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I Wanna Be That Guy But Not The Guy Who Succeeds The Guy

I Wanna Be That Guy But Not The Guy Who Succeeds The Guy

Well the Phil Jackson era is now said to be over in Los Angeles with the Lakers having said good bye to their much beloved coach for the second time over that coach’s illustrious career . And under the auspices of the team’s owner Jerry Buss , senior executives EVP Jim Buss and GM Mitch Kupchak have hired former Cleveland Cavaliers’ coach Mike Brown . Surprising as it may seem I felt that the organization would stayed in-house and hired one of Jackson’s assistants either Jim Cleamons or Brian Shaw , with the latter in most circles believed to be have been the heir apparent to Phil Jackson. But as the saying goes …… ‘ out with the old and in with the new ‘ . As this clearly seems to have the mantra best felt that would serve the Lakers’ hierarchy and the team as they now move forward.


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Now there’s no denying that Brown has some big shoes to Phil when one considers Phil Jackson’s legacy within the city and with the Los Angeles Lakers . Five NBA titles over the course of his tenure with the organization and seven appearances in the NBA Finals . Not bad at all but it’s going to be one hell of an act to follow for an experienced coach such as Mike Brown. From my own perspective I think that the hire is a good one although as I alluded to earlier I felt that Brian Shaw would be Phil Jackson’s successor. I’ve got to wonder whether or not Kobe Bryant perhaps the team’s most respected player had any say as to the organization’s next hire might have been . The player himself , hasn’t yet issued a formal statement as to Jackson’s successor but Mike Brown , himself , has made it clear that this is still Bryant’s team . And if anything the newly installed coach will have to prove his worth to the player , who may well have felt somewhat slighted that his former teammate wasn’t hired . That being said , I do believe that there’s room for two to co-exist and form a successful partnership . As to whether or not it is as successful as the one that was attained and sustained between Bryant Phil Jackson remains to be seen. Certainly if Mike Brown is able to continue the level of success achieved by Phil Jackson by winning at least a pair of titles , his hiring will undoubtedly be viewed as being an initial and instant success.


There is no denying that the fallout in light of the demise of the Lakers in the postseason with their series loss (4-0) to the Dallas Mavericks was if anything a surprising one. One might be even more inexplicable was the lackluster effort of the team by anyone not with the last name of Bryant . If you could tell me that the likes of Pau Gasol , Lamar Odom , Ron Artest and Andrew Bynum would be an absolute non-factor in the series I would be laughing at you ! But low and behold this was the type of effort where the Los Angeles Lakers were complacent , they looked old and simply didn’t give a damn ! OK you had the atypical postgame interviews from the players but in reality I believe that the players were not only dumb founded but they were outplayed in absolutely every facet of the game ! Mike Brown has a tough off season ahead of him as he and Mitch Kupchak will have to assess the needs of this team and also look to get rid of the dead weight on this roster . I certainly do believe that this might be the last time that we will see Derek Fisher in a Lakers’ uniform ! And certainly the Artest experiment has to viewed as a ‘ dud’ after his postseason travails this year. Steve Blake cannot be considered a starting point guard in this league , at best he’s simply an adequate backup. As for the so called role players on this roster well let’s just say that they knew their role in during this series against the Mavericks . They were bitch slapped and showed their immaturity during the series , enough said I think !

Given the expectations of the fans in Los Angeles the scrutiny with which Brown will be placed under and his every moved analyzed and judged . I just hope that he has the mindset and temperament to last the length of his contract . I’d hate to see him flame out much as in the same way that Rudy Tomjanovich did in his shortened tenure with the Lakers ! Egos asides , anyone who undertakes such a task in coaching an organization such as the Los Angeles Lakers with all of the brouhaha , then having to deal with the Hollywood A list celebrities , fans seated at the Staples Center and all that it brings , that type of pressure cooker atmosphere can’t be at all good for one’s psyche .

As I alluded to earlier I believe that the Lakers will have to look to bolster this roster be it through free agency or through the NBA Draft . From my own perspective these crop of players within the draft seem extremely short on real talent with one or two exceptions . The Lakers for their part do not have a draft pick in the first round of the upcoming draft having traded the rights to that pick (25th) to the New Jersey Nets . However, in the second round they will have multiple picks which ought to prove to be fortuitous for the organization if they make prudent choices .

Now don’t get me wrong I have the utmost respect for former Florida Gators’ coach Urban Meyer . But in all honesty his departure from the program the second time around left a great deal to be desired . Health issues or not, Meyer flip flopped as to whether or not he was departing in the same way that John Kerry and Mitt Romney would go about making political decision in order to seek out the public’s sympathy. What might be even more asinine was in light of his departure he still wanted to remain a part of the program’s decision making process even in the advent of his successor being named ! The AD of the school’s athletics program Jeremy Foley knew that he had to cast his net far and wide in order to seek out a high profiled and proven coach. The hiring of former Texas Longhorns’ assistant Will Mushchamp seems to have gone over well amongst the fans of the Gators and it has been met with a great deal of positive vibe from the state’s sports print , radio and television media that cover the football program .

A great deal is being asked of Will Muschamp in having to succeed a successful coach . Urban Meyer’s record with the Florida Gators simply speaks for itself , with two national titles , two SEC championship game titles and a number of All Americans , never mind the recruits to the NFL from one of the most respected programs in the SEC . In light of that one has to admit that last season was something of a disappointment for this program. Having finished the season 8-5 within the SEC Eastern Division a non BCS Bowl appearance in the Outback Bowl against Penn State was in reality all the team had to show for the year .

One of the main reasons I believe for the letdown last season with the Gators was the loss of Tim Tebow to the NFL and the mere fact that Meyer simply hadn’t adjusted or completely comprehend the magnitude of the loss would mean to the team overall. John Brantley , Tebow’s understudy along with Jordan Reed and Trey Burton may well have been viewed as suitable replacements but it was belied in the fact that their statistics and performances didn’t bear that out. However , in saying that I also felt that there was a great deal of complacency which the coach at the time would fail to admit . And with such teams within the SEC as Auburn , Alabama , South Carolina , Arkansas , LSU and Mississippi State all looking to show their dominance within a powerful conference you can well understand why it is that the Florida Gators have to be a formidable team in all aspects .

Muschamp along with his coaching staff will most certainly look to assess the roster looking for its strength and weaknesses. And certainly from a defensive standpoint I expect to see an improvement by this team . It will also be interesting to see how the juniors and seniors on the team perform this upcoming season . I’ve no doubt that we will see an improvement in the play of Chris Rainey , Jeffrey Demps , Moses Jenkins , Deonte Thompson , Jonathan Bostic and Dominique Easley . If these players can instill a sense of leadership and maturity then I firmly believe that the Gators can be seriously challengers within the SEC and quite possibly for a major BCS Bowl berth .

Now as many of you are aware Florida Gators fans are about as passionate as they come and in terms of bragging rights within the state especially when you have the likes of Florida State and the Miami Hurricanes no one when it comes fan worship wants to left on the outside looking in . College Football within the state in terms of its supports plays second fiddle only to the NFL with baseball (MLB) bringing up the rear . The passion for the game at the collegiate level is almost as bright as an incandescent light bulb. And speaking as an outside observer looking in I have seen heated debates between all three sets of fans . So much so, that I would never want to interject and make a case for any of the teams in question . Hence the reason I feel that there will be so much pressure placed on Will Muschamp to succeed and should he fail by the program’s own lofty then there’s no doubt in my mind that he will be ran out of town faster than a registered sex offender in a rural town. Does anyone remember how Meyer’s predecessor Ron Zook was treated not only by the Gator fans but also the print , radio and television media across the state ? He was persona non grata and a pariah within three years of accepting the position , solely because he was unable to win with any great consistency . The fact that he was one of hell of a recruiter simply didn’t seem to matter to the press or the fans at all as he relinquished of his duties as coach . It was unfortunate however that he had to succeed a coaching legend , Steve Spurrier . I know winning is meant to be everything but it also takes time for the coach to acclimatize himself with his players and the environment of that program but within collegiate athletics and in particular college football , winning means everything not only terms of the success it brings the numerous financial bounties and the notoriety for that sport.



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What thoughts if any do you have on the points raised within this piece ? Simply leave a comment as you deem fit and thanks as always for the continued support !

Alan aka tophatal ………….

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(1) EL SEGUNDO, CA – MAY 31: Mike Brown, (L) the new head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers, shares a laugh with owner Jerry Buss (C) and Buss’ son Jesse Buss after Brown’s introductory news conference at the team’s training facility on May 31, 2011 in El Segundo, California. Brown replaces Lakers coach Phil Jackson, who retired at the end of this season. Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images…..

(2) Jim Buss, (C) executive vice president of basketball operations of the Los Angeles Lakers, team owner Jerry Bus and player Matt Barnes listen to new coach Mike Brown’s speech during his introductory news conference at the team’s training facility on May 31, 2011 in El Segundo, California. Brown replaced Lakers coach Phil Jackson, who retired at the end of this season. Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images ……

(3) Mike Brown, the new head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers, speaks during his introductory news conference at the team’s training facility on May 31, 2011 in El Segundo, California. Brown replaces Lakers coach Phil Jackson, who retired at the end of this season. Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images …..

(4) Phil Jackson, coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, leaves after his last official Lakers news conference at the team’s training facility on May 11, 2011 in El Segundo, California. The Lakers were swept out of their best of seven series with the Dallas Mavericks four games to none. Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images ……

(5) Kobe Bryant (24) of the Los Angeles Lakers leaves a news conference at the Lakers training facility on May 11, 2011 in El Segundo, California. The Lakers were swept out of their best of seven series with the Dallas Mavericks four games to none. Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images ……

(6) Jackson (left) is seen here on the sidelines along with his former assistants Brian Shaw (center) and Jim Cleamons during an NBA game earlier this season . Courtesy of ESPN …..

(7) GAINESVILLE, FL – APRIL 9: Coach Will Muschamp and offensive coordinator Charlie Weis of the Florida Gators direct play during the Orange and Blue spring football game April 9, 2011 Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida. Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images ……

(8) Running back Chris Rainey (3) of the Florida Gators runs upfield during the Orange and Blue spring football game April 9, 2011 Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida. Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images ……

(9) Quarterback John Brantley (12) of the Florida Gators runs upfield during the Orange and Blue spring football game April 9, 2011 Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida. Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images ……..

(10) Will Muschamp, center, the new head coach for the University of Florida’s football team and his wife Carol, right, are escorted to the media room by Florida’s athletic director Jeremy Foley, left, where he is to be introduced to the media at a news conference in Gainesville, Fla., Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2010 . Muschamp comes to Florida after being the coach-in-waiting at the University of Texas since Nov. 2008. AP Photo/Phil Sandlin ….

(11) Tim Tebow (left) is seen here with Urban Meyer celebrate the second of the duo’s two national BCS titles . AP Photo / Robert Phillips ….


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13 thoughts on “I Wanna Be That Guy But Not The Guy Who Succeeds The Guy

  1. I think Mike Browns biggest challenge will be getting all the personalities on the same page. The Lakers are always full of drama, and is a completely different animal than the Cleveland teams he coached…

    1. chappy

      Brown and his coaching staff will have to purge the roster of the dead weight and driftwood . But his best bet will be to first to place a call in to both Dr Phil and Dr Drew Pinsky . Way too many egos there to deal with on that Lakers’ team .

      You do understand that my area of expertize is differing forms of addiction and teenage angst ? So you’ve never got a teenage girl pregnant or been involved in an incestuous relationship ? I don’t know that I can help you increase your free throw percentage .

      ‘This is the finger I used to insert into Khloe’s thatch ‘. Lamar Odom . ‘Me too ‘ says Rob Kardashian

      ‘You know Rob we both can’t be having sex with your sister it’s time for you to go out and make it on your own ‘ . Lamar Odom ‘Lamar don’t do that as I believe that an incestuous makes our love more complete ‘ ! Khloe Khardashian

      Lamar’s testes have been removed so that his brother in law Rob has an extra pair . And Artest simply isn’t the shutdown defender that everyone said he once was. Fisher is past his prime , Pau Gasol is simply jealous that his brother Marc now has more upside than him . Bynum simply doesn’t give a sh#t , having won one ring because he now feels that he can go out and get “more tail” by simply flashing his championship ring . As for Kobe he probably wants to visit whatever family he has left in Philly rather than being with that bunch of cretins .

      I certainly wouldn’t subscribe to the fact than an NBA player masturbate frequently in order to strengthen his wrists so that he can dunk and increase his FTA’s !

      tophatal ………………

  2. As you may know I’m a big Gator fan. I have followed the Gators since Spurrier was their quarterback(yea I’m that old). This year will be very challenging for Muschamp and his staff. I think that in a couple of seasons the Gators will be back in the national picture once more.
    Have a good one man and cheers!

    1. aero

      I know that a great deal is expected of Muschamp and his every move will be scrutinized when it comes to team’s performances over the course of the season . They have some tricky games on their schedule and one or two that some would no doubt deem to be a walkover .

      Gators’ schedule 2011

      Sat, Sep 3 Florida Atlantic Gainesville, FL TBA

      Sat, Sep 10 Alabama-Birmingham Gainesville, FL TBA

      Sat, Sep 17 Tennessee * Gainesville, FL 3:30 pm CBS

      Sat, Sep 24 Kentucky * Lexington, KY TBA

      Sat, Oct 1 Alabama * Gainesville, FL TBA

      Sat, Oct 8 LSU * Baton Rouge, LA TBA

      Sat, Oct 15 Auburn * Auburn, AL TBA

      Sat, Oct 29 Georgia * Jacksonville, FL 3:30 pm CBS

      Sat, Nov 5 Vanderbilt (HC) * Gainesville, FL TBA

      Sat, Nov 12 South Carolina * Columbia, SC TBA

      Sat, Nov 19 Furman Gainesville, FL TBA

      Sat, Nov 26 Florida State Gainesville, FL TBA

      I’d like to think that the team is capable of making at least a major BCS Bowl berth appearance. As for as a national title is concerned that may well be a few years off . I certainly would like to see Brantley take command show the potential that many believe that he has . It’s got to be tough living in the shadow and then having to take over the reins from Tebow considering his legacy .

      I intend to kick back and enjoy the weekend . The girlfriend wanted me to head south with her down to Miami as she’s got to see a potential client down there with regard to business . I won’t be heading back down to Sth Florida ’til Thanksgiving as I’ll have friends coming over from the UK and we’ll spend that weekend reminiscing amongst other things .

      My regards to the family , stay safe and have a great weekend !

      tophatal ……….

    2. aero

      Speaking of Spurrier I think that he and the Gamecocks will have a tough season ahead of them . The team looks good on paper but simply looking good on paper means nothing as it’s how you play the game and the wins and losses that determines how you’re viewed by the fans at large .

      Charlie Sheen simply knows nothing about winning I do !

      tophatal ……..

      1. As long as Stephen Garcia is their QB, South Carolina will go nowhere.

        Florida should be allright and def. have the talent for a BCS berth. Like you said, it will be on Brantley. IMO, he sucked last season, and he needs to step up and take control of that offense. They have the athletes and speed to breakout. Defensively, Florida’s had a pretty good defense the past couple years and there shouldn’t be much of a drop off as Champ’ is a defensive guru and is one of the top (if not the best) defensive recruiter right now. I hope the Gators have a good season as well, I can’t stand Bama or LSU…….

  3. Mike Brown could be a good fit. The Lakers are an aging team. Kobie is older. They need fresh new blood. It will take some time. Florida will struggle some. Auburn will have a hard time this year. Watch out for the new QB Kehl Frazier from Shiloh Christian Springdale Arkansas. The kids a good one. He’ll be a freshman.

    1. Bobby Gee

      Not only are the Lakers an aging team but they’ve become complacent and lazy ! Other than Kobe and Gasol there is absolutely no one on that team that I would want to build a roster around as a starter . Brown will have to build a good relationship with Kobe if this team is to have any real tangible success .

      The future of Auburn is it with Kiehl Frazier ?

      As for Kiehl Frazier let’s just hope that he can not only stay clean but also have the same sort of success Cam Newton but without the notoriety .

      tophatal ……..

  4. jgome

    Stephen Garcia is a friggin’ head case ! He’s of no use to anyone as he makes a malnourished crack addict seem intelligent !

    No one understands my pain I want to be taken for real ! S Garcia …… a quarterback ? Fu_k no !

    tophatal ……………

  5. Interesting comparison between Muschamp and Brown.

    As a Gator alum, I like the Muschamp hire. Hey, we never thought anyone would be able to do what Spurrier did, then along came Meyer (obviously after the Zook dark ages).

    Hey, in this day and age with other programs in turmoil, I’m just happy to have a clean program.

    1. Chris Humpherys

      I think that Foley got the hire right this time around ! He erred when he hired Zook as the expectancies were meant to be immediate and Ron simply couldn’t live up to that. Muschamp will prove that his apprenticeship with Mack Brown was well served .

      This upcoming season it will definitely interesting to see how the Gators fare . I expect them to challenge within the SEC East and make a Bowl game as to whether or not that’ll be a BCS Bowl series game remains to be seen.

      Hey Reggie how’d you feel ’bout fuc_ing up the program ? I’m in coach !

      We know programs are in turmoil but look at what has just gone down with USC in light of Reggie Bush ? He and Carroll have cost that school and program all of its legitimacy and credibility while the likes of Pete Carroll profited greatly from a financial standpoint . What corporate endorser will in fact want to now associate themselves with the school’s athletics’ program in light of the latest sanctions and the loss of their 2004 national title ? Is it worth it all in the end ? You tell me ?

      tophatal ……..

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