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#23 Come On Down ………………

#23 Come On Down ………………

I’m still trying to figure out where it is that the Charlotte Bobcats and their erstwhile owner Michael Jordan appear to be heading . This team has become increasingly inconsistent and I do believe that as an owner Michael Jordan is merely living in the moment. All this from a player who’s a multiple league and Finals’ MVP winner within the NBA . We know of Jordan’s legacy as a player and his feats with the Chicago Bulls . With the mantel now being passed on to Derrick Rose it remains to be seen whether or not Rose will be the heir apparent to Jordan with the Bulls and their home at the United Center in Chicago.


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Watching the Charlotte Bobcats I can’t but help feel that this team will struggle even if the happen to garner a playoff spot within the Eastern Conference . At 23-31 they currently hold the eighth and final spot in the conference but lie third within the Southeast Division headed by the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic . For his part Larry Brown having relinquished his position as head coach Jordan and the front office had to head in a new direction from a managerial standpoint. Brown’s successor is seasoned veteran NBA coach Paul Silas who has brought about something of a more of free flowing approach to the play of the team .

Jordan for his part relies heavily on the input given to him by Silas the coaching staff as well that of COO Fred Whitfield concerning personnel decisions with regard to the team. But in large part the final decision still remains his overall.

Inconsistency has been the problem for the Bobcats and even with the veteran experience of Stephen Jackson , Gerald Wallace and the supporting cast you simply get the impression that the this team is summarily going through the motions. I do feel that if the Bobcats are to prevail this season then much of what they aspire to achieve will come down to the decisions made by Jordan and the front office. I do believe that they need to make a trade by the deadline . But the troubling for the Bobcats would be who they’re prepared to give up on their roster in order to get an offensive threat in order to assist this team ? It’d be pretty safe to say that they’re out of the running in the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes. And that scenario seems to be spiraling from the sublime to the ridiculous .

I’ve long suspected the real reason why Jordan became so intent on being an owner stems from the fact that he failed miserably as a general manager when he ran the Washington Wizard’s organization while Abe Pollin was the owner of the team. His well chronicled ineptitude in acquiring Kwame Brown as the number one overall pick in the NBA Draft . What transpired thereafter was enough to show us that Jordan’s acumen when it came to assessing and making the right personnel decisions left a lot to be desired. This time around with the Bobcats he does have well trusted front office personnel who seem to have been making the right decisions , albeit with input from the owner.

The Charlotte Bobcats much like a number of teams around the league will struggle to contend with the likes of the Boston Celtics , Miami Heat , Orlando Magic and Chicago Bulls , the four teams within the Eastern Conference that many believe will be contesting the conference semi-finals. That quartet as of now seems to be the presumptive participants for the semis as things now stand.

With the NBA All Star Game and the surrounding events due to take place over this upcoming weekend at the Staples Center , Los Angeles , California . The midseason showcase event is the NBA’s time to shine with all of its perennial stars there to be seen by the fans across the globe. NBA Commissioner David Stern for his part along with the game’s hierarchy will do their utmost to make sure the event is presented in the best way possible .

And for his own part I’m sure that Commissioner Stern is happy that Michael Jordan still remains a part of the NBA fraternity. He still is the most recognized face in the game even with the advent of such stars as LeBron James , Carmelo Anthony , Dywane Wade , Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin . Michael Jordan has and always will be the face of the NBA and for years to come . Without the era of Jordan and the Bulls the NBA would still be playing second fiddle to the baseball . If anything in terms of their business template they might just be the most well ran of the four major sports . And although the league faces a stiff upcoming obstacle with regard to the existing collective bargaining agreement between themselves and the NBPA headed by their Executive Director Billy Hunter .

Thankfully the negotiations between the two parties doesn’t appear to be as acrimonious between the NFL and NFLPA . There the chasm between the two parties appears to be as cavernous and as wide as the Grand Canyon . Both Roger Goodell and his union counterpart DeMaurice Smith have a great deal to mull over before the deadline comes about before the collective bargaining agreement is no longer in existence. It seems somewhat ridiculous that both parties who claim to be acting in the game’s best interest have seen fit to only meet twice officially behind closed doors over the last three months to try and hash out their differences. But then again should we have expected anything different between the two sides.

Stern , the league hierarchy and Hunter’s office have met regularly and have discussed their differences over the existing agreement and the concessions each side are said to be looking for. David Stern for his part and the owners have unsuccessfully tried to convince the union that the league has reached a dangerous precipice from which there’s no return unless they are able to make concessions. Stern contends that the league on target to lose upwards of half a billion dollars ($500,000,000)for the 2010-11 season . But herein lies the caveat to this all, the league isn’t prepared to open their books for public scrutiny . And even if the NBA for all sense and purpose is a private business concern many of the league’s teams are in fact the beneficiaries of taxpayers’ monies by way of incentives given when many of these teams to build or renovate their venues. You rarely hear a fan counter this argument but what surprises me is the very fact that they’ll shout to the heavens when they see that their monies are being misspent by their city , county , state and federal government.

And even now with the Obama —- administration , House and Senate fighting over the budget and federal deficit you can’t but help not hear the cries now coming from both the right and left of the political argument. But those very same voices when it comes to landscape of sports never question the why multi-millionaire and billionaire owners are able to circumvent the rules . But then again when you have the antitrust exemption that’s given to the major professional sports courtesy of Congress , it’s easy to understand why it is that you have corporate titans willing to pay big for a sports franchise and then use that as a major tax write off .


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Once the season resumes after the All Star Game it will be interesting to see how teams such as the Bobcats, Minnesota Timberwolves , Cleveland Cavaliers , Washington Wizards and Sacramento Kings proceed over the remainder of the season . We can all agree that the major contenders for the NBA title are all sitting comfortably at this moment in time but those on the lower rungs of the NBA ladder will no doubt have a hard time playing themselves into contention much less have a decent season by their own lofty standards.

How do you feel with regard to the Charlotte Bobcats and the direction that they’re said to be going under their owner Michael Jordan ? Do you feel quite possibly that they can contend within the Eastern Conference or are they still some years away from being legitimately considered to be contenders for an NBA title ? Also do you feel that the NBA will be able to have a working collective bargaining agreement in place before the existing one expires ? We do know that the NBPA has already considered decertifying themselves should there be a remote chance of a labor stoppage. As in doing so it would enable them (union)to press their case within the US Federal Court System in challenging the league’s right shut down the NBA’s operations .

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(1) Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson yells at the officials during the first half against the Charlotte Bobcats in an NBA basketball game in Charlotte, N.C., Monday, Feb. 14, 2011. Charlotte won 109-89 . AP Photo/Bob Leverone …..

(2) Ron Artest (15) of the Los Angeles Lakers reaches for the ball against Gerald Wallace (3) of the Charlotte Bobcats during their game at Time Warner Cable Arena on February 14, 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images ……..

(3) Andrew Bynum (17) of the Los Angeles Lakers tries to stop Stephen Jackson (1) of the Charlotte Bobcats during their game at Time Warner Cable Arena on February 14, 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images ……

(4) Head coach Paul Silas of the Charlotte Bobcats yells to his team during their game against the New Jersey Nets at Time Warner Cable Arena on February 11, 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Streeter Lecka / Getty Images ………..

(5) Seen here from left to right Dennis Rodman , Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan in their glory days with the Chicago Bulls . The three players have combined for 17 NBA titles between them . AP Photo/ Neil Crosby ……..

(6) Kwame Brown (left) is seen here with then President of Basketball Operations for the Washington Wizards Michael Jordan. The player was taken # 1 overall by the Wizards in the NBA Draft of 2001 and has struggled to acclimatize his game within the NBA over the course of his career . Jordan and the organization at the time were ridiculed for taking Brown straight out of high school when they were other more proven players within the draft of that year. Amongst the players in the draft of that year were in the top ten at the time …… Tyson Chandler , Pau Gasol , Eddie Curry , Jason Richardson , Joe Johnson , Richard Jefferson and Shane Battier . Which would lead us to conclude that the pick made by Jordan was far from being a prudent one. AP Photo / Marcus Williams ………..

(7) Charlotte Bobcats’ majority owner Robert Johnson , left and Michael Jordan, right, manager of basketball operations listen as team president and COO Fred Whitfield speaks during a news conference at the newly named Time Warner Cable Arena on Tuesday, April 8, 2008 in Charlotte, N.C. The Bobcats reached a naming rights agreement with Time Warner Cable, and a television broadcast rights deal with Fox Sports Net South. Johnson has since sold a majority stake to Jordan who’s now the majority owner of the franchise. AP Photo/Rick Havner ….


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What Can Brown Do For You ?……Larry That Is And The Bobcats

Well    Larry  Brown   is  in  place    as  the  Bobcats’  coach    under  the    auspices    of    Head  of  Basketball  Operations , part  owner     Michael Jordan  and  that  of  the   principal    owner,   billionaire  Robert  Johnson.    As   to   what   this’ll    portend    to   the franchise     and   its   near   future    must   now    be   open   to    conjecture .     Brown   the   nomadic     wanderer    of   the  NBA     who’s   been   known    to   cast   his   hat    wherever    he   may    well   feel   comfortable   ,  even  if   for  a    moment.      He  must   surely    know   that    he’ll    have   his    work   cut    out   for    him  as a  coach   with  the   Charlotte   Bobcats .  A    franchise  that   has    underperformed     for      much    of  its   existence       in  its    present   guise.

In this April 8, 2008 file photo, Charlotte Bobcats manager of basketball operations Michael Jordan speaks during a news conference at the newly named Time Warner Cable Arena  in Charlotte, N.C.  A Pennsylvania woman who says Michael Jordan fathered her child despite two DNA tests to the contrary has been barred from contacting the basketball great, his family or his representatives.  Judge Gordon Miller on Thursday June 12, 2008 granted the permanent injunction against Lisa Miceli.

Michael  Jordan   ,  Head   of  Basketball   Operations  for   the  Charlotte   Bobcats.   picture courtesy of  ap/photo/ Rick  Havner ……….. 

After    last   season’s    abysmal    record   wherein  the  franchise   posted  32-50    in  the  Souteast   Division ,   eighteen  games    under   .500.     It  can  be    said     that  any  improvement      however   slight    that  it  might   appear  .  Will   be  much   better than    no    improvement   at  all.     The  Bobcats     have  abored   and   been    mired     in   mediocrity      for   a    number    of years.     But  they  were   merely   seen   as   a  franchise    in   need   of       some   discipline   as  well  as   good     sound      fundamental    coaching.

Charlotte Bobcats coach Larry Brown, right, talks with former Duke player DeMarcus Nelson, left, during a pre draft workout for the team in Charlotte, N.C., Wednesday, June 4, 2008.

Bobcats’ coach    Larry  Brown    speaks    with   Demarcus  Nelson   ,  the  former   Duke   player   during   a   pre-draft   workout   for   the   team   in  Charlotte  ,  NC.  picture  courtesy  of  ap/photo/Chuck   Burton  …………

In  the   eyes   of    Jordan  it’d appear  that    Larry  Brown    meets   all  of  those    needs     in  terms    of    being   a     good   mentor  and    teacher    of      a  seemingly   young    roster  and   franchise.  But    many    way    well    feel  that    this  is    nothing    more  than  a   short    term  solution     of  something    that’s    a   long   way   off    in   terms     of   being  fixed.   And    for   Brown    who  as   a  coach     has   been  able   to    provide   a    quick   fix    to  whatever    ails  a  franchise .    This   may well   prove   to  be   his    most    difficult     task     yet.     Albeit    that     the  facade   and   his    comedic    tenureship    of   the   New  York   Knicks    was     less  than  a  stellar  success.   And    even   when   one    takes    into   account    that  he    had    to   deal   with   the   ownership   of    the  Dolan   family  and   that    of   a   GM  in    Isaiah   Thomas    whose    knowledge    of     player     personnel    could    be   written    on   the  back   of   a   first   class   stamp   and    be  posted.    Where    it   would    most   certainly      glean    more   value  .     It   can    be   said    that     he   was    in     a    no  win   situation    right   from  the  start  !

Charlotte Bobcats coach Larry Brown, center, directs players, Jamont Gordon, left, and Courtney Pigram, second from left, as new assistant coach Dave Hanners, back right, looks on during a pre draft workout for the team in Charlotte, N.C., Wednesday, June 4, 2008.

Brown    directs     players   ,  Jamont  Gordon(l)  and  Courtney   Pigram     whilst     looking  on  is   Brown’s   assistant   coach   Dave  Hanners.      picture   courtesy  of  ap/photo/Chuck  Barton  ….

In  accepting    the   challenge  and    position   with  the  Bobcats    one   can’t  see    how    his   task   will   be  any   the  less    easier  for   Brown.   Here   you’ll    no    doubt   have  a    clash   of      ego’s     that  are  as   broad    as   they   are    large .     Jordan    if   nothing    else   will   have  to    reign  in   his   and    defer    to    Brown.     And   Brown    himself    will    have   to      know  that   he  can’t  and    will    not    always  be   allowed   to   have   his    own   way.      The     two    will    have  to    co-exist   side   by  side.   And   as    the    saying    goes   …………..oil    and    water     just     cannot    mix. 

Former Duke player DeMarcus Nelson drives to the basket during a pre draft workout for the Charlotte Bobcats in Charlotte, N.C., Wednesday, June 4, 2008.

Demarcus   Nelson   drives    to    the  basket     for  a   layup    during    a   pre-draft  workout    for  the  Charlotte   Bobcats.     picture  courtesy  of   ap/photo/Chuck Barton  …………..

As  a  player   we   all   know   that   Jordan’s  appetite    for    success  was    voracious.    And    the  undeniable   success  that  he    had   was    borne     out   of    that.    He    could     be  a   ruthless  and   clinical   assassin     on   the  court.    And    inasmuch    as  that     success   has    been    denied   of   him  as  an    NBA   executive.      It   still    remains     unwavering   as     he      tries   to   prove   to    us  all   that   he  can    be    successful   off    the  court    as   a   behind   the  scenes     facilitator    of     the   Bobcats’      pursuit   of   success.    His     first    time    around     where    held   the     reins   of   the    Washington   Wizards’    franchise    was  a       painful   thing     for   their   fans   to  endure   as  well   as     the  fans   of   NBA  as   a  whole.    The  missteps    by  Jordan   were    incalculable .   So     much    so    that    Wizards’   owner   had  to     Jordan   the   door.    Jordan    for    his   part    felt    that   he’d    been   unfairly    treated.         Personally    I  think    he   got    off     lightly   with   the  Wizards. 

Billionaire , entrepeneur ,   and    principal   owner    of  the  Charlotte  Bobcats  ,    Bob  Johnson.   picture  courtesy    of   images.google.com/bobjohnson   ………      

 This  is  now  another    day  and   another   chapter  of   of   Michael   Jordan’s   distinguished   career.  And   as   much    as  he’s    been   ridiculed   as  an   NBA   executive   ,    there’s    much    that    he’ll   learn   along   the   way.     As    to   whether     or    not     he’ll   be  a   willing    student    remains   to  be  seen.    In    light   of  what     he   can   learn     from     Larry   Brown    may   well    go  a     long   way  in  determining    the   future    of    this  franchise.    And     for   Brown    himself      there’ll   be   much    that   he  too  can  learn     from  the   likes     of   Jordan.     These   two    know   that   the   future    of    the   franchise    lays     in   their   hands  .  And     for    principal   owner     Robert   Johnson  he   too   must     now    realize    that    despite   having  a   legendary     figure   as   the  frontman    for   his    franchise .    That   may   not  be    enough     to  lift    them    from    out   of  their     doldrums .       Unless  they’re   prepared   to   do   things    expediently   and  judiciously   that’ll    make   the   team    a  contender.    They’ll  be   forever    seen  as   the    also    rans   of     the   NBA.   

 Bobcats’   C/F    Emeka  Okafor    ,  perhaps   one   of   the   few       bright   spots   on the roster   alongside   veteran    Jason   Richardson  and  Raymond  Felton.

 It  may   well    have    been   the  culmination     of    a  dream   for    Johnson   to   become   an    NBA   owner.    But    one    doubts     that   he’d     have    ever    foreseen    the   enormity   of   the      task  of     trying   to   become    an     owner      within    the    NBA    with    so   many    difficulties.     The     business   of   sports     though   no   different    from    the    financial      machinations  of   Wall  St.    Within    the     realms    of   the  NBA      it   can   be     just    Machiavellian     as  anything    that    one    ever   envisage   of    seeing   behind    those    hallowed     walls.




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