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All Things Must Come To An End ! Even The Good Ones ……….

All Things Must Come To An End ! Even The Good Ones ……….

All good things come to and end it’d appear that calmer heads ruled the day as Jerry Jones made the decision to fire his much maligned incumbent head coach Wade Phillips. At 1-7 one might ask why it took Jones so long to come to a decision where clearly it was evident that Phillips had lost control of a Dallas Cowboys’ team that had for all sense and purpose was “mailing it in”. Highly overpaid athletes who as such couldn’t strap it all on and play hard for 60 minutes. I’ve often heard it said that NFL players are tough and some of the best athletes on the planet. Pardon me for saying this if the Cowboys are meant to be the basis for that argument then I feel everyone who subscribes to that premise really needs to pull their head out of their ass. This current Cowboys’ team couldn’t match the tenacity of teams past who wore a Cowboys jersey with pride. What we’re now witnessing are a bunch of high priced primadona players. As for Phillips his sacrifice was to fall on the sword without Jones being prepared to accept responsibility for this gaffe and the team’s fall from grace.


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Jerry Jones believes that the team can somehow rebound and play with a great deal of pride. Phillips’ offensive coordinator Jason Garrett will now become the interim coach of the team and he’ll be assessed by Jones as to whether or not he’ll become Wade Phillips’ successor. From my own perspective this might just be the only appropriate thing that Jones can do while he gauges the interests of former coaches Jon Gruden , Bill Cowher and quite possibly from the college ranks Mark Dantonio , Chip Kelly , Gene Chizik , Les Miles and quite possibly Jim Harbaugh of Stanford . Though from what we all know of Jones it’s highly unlikely that he’d be willing to hire a coach from the college ranks unless he knows that he won’t have to acquiesce any power whatsoever to his new hire.

Jason Garrett was originally meant to be their heir apparent to Phillips and while his title was in essence the team’s offensive coordinator he had also been assigned the title of assistant head coach. Collectively however, I do think that while much of the blame lays squarely on the shoulders of Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones , I do feel that Garrett simply has shown that as a coordinator and assistant coach he’s simply brought nothing at all to the table. This team lacks leadership, accountability but overall the Cowboys lack complete purpose and the will to win !. And given the inept display by the team in their 45-7 loss to the Green Bay Packers it’s easy to see why the Dallas Cowboys have become one of the biggest jokes of the NFL season. Other than the hapless 0-7 ___ Buffalo Bills has there been a more maligned team and none sensical story of this NFL season ? Granted we’ve had so many idiotic prognostications as to why the Cowboys ought to have been viewed as a preseason favorite for the Superbowl . I must’ve missed something here because this is the same Dallas Cowboys’ team that hadn’t won a playoff game in over decade and whose presence last year in the playoffs lasted almost as long as a sobriety rehab stay of Lindsay Lohan. Mauled and manhandled by the Minnesota Vikings in an NFC divisional playoff game it is easy to understand the reason why I personally think that this team is vastly overrated !

How in God’s name can a 6-1 team look so inept in every facet of an NFL game ? Given the premise that the New England Patriots were now being viewed as the best team in the AFC record wise. It was clear that they were going to be in for a rude awakening . And that came about in the Patriots’ humiliating 34-14 loss to the Cleveland Browns where former Patriots’ offensive coordinator , now coach of the Browns Eric Mangini and his coaching staff out-coached Bill Belichick . If the postgame interview and statement by Belichick was anything to go by then it’s clear that the Patriots’ coach in his own naivete took the Browns far too lightly. The New England Patriots were outplayed in every facet of the game and defensively this team still has its flaws , as they were continually exposed in the team’s pass and run defense. And if that wasn’t enough Tom Brady and the Patriots’ offense were so inept that it is inconceivable that they actually ended up scoring fourteen points in this game. To top it all , Browns’ quarterback Colt McCoy had what might have been the best performance of his career in the NFL since his entrance, leading his team with a great deal of aplomb. Assisting him in that endeavor also was his teammate Peyton Hillis who racked up 184 yards on 29 carries , scoring 2 TD’s (avg 6.34 yards per carry). And if that wasn’t cause for concern it’s clear that this Patriots’ defense has a long way to go if the ambitions of Belichick are to be met in his aim to win a fourth Superbowl championship as a coach joining former Steelers’ coach Chuck Noll as the only four time winning Superbowl coach of the modern era in the NFL.

Within the AFC East the division has become something of a competitive one and it can no longer be viewed as the Patriots’ domain . Rex Ryan and the New York Jets have now become a welcome foe for the Patriots and with a rejuvenated and always forceful Miami Dolphins now looking for some semblance of respect from their divisional rivals as well as the rest of the teams within the AFC. It has to be said that whoever makes it out of the division as its divisional champion will be considered to be one of the favorites within the AFC for the Superbowl 45 (SBXLV).

If the Patriots are to get back on track then their next game against conference opponents the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh this upcoming Sunday will be a stern test of their resolve. They’ll be meeting a Steelers’ team having hit its stride and playing some of the best football in the league on both sides of the ball. Ben Roethlisberger having returned from his four game NFL mandated suspension has been guiding the team as its signal caller and with Troy Polamalu and Rashard Mendenhall having banner seasons it has to be said that this will be a tall order that is being asked of the Patriots to rebound from their loss to the Cleveland Browns. Mike Tomlin will have his team prepared to face whatever Bill Belichick has to throw at him strategically . This may well be one of the better games on offer in Week 10 of the NFL and it could go a long way in determining whether or not the Patriots are “for real” and whether or not the Pittsburgh Steelers are capable of making another return to the Superbowl in chasing down what would be their quest for a seventh Lombardi Trophy triumph.



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What thoughts if any do you have concerning the decision of Jerry Jones to fire his coach ? Do you feel that it was a knee jerk reaction on his part and do you feel that under interim coach Jason Garrett the team will fare any better ? With regard to the New England Patriots do you feel that the team will be able to rebound from their rather inexplicable loss to the Cleveland Browns and some defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers this upcoming weekend ? Simply chime on with a comment on the issues raised within this piece and any other NFL story that was of interest to you this past weekend. Thanks as always for your continued support as it has always been appreciated !

Alan aka tophatal ………………………… πŸ™‚


Ali Milan

Eye candy Ali Milan . I’d definitely lick her ta-ta’s and other jiggly bits !

17 thoughts on “All Things Must Come To An End ! Even The Good Ones ……….

  1. Jerry Jones should fire himself.
    The Browns are better than most people believed.
    The Patriots may not be there yet, but they are in position to build the perfect beast because of all the draft picks that they have accumulated.
    Ali can ride on my bike any time.

    1. aero

      Jerry Jones is an arrogant klutz and a putz ! The firing isn’t ill-timed but he should’ve done this once Phillips had lost complete control of this team . Now all they’ve got to play for is pride and I personally don’t think that the players on the Cowboys simply have any ! They’re a bunch of friggin’ ingrates who’ve simply began to believe all the print about themselves rather than getting the job done from the outset.

      As for the Pats I’m an avid fan of the team but it has now gotten to the point that the arrogance of Belichick in thinking that all he has to do is to field a team against one of his former assistants will be enough to eke out a win is enough has begun to piss me off ! If he continues with that thinking then it’ll lead to his undoing . The relationship between he and Mangini is still one of little respect when it’s all said and done.

      Ali Milan wields a big stick as well as can be seen from this picture . I wonder what other hobbies she has ?

      tophatal πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›

    2. aero

      Jones was like Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned to the ground . Only in this case he’s now trying to put out the flames by trying pi_s on the flaming embers after it’s all too late . If the Cowboys win perhaps no more than 5 games on their remaining schedule you can’t tell me that Jones and the front office will be happy with that .

      Vanessa Minnillo another one of Jeter’s many conquests . What a lucky bastard .

      😦 πŸ˜›

      tophatal ……….. πŸ˜›

    1. chappy

      Who doesn’t love it when the Cowboys suck ? Unfortunately for Jerry Jones having built that $1.5 billion monstrosity the team he wanted playing inside there isn’t worth a piece of dog s_it !

      Next up for the Pats we’ve got to play the damn Steelers and the way that they’ve been playing on both sides of the ball I think that Brady and the boys will have their work cut out for them in trying to win that game at Heinz Field .

      Chappy your serve I think as Ali seems to think that the balls are in your court for some reason ? LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      That vid’ is some of the funniest sh_t I’ve seen and heard in a while . Unfortunately those are the type of ‘bruthas’ who when they get the ‘coochie’ end up being viewed dumb ass misogynists !


      tophatal πŸ˜› * πŸ™‚

    2. chappy

      I can’t see Garrett taking on the role as coach full time next year ! If he couldn’t prove himself as a worthwhile assistant when this team was so bad even with Romo in tow . Then how in hell’s name are they going to fare now with him as interim with Kitna as the qb ?


      tophatal πŸ˜›

  2. I haven’t seen Vegas place any odds yet on who the next Cowboys coach will be.

    I’m assuming it’ll be Garrett, Gruden, Cowher and Fox in that order.

    Think Jonny G will take that job? That’s gotta be a tough gig to turn down.

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Gruden is still being paid by the Bucs ’til the end of the 2011 season. At the same he still has his cushy number with ESPN. Do you really think he now wants to step into the hell-hole that is the Cowboys and coach for Jerry Jones ?

      So Jon-Jon is due $5 million this year and another $5 mil next on top of his $2 million (estimated salary ) from ESPN this year . I don't think he's short of the 'cheddar' as they say !

      I’m not so sure that the likes of Gruden , Fox or Cowher would be at all interested in the job. Simply because Jerry won’t let go of the reins enough. Why the hell do you think that Parcells left when he did ? It wasn’t because of the healthy environment that’s for sure ! He could either go the college route or simply go with a re-tread in terms of a coach .

  3. Cowher does not want it…Gruden may. Wade was just not disciplinary enough ala Landry, Parcells and the other….Jones can blame himself…hiring prima donnas who don’t have the concept of team play ala TO…member him?
    As to the Patriots…Steelers’ D will have to play their best…cause injuries have taken the toll of the O line….Ben’s sacks are down BUT because of his mobility…not so much as the line’s protection.

    1. al clements

      Phillips like you said wasn’t a disciplinarian nor did he inspire much confidence. Simply put the best thing he had going for him was as a defensive coordinator. He was never that good a coach to begin with ! Cowher has got way “too cushy a job” to leave CBS and work for an as_hole like Jerry Jones !

      The game ‘tween the Pats and Steelers will go a long way in telling me something about Belichick and his team . A loss there will hurt but hopefully he and the coaching staff can learn something from it. They were way too complacent against the Browns for my liking and Mangini’s players took advantage of that with that shellacking they gave us .

      Suelyn Medeiros ……. Ah !

      What ‘scares me’ about the Steelers is their defense as it’s one of the best in the league . Polamalu and Harrison are going to wreak havoc on the Pats’ o line and if they get to Brady then all bets are off !


      tophatal πŸ™‚ 😦 πŸ˜›

    1. Chris Humpherys

      The position may well be prestigious but so too is being President of the United States. Look what it’s got Obama for his problems ? Poor ‘bastard’ has now been likened to Stalin , Lenin amongst other things, even his birthright and religious beliefs have been questioned . It’s enough to drive the guy to drink. Plus as POTUS he’s got to deal with Congress and the Senate which in many ways is what having to deal with Jones is like ! They want to be hands on as well . And as we all know those bunch of farts couldn’t manage much less dig a hole in the ground and deal with the country’s problems !

      Anyone taking on the role with the Cowboys and then having to deal with Jerry Jones has to be either insane or completely naive to think that they’ll have a complete run of things.

      If only Jones could turn back time eh ?

      Jones once made the claim that anyone could coach the Cowboys to success . Well it came back to bite him in the ass after Jimmy Johnson ! Other than Switzer’s lone triumph in the Superbowl what have the Cowboys done since then ? Less we forget Johnson’s success and the team he left in tact then went on to win but with Switzer but in many circles it’s still looked upon as Jimmy Johnson’s team and creation .


      tophatal πŸ™‚

      1. Awfully fair comparison, Al, which is interesting because just the other day, I was thinking to myself… why in the world would anyone want to be President of the United States?

  4. Maybe Jerry Jones should hire himself as coach. I mean the idiot is GM. No wonder the Boys suck. Keep it up Jerry. I love seeing the Cowboys go to hell in a hand basket. Ask any football man, No one of them would hire Jerry Jones as GM.

    1. Bobby Gee

      Jones’ problems stems from the fact that he listens to no one but himself . Not even the subordinates within the Cowboys’ front office can actually say anything to him concerning the team . And that’s why they’re in such a messed up situation alongside with poor play of the team .

      Jones in large part is responsible for many of the organization’s blunders including many of the draft picks that haven’t panned out .

      And if he (Jones) should hire a coach for next season and there’s a labor stoppage then that’ll be money wasted . He’s not had a good coach since the departure of Parcells and he was solely responsible for ‘The Tuna’ leaving even if he doesn’t care to admit to that fact .


      tophatal πŸ™‚

    2. Bobby Gee

      The heyday of Jones as a GM was when he had Jimmy Johnson and his then coaching staff scouting the talent for the Cowboys. Now he (Jones) couldn’t spot talent much less spell the word !

      tophatal πŸ™‚

  5. Chris Humpherys

    It’s more than a fair comparison as it’s succinct . Jones doesn’t just want a coach but a lacky who’ll do as he says . And that’s why the Cowboys’ problems have continued to manifest itself in so many ways.


    tophatal πŸ™‚

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