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Who Wants To Be #1 ?

Who Wants To Be #1 ?

Much like the NFL __ College Football has become topsy turvy this season and we’re seeing the same thing happen in terms of the supposed top teams slipping up .And the very fact that over the past two weeks neither two teams that’ve sat atop of the rankings have actually been able to remain there longer than one week. Firstly it was the Alabama ( Crimson Tide) running into the buzz saw that was the South Carolina Gamecocks . If that wasn't enough of a surprise to see this Tide team completely exposed as something of a fraud and then consider what happened this past weekend with the Ohio State Buckeyes as they were simply man handled by the Wisconsin Badgers in their subsequent 31-18 loss. And with the first BCS rankings now having been announced it will be interesting to see what arises between now and the end of the regular season within college football.


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While it would be true to suggest that there are no truly dominant teams this season within college football I do believe what we’re now seeing is an ugly dilution of the talent pool and some rather inexplicable coaching faux-pas’ where blunders by coaches and their staff had led to some of the upsets we’ve seen with a number of highly ranked teams that were thought to be in with a chance of national championship aspirations. And as good as many of the teams are thought to be amongst the BCS rankings I’m of the belief that until the season pans out we’re still liable to see a number of these teams in question make a misstep or two over the coming weeks. Schedules being what they are there’s a tendency for not only complacency to set in but also the fact that injuries may or may not play a part in how far these teams will ultimately go. Furthermore while we can all debate a number of team’s aspirations and the mere fact that a mockery is made of their schedules it does beg the question how best to resolve a the situation where the likes of Boise State’s credentials comes into question. The team’s ___ schedule is one that is simply padded with some lesser lights viewed as sacrificial lambs and a Western Athletic Conference (WAC) schedule that one might view as being as competitive as trying to discern the IQ between Sarah Palin and Delaware Tea Party backed Republican Party senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell. Not much there from either if truth be known and the same can argument can be made for the competitiveness of WAC !

Given what we know and the fact that it’s now being alleged that much of the conjecture concerning the Boise’s schedule stems from the fact that the team doesn’t play in what is considered to be a top tiered conference nor do they tend to schedule what’s considered to be an elite program on their schedule. The SEC , Pac-10 , ACC , Big East , Big 10 , Big 12 are long considered to be the creme-de-la-creme of college football’s elite conferences and within those conferences and divisions there are a number of highly competitive programs. Boise State on the other hand, while now being looked at as a national contender by some analysts there’s a belief that until the Broncos’ schedule is competitive enough where they’re not only playing many more elite programs , we’re liable to simply view the Broncos as just another team that while amassing impressive stats they’ll fall short of what the mainstream fans and pundits desire to see from a championship contender.

I find it somewhat ironic that the Broncos’ state they’re not getting any respect from the BCS pollsters and the writers who cover the program. However it’s come to light that while overtures have been made by Nebraska and Ohio State to schedule Boise as part of their schedule it has since come to light that the Broncos refused those very same overtures requesting Boise play either the Cornhuskers or Buckeyes. The Broncos have supposedly demanded that they be paid in excess of $1million from each school merely to turn up and participate in those games. If that’s not enough to suggest how ludicrous it has become when as it concerns big time college football and the high stakes that are in play . Then clearly we now know that it comes down not only about what’s purportedly about the game itself but also how much money there is awash within the game today !.

From my own perspective while I’ve always maintained that there ought to be a playoff system installed at the end of the college season it’s clear to see that the conferences that make up the BCS has no interest at all in instituting such an approach as it would merely cut into the ‘tens of millions of dollars’ that are derived from the system that’s already in place for the five major season ending bowl games and the lesser tiered games that come into play.

It seems somewhat strange that even with the outcry for there to be changes to be made within the system what we have still creates a great deal of controversy but yet we’re told that this is the best that BCS community can offer the fans . Somehow that’s like being told that the cure for the common cold is nothing more than drinking some concoction made possible by a snake oil salesman.

And while I for one do believe that there are a number of teams with the aspirations to viewed as a national championship contender. The one thing I think that we might all foresee is the mess that the current system will create come season’s end. Computer algorithms and the preference of the pollsters may well play more of a part in deciding who plays for the national championship than anything one might derive of what has taken place on the field of play. It’s hard to think that we may well end up with at least one unbeaten team when it’s all said and done at the end of the regular season. Especially given the results that we’ve all witnessed thus far.



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What if anything has been of a surprise to you in the college football season ? And do you as such have a preference as to which two teams you’d like to see play for the national championship ?

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13 thoughts on “Who Wants To Be #1 ?

      1. Chris Humpherys

        Not to worry I was at a loss as to figuring out what he (Meehan/Ravenation) was implying as I believe he might’ve felt that I was a Gator fan somehow merely because I reside in Florida.

        The way that the rankings are now set up at present no one’s under the belief that there might be an unbeaten team left at all when it’s all said and done at the end of the regular college season. And if a team that happens to be a none BCS conference team that remains unbeaten then there’s a less than remote chance they would be given the privilege of playing for a national championship. We tend to forget that the BCS essentially has always been an old boys club that doesn’t welcome outsiders at all.

        I’d like for this fine ass filly to be ranked and spanked ! Wha’ do you think about it then ?

        tophatal 🙂

    1. Ravenation LLC

      You’re preaching to the choir here concerning the Gators as the loss of Tebow all but set the team back at least two years .

      Meyer has never really adjusted to the loss and the offense now really lacks a running game .


      Something to keep you warm and comfy .


      tophatal 🙂

  1. Agree with Meehan. That said, nothing will ever change s long as the money keeps flowing into the system as it is now.
    Some pundits are now claiming it will be Auburn and Bama in the final hunt; dunno.

    1. al clements

      Both you and I know it’s money that keeps the status quo when it comes to the BCS , NCAA and the rankings as whole never mind the fact that the broadcast networks and an independent such Notre Dame gets a part in ultimately determining who gets to play for the national title. OK so the coaches have a say but it’s nowhere near as influential as some might believe . It comes down to what’s appealing to the fans and if it happens to be two unbeatens from a BCS conference then it’s all the better for them as well as the teams involved. Break it all down and it all comes down to the ‘Benjamins’ and that’s it !

      If Bama suffers another conference loss then I don’t see them at all playing for a national title. They’ve fallen too far in the rankings as it is already and Auburn will now have to play lights out and make to their conference championship to ultimately be in with a chance of playing for the title.

      Leila Arcieri will drink your bath water for free just as long as you scratch one of her many needs .

      tophatal 🙂

  2. Oregon looks like a contender, as does Oklahoma. Boise on the other hand needs to play a tougher schedule or quit whinning that they get no respect.

    1. aero

      Money is the determining factor in all of this and the BCS in conjunction with the NCAA and the major BCS Bowl conferences . There’s so much collusion here that there’s no way to discern to say who’s getting what out of this all other than to follow the ‘money trail’ .

      I like the Sooners and Boise but but unless a team is part of the BCS bowl consortium no team from outside stands a cat in hell’s chance of playing for the national title.

      tophatal 🙂

  3. GO DUCKS! It’s impossible to not like their version of the Suns offense! They hike it with 20 seconds on the play clock everytime, and score on half those plays! I hope they can get into a title game…

    1. chappy81

      It’s always been clear to me that the BCS national championship game has and always will be geared towards BCS conference teams only. The ‘big boys’ simply don’t want anyone not sitting at the table feasting of their deserts or rewards .

      Oregon I do believe are capable of not only winning the Pac-10 title but also quite possibly challenging for the national title itself should things fall their way.

      tophatal 🙂

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