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Bengal Tiger …………… No These Are The Cincinnati Bengals A Tiger That Is Of No Imminent Danger To Anyone !

Bengal Tiger …………… No These Are The Cincinnati Bengals A Tiger That Is Of No Imminent Danger To Anyone !

OK so what were we to expect of the Cincinnati Bengals ? I’ve given up completely on Chad Ochocinco as a player who continues to disappoint not only on the field but off it. And which idiotic tv executive thought it appropriate to give both Ochocinco and Terrell Owens their own talk show ? Isn’t that like giving a loaded hand gun to a mass murderer ? You simply know in the end that no good can come of it all.


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The plight of the Bengals has been well documented this season as they’ve fallen from grace and are in all likelihood looming to become an “also ran” within the AFC . A year off from being the AFC North champions the Bengals under Marvin Lewis are reeling under a wealth of disappointment. Owens seems to found his niche and has been outperforming his teammate and while much of this goes on Ochocinco has simply nothing to say as to why his game is at an all-time low. Do you get the impression he’s robbing the Bengals blind in terms of the salary he’s being paid by the organization ?

Marvin Lewis will no doubt be on the hot seat as one of the coaches whose immediate future will be under close inspection. And please tell me that Carson Palmer hasn’t now become something of a disappointment after the so called ‘great expectations’ ? USC (Trojans) or not and their legacy …… can we simply say that only that there’s more hype to that legacy now than there’s ever been ? Palmer for his part hasn’t shown me that there’s sign of leadership there from him and his actually leading this team. Call it what you will but the Bengals’ fall has been somewhat alarming and something of a disappointment. As for Marvin Lewis if he can’t turn this team around it’s easy to suggest that he’ll be one of a number of coaches who’ll find themselves without a coaching position at the end of the NFL season.

At 2-5 within the NFC North and the Bengals are looking up at the division leading Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers who are both at 5-2 .And you get the impression that the Bengals’ home game against the Steelers will be one that will determine a number of scenarios. A win is of the utmost importance to this team and it’s clear that a number of players on this team are not only playing for their livelihoods but also their reputations . As I alluded to earlier Lewis’ situation is precarious to say the least. And you have to wonder what team President Mike Brown and the rest of the Bengals front office now view the situation concerning the coach and a number of players on this roster. The fallout here is a long way from being catastrophic but you simply know that there has to be a change and it has to be the right decision made. Can someone explain to me why after all this time the Bengals and their ownership have allowed the tenure of Lewis to carry on even with the team having won last season’s AFC North divisional title ? Blown out in the first round of last season’s playoffs they now seem to be a caricature of the team in the regular season of last year. And the scarier thought here is that there’s no apparent leadership here from this team, certainly not from Carson Palmer and about the only apparent offensive threat appears to be that of Terrell Owens . And defensively this team certainly hasn’t shown that it’s one of the better teams statistically within the NFL and it clearly shows with the team’s play. Much much of the blame here lies with Marvin Lewis and his coaching staff who’ve yet to accomplish anything of note with this team at all this season.

Within the division it’s clear that it will come down to being a two horse race between the Ravens and Steelers and the two teams’ respective coaches John Harbaugh and Mike Tomlin certainly have their teams playing at a thoroughly competitive level. And both teams certainly have a defensive pedigree that is to be admired. And from an offensive standpoint both teams are certainly capable of lighting up the scoreboard given the opportunity to do so. Joe Flacco and Ben Roethlisberger have certainly shown their leadership capabilities and that they are leaders . That’s certainly what is required from a leader on the field and the teammates who follow that lead. Out of deference to Palmer and his teammates I’d like to ask someone to indicate to me who they’d view as “a leader” on the Cincinnati Bengals ? If you feel that that there is s one then by all means let me know what your thoughts are on the matter ?



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As to what lies ahead for the Bengals and the rest of the AFC North remains to be seen but I do believe that this is a team that if they can’t find their identity and show their competitiveness then their fans will view this season as a profound disappointment . Chime in with your own thoughts on this and any other NFL story that’s of interest to you ?

NB: ESPN’s Monday Night Football was the AFC North match-up between the Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers of which the end result was a 27-21 victory for the Steelers .

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