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Can’t Knock The Hustle …………

Can’t Knock The Hustle …………….

Well in the aftermath of the NBA Finals series loss it seems just about everyone has an opinion on what went wrong for the Miami Heat . I see it as nothing more than the following ….. the fans were sold a bill of goods and it was hyped up with amped up so completely that a snake oil salesman couldn’t have done a better job. Pat Riley sold this crap for all it was worth and LeBron James and Dwyane Wade simply made us all believe that the team could get by on simply turning up in the Finals . Well it’s now over and done with and arguably this might be the most embarrassing series loss in NBA Finals’ history. A patron of mine would suggest that this loss was in no way as humiliating as the Los Angeles Lakers’ series loss (4-1) to the Detroit Pistons in the NBA Finals of 2004 . But I simply look at this way, an aging Lakers’ roster that had four future Hall of Famers , Karl Malone , Gary Payton , Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal , wherein two of those players (Malone and Payton) in particular were somewhat past their prime simply made this Heat loss more improbable .


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The Dallas Mavericks are crowned as champions for the 2010-11 season and quite rightly so , as they sought to win this series on its merits rather than simply being there merely as a sideshow and be the Heat’s whipping post. The oddsmakers in Vegas simply went with style over substance , hence looking lure in those sucker bets of those who thought that the Heat would sleepwalk their way through the NBA Finals . Can’t say that I blame as there’s a reason why there those monstrous edifices are being continuously built in Las Vegas ……… the House always wins .

As the postgame autopsy begins we now know that “Three Headed Monster” doesn’t necessarily work when the superstars that are surrounded aren’t all on the same page alongside the supporting cast . I mean you can either buy into the hype LeBron James being “the best player” in the league but given what I’ve now seen that argument has become so weak and overplayed that it no longer warrants being part of any discussion concerning the NBA ! The self anointed King is merely a prince without a crown and kingdom. As for Dwyane Wade his ass should simply be thankful that his legacy hasn’t been questioned but the jury could still be out on that . Pat Riley and coach Erik Spoelstra this offseason will certainly have to assess the roster and the damage done because there’s no doubt in my mind this organization and team is now in a state of shock even if on the exterior they’re not showing the signs.

It wouldn’t surprise me now to see Hollywood mega producer Jerry Bruckheimer bring in the cast of hit show ” CSI Miami” to investigate whether or not a serious felony crime had been committed during the 2011 NBA Finals . Care to who guess the villain of the piece may well end up being ? I’m sure David Caruso’s character Horatio Caine will provide us not only with a succinct and successful investigation but seeing the villain being taken away in handcuffs would be fun . But alas , I think we all know where the guilt will ultimately rest here, in lieu of this debacle ! All fingers point to the King and his cabal of aides . Suffice to say while in Dallas , Texas the fans there are cheering on their team , it wouldn’t suprise me if they’re also laughing at James and his supporting cast. And what of the former fans of LeBron James in the Cleveland area ? Get the feeling that they’re simply loving this as well ? And even if at the time I thought it rather idiotic with Cleveland Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert making the claim …” that the Cavs will win a title before the Heat “ ……… who are we now to make light of that statement ?

Well now that Terrelle Pryor has escaped the prying eyes of the NCAA and Ohio State having left school to ply his trade and wares in the NFL . I can’t help but wonder how his new agent Drew Rosenhaus will sell his client as viable and potentially a game breaker who knows how to win. Don’t get me wrong I liken Rosenhaus to his counterpart in MLB —- Scott Boras . These two sports agents to my mind have represented the seedier sides of both sports and nothing that they can do , short of donating their combined wealth can convince me that they represent what is good about professional sports in general through the eyes of an agent.

Pryor will come with a great deal of baggage , character issues and the fact that honesty isn’t one of biggest traits but somehow Rosenhaus will try to convince a team that his client is well worth a look at . With the player not being part of the NFL Draft that took place in April , he’s now eligible for the supplemental draft where he’ll no doubt be joined by other unsigned college free agents and other college talent (from lower subdivisions) not taken in the draft. And while there’s no denying that Terrelle Pryor is a talented player I’m not so sure that if taken by an NFL team it will be at his desired position of quarterback . If anything he could be asked to change position and become quite possibly a tight end or wide receiver but it is obvious to those who have an acute awareness as to business acumen of Drew Rosenhaus , he will sell his client as a bonafide NFL ready quarterback capable of leading a team if given the chance.

From my own perspective I believe that there will be a team willing to take a flier on Pryor purely out of desperation . But amongst the teams who may well be in need of a quarterback without having or wanting to pay a premium price then Terrelle Pryor may well be their best option .

The thinning of the herd has now began amongst the managerial casualties within baseball. Bob Geren was summarily fired by the Oakland Athletics but the inherent problems of the organization solely shouldn’t laid squarely on a manager who has in reality never been given the weapons to get the job done. This team has struggled this season and their record (28-39) within the AL West is a clear indication of that . If anything I for one find it extremely difficult to see how the fans can simply think Geren is primarily to blame for the team’s woes given the fact that team owner Lew Wolff has about as much of an ambition to win as Anthony Weiner (D-South Brooklyn) to admit that he’s not only sexual deviant but also someone who’s not fit to hold any sort of political office much less be a legislator in Congress . Granted , GM Billy Beane has been entrusted to turn things around but how much longer should the fans really be asked to tolerate the ineptitude being shown at this juncture ?

Beane has done his utmost make the best out of a bad situation but even now I can’t help but wonder how much worse things will have to get before there is enough outrage from the fans wherein some action will be taken. Instead they stand steadfast in their support of the team while its ownership group looks on merely laughing at them . Well it’s not as if they have shown any concept or the perception that they feel their pain but instead it’s been the same old story as usual without there being any real signs that the organization is actually on the cusp achieving anything of merit. OK , so one can praise the fact that they’ve a talent crop of young players throughout their farm system and some top prospects that given time will prove to be productive . But in the game of baseball from a business and competitive standpoint it’s about what is happening now on the field of play , rather than what could possibly happen two or even four years from now . And given the financial impediment of this organization and its unwillingness to actually spend money I seriously doubt that many of the players the fans are now yearning to see at some point in the future will actually be with the organization at that time in the future !

The frailties of the team this season has manifested itself in innumerable ways from the team’s lack of defense to the inconsistency of the pitching and offense . And now with Bob Melvin being entrusted to take control and guide this staff it will be interesting to see how the team fares over the remainder of this month and the rest of the season .

With the core of this team being a group of youngsters with some veteran presence sprinkled in for added surety one can understand the struggles that the team has gone through . Injuries asides , as is the norm with any organization the Oakland A’s have had their fair share of ups and downs . this season but at the same time players such as Coco Crisp , Josh Willingham , Cliff Pennington , Trevor Cahill , Carlos Gonzalez and others on this roster know that there is still something to fight for even if the belief amongst the masses is that the team really doesn’t stand that much of a chance in attaining some semblance of success this season.

I know of some passionate fans of the Oakland A’s who’d like nothing better than for Lew Wolff to out the team up for sale . And I for one would relish to see that event actually take place as I do feel that in large part in spite of the alleged business acumen of some the team owners in baseball . I for one feel that the majority of them on their best day wouldn’t know the difference between a balance sheet and baking sheet ! I’d even go so far as to suggest that the general managers within the game aren’t that far behind the owners with regard to that issue as well ! To further emphasize that point who in their right mind given the environment at the time would agree to trade away a player and still be on the hook for the greater part of their salary some five years later after that trade had actually taken place ? This is but one of many asinine business concepts that has taken place within the game and that is completely suborned by baseball’s hierarchy . I can hear agent Scott Boras now in the aftermath of the Alex Rodriguez trade from the Texas Rangers to the New York Yankees with then Rangers’ ownership group led by Tom Hicks and George Ken Gillette you’ve been had suckers “ . It has only been recently that the Rangers have been able to untie themselves from that particular financial debacle .

If there are said to be any interested parties now pursuing the purchase of the Oakland Athletics we’re not being informed publicly of any such premise but I am sure that the fans of the team would willingly accept anyone at this juncture if it meant to quick removal of Wolff and his partners expeditiously . I mean having to endure his tenure as owner of this organization I would guess could be compared to a form of Chinese water torture ! But those are merely my own opinions as the present predicament surrounding the A’s at present . The fans deserve a great deal more than this from the ownership group but unfortunately Wolff doesn’t feel it necessary to reciprocate at all .


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At some point I know that this all comes down to making money more than anything else but surely the fans deserve more from the athletes and owners given the fact that it is the fans who are actually paying the price of admission for these sporting events ? Simply chime in with a comment on your thoughts as to the points raised within the piece .

Alan aka tophatal …………………………….. ……

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(1) Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh, left, looks on as Dwyane Wade answers a question during a basketball news conference, Tuesday, June 14, 2011 in Miami. Instead of hosting Game 7 of the NBA finals on Tuesday, the Heat packed up their stuff for the summer. AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee …….

(2) Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra gestures as he speaks during a basketball news conference, Tuesday, June 14, 2011 in Miami. Instead of hosting Game 7 of the NBA finals on Tuesday, the Heat packed up their stuff for the summer. AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee …….

(3) Conceitedness on the part of Macy’s and the Miami Heat ? For the second time in five years the retailer made a mistake of this magnitude . An ad for Macy’s proclaiming the Miami Heat as NBA champions inadvertently ran in the Miami Herald Monday, June 13, 2011. The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat in Game 6 in Miami Sunday night to win the NBA Finals 4-2. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky …

(4) Dirk Nowitzki (L) and Jason Kidd (R) of the Dallas Mavericks hold the MVP and Larry O’Brien Trophies after defeating the Miami Heat in Game Six of the 2011 NBA Finals, at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, Florida on June 12, 2011. AFP PHOTO/Mark RALSTON …..

(5) LeBron James (left) and Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat answer questions after the Heat were defeated 105-95 by the Dallas Mavericks in Game Six of the 2011 NBA Finals at American Airlines Arena on June 12, 2011 in Miami, Florida. Getty Images/ Mike Ehrmann ……

(6) LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 17: Executive producer Jerry Bruckheimer (L) and actor David Caruso (R) attend the CSI Miami 100th Episode Cake Cutting Party at Raleigh Studios on August 17, 2006 in Los Angeles, California. Life Magazine / Getty Images/ Michael Buckner ……

(7) They’re already on the case CSI Miami unit members at a club that James and Wade are said to frequent . LOL,LOL !! Courtesy of CBS / Jerry Bruckheimer Productions Inc.

(8) Buckeyes’ quarterback Terrelle Pryor. Getty Images / Kevin C Cox …

(9) Sports agent Drew Rosenhaus whose latest client is reputed to be Terrelle Pryor . The hard sell now begins for the agent luring the interest of teams around the NFL . AP Photo Kevin Neill ……

(10) Oakland Athletics manager Bob Melvin left, argues with first base umpire Brian O’Nora after a MLB baseball game with the Chicago White Sox in Chicago, Sunday, June 12, 2011. Chicago won 5-4 . AP Photo/Paul Beaty …….

(11) Hideki Matsui(notes) #55 of the Oakland Athletics bats against the Chicago White Sox on June 12, 2011 at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago, Illinois. The White Sox defeated the Athletics 5-4. Photo by David Banks/Getty Images …….

(12) Wolff is seen here with former manager Bob Geren . AP Photo/ Nick Warner ……

(13) Bob Melvin is introduced to the press as the new manager of the Oakland A’s after the firing of his predecessor Bob Geren by GM Billy Beane (right). Courtesy of CSN ……………

(14) The A’s ballpark one of baseball’s most heralded places of pageantry and a part of the ballclub’s folklore . Courtesy of…….


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16 thoughts on “Can’t Knock The Hustle …………

  1. To LBJ and D-Wade I ain’t hatin’ playa ………….. I Can’t Knock Your Hustle ! It was lame from the start to begin with because of your conceited attitude . But life goes on ……. not one , not two not three ………shit you had problems with the Mavs . So let me know when you’re ready to play with the Big Boys . Peace out ……..holla !


    More for LBJ …….. Miami ain’t yours yet boy-o ! Nigga please South Beach won’t be yours ’til you show them you’ve got a pair !

    LBJ has now proved that he’s softer than a fresh feminine hygiene product !

    tophatal ……………………………….

  2. Postmortem call it what you will autopsy whatever ? But can LBJ and the rest of the moronic Heat fans simply shut the fu_k up and readily admit that they were soundly beaten by the better team ?

    “Boy did we fu_k this up or what ” ?

    For those of you choosing to leave a comment put a caption to this pic of the odious duo ? Let me know what you think that they might be in thinking when addressing the press in the post-game interview ?

    Here’s my entry …….

    “Boy did we fu_k this up or what ” ?

    tophatal ………………

  3. Jordan Carver has more assets that bounce then anything displayed by LBJ during this series !

    Peek a boo I see two ! How ’bout you LBJ ?

    Got milk ? LBJ hasn’t …….. he’s got no balls !

    tophatal ………………..

  4. I’d really like to know how active a role Riley played in all this.

    I mean, where was he when LeBron had obviously lost his confidence?

    Did they talk at all or did Riles not want to step on Spoelstra’s toes?

    If we thought Spoelstra was on a tight leash this season, wait til next one.

    Only problem is, they’ll probably win 60 games next season and won’t know how good they are til late in the playoffs again.

    1. Chris Humpherys

      Riley was out buying tampons for LBJ once he became flustered . He was acting like a female on her menstrual cycle ! As for Spoelstra if he thinks that this season was tough …. hell he’ll be sh_tting bricks next season because a number of teams in the East will have improved thereby making it even tougher for the Heat . This so called ‘ Three Headed Monster’ simply didn’t work because the role players on this team simply weren’t worth sh_t !

      As for LBJ I wonder which orifice he’ll be looking to kissed by his adoring fans ? I believe that most would want to kick him in the ass rather than kiss it unless you happen to be either Stephen A Smith , Jim Gray or any of the morons within ABC or TNT who have simply worshiped the idol that is allegedly LeBron James . The guy is a fraud !

      That talk about not one , not two , not three , not four but five or six titles now seems a long way off after this monstrous disaster and display . You can’t tell me that this wasn’t one of the biggest upsets in NBA Finals’ history ?

      tophatal ………………..

    1. al clements

      Is what over ? The NFL work stoppage has a way to go and Terrelle Pryor wants to be a role model to the kids and better human being . LOL,LOL,LOL !!! But I do know for a fact that Jordan Carver puts out for the right price . How ’bout them apples ? Especially Jordan’s apples and pears ……. I love ’em they look so ripe and juicy !

      Oh look she’s in the library .

      And she loves big weapons as well . Nice !

      tophatal ………….

  5. My caption for the pic of Lebron and D-Wade.

    Lebron: “I’m just gonna sit here and hold my breath till everyone starts kissing my ass again”.

    D-Wade: “After I bite off this hangnail I’m going to punch Lebron right in the groin”.

  6. aero

    Just thought this one up

    ‘I’d gladly have had sex with LeBron’s mom if I hadn’t found out that she had a penis and her son was the one with the vagina ! By the way LeBron is suffering from a certain type of feminine discomfort that tends to happen once every 28 days or so ‘. D Wade

    Look at me look at the Old Spice guy who’d you rather have sleep with your daughter ? TP You tell ’em Terrelle .

    And as far as Drew Rosenhaus and Terrelle Pryor go , let’s hope that there is a team dumb enough to take a flier on this kid just as long as it’s not the Pats , Colts , Bucs , Raiders , Jets , Saints or Ravens . Everyone else buyer beware !

    tophatal ..

  7. If Spolstra doesn’t win this year, he’d done.

    The A’s have a lot of problems, but they all start with Lew Wolff. It’s a shame we’ve had a ton of injuries to the pitching staff (starting and bullpen) or we’d probably be a lot closer to .500 and in the race in the West still…

    1. chappy81

      The A’s problems as you’ve rightly said stem’s Wolff’s stupidity . I don’t know of any other owner in the league that has been this inept when it comes striving for success in terms of a franchise and that includes the morons with the Royals .

      Their other big problem stems also from the inconsistency from the team in terms of the pitching and specifically defense . The team lays in 27th place of the 30 teams in the league in terms of its defensive play. And that won’t win games for a team when they’ve grave problems stemming from the other facets within their game. That’s so disheartening to see. But even with the advent of thinking that things will improve in the future the big problem here is the lack of financial expediency being shown by the ownership group .

      Given the fact that the AL West as a division can be at times so weak and inconsistent but the success can be attained by the A’s if they apply themselves to the task at hand . What they need is for the veterans on the team to really step up to the plate and show the younger guys what can be done.

      tophatal ………….

    2. chappy

      Like I said to Chris , Riley spent most of the series out buying tampons for LeBron because of his menstrual cycle and the fact he’s had diuretic problems . I now believe that LBJ has a vagina rather than a dick but then again I now LeBron view as a dick anyway !

      tophatal …………..

  8. The stups in the media created Lebron James and now they are destroying. The same as with Terrell Owens. That goes for all the media darlings. ESPN and the rest are of hypocrites. Miami found a way to snatch defeat fromt the jaws of victory. Dallas was the better team. Plain and simple as that. Next Miami will play with a chip on theirs. Watch out league. Shit happens. You learn from losing and wearing the chocke collar. Against Chicago he ehat took it to rack. In the finals they settled for jumpers. You lose.In the end they lost. Yes, it hurts so deal with it and learn.

    1. Bobby Gee

      In the world of journalism be it print , tv or radio it’s what they (journalists) do best . Build up that individual then knock them down when things aren’t going right or to their liking. But in the case of LeBron many of his problems have been of his own making ! Conceitedness , narcissism and the mere fact that he and Wade had little respect for the Mavs . Now the fact that they’ve been dumped on in such a way and having been completely embarrassed on not just national television but also globally was enough for them all of a sudden to show a form of contrition that even I now have a hard time believing .

      If anything what we’ve seen from both players (James and Wade) is the fact that they’re still immature and self indulgent . They deserved to be shat upon and the whole Heat organization being thoroughly embarrassed from top to bottom .

      tophatal ………

  9. chappy

    I’m not sold on Hurdle as the Pirates’ manager and I’m even less sold on Neal Huntington as the GM ! With the Royals it comes down simply to the fact that even with the paring down of salaries what’s likely to happen is several of their players in the ensuing years will end up elsewhere . David Glass as an owner has simply neglected the team for far too long .

    Now even with draft policies that are expedient there’s no guarantee that after arbitration players will want to remain with the organization knowing full well they can go elsewhere and earn more money . And by the way a sub .500 record isn’t viewed as success at the end of a season .

    The A’s need their bats , defense and pitching all on the same page and no asunder as present . They need their veterans to step up to the plate .

    tophatal …….

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