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Simply Fill In The Blank or Blanks ………………

Simply Fill In The Blank or Blanks ………………

MLB ____ Baseball

(1) I believe that MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has been good for baseball because ______ ?

(2) Neither Barry Bonds or Roger Clemens knowingly took steroids because _____ ?

(3) Can Frank McCourt be considered the worse owner in MLB at present ____ if not then who ____ ?

(4) The NL needs to have a DH in baseball because _____ ? ..

(5) Which team to your mind is worse franchise in Major League Baseball —- _____ ?

(6) Should baseball consider realignment for the divisions within the league ?

(7) It’s in baseball’s best interest to adopt a hard salary cap and shared revenue because ____________ ?


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NBA ____ Basketball

(1) David Stern has made the NBA worthwhile as a brand because ______ ?

(2) The NBA Playoffs’ format as it now exists is far too long because _______ ?

(3) Stern is over-stressing the point of the league being financially unstable at present because _____ ?

(a) The league has never opened up their financial records for fear that he would be found lying as to the bleakness of the situation .

(b) He fears that a lockout and wants to show the NBPA in a bad light because he believes the players and their union to be greedy .

(c) A & B jointly

(d) State your own answer

(4) In their series against the Boston Celtics I thought that New York Knicks would better because ____ ?

(5) I don’t believe that Derrick Rose is a valid candidate as league MVP because ___ ?

(6) How would you prefer to see the league MVP adjudicated ?

(a) By players and coaches

(b) Let the system remain as it is

(7) The Miami Heat will win the NBA Finals because _____

(a) They’re the best team in the league

(b) They have the best player in the league

(c) Combination of a & b

(d) It’s their time

(8) The referees during the playoffs thus far have performed better than last season at this point because ________________ ?

(9) It would be great to see an NBA Final series between the Los Angeles and Miami Heat because _____ ?

(a) It’s what fans will want to see

(b) They’re by far the two best teams

(c) Kobe versus LeBron would make the case for the argument as who really is the best player in the league once and for all

NFL ______ Football

(1) Who’d you say is more to blame with regard to the NFL lockout ______

(2) NFL league hierarchy led by Roger Goodell

NFL team owners and league hierarchy led by Goodell


(3) As commissioner of the NFL do you believe that Roger Goodell has done a commendable job so far ?

(4) Is Cam Newton justified as being take # 1 overall in the upcoming NFL Draft ?

(5) If there’s to be a season within the NFL do you feel that the season should be elongated or shortened to meet the customary schedule as planned ?

(6) Of the teams mentioned below which one to your mind will end up having the worse record in the league ?

Cincinnati Bengals

Arizona Cardinals

Cleveland Browns

Detroit Lions

(7) Of the players mentioned who to your mind is liable to have the most successful rookie season ?

Patrick Peterson , Blaine Gabbert , Nick Fairley , Cam Newton , Marcell Dareus , Von Miller and A J Green

(8) Here’s the premise should the NFL mandate a rookie salary scale (3yrs ) that is based upon the system that’s now enacted by the NBA ?

(9) The New York Jets won’t win the Superbowl because _________ ?

(a) Mark Sanchez’s form will regress from last season

(b) The defense simply isn’t as good as advertized

(c) Rex Ryan will prove to be too much of a problem rather than an asset

(10) The first NFL managerial casualty of the season will be _________________ ?

Mike Shanahan

Norv Turner

Ken Whisenhunt

Tony Sparano

Chan Gailey

Leslie Frazier

Jim Schwartz

Jack Del Rio

(11) The best ran franchise in the NFL has to be __________ ?

(12) With Judge Susan Nelson now siding with the NFL players in the mediation process do you feel that the situation is now over and why ?

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) Neither side has won anything at this juncture because the ruling can be appealed and overturned in the US Federal Appellate Court



Picture gallery for your perusal .

I trust you’ll have enjoyed the questions posed within this piece ? And I look forward to reading your answers .

Alan aka tophatal ……………………….

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(1) MLB Commissioner Bud Selig seen here at a press conference in front of the convened press . AP Photo

(2) Roger Clemens arrives at Federal Court December 8, 2010 in Washington, DC. Clemens, a former Major League Baseball pitcher, appeared at court for an interim status conference on charges he lied to Congress during a hearing on the use steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs. Getty Images/ Brendan Smialowski ……

(3) Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt speaks during a Dodger Stadium security news conference at Los Angeles Police Department headquarters on April 8, 2011 in Los Angeles, California. It was announced that new security measures will be implemented at Dodger Stadium after San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow was attacked in the parking lot after the season opener at Dodger Stadium. Kevork Djansezjian / Getty Images North America ……

(4) NBA commissioner David Stern, left, presents Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James with the 2008-2009 NBA Most Valuable Player trophy before the Cavaliers’ Eastern Conference basketball semifinals game against the Atlanta Hawks on Tuesday, May 5, 2009, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan ……

(5) Derrick Morgan from the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets poses with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell as they hold up a Tennessee Titans jersey after the Titans selected Morgan number 16 overall during the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 22, 2010 in New York City. Jeff Zelevansky/ Getty Images…

(6) Mark Sanchez (6) of the New York Jets throws a pass against the Buffalo Bills during the game on October 18, 2009 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Getty Images /Jared Wickerham ……

(7) Quarterback Garrett Gilbert (3) of the Texas Longhorns tries to tackle lineman Marcell Dareus (57) of the Alabama Crimson Tide who would score after intercepting the ball during the second quarter of the Citi BCS National Championship game at the Rose Bowl on January 7, 2010 in Pasadena, California. Getty Images / Kevork Djansezjian …..

(8) (L-R) Quarterback Chad Henne (7), coach Tony Sparano and running back Ricky Williams (34) of the Miami Dolphins look on from the sidelines against the Detroit Lions at Sun Life Stadium on December 26, 2010 in Miami, Florida. Marc Serota / Getty Images ….


9 thoughts on “Simply Fill In The Blank or Blanks ………………

    1. I know you’re going to love that’s why I can’ wait to see your answers .

      ‘Me too I can’t wait for you to reveal your answers sportschump ! As I always like to reveal a little myself ‘ ! Denise Milani

      tophatal ……….

    2. Chris Humpherys

      This isn’t meant to be taken as fun it’s meant to be taken seriously just like I take the fact that Donald Trump must be taken seriously as a viable political candidate and part of the mainstream . It's going to be great seeing him and Palin duke it out ! LOL,LOL,LOL !!!

      Speaking of duke-ing it out former Rays' player Elijah Dukes got busted again and the Bucs are said to be on the cusp of cutting cornerback Aqib Talib . He (Talib) says he wasn't the one who fired shots at his sister's ex boyfriend but both he and his mother are facing charges of second degree attempted murder in Garland , Texas . However witnesses who saw the incident say that both Talib and his mom were not only co conspirators but each had a weapon and aimed at the victim in question actually wounding him quite seriously .

      tophatal …………

  1. That’s too many fill in the blanks so I’ll just do the ones that I’m interested in.

    I like Selig, because he stood up for the Dodgers fans by taking over the team and showing he’s not only there to support the owners.

    Bonds and Clemens both took steroids knowingly.

    The NL doesn’t need a DH…

    The Pirates are the worst franchise, because we’ve seen their books.

    No hard cap for baseball, maybe basketball.

    Goodell is the owners puppet, and doesn’t care about the players at all. I’d say he’s a bad commisioner. ‘

    It feels like anyone taken #1 overall isn’t worth it whether it’s cam or anyone else…

    1. chappy 81

      You’d say that about Selig wouldn’t you ? LOL,LOL,LOL !! He only stood up because the owners told him that if he didn’t he wouldn’t get paid his annual $15 million plus salary and incentives .

      Bonds claims it was flaxseed oil and supplements . LOL,LOL,LOL I’ve never been injected with flaxseed oil much less a supplement unless it was an intravenous additive . And HGH and the ‘boli are neither !

      Clemens is simply being ignorant and the advice he’s getting from his lawyer Rusty Hardin is going get him sent down for a long time . You don’t f_ck with the FBI or Justice Dept or IRS under any circumstances .

      Where was he (Selig) when then owner Sam Zell took the Cubs into bankruptcy and then sold the team at an exorbitant price ? And then when Cuban outbid Nolan Ryan and his group for the Rangers he then sides with Ryan ? Please Selig has no damn credibility whatsoever ! Anyone thinking that has come off their hallucinogens ! .

      Simply touch my luvly lumps if you wanna see my tits ? Sportschump’s favorite lady Denise Milani

      Basketball does have a hard cap or hadn’t you noticed ? Last year it was $57 million per team in the NBA . Anyone exceeding it then has to pay the league hierarchy mandated luxury tax as they do in baseball .

      Baseball needs to follow suit also albeit that their revenues and financial template is a complete mess ! The NBA under Stern knew that this was coming but he felt that he had the fans’ empathy and that of the broadcast networks that carry the NBA . Truth be known these guys (broadcasters) are loving this up to a point because when it comes to renewing those contracts they’ll be in the drivers’ seat and not the likes of MLB , the NBA or the NFL .

      I think that the qb’s coming out this year are way overhyped ! Notice how Kiper hasn’t really gotten an erection for any of them ?

      The Pirates are most certainly the worse ran franchise in all of baseball bar none ! Each season Nutting shows how much of an asshole he really is with his proclamations that the team intends to be competitive ! They’ve not had a winning season in two decades and they’ve not made the postseason during that time either

      tophatal ………….. 😦

  2. Just saw this, Imma have to get back to you on this since I have work in less than 6 hours….. But Manchester United showing total dominance tonight like I expected. The Madrid Barca showdown should be good. Hopin to see Cristiano face his former team in the finals. As for tonight, I thought Kobe had a sprained ankle? As for the Spurs, if they can somehow manage a victory at home, I think the momentum can lift them to force game 7, but I would give them a 30% chance of winning tomorrow. It’s tough watching my old, weak, undersized, jumpshooting team struggle at the moment.

  3. jgome

    Man Utd have dominated domestically in the EPL but they’ve come up short in the FA Cup .

    But it’ll be Champions League where we could see the best that United has to offer .

    Kobe will play no matter what , he’s that type of a guy because he’s not about go down without a fight .

    The Spurs are killing me with their inept play throughout the series against the Memphis Grizzlies . If they bow out then I’ll be completely dissatisfied with their play !

    Man the sh_ t will now hit the fan in NYC with the Knicks because I do believe that the front office will blow out both Walsh (GM) and DAntoni the team’s coach . They may be a work in progress but the way they lost the series to the Celtics was a friggin’ embarrassment ! No matter how you look at it was really bad ! They were inept in all facets of the game and throughout this series .

    tophatal …………………

  4. Baseball
    1) Let me stop you right there. I don’t think Selig has been good for baseball
    2) They didn’t? That’s news to me.
    3) I think McCourt could currently have to be considered the worst owner in baseball no?
    4) pitchers can’t hit.
    5) Current tie between the Pirates and the Royals
    6) I think things are aligned just fine
    7) It will increase parity in the game but I don’t think that’ll happen any time soon.

    1) he knows how to market its players
    2) Dude, no way. It’ll be over before we know it. Don’t take away my sacred hoops.
    3) He’s siding with the owners
    4) of Chauncey. With no Chauncey at the point, the Knicks didn’t stand a chance.
    5) He is a candidate and will win the award.
    6) Give bloggers a vote
    7) I don’t think they will.
    8) Tim Donaghy’s gone
    9) Dude, no love for the Celtics?

    1) everyone involved
    3) Still too early to tell on Goodell
    4) Probably not
    5) Elongate. Gotta try to get in 16 games
    6) Arizona Cardinals
    7) Either Miller or Green
    8) I think that’ll end up happening, or at least something similar to it
    9) They haven’t in over 30 years
    10) Shanahan
    11) Either Pats or Steelers, maybe throw in the Packers for good measure
    12) This situation is far from over

  5. Chris Humpherys

    Selig has been good for himself in pocketing of $60 million over the last four years as salary and incentives but yet the game is in a financial maelstrom of its own making .

    I think the first managerial casualty will be Norv Turner as I seriously doubt that the Spanos family can continue down this path .

    Stern will try to paint the NPBA in a good light up to a point but once the gloves come off this thing will get increasingly nasty !

    Goodell to my mind has handled this situation badly and he underestimated the guile of Smith . That’s something I doubt that Tagliabue would’ve done !

    Thanks for chiming in with your thoughts and comments !

    tophatal ………..

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