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The Story Itself Says A Lot About The Player …………

The Story Itself Says A Lot About The Player

As feats go, the milestone of Derek Jeter approaching the 3,000 hit plateau to become the New York Yankees alltime hits’ leader would suggest that the players’ legacy is set. If nothing else the perennial All Star seems well on the way to becoming a first time ballot Hall of Famer . There has been nothing to suggest that Jeter’s name has been tinged by any major controversy relating the steroid era or anything else for that matter. He has seen this organization through its highs and lows over the course of his fifteen year in Major League Baseball . And while the New York Yankees seem set to write their own history this season by looking to dominate the competition within the AL East . It bodes well for the Yankees’ fans that the team’s captain is still as determined as ever to win . Jeter has led by example and his teammates seem determined to follow and not let their leader down.


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Last season would suggest that the player has something of down year in terms of his productivity for the team . There have been a number of issues concerning the team this season those questions arise around the Yankees’ pitchig which is and has been very suspect this season . A J Burnett , CC Sabathia are appear to the only reliable pitchers on the roster and one would suspect that over the course of the season they will become all the more dependent upon their middle relief pitchers and closer <a href="; Mariano Rivera .
That being said it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see GM Brian Cashman make a mad rush to acquire a highly sought after player merely as a rent deal until the end of the season and beyond should the Yankees be in with a sniff of making the postseason.

And no doubt while the eyes of the baseball world are on Jeter as he looks to pass another historical plateau in the game it has to be said were it anyone else not named Jeter I seriously doubt that the interest in the achievement would be there ! In this era where the game of baseball has simply been accompanied by the misdeeds of a number of players through their prolific misuse of steroids and other illicit substances the game has become tainted and some might say even lacking in appeal. Granted , fans are still cheering on their teams but look at the situation around the entire league at present . The undue burden of a slack economy has led to lower attendance for a number of teams around the league , never mind the financial mismanagement by owners of their respective teams . The game needs a real pick me up and it appears that the closer Derek Jeter gets to this feat the more eager we all are to see him accomplish that hallowed achievement . Say what you will were this Barry Bonds or Alex Rodriguez on the cusp of attaining 3,000 hits , I seriously doubt that the vast majority of us would be at all be interested in the accomplishment . Such has been the disdain for both players and their actions over the course of their respective careers that it’s great to know that the game still has its real heroes !

While Jeter has been lucky enough to play his entire career with the Bronx Bombers and serving them well over the course of his career. One has to ask even with his abilities would he still have succeeded and reached the height he has achieved were he playing for a lesser team ? Fate has a way of dealing an individual certain things and then what you make of what elements dealt to you in one way or another can denote whether or not you will succeed within that environment. Ability alone but also being around like minded individuals who share a common purpose can also be of great assistance in ascertaining that will to succeed . I do believe that in the case of Jeter he would have succeeded be it with the New York Yankees or St Louis Cardinals in approaching this feat . On the other hand however , in the case of winning multiple World Series titles I think that would simply be open to discussion and a great deal of conjecture !

At present Derek Jeter having amassed 2,990 hits, he is now but ten hits away from reaching 3,000 and becoming the 28th player in league history to attain that historical feat. This record I do believe has become a bench mark within the game along with Cy Young’s 511 wins which will never be reached in the modern era of the game . The single season and all time home run records though still recognized are tainted and that has been the misnomer now within the game as baseball’s hierarchy simply hasn’t the gusto to do what many believe to be morally right and have those records stricken from the books. But then again what would you expect from a league hierarchy led by a bumbling oaf to begin with ? MLB Commissioner Bud Selig simply has become a lap dog for the team owners and someone how cowers in the corner like a scared child the moment the MLBPA stomps its feet !

In all likelihood Derek Jeter will reach this landmark in any of the upcoming series on the New York Yankees schedule during the month of June . The team has a four game series against the Cleveland Indians starting the 10th June before embarking on a three game series against the Texas Rangers . There’s a distinct possibility that the ten hits needed could be attained over the course of these two consecutive series. If not , then Jeter has a chance of accomplishing the feat against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field during an intra league game. But the thought that the player could very well reach the 3,000 hit plateau at Yankees Stadium would indeed be something special in front of a raucous crowd and most notably his immediate family and friends . Especially were the feat to be achieved d in either of the aforementioned series against the Indians or Rangers for that matter .



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Given the era that we are now in with regard to baseball how do you view the achievement of Derek Jeter reaching the plateau of 3,000 hits within the game ? And what thoughts if any do you have with regards to the single season and all time home run records achieved by Barry Bonds ? Simply chime in with your thoughts as you see fit .

Alan aka tophatal ……………………

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(1) New York Yankees’ CC Sabathia hands the ball to manager Joe Girardi while leaving the game during the seventh inning of a baseball game at against the Boston Red Sox Friday, June 10, 2011, at Yankee Stadium in New York. AP Photo/Frank Franklin II ….

(2) David Ortiz (34) of the Boston Red Sox crosses to score on a Jed Lowrie (12) triple in the seventh inning against the New York Yankees on June 9, 2011 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City. (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images …..

(3) Derek Jeter (2) of the New York Yankees celebrates scoring with teammate Curtis Granderson (14) after Granderson’s home run in the first inning against the Boston Red Sox on June 9, 2011 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City. Photo by Nick Laham/Getty …….

(4) New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter hits an RBI double in the fifth inning of a baseball game against the Boston Red Sox, Wednesday, June 8, 2011, at Yankee Stadium in New York. AP Photo/Frank Franklin II ….

(5) Derek Jeter (2) of the New York Yankees gets the force out against J.D. Drew (7) of the Boston Red Sox during their game on June 8, 2011 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx borough of New York City. Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images ……


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A Sport Can Only Be As Good As Its Players And The Leadership That’s Shown By Its Executives …………



A  Sport   Can  Only  Be    As   Good   As  Its  Players   And    The  Leadership   That’s  Shown   By  Its  Executives. 





Much  like  a   profitable   company   is   viewed  as  a  viable  investment   opportunity  for  equity  investors.    The   same  can   be   said   for    professional   sports.   And   in  particular ,  baseball    and   the   fans   who  are  avid  followers  and   supporters  of  not  only  the   game   but  the   franchises as  well.  The  fans   are   much   like  that   of  an   investor   as  they’ve   a   vested  interest  in  seeing  the equity   maximize  its   profit  potential   exponentially .   However   of  late     the   share   price   of  baseball  were   it     a  share   price   on  the   New  York  Stock  Exchange  would   be  at  an  alltime  low.   Baseball’s   share   price  has   dropped   precipitously   low .  It’s  now   nothing  more  than a   penny  stock  at  present   and  is  not   about   to  rise  anytime  soon.



Players' Union  representative  Donald Fehr  (left)  and  MLB  Commissione  Allan 'Bud'  Selig .......
Players' Union representative Donald Fehr (left) and MLB Commissioner Allan 'Bud' Selig brielfy exchange pleasantires before addressing members of Congress on Capitol Hill. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Chip Smodoville .........





Unfortunately   for   baseball   at  present   it’s not   looking  as   worthy  an  investment  as   say   the   Big   Three  (Chrysler, Ford , GM) automotive   companies  or that  of   the   failing   banking   industry   on  Wall  Street.    About  the  only  thing  that    separates  these   entities  at  present.   Is  the  mere   fact  that  now    the   titans  of  those    two  particular  industries   have   finally  the  will   to   stand  up  and   admit  to  the  mistakes  that  they’ve   made.   Albeit   that   they’re  now   being   bailed   out  at  the   taxpayers’  expense.    But   then  again    the  automotive  industry    hasn’t   been  a  worthwhile    entity   in  well  over  a   decade !    However   the   game  of  baseball   hasn’t   the  leadership  or   presence   of   mind   to  even  admit   that  it   is  at   fault  in  any  way.



Yankees'  third baseman  Alex  Rodriguez and   team   GM  Brian  Cashman ...........
New York Yankees' third baseman Alex Rodriguez and team GM Brian Cashman share some words. picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Rod McCullough ..............





If   nothing   else   Commissioner   Bud  Selig   and  the  owners   have   shown    that  they   don’t   possess  a  backbone   or  the  willingness  to  stand  up  to  the  union.  If   anything   at  the   owners’  beckoning  and  acting   in   collusion  with   Donald  Fehr  of   the  Players’  Union   they’ve   seen   fit  to  defraud   the   public   and  the   fans  at  large.   And   we’re   meant to   believe  that   these   individuals   have   the    best   interests   of   the   game   in  their   mindset  ?   In  reality   nothing   could  be   further   from  the   truth.     Selig   couldn’t   spot   the   truth   if   it     were   written    in   5  foot  high   letters  and   place   atop  of   the   Time  Magazine  building  in  New  York City  for  the  world   to   see.    One  thing   is   now  becoming   abundantly   clear    is   that   Selig   lives   in  his  own  imaginary   world  of  make  belief.   And   each  of  the  characters   in  it  are   merely   those   from a  fairy   tale.     As   to  which    to   fable   that  might   be  ,  is   open  to    a  great    deal  of   debate.



Vikram  Pandit  CEO of  Citicorp (Citibank)  and  Wells  Fargo  Chairman  John Stumpf at  the  Senate Banking  and  Finance Committee  hearings  in  Washington , DC,.   picture  appears  courtesy  of  getty images/ Balce  Cenetta  ...........
Vikram Pandit CEO of Citicorp (Citibank) and Wells Fargo Chairman John Stumpf at the Senate Banking and Finance hearings on Capitol Hill. Washington DC., picture appears courtesy of getty images/ Balce Cenetta .............





Now  as   the  game  finds  itself   in  perhaps   the   most  unexpected  of    controversies  concerning  that  of   one  the  pre-eminent  players  in  the  game .  It   has  to   be   asked   is   there   nothing  a  shoe   awaiting   to  be  dropped   concerning  Alex  Rodriguez  or   any  other   player    who  might  well  be   on  the  infamous   list  of   104  names  ?    Rodriguez’s  admittance   that  he’d  used  steroids   for    three  years  whilst  playing   for  the  Texas  Rangers.   Though  it   has  to  be  said  the   veracity  of  the   argument   being   put   forward  by  the   player  himself    has   so  many  holes  in  it.  That  the  press  conference    convened   by  the  New  York  Yankees  was merely   nothing   more  than  a  charade.      Clearly   the  player  is   still  delusional  and   his   thinking  that   this   may   well   lead   to  a  dissipation   in  the  ongoing   interest  in the  matter.



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