About Me

Alan Parkins is   an   avid   sports   fan  and   martial  artist .  Possessing  a  Black  belt   3rd  degree in karate.

A college grad having served in the British military (Royal Marines). College grad , MBA , degrees in economics and int’l finance. I now work within the corporate affairs dept of a noted national law firm with offices across North America, as well as in Europe and the Far East. Areas of experience IPO’s , M&A ( mergers & acqusitions) investment & international banking , economics.

Loves me ‘the ladies’ as well !

Wide ranging eclectic tastes in music , movies and the arts as a whole. Classical to jazz, reggae, rock , African and Far Eastern . Movies – anything with or by Eastwood. Favorite actors, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Chitewel Ejiofor and Djimon Honsou.

Alan Parkins

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi,

    I visited your sports blog Tophatal’s blog at https://abritishman.wordpress.com/. You have really great articles and I’m glad I found your site.

    I would like to know if you’re accepting guest blog posts, I’d like to send you an original blog entry on basketball which I think would fit nicely with your site. I’m doing this for free but would only require 1 backlink in the article to my site.

    Please let me know if you’re interested in publishing this basketball blog entry so I can send it to you for publication soon.

    Thank you

    Shirly Giagone

  2. Shirly Giagone
    At present I’m not yet taking any pieces but I’ll definitley keep your offer in mind. I’m trying to establish the site as nothing more than an outlet for my own thoughts on a varying number of subjects from sports to other social and topics.

    That being said I’ll continue to keep you abreast of everything that I’m doing and at the same time look to you for some insight as to what you’d like to see.

    tophatal …………….

  3. keep up the great work on the site. I like it. Could use some more frequent updates, but i am quite sure that you got better stuff to do , hehe. :p

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