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They Do Things Big In Dallas Except Win ……… That Is ! Well In The NBA That’s The Case

They Do Things Big In Dallas Except Win ……… That Is ! Well In The NBA That’s The Case

I don’t know that this upcoming NBA __ season I can buy into the fact that the Dallas Mavericks can be a championship contender within the league. They might just be one of the worse kept secrets within the NBA and season in , season out as they repeatedly fail to live up to potential. And much like their NFL counterpart in the Dallas Cowboys they have an opinionated owner who simply believes that he knows more than most without actually knowing anything at all. I know that they do things big in Texas, from the size of their ten gallon hats to the loopy air headed-ness of the blond females who tend up being crowned Miss Texas. But amongst the professional ranks of sports over the last decade there’s been little of worth or note that has actually come out of the state from that specific standpoint. And for Mark Cuban and Jerry Jones it has been their their respective persona that fans tend to notice rather than anything that’s been achieved by their respective teams.


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Each year the Cowboys are anointed as the team to beat within the NFC and as is their way they find a way to continually disappoint . A decade plus and they’ve only recently won their first postseason game in that time but yet the idiotic panelists continually regale us with how good they are and will be . Isn’t that like trying to make an argument that for all of the good that Adolf Hitler tried to do in making Germany a progressive country during WWII some good came out of it ? Clearly Hitler had his moments but his biggest moment was the fact that he led his country to defeat albeit that he wasn’t around to see the final days of the war itself. And that is how I symbolize the travails of the Cowboys within the NFL and their wish to ascend back to upper echelons of the NFL.

In the case of the Dallas Mavericks it’s been about an organization wherein their owner Mark Cuban has lavish all expense to make this team better and it has come to no avail. One NBA Finals appearance and they were subjected to one of the most humiliating Finals series defeat in recent memory. Not only were they schooled by Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat but this entire team was made to look like a group of aging geriatrics playing against a group of physically gifted athletes. Don Nelson who presided over the team at the time as its coach, he and never instilled any discipline into the team and his coaching mantra seemed to be…. try outscore your opponent without actually playing little if any defense at all. I don’t know what other coach within the professional sporting ranks has ever subscribed to such tendencies but clearly it hasn’t worked for Nelson over his storied coaching career. And this mantra it now appears still exists today with the Mavericks under their current coach Rick Carlisle. And unfortunately for all of the technical prowess he’s shown the Mavericks as a team they still haven’t the wherewithal to play defense in an NBA game. We may see flashes of it from time to time but in essence it has all been too inconsistent.

From a leadership aspect also this Mavericks’ team doesn’t seem to possess someone who can readily stand up and lead by example. An aging Dirk Nowitzki is now not only showing his age but he’s also breaking down with far more regularity than a three legged race horse trailing its opponents as it nears the finish line in an arduous race. And be that as it may , say what you will about Jason Kidd but flashes of brilliance from this point guard can’t hide the fact that this team’s window of opportunity has long gone. The Mavericks’ opponents not only within its division have gotten better but so too have their opponents within the Western Conference. And anyone of the belief that the Mavericks are still a legitimate contender within that conference really needs to survey the rest of the West to see what has really taken place there in the past two years. We’ve seen the rise of the Oklahoma Thunder who in Kevin Durant might just be the fourth best player in the entire NBA after in no discerning order , Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dywane Wade. Never mind the fact that in tandem with his teammate Russell Westbrook the two could well be one of the best offensive tandems in the league. Given time and experience I fully expect this young team and the organization to have a great deal of success in the foreseeable future.



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As to the impending future of the Dallas Mavericks I don’t truly see this team in its current guise contending for an NBA title and at best they may well make the playoffs but beyond that I just cannot see them contending alongside the Los Angeles Lakers,Miami Heat , Orlando Magic much less success starved teams as the Portland Trailblazers or Oklahoma City Thunder . I could well be wrong but I doubt it given the evidence of this team’s struggles over the past few years . The Dallas Mavericks are a very good regular season team but come the postseason you just simply know that the wheels on this vehicle are going to fall off and their ambitions become derailed. Like I said they tend to do things big in Dallas ….except win !

Chime on in with a comment as to your thoughts on the Mavericks’ upcoming season and what you expect to see from this NBA season ?

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10 thoughts on “They Do Things Big In Dallas Except Win ……… That Is ! Well In The NBA That’s The Case

  1. ah well at least they have the cowboys…oops they ain’t doing too good…well the cheerleaders look good.

    1. al clements

      Cowboys’ cheerleaders will always look better than the Cowboys’ NFL team . I mean what’s there to like about a team that’s already over-hyped and underachieving this season ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      ‘Hey Mary Anne any truth to the rumor you’ve seen both Tony’s and Brett’s pee-pee’s’ ? ‘No Julie I only saw Tony’s from a distance and it was disappointing as for Brett I don’t know what he’s got ‘ .

      As to the Mavericks I fully expect them to go down in flames like they have done in previous seasons ! Mark Cuban is no genius and nor is Jerry Jones . I rest my case !

      tophatal 🙂

    2. al clements

      I hear that they also have some well endowed females from the state of Texas as well ? Perhaps I should pay the state a visit afterall then ?

      tophatal 🙂

  2. I can’t argue with that, will they swoon in June again!?! Probably. Cuban needs to blow this team up and start over. I have a hard time seeing Kidd lasting much longer…

    1. chappy 81

      I’m not saying Kidd is slow but Clay Aiken could run rings around him and right into his ass ! Nowitzki is no spring chicken either as his ass has slowed down in the last few years .

      Cuban like Jerry Jones and Donald Trump believe way too much in their own self importance. Problem is they tend to be wrong more than they’d actually like to admit .

      tophatal 🙂

  3. Well, at least the Rangers have made that city proud because the Mavs and Cowboys are consistent underachievers.

    I cannot BELIEVE that team is 1-3.

    In a weak NFC, that team is running dangerously close to missing the playoffs.

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Kudos to the Rangers but as the saying goes ….. God don’t like ugly . And that’s what the Cowboys are at present ….. exceedingly ugly !

      Jerry Jones says that he has no desire to revisit the issue of firing Wade Phillips . Isn’t that like a polite way of saying I don’t like having sex with my wife on the days that has the letters A and Y in it ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      As to the Mavericks this team is no better than last year’s roster and that’s even in spite of the tweaks made by Cuban, Carlisle and the front office.

      They may well make the postseason but they certainly won’t be challenging the Lakers in the conference finals.

      tophatal 🙂

  4. It’s panic time…they are 1 and 4 now and lost a game they had to win. That being said Miles Austin should not have been flagged for leaping over Roy Williams, it was an impressive display of athleticism. HOWEVER, that type of play pretty much describes their whole season: Undisciplined by a wide margin.

    Don’t buy the Saints still as the top NFC team: It’s Philly. Trust me. They have a QB controversy and they are TILL winning. That’s a great team there. And although DeSean Jackson is likely out for a while, Jeremy Maclin has become a man this year.


    1. Ravenation LLC /Meehan

      Based on what I’ve seen of the Eagles I’d place them right up there as amongst the best in the NFC but until Reid settles on a starting qb I’m not liable to jump on board that particular bandwagon at all.

      Take all you want about the players on the team but they’ve got to prove themselves first where it matters most first in the regular season and then in the postseason and that’s what I’ve yet to see from Maclin . Albeit that Jackson has had some postseason experience.

      tophatal 🙂

    2. Ravenation LLC/Meehan

      What else is there to understand the rules mandating excessive celebrations are clearly set out by the league head office ? So either the players on the Cowboys roster aren’t that bright or they simply are a bunch of illiterate and narcissistic assholes . I think that it may well be both at this juncture ! This is a piss poor team that’s heading for a really bad season overall !

      tophatal 🙂

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