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What I’m Listening To At Present ! The Roots ………..

What I’m Listening To At Present ! The Roots ……………

For those of you who know me from our days within the Fox domain blogging our hearts away on what we then might be of interest to others. Well, you all might know that I’m not cut from the same cloth as other English guys you may well have come across in a social setting. For one I don’t hold true to the concept that we’re all pasty faced English guys who are all about soccer , fish & chips (quaint English delicacy- palatable to some but not to others),cricket and rugby. My interest far exceeds those boundaries in sports, socially and politically. I strive to be appreciative of both sides of an argument when it is being properly framed. But the one thing I for one can’t tolerate is just sheer downright stupidity in any form. Granted , we all have our foibles , some good and some bad . But that’s what makes so unique as human beings. We’re all so different from one and another and that’s to appreciated , rather than be denigrated and look down upon !

When it comes to music , I think I’m as eclectic in my tastes as it comes. My influences range from classical to r & b, to jazz old and new , reggae , rock , rap, hip-hop , African and Far Eastern music. I think when you’re appreciative of different artistic cultures . It offers you a somewhat more appreciative look at the world in general. That’s not to say that art , in terms of music that should be one’s lone guide or choice. But given the fact that the arts no longer seems to be appreciated by a government that is now more prone to showing its true colors in terms of bi-partisanship and ridding itself the arts and certain areas of education. It makes me wonder what the legacy will be for our descendants in the future ?

Musically speaking , as I alluded to earlier , I love various formats of music and its ever changing genre from one moment to the next. While I’m at work and poring over business stats and other various pieces of work related information. I’ll always have some music playing in the office. Today , my colleagues will have to bear the burden of having to listen to The Roots . To read their bio just click here . Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the content matter as much I have done ?


‘You Got Me’ ….. The Roots feat’g Erykah Badu




‘Don’t Say Nuthin’


‘The Next Movement’


Alan Parkins aka tophatal ……………….