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Who’s On First And Which As_hole Is Running Things As Of Now ?

Who’s On First And Which As_hole Is Running Things As Of Now ?

Well the MLB season is but a week away from Opening Day and already the game and league looks as if it’s off to a rocky start. In the US Federal Court system former San Francisco Giants’ slugger Barry Bonds has now readily admitted that he did in fact use anabolic steroids and HGH in a statement released by his attorneys late Monday evening at 6 pm EST. The player on trial for obstruction of justice and also five counts of perjury faces up to eight years in prison, quite possibly more and perhaps a monetary fine , may well see this as his last act of truth on his part . The fact of the matter , is for close to seven years Bonds has proclaimed his innocence stating that he never knowingly took steroids or any illicit substance without knowing what those drugs actually were . The player claims that his former personal trainer Greg Anderson told him that the drugs , pills , liquids he was ingesting were in fact flax seed oil and a number of other natural supplements. Pardon me for saying this but if at this juncture Bonds expect the public to take him at his word, the veracity of the claims now being made then in fact from the very start he knew that in order to try and evade telling the truth he simply chose to tell a lie in order to profit from his professional exploits monetarily.


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Now I’ve heard many fans state that they don’t care if the players were in fact cheating by using steroids but I’d simply put forth this question would you be prepared to purchase a car if you knew that it wasn’t mechanically sound be it new or pre-owned ? Then why in hell’s name would you want to purchase a ticket to see a player who’s cheated the fans the public and even himself ? For far too long the problem with baseball is that the owners , general managers , the MLBPA and the players themselves have simply chosen to turn a blind eye to their many problems be it through the cheating of the players or the financial mismanagement within the game overseen by the league hierarchy led Commissioner Bud Selig. And if anyone is any doubt as to the financial viability stability of the game. Now we can all attest to the fact that Selig claims the game is now steroid free but in reality even the commissioner can’t be sure as to the veracity of those claims. I mean this is very same individual who now in large part knows that in large part at least 60% of the teams within baseball are struggling to show some some form profitability.

As to the pending Bonds’ trial I don’t feel that it’s now really necessary to delve into the case any longer. However , the worrying thing about this all has been with number of adjournments and US Appellate Court has led to an exorbitant cost in the case Justice Dept who prosecuted this case from the very beginning . I’d like to think that the US Attorney General Eric Holder and the district attorneys nationwide who are his subordinates use the same sort of veracity in trying cases when it comes white collar crime , major felonies such as homicides , sexual crimes and the upcoming terrorist trials be they through the USCMJ with a military tribunal prosecuting the case on the part of the government and in some cases military attorneys and criminal attorneys representing the defendants. With in excess of $15 million having been spent on the investigation and ongoing trial of Bonds I’d like to think that the public will be getting some sort of accountability from the federal government. But that’d be to expect there to be some veracity forthcoming from government what they wish to let the public know and how much they know at any given moment.

Given that Bonds’ trial is still in its early stages with the jury just having been chose and yet to be seated I do believe that there’s still a possibility and the player and his attorneys could very well seek some sort of plea agreement even with the trial in its early proceedings. Were the player to plead guilty at this juncture it would save the taxpayer a great deal of money rather than once again tens of thousands being spent over again all to no avail, in actually attaining a guilty verdict. But then again we’ve a government who’s burned through money the way that a drunken sailor on furlough would seek some pleasure while on leave.

Apart from Bonds’ trial the public still has to deal with upcoming Roger Clemens’ trial that in shape or form just has to be as comical as that of Bonds’ own prosecutorial dealings. Again we have a player who at each step of the way has chosen to apportion blame for his own misdeeds by blaming others. If it wasn’t his former Yankees’ teammate Andy Pettitte whom he claims has misquoted him when the player told members of Congress in a House Oversight & Government Reform Committee hearing that Clemens told he’d used anabolic steroids . Clemens’ even had the temerity to throw a family member under the bus when during a congressional hearing after his former trainer Brian McNamee claimed that he’d taken a several vials and syringes to the player’s home to inject him with HGH . Clemens says he doesn’t recall such an incident but he had indicated that his wife had taken several doses of botox prior to a fitness photo shoot that both were participants in. McNamee’s own integrity has come into question because much of his subpoaena testimony at times wasn’t that credible . But what in large part may well have sunk his own credibility and integrity because of his narcissistic and somewhat less than candid demeanor . And even though Clemens’ Texas based lawyer Rusty Hardin has pled his client’s innocence and states that Clemens is a victim of venomous slander and libel at this juncture given what we’ve seen of the player’s actions and his sworn testimony gives little credibility to the stance he’s taking.

Clemens like his peer Bonds is a multiple award winner having won the Cy Young Award seven times over the course of his now suspect career. And although many purists still see the player’s on field accomplishments as being historic and setting a precedence . Against the backdrop of the ” steroid era” and the allegations which have since engulfed Roger Clemens I seriously doubt that anyone would seriously believe that the player or his achievements will ever be taken seriously. To my mind if Clemens is to viewed as being one of the faces of the steroid era along with players such as Bonds , Mark McGwire , Rafael Palmeiro , Sammy Sosa and Jose Canseco then Greg Maddux has to be seen as the face of all that was right with baseball during that era as a pitcher and player throughout much of that era and during the post steroid annals.

The game’s image has never been as low as it has been than during labor stoppage of 1994 </b when the season was essentially shut down because neither the union or league hierarchy could agree on a collective bargaining agreement. That lockout proved to be costly for the league and even in light of the summer of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa when the duo led the onslaught for Roger Maris then single season home run record of 61 . The figure has since been surpassed by Bonds with the total of 73 and the player also owns the all-time home runs tally of 762 . Another record that may well have the dubious distinction of being frowned upon and having asterisk placed at its side.

There are and will be so many accomplishments in during the steroid and post steroid era that will come into question in spite of the current drug policy instigated by the league. And I’ve no doubt even in spite of a player’s integrity and character whatever the feat accomplished many will question its veracity . This much I do know that in spite of Bud Selig and that of the league hierarchy’s insistence the game is still fraught with danger and that the next major fallout as it relates to the use of steroids is just around the corner. Alex Rodriguez for years pled his innocence as to the illicit use of steroids only to admit years later that he did indeed use steroids thereby embarrassing himself the New York Yankees’ organization and once again the environment of baseball. When questioned as to the allegations that he may well have been using as recently as 2007 , the player through his legal representatives denied those claims even with the advent of his name being associated Orlando based medical professional Dr Anthony Galen who’s now under indictment by the Justice Department for the illegal trafficking and sale of narcotics to athletes within the world of the NFL , NBA as well MLB . Those investigations by the Justice Department are still ongoing and it remains to be seen what the outcome of the resultant investigations will as the department works in conjunction with the FBI on the case .

While I’m no illusion that the players have to be held accountable for their actions what I’m indeed at a loss to explain is why the sheer ignorance shown by Commissioner Bud Selig , league hierarchy , the owners , general managers , players , coaching staffs and the MLBPA (union) itself in trying to clean up the image of their game when the rumors were rife that there was indeed rampant and illegal use of steroids within the game. Either they chose to ignore the obvious or they were as naive as many of us now believe them to be . The idiocy shown by all parties who took part in the congressional hearings leads me to believe that it was actually combination of both ! And it hasn’t helped that there are fans out there as well have been complicit in this madness because by their thinking we simply ought to let the players do as they please . Well take this into account , while those fans may well have made their outlay to attend the games what in essence have they got back in return that they would even think to be tangible in terms their monies’ worth ? If you merely condone the player’s actions be it the lie or the fact that they’ve simply done nothing wrong in cheating by the use of steroids then in you in fact condone what the game had become and that in essence was the sport was rampant with cheating and wherein everyone associated with it other than the fans profited greatly from a financial standpoint . In return do the fan gain anything ? And what of the young kids out there who see the behavior of the players , many of whom they view as their idol ____ and then think that it’s OK to behave in such a manner not when it just comes to the sport of baseball but then they then think that way way when it comes to their every day lives. Is that really the example that anyone really wants to see being set ?

From my own standpoint I believe all parties concerned have been negligent and complicit in the charade under which the game was played throughout much of the late eighties , well into the late nineties and even into the early part of this decade. The game is still a mess from many standpoints , the steroid era notwithstanding as you have a hierarchy , set of owners and a union whose understanding of being financially prudent rests somewhere between having their heads up their ass while a disaster and engulfs them and they’re looking for some way allay any oncoming tragedy. You needn’t look no further then baseball’s own form of socialism now in place as it relates to their asinine revenue sharing scheme that allegedly benefits the small market teams that repeatedly year in and year out can barely make ends meet . Bud Selig in his alleged infinite wisdom sought fit to have a process in place whereby teams with a payroll in excess of $140 million a year would be taxed at a rate of anywhere between 15-20% on an incremental scale of their gross payroll in order to alleviate the financial shortfalls of those small market teams . However that tax sharing revenue scheme isn’t working in the way that the commissioner envisaged with many of those organizations rather than using that money to bolster their respective teams’ playing staffs ______ the owners and executives instead have actually pocketed those sums as if it were some financial windfall by way of an executive perk and bonus. Doubt my word ? Then merely look at the actions of Bob Nutting and Jeffrey Loria the respective owners of the Pittsburgh Pirates and Florida Marlins ? They in turn still plead poverty as the financial well being of their organization but have benefited greatly from Selig’s rather odious scheme . And Bud Selig , himself isn’t to be left out of this equation at all because as commissioner between 2006-2009 he was compensated to the tune of $68 million ($68 ,000,000) in cumulative salary , all while a number of teams around the league are said to be struggling . Someone is certainly getting the short end of the stick if not the shaft ! It’s most certainly not anyone within the game of baseball ! Care to guess who ? It’s you the fans who willingly choose to spend your hard earned cash in support of teams who simply don’t care about your well being one iota !


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As to the impending fate of both Bonds and Clemens what thoughts if any do you have and how do you feel that the justice system is the best place for what might fitting punishment based upon the players’ presumption of guilt or innocence either way ? It’s plain to see were it left in the hands of the games hierarchy things couldn’t be any better or worse dependent upon one’s point of view because baseball’s way of handling things can be best described as being inept and comical to say the very least ! Chime in with a comment on this topic and your hopes this season with regard to the game of baseball and how you view the chances of your team and others within the league ? Thanks as always for the continued support as it’s greatly appreciated !

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(1) Bonds arrives for the his trial at the US District Court for Northern California where the trial will be presided over by Federal Judge Susan Illston . AP Photo Paul Sakuma …………..

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trial case . Getty Images / Justin Sullivan ……

(3) Brian McNamee, left, in 2008, is expected to testify against Roger Clemens, right, at Clemens’s upcoming trial. McNamee has said that he injected Clemens with performance-enhancing drugs. AP/Reuters -Pool photo/ Chuck Kennedy …..

(4) In this picture file from 2008 : Former New York Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens (L) and his attorney Rusty Hardin (R) walk to a meeting with U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) on Capitol Hill , February 7, 2008 in Washington. According to reports, Clemens’ former trainer, Brian McNamee’s lawyers have claimed they have physical evidence corroborating McNamee’s claim of the pitcher’s use of steroids and human growth hormone. Clemens is due to appear before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee next week. Getty Images North America/Johnathan Ernst ……..



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You’re Either In Or You’re Out …………


Well it came to a parting of the ways.  Today after some consideration and a great deal of deliberating New York pitcher and a stalwart of their four consecutive World Series’ wins Andy Pettite wasn’t picked up by the team.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise  to anyone but it’d appear that the Yankees  and the organization are looking to start afresh.  





Perhaps this, an indication of what co-team chairman  Hal Steinbrenner states that this is a fresh but new start for the organization as a whole.  Allow me some latitude here but  I’d like to look at this whole situation with a fresh set of  eyes.  But over the years  the organization has never met  a  high priced free  agent that they didn’t like. Let’s look  at some of those individuals  in particular.  Namely  Randy Johnson ,  Carl Pavano,  Jason Giambi, Aaron Boone and  Hideki Irabu.  Now that’s an array of  stars  who are  about  as  welcoming  and  cerebral  as one could ever wish to come across. About the only thing  relevant about these  players  were  the fact  that  a  Brinks’ truck  no doubt  would have  to  be backed up in order  for  them to  get  paid. And  paid  they were  , vast sums  for  reasons  too numerous  to mention. Except to say  that the  vaults of  the  Federal Bank of New York would  be rendered meaningless.


Hank and Al Steinbrenner  Co-Chairmen of the New York Yankees.......


 Hal and Hank Steinbrenner co-chairmen of  the New York Yankees. Both are seen here observing members of their farm system. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Mark Schwartzmann………………….




And whilst we know that the Yankees possess a vast array of  resources  which is unmatched by any other professional sport’s organization  in or outside  Major League Baseball. The YES Network is the cash cow that keeps on giving, giving and keeps on giving.  With the team moving into a spanking  new  edifice  that costs  in excess  of  $1.9bn at last  count.  Granted  Mayor  Michael  Bloomberg may well  have  played a part  in  making  that  figure so excessive. And  for a structure  that was  originally meant  to be  a privately financed  structure. It goes a long way in stating  that  Bloomberg  was  out  of  line  within his  inane rant as  to  the  Federal government in bailing  out the financial behemoths of  Wall Street. Then again it ought to  against the  grain considering  that the Yankees’ new home was publically financed and all of  this  was at  the behest  of the incumbent mayor.







Now as  much as one ought to appreciate  the contributions of Pettite  over  the years.  And considering that he along  with Derek Jeter , Mariano Rivera and  Jorge Posada  are  the only remnants  left  from those multi championship winning days. The franchise  has fallen somewhat on hard times in terms  of  their presence in the  postseason. Last year for the first time in fourteen years  was the  very first time  that they’d  missed the playoffs. And to say that it was viewed as a catastrophe would be an understatement.





Andy Pettite the now former Yankees who's turned  down  a $10m one year contract offer  from his former team .......................
Andy Pettite the now former Yankee who's said to have turned down a $10m one year contract offer from the organization ................



Andy Pettite the now former New York Yankee who’s turned down a $10m one year contract offer  from the  team .   picture appears  courtesy of getty images/  Paul  Roberts …………………..






Pettite was offered a one year contract said  to be in the region of  $10m . Nothing to be sneezed at mind you. But it’d appear  that  Andy  thought it beneath him to accept what he  might’ve viewed as a derisory offer. In these  tough economic times $10m may well not be viewed  as a great deal of money to some. But  to those New York Yankees’ fans who are  spending  thousands of dollars  a year to pay  for tickets  as  well  as concessions and souvenirs.  That’s the sort of money  that  would take care  of  several families’  dreams  for life  and  beyond.







And while we ponder this latest of changes within the Yankees’ organization we ought to consider this.  In reality is the team any better off now with their newly gleaming  additions in the guise of  CC Sabbathia, A J Burnett  and Mark Teixeira ?  Chances  are  we’re likely to see an improvement of sorts.  But that’s not  the thing  that’s most  important to the franchise.  It’s about winning  and the winning of multiple World Series in particular. That’s what counts to the franchise and the business template that is in place.  Losing isn’t meant  to be an option  for the Steinbrenner family.  And when you see  Hank  Steinbrenner  wailing  on about the perceived  unfairness of the game  when  his team fails to make the playoffs because  they were others who did so  with a less than winning record. It oughtn’t not to pain us as to his whining.   After all  that’s what you tend to get  from a whining narcissistic individual with a verbose persona.





Pettite for all of his intentions is now on his way out of New York and whilst there’ll be some heartfelt wishes.  There’ll be some who think that the player has done himself and  the franchise a  great disservice  by refusing  the team’s offer. But it’s the player’s decision and he can either live with or he cannot. As to the Yankees and their ambitions for the upcoming season. It’s quite  clear that  they’re back in business and looking to win it all and no expense  will be spared.  Andy Pettite won’t be a part of the team’s strategy as this season beckons. But that’s not to say that the issue won’t be revisited  especially should the  team feel that the pitching isn’t  up  to standard. If there’s a choice to be made  between a player of his experience and  someone who knows the  ins and outs of  the  franchise. You can rest assured that more likely than not he may well  be  the  player  that  they’ll choose to turn to.  That’s if he’s not signed elsewhere  before  the  season starts.











So say what you will about the franchise  they may well be  turning their back on the past. But hey they’ve been known to turn back the hands of time if only for a moment and it brings to mind Roger Clemens and Andy Pettite. No chance that they’d have both back within their realm but quite possibly one for sure. Any thoughts on who  that  might be  ?  









The upcoming baseball season ought to be one of  intrigue and suspense. If  nothing else we’ll see whether or not  the New  York Yankees can get back atop  of the pedestal where they and their  fans feel they rightfully belong.  We’ll  also see  if the Tampa Bay Rays can  remain amongst the contenders.  And as one would suppose a newly fledged member  of  what one would  deem  to be a contender, though yet  to  be  considered  a perennial contender. It will be interesting  to see what the year  ahead holds for the  team and its fans.    The New York Yankees  will always  be  considered contenders  merely because they  are the  Yankees.  And the fact  that everyone  wants  to see  them  back at  the  top.  Well  those of us  who  want  to see them back  there.











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