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Well Duke Just Can’t Seem To Get Over That Proverbial Hump …………….


Well  Duke  Just  Can’t  Seem To  Get Over  The Proverbial  Hump  …………………..






Last  night  at  the  Cameron Indoor  Arena   two  of  the  titans  of the  college  game  basketball  fraternity   got  together.   At  stake  was  the  battle  to  seek   supremacy  within  the  state  as  to    overall  bragging  rights.   Perhaps  the  Wake  Forest  Demon Deacons  may  well  have  something  to  say    about   at  this juncture  ?     The University of  North  Carolina  Tar  Heels  squared  off  against their   instate   rival  the  Duke   University  Blue  Devils.




However  what’s   painstakingly   clear     is  that  within the  realms  of   men’s   college  basketball  there  isn’t  a  more  sought  after   rivalry. Many of  you  may  well  disagree  with  that.  But  I  for  one   would  like  to  hear   your  thoughts  on that   if   you  feel  that  I  am  indeed  wrong ?     You  have  two   storied   programs  and   two   equally   well   respected   coaches  in  Mike  Krzyzewski    of Duke  and   Roy Williams   of   North  Carolina . Two  finer  coaches  of  men’s  basketball   you  may   find  anyone   better  than  these  well   respected  individuals.   Not  only   respected   by  their   players    but  also   amongst  their   peers.   And  that    speaks   highly  as   to  the  esteem   with  which   both  are  held. 






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Terrapins Are Having Problems …………


Terrapins  Are Having  Problems ………………….






It’s  time  and  it’s  not a good  for   Gary  Williams  at  present  and  the University of  Maryland men’s  basketball  team.  Much  has  been  made  of  the  program  and  the  belief  that  it  just  might  be  getting  stale  under  the  tutelage  of  Williams.



Williams  directs  his  team during  the game  against  North Carolina which  resulted in Maryland's loss 108-91 in ACC game .  picture appears  courtesy of ap/photo/Gerry Broome  ................



Williams  directs  his  team  during  the  game  against North Carolina  which  resulted in Maryland’s loss  108-91 in  an ACC game .  picture  appears courtesy  of ap/photo/Gerry Broome  …………………….. 




Mediocrity  is  not  an  acceptable  word  in their   dictionary   when  it  comes  to  this  particular  program. The  heights  of  success   reached  under  Williams  goes without saying .  But  when his  abilities  comes  into   question  one  has  to  wonder   what  it  is  that  went   wrong  with   regard  to   the  program.   It’s  certainly   not as if  overnight  the   program   fell  upon   hard  times.     The  luster  of  the  program   has  gradually  worn thin  and   the  scuff  marks   have  begun  to makes its way  into  how  the   team  plays.


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