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Money Troubles ………….. And You Thought It Simply The Congress And The Government Who Fu_ked Up ?

Money Troubles ………….. And You Thought It Simply The Congress And The Government Who Fu_ked Up ?

Well it seems that NBA Commissioner David Stern will leave no stone unturned as he seeks to push the NBA Players Association into a corner. Not content in trying to renegotiate the collective bargaining agreement which is due to expire at the end of the current upcoming NBA season. Stern and his union counterpart Billy Hunter the NBPA Executive Director are so far apart with regard to the ongoing negotiations that this is just a mere tip of the iceberg that the chasm seems to be getting wider with each passing week.


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In order to seek out public empathy and as something of a PR stunt Stern issued a proclamation that the league hierarchy will seek concessions totaling $850 million from the players in order to stave off financial disaster. That sum equates approximately to just over $28 million per NBA franchise . And when one considers that the NBA is on target to lose in excess of $450 million this year alone one can understand the reason why David Stern is adamant that there’s no room to maneuver from this dire situation. Remarkably while all of this takes place I can’t help but wonder if the league is pleading poverty then how is it that the Miami Heat in one fail swoop can land such big money free agent targets as LeBron James and Chris Bosh ? And bear this in mind the Miami Heat as a business concern lost $45 million in 2009 , much of that derived from lower gate attendance for their home games and even less from concession sales.

As we’ve come to expect from many of the franchise owners across the four major sports now seem to be pleading poverty under the financial strain where they’re now said to be under. What I find so outrageous and actually ridiculous is the idiocy of the fans out there who’d rather state that the economy is one of the main reasons why many of the sports franchises are having so many inherent problems concerning their revenue streams . Many of these franchises rather than tightening would rather spend far more than they’re said to be earning and st the same make the fans and the public their scapegoat. Stern for his part seems somewhat oblivious over the last two years as to what has been going on within his sport from an economic standpoint. And if you thought that the NBA was awry with the miscues made then simply look at the problems now arising within the NFL and MLB ? I found it somewhat asinine and extraordinary when I heard noted New York Daily News journalist Mike Lupica make the claim that baseball and its situation is perhaps the healthiest of the four major sports given the fact that the game itself doesn’t have an ongoing labor dispute . Either Lupica is completely unaware as to the financial limitations that the game is undergoing and the mere fact that less 35 % of all teams are actually making an operational profit without the benefit of some sort of assistance from league’s hierarchy from their tax sharing revenue scheme. And also bear in mind the fact that during the ALCS and NLCS games we were able to witness the fact that several of those games were not sold out. We were also made aware that the television ratings for many of these games were minute and less than had been hoped for by MLB Commissioner Bud Selig .

The NFL and its problems are now so acute that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell , his union counterpart NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and union President Kevin Mawae . Intransigence from both sides could well bring about the first labor stoppage in the NFL in the last eighteen years. Such a situation would do irreparable harm to the NFL’s image and no doubt alienate the fans of the game. Now we might opine as to how both sides can best address this ongoing situation but it’s becoming abundantly clear that however this pans out for the league and on their ongoing efforts to find some common ground with the union . The fact of the matter common sense isn’t being shown by either side as they simply choose to berate each other without really listening to what either side really has to say.

Now while I use this scenario to show symbolic and how completely out of touch the public really are with what is actually going on around them . The idiocy I continue to hear is that we’re told Republicans know how to run a business . The truth is Republicans much like their political opposites the Democrats rarely know how to run a business successively without some political connivance and assistance from the government. Big government or little government corruption remains the same and comes in many guises so don’t believe the idiotic rants of the pundits out there merely making statements without having any knowledge as to what they’re actually talking about . Consider this, at the taxpayers’ expense arenas and stadiums are being built with at times very little if any monetary contributions coming directly out of the pockets of the owners but somehow when big public corporations are allowed to act so egregiously there’s no public outcry. Also consider the actions of Fannie Mae , Freddie Mac , Bank of America , Wells Fargo and Ally Bank and their actions concerning the foreclosures happening across the country ?. Although there are hundreds of billions of dollars at stake and the near inaction on the part of the Federal government one has to ask where’s the public outcry here and with that of the major professional sports franchises and the actions of their respective governing bodies when they choose not to limit their exorbitant spending ?

Now one might ask what really needs to be done for the governing bodies to actually get their house in order ? And the same argument can be made for the Federal government itself as they tend to merely fill the air with nothing more than platitudes and false promises. We’re now hearing of elected officials and those aspiring to be elected to municipal, state and federal government is that in making promises…… they seemingly know that they cannot keep. Fiscally conservative and being political expedient are oxymorons from this and a bygone age and it becomes an acronym for the bullshit that they want the electorate to subscribe to. If the federal deficit and national debt can’t be even addressed by the government despite their assurances that they will deal with this then what else ought we to expect from them ?These midterm elections will bring us more of the same without anything ever really changing other than perhaps a new group of blithering idiots entering political office and going about their merry way still screwing things up at the expense of the taxpayer.

Now while I’m not against free enterprise and capitalism what I am against is the complete gullibility shown by those who are of the belief that there’s no reason for the government to intercede when there’s been a clear misuse of the public’s trust and taxpayers’ funds . But then again having the government intercede and then act with the appropriate authority and show some semblance of common sense is akin to having a blind man guide you to safety by walking through a mine field . Clearly at this juncture any common sense being shown by anyone through clear clarity just isn’t going to happen.



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Given David Stern’s request to the NBPA (players union) do you feel that he will be successful in the union acquiescing to his wish of making those concessions ? Or do you foresee the situation where the NBA could also be going down the road where you could envisage there being an ongoing and prolonged labor dispute ? And what thoughts if any do you have with taxpayers being repeatedly asked to fund the building of stadiums across the country when there are far more far urgent needs within the economy at large ?


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6 thoughts on “Money Troubles ………….. And You Thought It Simply The Congress And The Government Who Fu_ked Up ?

    1. Chris Humpherys

      If Stern and the union aren’t prepared to talk about it then I guess that we’ll have to .

      God knows a season without the NBA and perhaps the NFL and we’d all become comatose and then begin to act like zombies ?

      tophatal 🙂

  1. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens because all of this. I hope there’s not a lockout, and I think the players will cave. I’d like to see a franchise tag put in there somehwhere. I hope they don’t start revenue sharing though!

    1. chappy81

      Anything that Stern now aspires to do will be interesting and that includes a fix to make sure that the Heat wins the NBA title ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      With the concessions that they’re now said to be looking for it’ll lessens salaries at all levels from rookies on up to seasoned veterans. And it’ll make a mess somewhat of the max salaries that were signed by the likes of Joe Johnson and Amar’e Stoudemire . You think that ‘melo is now hedging his bets ?

      tophatal 🙂

  2. NBA/NFL There is a point where unions should just stand down and owners become fair and reasonable. After all, how much money does anyone need to live well? I’d hate to see a lockout but that seems to be coming in both sports…..AND the owners also have themselves to blame….bidding wars

    1. al clements

      And I too believe in the tooth fairy and leprechauns. The NFL/NBA and their union counterparts will go back and forth until one of them eventually caves in. Then we’ll see how the fans will take to it all.

      tophatal …. 🙂

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