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Every Man Has To Stand Up And Take A Stance …… Derek Anderson Doesn’t Stand On Ceremony …. He Just Rants Like A Dick !

Every Man Has To Stand Up And Take A Stance …… Derek Anderson Doesn’t Stand On Ceremony …. He Just Rants Like A Dick !

Well Monday Night Football brought about a game that might have been about as enthralling as witnessing Roseanne Barr give a rousing rendition of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’. I’m not saying that the game was bad but hell couldn’t the NFL hierarchy get something from out of their much vaunted archives and show instead ? The NFC West and the teams therein are so friggin’ bad that its an affront to call anything emanating from within the division football !. The Arizona Cardinals , San Francisco 49ers , St Louis Rams and Seattle Seahawks are a combined 17-27 and not one of the quartet of teams actually has a ‘winning record’ at present . It’s pretty safe to say that the NFC West much like its AFC West counterpart are the two worse divisions in all of football.


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It was painstakingly obvious right from the start that the fans were about to witness one of those monstrosities of a game where they’d have been better off taking in perhaps three hours of Jerry Springer and one of his eponymous episodes of mayhem . The Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers have had their problems this season and those stories have been well chronicled. And for the respective coaches Ken Whisenhunt and Mike Singletary this hardly could have been the season that they had envisaged for their teams. Singletary and the Niners just seem to be entrenched in a season of playing some rather mediocre football. And this was a team whom many believed were about to take the next step and be considered not just a legitimate contender for the divisional title but also as one of the surprise teams within the NFC and a shot of making the postseason. Instead what we’ve seen from the team has been inconsistency , even less accountability from the players and coaching staff led by Mike Singletary. The coach’s postgame interviews have become ripe with anecdotes and a litany of rather idiotic sayings that meander from one moment of insanity to the next. As of now, it’s hard to see how the front office of the San Francisco 49ers can retain the services of the coach and bring him back for next season. Team President & CEO Jed York and the executives have to be contemplating whether or not it’d be the club’s best interests to continue with Singletary as their head coach.

For Whisenhunt and the Cardinals this has been a season of profound disappointment for the organization and the team . Much of the team’s fall from grace has centered around the disappointing quarterback play. It was thought that the continued grooming of Matt Leinart would reap dividends as the player was viewed the heir apparent to the now retired Kurt Warner . Whisenhunt would have a loss of faith in Leinart and at the same time the player’s overall progression, productivity didn’t exactly instill a great deal of faith from his teammates. Maturity wise it were as if Leinart that he was still entitled and on the campus of USC where he’d been feted like a king. If only his college career had carried over into the NFL then perhaps we wouldn’t have the seen the resultant trade of Leinart to the Houston Texans where he’s now the backup to incumbent starter Matt Schaub .

Draft picks from this year’s draft and the continued belief that the team was now heading in the right direction it was felt that the time would be “now” for the Arizona Cardinals. These new recruits could contribute to the team’s gradual progression since Whisenhunt was hired by GM Rod Graves at the behest of the Bidwill’s. But with there being no apparent leadership forthcoming by way of quarterback who could play the position with any degree of efficiency what we’ve witnessed from the Cardinals this season has been the play of a team uncertain in its own identity and competitiveness. Having acquired former Browns’ quarterback and Pro Bowl player Derek Anderson as the then desired backup to Leinart at the time . Suffice to say that with Matt Leinart’s departure Anderson was pressed into service and with his less than stellar displays this season and a defense that could be best described as porous it’s easy to understand why the team has failed so miserably. And with there being mounting unrest with the team’s best player , in wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald it is also easy to understand the discontent not just with the player but also amongst the Arizona Cardinals’ fans as well . Who’d have thought that the team would now become something of an afterthought after their recent successes and advancement as such up the NFL ‘food-chain’ ? Now they’ve once again become a parody and the butt og jokes league wide amongst the fans NFL analysts alike.

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Anderson apologizes, hopes to avoid more YouTube face time

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Derek Anderson has apologized for his Monday night postgame tirade.

“My mom and dad didn’t raise me to act like that in times of adversity,” he said Wednesday.

The quarterback’s rant, now a nationwide spectacle, came after a series of questions from Kent Somers, The Arizona Republic’s beat reporter, about why Anderson was smiling with teammate Deuce Lutui on the sideline while the Cardinals trailed the San Francisco 49ers by 18 points late in the game. The brief clip of the two grinning had been shown during the Monday night telecast.

Anderson said after the game that it was no one’s business what he and Lutui were discussing. As Somers persisted, Anderson lost his temper and shouted about how he had put his “freaking heart and soul” into the team and that there was nothing funny about it.

Anderson was low-key and contrite as he opened his weekly news conference Wednesday.

“Let’s try to do this in a manner that doesn’t end up all over the YouTube, if we can,” he said. ” … Obviously I was very frustrated by what had happened during the game, and I let my emotions get away from me.”

The blowup came after the Cardinals lost their seventh consecutive game, 27-6 in a flat, listless performance against the 49ers.

“I’ve been through some rough times in football,” Anderson said, “but I think it obviously was one of the most frustrating times for me, a game that I felt like going in that we were very prepared for. I had a very good week of practice, like I said, and to lay an egg on national television was not only frustrating for me but frustrating to every one of the guys that’s out here every single day and sees what we’re capable of doing.”

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Monday night’s game and the 27-6 shellacking of the Arizona Cardinals by the San Francisco 49ers served a purpose of sorts as it illustrated how bad a number of teams are around the NFL but more so how bad they (teams) really are within the NFC West in particular ! A rather inept performance by the Cardinals and if something if might provide a respite for Singletary even momentarily. Anderson’s own performance in the game was nothing short of mediocre at best . If anything , it further shows us why a number of people find the player ill suited to lead this team as he seemingly possesses no leadership qualities much less a quarterback’s acumen for playing the game with any amount of dexterity.

In the waning moments in the fourth quarter of the game Anderson on the sidelines was seen joking and laughing with teammate Deuce Lutui as the team was in the midst of another crushing and embarrassing loss. Considering the player’s performances this season have been understated and something of an embarrassment to his team. It’s understandable as such if the player might find something funny to laugh about given the woefully inept display by the Cardinals this past Monday night. As to the fans’ own interpretation of the display and that of Anderson’s in particular I guess that they also might find it comical as well ! In his postgame interview when questioned by a member of the convened press as to why he could be seen laughing on the sidelines while the team was in the midst of defeat Anderson took umbrage at the question and went off in a profanity lace ridden tirade at the journalist stating that ……”he (Anderson) was a man and that he didn’t take any shit from anyone and that he knows what it takes to be a professional football player in the NFL”. Given Derek Anderson’s displays on the field of play this season and his seemingly psychotic meltdown on the podium on Monday night I’m not so sure that the quarterback knows what it takes to be a man much less a professional player in the NFL ! Baited or not by the journalist , Anderson has shown that he hasn’t the mentality or psyche to lead the Arizona Cardinals anywhere but into an abyss of mediocrity. And unfortunately for the Arizona Cardinals’ fans they may well have to put up wit a great deal more of the player’s inane stupidity both on and off the field.



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At this juncture it looks as if the plight of the Cardinals isn’t a happy one with discontent amongst some players and the fans extremely unhappy with the team and perhaps more so with the front office and staff of the organization. Even with something of a contrite apology by Anderson after his postgame interview antics it’s hard to imagine him being a part of this team next season. It’s certainly not as if he’s shown the proclivity to make sound judgments as a player both on and off the field to begin with. And in terms of him showing maturity much less being a leader on this team let’s just say he’s a long way off from where he thinks he is and what’s expected of him as a player.

What thoughts if any do you have on Derek Anderson’s rather petulant display in front of the nation’s press after the team’s loss this past Monday night ? Also what fate do you see for the Cardinals for the remainder of their season ? Simply chime in with a comment on your thoughts on this and any other topic concerning the NFL and as always thanks for the continued supports as it’s gratefully appreciated !


Alan aka tophatal ……………. 🙂


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Seeing more of Vanessa is a great deal better than seeing your grandma naked don’t you think ?

15 thoughts on “Every Man Has To Stand Up And Take A Stance …… Derek Anderson Doesn’t Stand On Ceremony …. He Just Rants Like A Dick !

    1. Chris Humpheyrs

      Whatever the outcome of the Cardinals’ season Anderson shouldn’t be on the roster next season even if there’s a lockout within the NFL .

      Could things have gotten much worse for the Cardinals after these two morons ?


      tophatal …………… 🙂

  1. Chris Humpherys

    What’s now happening with the Cardinals is of their own making and it comes down heavily on the shoulders of Graves and Whisenhunt for the profound mistakes made. As to Anderson it’s hard to believe that this idiot actually went to the Pro Bowl .

    Cardinals’ GM Rod Graves and Ken Whisenhunt .

    The loss of Warner was one thing but once the realized that Leinart wasn’t going to cut it and he started to rant and whine like a bitch they should’ve traded his ass then and sought to get a player who could actually play the position rather than a bum like Derek Anderson !


    tophatal ……….. 🙂

  2. Idiot. Derek Anderson had one good year (in Cleveland, btw); Just stfu and play football. I guess it doesn’t matter, he won’t be starting next year anyway.

    1. smurfed

      Anderson on a good day couldn’t lead a bunch of mentally challenged children in reciting a nursery rhyme but yet the coaching staff and front office of the Cardinals thought he could lead this team ?

      ‘If the Cardinals followed me I could lead them to the promised land ‘ Pamela Anderson.

      Look for them to trade up quite possibly and make a run for either Andrew Luck or the Razorbacks’ Ryan Mallet in next year’s NFL Draft .


      tophatal ………………… 🙂

  3. Anderson wasn’t the answer obviously. But…he did fairly well in Cleveland I thought. He shouldn’t have blown up at the IDIOT reporter; feel that the reporter kept baiting him, thus….
    A long of them feel it their right to badger people….I’ve been thru a few of these too….began handing out “press releases” that cured that. Like anything else though, he should have chilled and explained that his buddy said something he thought was funny at the time…….

  4. al clements

    I certainly don’t think that he was being hounded by the journalist as it was a straightforward question. The problem for Anderson is that he may well have forgot that he was in front of national tv crowd on the sidelines during the game where everything could be seen. As to his postgame demeanor that was straight out of a damn comic book ! The guy is a blithering idiot ! One Pro Bowl appearance doesn’t make him necessarily as world beater and at the same time the Pro Bowl as a game is a complete joke to begin with ! I can’t for the life of me understand why it’s meant to be so important . It’s not as if it has a bearing on the NFL season to begin with . Not like baseball’s All Star Game tends to have on its own postseason .

    By the way Roseanne Barr says her rendition of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ is an illustrious rendition for which she’s proud. Personally I think her voice is like a cat being strangled and then drowned ! Can she be deported and stripped of her citizenship after this mayhem perpetrated on the public ?


    tophatal ………. 🙂

  5. Questions posed to both Jake Plummer and Kurt Warner would they both consider coming out of retirement to play for the Cardinals ? Their responses were ……’hell no and it sucks to be Derek Anderson’ !

    Kurt Warner did have it so cushy didn’t he on DWTS ?

    As for Plummer he just wants to be left alone .

    tophatal ……. 🙂

      1. Chris Humpherys

        But I do believe that his (Warner) biggest disappointment of his post NFL career was the fact that he didn’t win DWTS (Dancing With The Stars) ! You could see the disappointment etched in his face . LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

        tophatal ……….. 🙂

  6. There’s about as much chance of Coors using Derek Anderson in one of their commercials as there’d be a chance of us seeing the player throw multiple TD passes in a game over the rest of this season for the Cardinals . He wasn’t that good to begin with and he certainly never will be ! ‘nough said on the matter !

    tophatal 🙂

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