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Take Me At My Word …… !

Take Me At My Word ………….

Well the idiocy of the NFL labor talks continue unabated and much like the stupidity of the Congress and Senate in trying to reach a compromise , here the two sides are so far apart that you could drive a Mack Truck through the chasm of their division. The NFLPA led by Executive Director DeMaurice Smith has asked that the NFL open up its books for public scrutiny of which I for one don’t believe that the NFL hierarchy ( team owners ) would be willing to do because then the public would find out the lies that have been told by them as it concerns their overall finances . Certainly NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hasn’t issued a public statement on the matter . But you’re continuing hear from various sources in and outside the NFL that the two sides are getting closer to a compromise . If only that were so because it seems that neither side at this juncture is truly willing to given an inch in order to elicit any type of real compromise !


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FMCS Director George Cohen the federally appointed mediator to oversee the mediation process can’t be pleased with either side at this juncture and with the intransigence being shown by both sides. And should he have to render a decision here you can be sure that it will be one that will be beneficial to one side while being a total detriment to the other even if on appearance it seems to be fair.

With the original collective bargaining agreement having passed as of 3rd March and then summarily extended by 24 hours momentarily before the two sides opted in taking this past weekend off and then extending that deadline by a further seven days . Well with that deadline now expiring at midnight tonight it remains to see whether or not the idiocy will still continue . This much I’m definitely sure of , if these two sides can’t agree how best to split a $ 9 billion ( $9,000,000,000 ) industry in terms of its revenues whereby both sides can feel happy , then the fallout from this debacle will rest squarely upon the shoulders of the NFL , NFLPA and the owners evenly. Any sympathy that either side may well have been looking for from the fans and general public alike will have completely disappeared .

It certainly never ceases to amaze me with the naivete shown by the fans and the college coaches within collegiate athletics . Within the ranks especially of college basketball and football where these coaches are well compensated not only by the salaries paid to them by their respective institutions but also by way of commercial endorsements that are to be had by when their programs become successful. Is anyone now really surprised by the allegations that have been leveled against Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel ? Long thought of as being above reproach who runs an exemplary program we now find out that Tressel much like many of his peers within collegiate basketball and football is nothing more than a conniving cheat and a complete imbecile ! What might make matters worse concerning the allegations against the coach is the very fact that he knew and kept them hidden from the athletics department and faculty of the school. His initial stance was that he hadn’t thought anything improper had gone on concerning the fact a number of players on the team had been receipt of gift monetary and otherwise from independent parties . However , what might be even more disturbing about these allegations is the very fact the coach had been receipt of an e-mail from an attorney , Christopher Cicero who’d also been a player for the Buckeyes when Tressel was then an assistant coach with the program. In that communique it informs Tressel that a number of players on the team had actually been selling memorabilia for financial gain. That is in of-itself is a major transgression of NCAA rules and for the coach to even keep that fact hidden from the AD and school is tantamount to condoning the acts of the players rather than instigating an internal investigation.

Courtesy of USA Today

Ohio State punishment of Jim Tressel called ‘a little light’

By Erick Smith of USA Today

The head of a law firm that helps schools deal with the NCAA said the Ohio State punishment of Jim Tressel appears lenient.

Michael Buckner spoke with The Columbus Dispatch and offered his analysis of the two-game suspension and $250,000 fine given to Tressel by the school for failing to reveal information about possible violation by two of his players.

“Just looking at it, it may seem a little light, especially in light of the fact Tressel didn’t report it to the university within a reasonable period of time,” Buckner said.

The Dispatch noted the NCAA has sanctioned 27 schools since 2006 for violating bylaw 10.1, which requires coaches and others to be truthful and forthcoming about possible NCAA violations. Of the 12 coaches involved, only one kept his job. The others either resigned or were fired by their schools.

“In those periods when he had an opportunity and a duty to disclose, he failed to do so,” Buckner said. “I think the NCAA could also come back and add failure to monitor or failure to promote an atmosphere of compliance. Those are program violations.

“With those three (including the bylaw 10.1 violation), you could look at the two-game suspension and the fine to be the minimum.”


Click on link to read this article in its entirety.

Clearly here these transgressions by the players of which it now seems the coach had been fully are of at the time were serious enough to warrant an investigation. But with the coach apparently thinking that it was beneath him to actually take this finding to the athletics department beneath him and furthermore being somewhat complicit in trying to hide it all makes one now wonder what else has Jim Tressel suborned to in the past with regard to the football team’s program which may well have broken NCAA rules ? If this were a simple mistake on his part then perhaps one might understand but the act the coach itself was calculated and premeditated and that in spite of his formal public statement on the matter .

With the university having suspended the coach for the first two games of the program’s upcoming 2011 season and a fine of $250,000 being imposed on Jim Tressel they feel that the punishment befits the crime . But I’m not so sure that the NCAA themselves will feel it at all adequate given the fact that coaches have actually been fired or suspended for even longer terms , having violated such rules . But therein lies the actions of the NCAA , as they seemingly pick and choose whom they wish to punish with impunity in order to make an example of a program. Is it any wonder that the governing body of collegiate athletics can’t be taken seriously in terms of its standing and the actions they at times deem fit concerning not only the coaches but the athletes themselves when they’ve broken the rules ? There’s never any consistency as the punishment meted out and not once ever has a coach been financially penalized for any wrong doing on their part by the collegiate body that governs college athletics. If the rules are meant to cover those involved in collegiate athletics then surely the coaches and their staffs fall under those rules apart from the athletes themselves !

NCAA President Mark Emmert who only assumed the position full time in November of last year having served as the interim president whilst his predecessor the late Dr Myles Brand underwent chemotherapy has got his hands full dealing with many of the issues now facing that body. Not only has he got to prove to the public that the NCAA actually stands for something but also that they can be trusted to act impartially and when necessary do what is morally right instead of appearing certain programs over others. Moreover if there was a environment of transparency as it relates to the NCAA’s business dealings rather than a great deal of it being so secretive and done behind closed doors then perhaps the public and college sport’s fan in general may well feel that they can be trusted . Instead they might just be as disliked as the present administration , the Congress and Senate jointly . At this moment the jury is still out with a verdict so it’s anybody’s guess as to what their thought might be on the NCAA .

As if the most recent problems of Detroit Tigers’ first baseman and MLB All Star Miguel Cabrera aren’t enough we’re now learning at the time of his most recent arrest and detainment by law enforcement officers the player actually threatened battery upon the officers said to be arresting him. What else can go wrong for the player at this juncture of his career other than perhaps his own untimely demise ?

From what seemed a minor incident after the player had been stopped for what was believed to be a DUI , we are now finding out the player was belligerent a the scene threatened the officers at the scene with bodily harm and directed an assortment of profane expletives in their direction. Can’t say that I’m at all surprised by the player’s behavior given that this wasn’t his first time of running afoul of the law having been arrested once before for spousal abuse , domestic battery and the threatening of his children ____ all of this while being severely intoxicated.

Courtesy of USA Today

Tigers’ Cabrera won’t play on day after new allegations

JUPITER, Fla. (AP) — Miguel Cabrera (FSY) was not on the travel roster for the Detroit Tigers’ game Thursday night against the Florida Marlins, a day after authorities released new details about his arrest last month on suspicion of drunken driving.

The team said players miss occasional games during spring training and manager Jim Leyland simply didn’t schedule Cabrera against the Marlins. Cabrera is expected to play Friday against the St. Louis Cardinals.

POLICE: Cabrera threatened to ‘kill all’ before arrest

Cabrera was arrested Feb. 16 in Fort Pierce. Documents released Wednesday by the Florida state attorney’s office

Cabrera was arrested Feb. 16 in Fort Pierce. Documents released Wednesday by the Florida state attorney’s office accuse Cabrera of threatening a manager at a restaurant shortly before his arrest.

Fletcher D. Nail, the manager, told police that a man entered after the restaurant was closed for service, was told to leave, then said “I will kill you” to Nail. Nail says he told the man to leave, and the man looked around and said: “I know all you, and I will kill all of you and blow this place up.”

The man left, and the manager said he did not realize until the next day that it was Cabrera.

A police report by officer Michael Otto Muller said Cabrera was belligerent with officers. Muller’s report said at one point, Cabrera walked out into the highway with his hands in the air, shouting “shoot me, kill me” along with an expletive.

Click on link to read article in its entirety.


The question that one now has to ask where the Detroit Tigers go from here as it relates to their future and that of Miguel Cabrera ? Clearly he has become more than simply another off the field story as he becomes a distraction for the team , the front office led by GM Dave Dombrowski , owner Michael Ilitch and the coaching staff of manager Jim Leyland . Having to continually deal with the player’s problems even after they’ve assisted him as best they can doesn’t seem to be working at all. And even after this latest incident where he gave what appeared to be a contrite apology at the time , the fact that we are now hearing about the seriousness of the incident is a real cause for concern. Cabrera doesn’t appear to be a person who knows how to control himself and it appears also that he’s also an acute alcoholic who’s a danger to himself and his immediate family . One would hate to have seen a situation reminiscent of the incident that took place between Oakland Raiders’ player Barret Robbins and law enforcement . The player was confronted at the time by by police officers of the Miami Beach Police Dept at a store front window in Miami Beach . The officers believing the player to be intoxicated asked him for his name and a means of identification. Refusing to answer and his appearance being somewhat disheveled he got into a physical confrontation with the officers which led to him being shot three times. Prior to the confrontation he’d cause several thousands dollars worth of damages to the premises breaking out the shop windows and breaking down the main entrance to the business in question.

Barrett we would later find out suffers from bi-polar disorder but the fact was on the night in question he’d been drinking heavily and had in fact been on medication prescribed for his disorder. A lethal combination that almost led to his own demise at the hands of police officers merely trying to carry out their duties . Consider the situation of Miguel Cabrera and his actions and how close he could have come to perhaps his own demise given a different set of circumstances and his behavior at the time.

The Tigers’ regular season schedule opens up with a game against the New York Yankees at Yankees Stadium , New York City , on 31st March 2011 . It’ll be interesting to see whether or not Cabrera will be part of that opening day roster or in fact he’s still on the team for that matter . There’s every indication that the coaching staff and front office feel that it’d be in the player’s best interest to indeed sort his private life out first as it relates to his mental and physical well being before he even deals with his resuming professional career within Major League Baseball. And though the Tigers still have a vested interest in the player because they have $68 million dollars tied up in salary still owed to Cabrera over the next four years , it is in theirs and his best interest if he makes a speedy recovery and return to the game. But at the same time they’ve also got to be cautious that the return isn’t too soon.


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What thoughts if any do you have on the ongoing labor dispute talks between the NFL and the NFLPA (union ) and the mere fact that they’ve yet to reach an amicable agreement ? And also do you feel that Ohio State University took the appropriate action concerning their imperiled coach Jim Tressel ? And your own thoughts as to the impending future of Miguel Cabrera and do you think that he ought fully undergo rehab by taking some time away from the game of baseball ? Simply chime in with your thoughts on each of the topics raised within this piece and thanks as always for your continued support as it’s greatly appreciated !

Alan aka tophatal ……………

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(1) Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones leaves a meeting at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service building March 10, 2011 in Washington, DC. Representatives from the National Football League (NFL) and National Football League Players’ Association (NFLPA) continue to negotiate a labor dispute during a seven-day extension of talks. Rob Carr/Getty Images ……

(2) Brian Waters (L) and Mike Vrabel (C) of the Kansas City Chiefs leave the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service building March 10, 2011 in Washington, DC. Representatives from the National Football League (NFL) and National Football League Players’ Association (NFLPA) continue to negotiate a labor dispute during a 7 day extension of talks. Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images ……

(3) Pat Bowlen, majority owner and president of the Denver Broncos, at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service building March 10, 2011 in Washington, DC. Representatives from the National Football League (NFL) and National Football League Players’ Association (NFLPA) continue to negotiate a labor dispute during a 7 day extension of talks. Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images ……

(4) In this March 4, 2011, file photo Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Director George H. Cohen talks with the media in Washington after football labor negotiations with the NFL and the NFL players’ association ended for the day. Cohen has won praise from the NFL management for his work in the current dispute, which has so far been able to hold off a dreaded owners’ lockout. AP Photo/Alex Brandon ……..

(5) Washington , D.C. March 10: Bob Batterman (L), NFL outside labor counsel, Jeff Pash (R), NFL executive vice president and general council, arrive at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service building March 10, 2011 in Washington, DC. Representatives from the National Football League (NFL) and National Football League Players’ Association (NFLPA) continue to negotiate a labor dispute during a 7 day extension of talks. Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images ……..

(6) NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell arrives at the Washington offices of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service for contract negotiations with the NFL Players Association, Thursday, March 10, 2011. AP Photo/Cliff Owen …..

(7) DeMaurice Smith, NFL Players Association Executive Director, arrives at the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service building March 10, 2011 in Washington, DC. Representatives from the National Football League (NFL) and National Football League Players’ Association (NFLPA) continue to negotiate a labor dispute during a 7 day extension of talks. Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images …………..

(8) Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel, left, and university president E. Gordon Gee , second from left, listen as athletic director Gene Smith speaks during a news conference Tuesday, March 8, 2011, in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State suspended Tressel for two games and fined him $250,000 on Tuesday for violating NCAA rules by failing to notify the school about information he received involving two players and questionable activities involving the sale of memorabilia. AP Photo/Terry Gilliam ……

(9) Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel, left, is flanked by athletic director Gene Smith during a news conference Tuesday, March 8, 2011, in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio State suspended Tressel for two games and fined him $250,000 for violating NCAA rules by failing to notify the school about information he received involving two players and questionable activities involving Buckeye memorabilia . Tressel also will receive a public reprimand and must make a public apology. AP Photo/Terry Gilliam …….

(10) Miguel Cabrera (24) of the Detroit Tigers plays first base during the game against the Houston Astros at Joker Marchant Stadium on March 2, 2011 in Lakeland, Florida. The Astros defeated the Tigers 6-3 . Leon Halip/ Getty Images North America ……………

(11) Team President , CEO & GM Dave Dombrowski (right) is seen here with Detroit Tigers’ manager Jim Leyland . The two will now have to contemplate what do with their troubled All Star first baseman Miguel Cabrera after his latest run in with the law. Michael Ilitch team owner has yet to issue a public statement on the matter but you can be assured that he’ll be kept abreast of any decision to be made by his front office executives and coaching staff. Reuters / Rebecca Cook …………

(12) Tigers’ owner Michael Illitch is seen here with team GM Dave Dombrowski at Comerica Park , Detroit , Michigan at a press conference . AP Photo / Parker Harris …………


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Opening Day schedule 31 st March 2011

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18 thoughts on “Take Me At My Word …… !

  1. I can only hope an agreement comes soon, as I cannot imagine a year without the NFL. Hopefully, we hear some kind of good news tomorrow…

    1. jgome

      When they extended the cba as of the 3rd March for another week it was in the belief was that they’d come to an agreement . Well it expired ( 10th March)as of last night we’ve no way of knowing whether or not they’ve reached any sort of settlement. However the NFLPA Executive Committee have already started the process to decertify so that tells you that they’re now prepared to make their case within the Federal Court System by challenging the NFL’s antitrust exemption status and then also forcing them to open up their books for public scrutiny . Something that neither the league or owners want as that’d let out their dirty little secrets for the whole world to see ,

      These two groups make the inner workings of Congress , Senate and Obama’s administration seem like child’s play by comparison ! Goodell and Smith are damn too stupid for their own good !

      tophatal ………………………

  2. These idiots won’t kill their golden goose if do they are nuts. Jim Tressel needs to be fired. The NCAA are crooks. They use these kids to make millions of dollars. This is a real fact.

    1. Bobby Gee

      Unfortunately Ohio State much like any other college hasn’t any integrity as they believe that a mere slap on the wrist in terms of 2 game suspension and $250,000 fine will be enough to deter Tressel from anymore wrongdoing . The problem is who knows what he’s done before that hasn’t been just as serious if not far more distasteful and quite possibly much worse ? Once a cheat always a cheat ! Gene Smith (AD) and E Bob Gee the university president are two bumbling oafs ! These clowns now think that this action alone will be enough to quieten the masses after what’s been alleged ? What friggin’ idiots they appear to be from the outside looking in ?

      This one act alone by Tressel has tarnished his and the school’s reputation and any thought that an act of contrition in terms of a formal apology is enough is a complete joke. The damage was already done when he failed to report the actions of the players in question !

      I think this picture aptly describes both OSU and the NCAA ! They’re old archaic and completely undesirable ! Lacking in imagination and any semblance when it come to the meaning of what’s the truth is !

      The problem now being is that it’s left to another group of imbeciles to actually make a decision on the matter which is akin to asking the federal government to give you a stay on your taxes ’til you get back on your feet. The NCAA as I’ve always maintained is a complete joke whose sole purpose has been to make money while basically make the college athlete an indentured slave ! I mean what else have they done that’s been to a student athlete’s benefit in all honesty ?

      tophatal …………….

  3. I think the NFL and the players will come to some kind of compromise because of the ruling that went against the owners. If they had been able to utilize those funds the players would have been locked out.
    The Tressel situation leads me to believe there is more to the story than we know. Either that or the coach is a lot dumber than I thought.
    Cabrera is in desperate need of professional treatment immediately.
    Enjoy the weekend brother!

    1. aero

      If they couldn’t come to an agreement as of midnight last when the current cba extension expired what leads you believe that they’ll ever come to one ? Both the > NFL and NFLPA are like two cockfighting cocks out for blood at each others’ expense .

      The right one gives you whipped cream and the left half and half .

      Of course there’s a lot to this Tressel issue than the school is letting on ! Hell it’s probably not the first damn time he’s skirted the rules but yet everyone kept on praising his ass if he were college football’s answer to Mahatma Ghandi. Tressel is no different from the likes of cheating bastards like Calhoun , Tim Floyd , Pete Carroll , Lane Kiffin and a slew of other college coaches past and present . It’s not ’til they get caught that they seek compassion and carry a not to contrite act of atonement by apologizing . $250,00 to someone like Tressel is like pissing in the Atlantic Ocean to see if it’ll cause a ripple effect ! He’s makes several times that amount in commercial endorsement alone each year . E Bob Gee and Gene Smith are damn fools , so now it’ll be left with the NCAA to supposedly do what they deem to be appropriate which is essence like asking a pedophile to baby sit your kids . They too have about as much common sense as the federal government !

      As for Miguel Cabrera he’s so lucky that he’s now not currently lying on a slab in a South Florida morgue ! He’s pissing his career away and any chance that the Tigers might’ve had at competing this season because other than he , Brandon Inge and Magglio Ordonez this team is essentially average at best or mediocrity at its worst !

      You have a great weekend yourself my friend and my sincerest regards to you and the immediate family !

      tophatal …………

  4. Anyone who’s of the belief that a stoppage in the NFL would not exact a financial burden outside the league ought to consider these facts ……..there are over * 100,000 jobs directly tied to the league during the season that aren’t part of the NFL and each regular season game can garner a community in excess of $30,000,000 in economic impact . Multiply that figure 16 and that’s in excess and that’s just over $ 7 billion ($7,000,000,000 ) of economic impact money that benefits the communities each year . That figure doesn’t include NFL revenues .

    Draya Michele

    * Jobs within the hospitality industry , parking attendants , food service workers , private transportation company employees and individuals who work the concession stands at the games are in many cases just contracted through the season and aren’t necessarily full time employees of an NFL organization.

    tophatal ………..

  5. Tressel is more of a crook than Pearl! If the NCAA doesn’t come down really hard on Ohio State, there some obvious favortism going on…

    I’ll be surprised if the NFL can’t reach an agreement, but as you know I’m rooting for the lockout!

    1. chappy

      Pearl , Calhoun and Tressel are cut from the same cloth ! They’d lie cheat and steal from their own grandmother if it meant they could look good ! And this can’t be the first time that Tressel has fallen afoul of the rules but it may well have been the first time his lying ass has been caught !

      As for the NFL this simply what happens when you have two lawyers in a room and only one of them actually has any f_cking brains . And in this case it ain’t Goodell !

      Cabrera is making Barret Robbins seem like an MIT grad with his undoubted stupidity !

      Take me at my word when I tell you she doesn’t have the weight of the world on her shoulders .

      tophatal ……………………..

    1. smurfed

      They say a leopard can never change its spots in this case Tressel simply hid behind the camouflage of his players and when caught in a lie he still refused to man up ’til it was way too late . Now we have the idiocy of the AD giving him a mere slap on the wrist with $250,000 fine , two game suspension and being formally asked to apologize for his misdeed. But why do I also get the impression that this isn’t the fist time Jim Tressel may have flouted NCAA rules and may well have violated them repeatedly ?

      Keeley Hazell

      There's more to this all than meets the eye but I somehow believe also that the NCAA should they investigate they'll cover somethings up and reveal only a morsel of what actually went on within the program while hardly punishing the coach himself . I mean for all sense and purpose the punishment meted out by OSU was like asking a child to stand in the corner facing the wall for a timeout. $250,000 is a drop in the ocean to a coach making over $2,500,000 a year and that doesn’t include incentives plus his off the field endorsements .

      tophatal ……………….

  6. I am of the opinion that the majority of recruits for major college football teams are thugs with not much learning skills. The best athletes are Afro-Americans who want to rise above their environs, but seem to create or get into major difficulties. Then, cause they are such impact players…they get nothing but slaps on the wrists…if that.
    This is not a knock against the Afro-American athlete cause you have the same thing occuring amonst the white athletes.
    Too bad there aren’t more like E. Smith, “Sweetness”, Montana, Moon, even Brutkus and Lambert to mention just a few.

    1. al clements

      This whole saga with Tressel hasn't anything to do with race but more to do with the coach lying to faculty members and quite possibly it now seems withholding information from the NCAA . If this had been a police investigation then Tressel would already be facing charges of lying to a law enforcement officer. And that's what is wrong here as the NCAA doesn't have subpoena powers .

      As it is we now know that be suborned lies by players and he lied also to the faculty members at the time of last year’s investigations into the improprieties by Terrell Pryor and several other Buckeye players who later were suspended for game s to be be played this year. How’s that working out for Pryor who declared for the NFL Daft ?

      This is simply another reason why the NCAA is one big friggin’ joke as to is the athletics department of Ohio State !

    1. Chris Humpherys

      What else is the NCAA going to do with regard to Tressel ? The guy gets fined $250,000 he earns tens time that in salary and probably close to another $1 million plus if not more in endorsements . Not exactly going to burn a hole in his pocket is that fine now is it ? And as it is the Buckeyes fans will still kiss ass even with his less than contrite apology.

      The NCAA in part condones acts such as this by not punishing the coaches even when they’re known to be at fault instead they merely punish a school’s program . Which to my mind is simply useless when it’s not enough to even stop the malfeasance of the coaches or athletes themselves . You know what American collegiate athletics is one big joke because it has always been blurred by the financial greed more than the athletic achievement and praise to be earned by doing things the right way and that’s for the spirit of competition to be fair ! Absolutely no one within the NCAA much less collegiate sports has the balls to say it much less do a f_cking thing about !

      So as of now let the shit hit the fan who cares it’s all one big friggin’ joke to begin with !

      tophatal ………..

    2. Chris Humpherys

      Who in their right mind would listen to anything that the NCAA has to say on any matter concerning collegiate athletics ? You can obtain more intelligence from simply listening to a deaf person speak .

      There’s more to this story than either Smith or Gee are prepared to make public !

      And the sucking sound you here is that of the AD Gene Smith sucking on the university President E Gordon Gee’s member like a polite little boy who’s been accosted by his parish priest for sex.

      tophatal ………………

  7. al clement

    Chris Humpherys

    This is simply further proof that the NCAA find manure even if they were in the midst of field filled with cows and people were trying to mask the smell essence of rose petals . They went with the information supplied to them by Ohio State rather than carrying out a completely thorough investigation when the sale of memorabilia incident came to light . Seeing them investigate anything is akin to watching the Keystone Cops at work .

    They ( NCAA ) couldn’t flies if they were hovering above a bucket of field full of s_it !

    tophatal …………

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