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The NFL Cares Because… It’s Because We’re Told So …. Not Because It Is So ….. !

The NFL Cares Because… It’s Because We’re Told So …. Not Because It Is So ….. !

The NFLPA , NFL and team owners have been complicit in fostering an illicit drug habit amongst their players. And nowhere is it more prevalent than now with current and retired players using at an alarming rate higher than that amongst habitual drug users. And here I’m merely talking about prescription pain medication used by the players . ESPN’s Outside The Lines’ segment this past Sunday will make you aware as to how this has become a rampant epidemic.


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The league now won’t even broach the subject when question once again leading us to believe that as usual they have something to hide. Now we have at least 73% retired of the retired players suffering debilitating pain and who are now taking prescription medication but in doing so they’re obtaining these drugs illegally . What’s even more startling is the very fact that many of these players are endangering their live in taking these drugs at above the medically advised prescription levels.

Do you get the impression that this simply is another episode that the NFL would want swept under the carpet ? I’ve read and heard many out there saying that this is a brutal sport and those who play it know what the dangers are . But this has become ridiculous to see this come to the fore and the league and its representatives hide behind the idiocy that the inherent dangers are what makes the sport so exciting and rewarding . However at no time do they ever consider the dangers that tend to be the aftermath from the injuries suffered by the players. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell more image conscious as to what he believes the league represents and the money made but his insistence that the league watches over its own with a great degree of conscientious objectivity has become a complete charade. One simply has to look at the way that they had to be dragged kicking and screaming merely to address the fact that there are related problems concerning head traumas , concussions and the early stages of Alzheimer’ disease and in some cases ALS .

Consider this also players now are more liable to be addicted to pain killing medication such as Percoset and Vicodin than they are to be hooked on cocaine or marijuana . Albeit that the league has their league mandated drug testing policy. NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith and union President Kevin Mawae won’t address this matter publicly but it appears that the collective bargaining agreement takes precedence and the money that they seek to retain is of the highest order in the ongoing labor negotiations. Brett Favre the former poster child for pain killer addiction was a major cause for concern in the early to mid stages of his career as he was openly abusing pain prescription medication. So pray do tell how is it that the league suborns this sort of behavior when the players are able to get the team’s doctors to prescribe them these medications and then they can also obtain these drugs illegally through members of the team’s coaching staff , family friends and even in some cases drug dealers . Is this now the the image the league wants portrayed to the fans and its numerous corporate sponsors ?

The NFL has now become more so about the image of its superstars and how best to promote them at any expense . The league loves this as do the fans but I doubt that they’d really care to see such former players as John Elway , Franco Harris , Gale Sayers and Kyle Turley merely struggle to stand or even take a step across a room without suffering from an ailment that was caused by a career injury. Current players now playing with reoccurring injuries , ailments such as chronic neuro encephalitis (swelling of the brain) , rheumatoid arthritis from never mind the abuses in their prevalent misuse of prescription but yet at the same time they’re told by team doctors or choosing to play of their own volition merely so that they can maintain their status and get paid. Is it a sacrifice worth taking given the aftermath as we now know it to be ?


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We fans tend to only choose to invariably see one side of the sport and that’s the blood, guts, glory of it all and the acclaim to be had. The NIDA (National Institute for Drug Abuse & Institute of Health– NIH ) for its part has conducted a well respected research in on this issue and should the NFL hierarchy choose to question this research and its findings then it goes to show how our of touch they really are not only on this issue but on others concerning the game as a whole !

Has there ever been any other time when the actions of the NFL to your mind has been so asinine and out of touch with reality ? Simply chime in with your thoughts on this matter and where you see the NFL , Players’ Union now going and how best they can address this most acute of issues .

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(1) National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell , Rob Manfred, executive vice president of labor and human resources in the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball, Major League Baseball, NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith , Michael Weiner, general counsel for the Major League Baseball Players Association, Travis Tygart, CEO of the United States Anti-Doping Agency, Gabriel Feldman, associate professor of law and director of the Sports Law Program at Tulane University Law School, and Jeffrey Standen, professor of law at the Willamette University College of Law (L-R), testify on Capitol Hill on November 3, 2009 in Washington, DC. The hearing focused on doping in professional sports. Getty Images/ Brendan Hoffman ……….

(2) Commissioner Roger Goodell (left) with DeMaurice Smith, head of the players union. The two and their respective bodies seem to be at an impasse as to how best resolve the league’s collective bargaining agreement. AFP/Reuters ………

(3) Denver Broncos vice president of football operations John Elway (left), owner Pat Bowlen (center) and new head coach John Fox share a laugh before Fox addressed the media at Dove Valley on January 14, 2011 in Englewood, Colorado. Fox was named the 14th head coach in Broncos history yesterday after spending the last nine seasons as head coach of the Carolina Panthers. Dustin Edmonds/ Getty Images North America ……….

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10 thoughts on “The NFL Cares Because… It’s Because We’re Told So …. Not Because It Is So ….. !

  1. Proper health care for veterans will have to be addressed, Al. Every time one of them gets on TV to say how they’ve been treated, or rather ignored, it’s shocking.

    How in the world did this end up happening?

    1. Chris Humpherys

      If it simply wasn’t happening with Goodell’s predecessor Paul Tagliabue what makes you think that it’s about to happen now ? There was already medical evidence there from the AMA and American Association of Neurosurgeons and those shi_heads still ignored those facts . And even when the likes of Stanford , UCLA , John Hopkins conducted their own intense research the NFL hierarchy and their own medical professionals ignored those very same findings. It’s only been in the last two or three years because of the undue pressure of Congress that Goodell and the owners have began to sit up and take note. Never mind what Smith’s predecessor Gene Upshaw once said on the issue of player’s health ………. I’m concerned with the current players in making sure that they get theirs’ !

      So please don’t tell me that it will be addressed because it’s simply not happening . Not when you have players being denied their rightful benefits that enables them to be properly cared for. This is no different from the travesty and how the military is being treated by the government and in particular within the VA when it comes to many of their inherent problems .

      The NFL has its own head stuck so far up its own ass that when they remove it they can’t still can’t tell whether or not it’s night or day !

      tophatal …………..

  2. The NFL has some major problems on the taking care of players side. They don’t and that’s a problem. Hopefully they find a way to take care of the elders.

    I think it’s funny they are pushing for the 18 game season, and all these thurday games and say they are looking out for the players best interest. I guess it’s opposite day because making guys play on Sunday or Monday and then Thursday is brutal on the body. It’s probably why the Thursday games always end up sucking… Playing an extra two games isn’t a good thing either…

    1. chappy 81

      If the NFL simply can’t take care of their very own then who should it really be entrusted to ? God knows when Upshaw led the NFLPA he simply didn’t give a flying f_ck about the well being of the veterans many of home he played alongside. But yet the union have heaped so much praise upon for what he’s done. Which to my mind has been a fuc_ing joke from start to finish ! He’d been more about the fact that current players got theirs and were paid handsomely but when it came to the well being of the veterans he simply didn’t give a shit !

      See my remarks to Chris concerning the studies undertaken by the schools in question that Goodell and the NFL’s own medical counsel chose to ignore ? If that’s not an indication as to how fu_ked up and out of touch the NFL is on this issue then what is ? He’s more concerned about an 18 game schedule as you’ve so rightfully said and dealing with the cba than he has been about one of the most acute issues that the league faces away from the game.

      tophatal …………..

    2. chappy 81

      When it comes to greed the NFL makes the bankers on Wall St seem like fu_cking paupers fighting for scraps of rancid and stale food that has been dumped on the streets.

      tophatal …….

    1. al clements

      Nothing says greed than a bunch of whining ingrates ( NFL and NBA players ) who just happen to be overpaid for what they do and say . Not only that but there are only so many ways that you can slice an ever diminishing piece of a pie !

      tophatal ………

  3. First of all,Roger Goodell and the owners are crooked slimeballs who make
    millions$ of the players,and now want to lock them out for the 2011 season to reduce the players’ end of the revenue they-THE PLAYERS,THE ONLY RISK-TAKERS HERE-they gamble their life on every down!!!-create.
    Goodell ilkely takes bribes from the sponsors (beer,insurance,etc.)to keep “the brand” unsullied by players’ misdeeds while over-looking his bosses’-the owners’-corruption.Goodell,MLB commish Allan “Bud Lite” Selig,
    NHL a**-clown Gary Bettman and NBA head honcho David Stern should all have long since done the perp walk,with the owners’ following suit.

    1. HandsomeBlackCowboysStudBrett

      If you think it’s simply Goodell and the owners who are the greedy ones then you’ve learned nothing about the NFL from the business side at all ! Baseball has been a mess from day one as Selig and those assholes (owners) can’t get out of their own even when they’re trying not that the Players Union (MLB)there are any better themselves . Those guys couldn’t tell the difference between a balance sheet and a baking sheet and that’s how fu_ked up both sports are now !

      And it’s the same with the NFLPA and the NBPA ( NBA Players’ Union) as well !

      What’s the use in talking about the NHL ? They’re so far down on the pecking order of things on the sporting landscape that who gives a sh_t to begin with ?
      They’ve still not recovered from their lockout and in terms of tv coverage they barely register a blip on the Nielsens Ratings ….. ‘nough said ! So bring their sorry ass up ?

      3  bare  breasted  females

      One cupful or two ?

      tophatal ………..

    2. HandsomeBlackCowboysStudBrett

      It’s been a money thing all along and when Upshaw was head of the NFL Players’ Union he simply didn’t give a sh_t about the retired veterans his only concerns were with the current players in the NFL and that they got theirs .

      tophatal ………

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