi my name is Adam Morrison and I approve this message . Someone please sign me to a fu_king NBA team … goddamn I still got game !

      What help would Starbury provide to the development of the game in China ? That’s like entrusting Bernie Madoff to look after the a family’s fortune . You know that no good can come from it at all !

      tophatal 🙂

  3. I was really hoping Iverson would sign on with the Celtics for the league min.

    I’d just love to see him leave the league with a legit shot at a title.

    Here’s hoping he’ll finally accept a diminished role with whomever signs.

    1. Chris Humpherys

      There’s not a cat in hell’s chance of Iverson signing with a team. His heart is no longer in the game at the same time he’s still a liability in terms of injuries .

      As for Starbury send his ass out there in the Gobi Desert and let him play ball there !

      Ay papi I miss you so !


      tophatal 🙂

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