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All Things Must Come To An End ! Even The Good Ones ……….

All Things Must Come To An End ! Even The Good Ones ……….

All good things come to and end it’d appear that calmer heads ruled the day as Jerry Jones made the decision to fire his much maligned incumbent head coach Wade Phillips. At 1-7 one might ask why it took Jones so long to come to a decision where clearly it was evident that Phillips had lost control of a Dallas Cowboys’ team that had for all sense and purpose was “mailing it in”. Highly overpaid athletes who as such couldn’t strap it all on and play hard for 60 minutes. I’ve often heard it said that NFL players are tough and some of the best athletes on the planet. Pardon me for saying this if the Cowboys are meant to be the basis for that argument then I feel everyone who subscribes to that premise really needs to pull their head out of their ass. This current Cowboys’ team couldn’t match the tenacity of teams past who wore a Cowboys jersey with pride. What we’re now witnessing are a bunch of high priced primadona players. As for Phillips his sacrifice was to fall on the sword without Jones being prepared to accept responsibility for this gaffe and the team’s fall from grace.


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Jerry Jones believes that the team can somehow rebound and play with a great deal of pride. Phillips’ offensive coordinator Jason Garrett will now become the interim coach of the team and he’ll be assessed by Jones as to whether or not he’ll become Wade Phillips’ successor. From my own perspective this might just be the only appropriate thing that Jones can do while he gauges the interests of former coaches Jon Gruden , Bill Cowher and quite possibly from the college ranks Mark Dantonio , Chip Kelly , Gene Chizik , Les Miles and quite possibly Jim Harbaugh of Stanford . Though from what we all know of Jones it’s highly unlikely that he’d be willing to hire a coach from the college ranks unless he knows that he won’t have to acquiesce any power whatsoever to his new hire.

Jason Garrett was originally meant to be their heir apparent to Phillips and while his title was in essence the team’s offensive coordinator he had also been assigned the title of assistant head coach. Collectively however, I do think that while much of the blame lays squarely on the shoulders of Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones , I do feel that Garrett simply has shown that as a coordinator and assistant coach he’s simply brought nothing at all to the table. This team lacks leadership, accountability but overall the Cowboys lack complete purpose and the will to win !. And given the inept display by the team in their 45-7 loss to the Green Bay Packers it’s easy to see why the Dallas Cowboys have become one of the biggest jokes of the NFL season. Other than the hapless 0-7 ___ Buffalo Bills has there been a more maligned team and none sensical story of this NFL season ? Granted we’ve had so many idiotic prognostications as to why the Cowboys ought to have been viewed as a preseason favorite for the Superbowl . I must’ve missed something here because this is the same Dallas Cowboys’ team that hadn’t won a playoff game in over decade and whose presence last year in the playoffs lasted almost as long as a sobriety rehab stay of Lindsay Lohan. Mauled and manhandled by the Minnesota Vikings in an NFC divisional playoff game it is easy to understand the reason why I personally think that this team is vastly overrated !

How in God’s name can a 6-1 team look so inept in every facet of an NFL game ? Given the premise that the New England Patriots were now being viewed as the best team in the AFC record wise. It was clear that they were going to be in for a rude awakening . And that came about in the Patriots’ humiliating 34-14 loss to the Cleveland Browns where former Patriots’ offensive coordinator , now coach of the Browns Eric Mangini and his coaching staff out-coached Bill Belichick . If the postgame interview and statement by Belichick was anything to go by then it’s clear that the Patriots’ coach in his own naivete took the Browns far too lightly. The New England Patriots were outplayed in every facet of the game and defensively this team still has its flaws , as they were continually exposed in the team’s pass and run defense. And if that wasn’t enough Tom Brady and the Patriots’ offense were so inept that it is inconceivable that they actually ended up scoring fourteen points in this game. To top it all , Browns’ quarterback Colt McCoy had what might have been the best performance of his career in the NFL since his entrance, leading his team with a great deal of aplomb. Assisting him in that endeavor also was his teammate Peyton Hillis who racked up 184 yards on 29 carries , scoring 2 TD’s (avg 6.34 yards per carry). And if that wasn’t cause for concern it’s clear that this Patriots’ defense has a long way to go if the ambitions of Belichick are to be met in his aim to win a fourth Superbowl championship as a coach joining former Steelers’ coach Chuck Noll as the only four time winning Superbowl coach of the modern era in the NFL.

Within the AFC East the division has become something of a competitive one and it can no longer be viewed as the Patriots’ domain . Rex Ryan and the New York Jets have now become a welcome foe for the Patriots and with a rejuvenated and always forceful Miami Dolphins now looking for some semblance of respect from their divisional rivals as well as the rest of the teams within the AFC. It has to be said that whoever makes it out of the division as its divisional champion will be considered to be one of the favorites within the AFC for the Superbowl 45 (SBXLV).

If the Patriots are to get back on track then their next game against conference opponents the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh this upcoming Sunday will be a stern test of their resolve. They’ll be meeting a Steelers’ team having hit its stride and playing some of the best football in the league on both sides of the ball. Ben Roethlisberger having returned from his four game NFL mandated suspension has been guiding the team as its signal caller and with Troy Polamalu and Rashard Mendenhall having banner seasons it has to be said that this will be a tall order that is being asked of the Patriots to rebound from their loss to the Cleveland Browns. Mike Tomlin will have his team prepared to face whatever Bill Belichick has to throw at him strategically . This may well be one of the better games on offer in Week 10 of the NFL and it could go a long way in determining whether or not the Patriots are “for real” and whether or not the Pittsburgh Steelers are capable of making another return to the Superbowl in chasing down what would be their quest for a seventh Lombardi Trophy triumph.



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What thoughts if any do you have concerning the decision of Jerry Jones to fire his coach ? Do you feel that it was a knee jerk reaction on his part and do you feel that under interim coach Jason Garrett the team will fare any better ? With regard to the New England Patriots do you feel that the team will be able to rebound from their rather inexplicable loss to the Cleveland Browns and some defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers this upcoming weekend ? Simply chime on with a comment on the issues raised within this piece and any other NFL story that was of interest to you this past weekend. Thanks as always for your continued support as it has always been appreciated !

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To Be Capped Or Uncapped That Is The Question ………..

We’ve  lamented  the  woes  of  baseball and the   fact  that   the  game  in  terms  of  its  finances.  In some  ways  it’s  about  the  haves  and  have  nots.   The  game doesn’t  as such  possess a salary cap.  But  in light of  the  imbalances  between the  major market  and  small  market teams.   The  hierarchy of  baseball  saw   fit  to initiate a luxury   tax.   Thereby  enabling   the  smaller  market  teams  to  be  deemed  competitive  by  giving  them   a chance  to  compete  with  their  much  bigger   rivals. 


NFL  Commissioner  Roger  Goodell  addresses members  of  theb  convened  press
NFL Commissioner addresses members of the convened press ..............


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell  addresses  members  of the convened  press .  picture  appears  courtesy of  ap/photo/ Matthew  Dibble  ………





Well  now  with  the   NFL  season  about  to  reach  its  culmination  in  early  February .  We’ll  be  heading  into  a season  of  uncertainty   as  there’s  talk  of  there  being  an  uncapped  season   in   terms of  the  salary  cap.  Such  is  the  acuteness  of  the  situation  that Commissioner  Roger  Goodell  is  looking  at the   situation  with  a  great  deal of  seriousness.  And if there’s  one  thing   that  we  know   about  the   NFL is  that it  loves  a  tightly  ran  ship  when  it  comes  to  the  financial  aspect    of  its  business.   And   that   includes  all  of  the   thirty  two  franchises   no  matter  what  their   size.







For the likes  of  a  colossus  such  as  the  Dallas  Cowboys  and  their  owner  Jerry Jones  this  may  well  give  him  the  sort  of  resources   that  he  was  denied.  Especially when  they  were  able  to  compete  with  abandonment   and  pursue  any  big  time  free  agent  that they  desired.  If this  situation  should  materialize  without  an  agreement   being  hammered  out   between the  league  and   the  Players’ Union (NFLPA).   The  situation   could  set  the   game   back financially for  years.   The  gravity of the  situation  hasn’t   gone  unnoticed   with  many  of  the   general managers   around  the  league.   And  the  players   themselves    realizing  that  they’re   going  to  be  the  ones  dictating   the   terms.  As  they’ll  most  certainly   will  in  the   driver’s  seat. 



NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell  and  Cowboys' owner  Jerry Jones  at the  NFL owners'   meeting .............
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell(right) and Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones(left) in conversation at the NFL owners' meeting.................


NFL Commissioner  Roger  Goodell  and  Dallas Cowboys’  owner  Jerry  Jones  in conversation  at  the NFL’s owners’  meeting.  picture appears courtesy of  getty images/ Tim Short  ……………………





With  the  Players’  Union  yet  to elect  a  leader   to  take  over  from the  late  departed  Gene  Upshaw.  One  can  surmise  that  every  effort will  be   made  to  do  what’s  right  to  deal  with  the  situation  in  the  manner  that  will  be  equitable   for  all of  the  parties  involved.  Needless  to say  the  fans  of  the  NFL  will  be  watching  the  matter  very  closely.  As in the  end  it  may  well  be  costing   them  more  than  they   really   know.  And  in these  dire  economic  times   when  all  of  the  major  sports  are   facing  some sort  of  a  problem  financially.  Even  though   the  NFL  has  a  vast  number  of  corporate  sponsors  covering  a  gamut  business  entities.  But  then  again  the  template  that  the  NFL  has  put  in  place  has served  them   very  well.  A  multi billion  dollar  business  that  in  effect is  admired   by  its  peers    across  the  sport’s diaspora. 






It  has  been  the  salary  cap  that   has  in effect  kept  the  NFL  teams  in  check  over  the  years. And  were  the  situation  to  change   it  would  be   very  interesting   to see   how  the  competitive  balance  would  change   with  a  number  of  the  teams and  across  the league as a whole. Franchises  that  are   financially  sound  as  to  the  way  they’re  ran.  With  everything  as to  the  success  of  the   game  being  about  the  now .  It  can  be   said  the  pressure  will  be  on   many  of  the  teams   to  succeed  should  there  be  the  advent  of    a  season  without  a   salary  cap.  So  make  of  it   what   you   will  should  the  situation  arise  where   the  NFL  has  a  season  without  there  being  a  cap  in  effect.