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Jon & Kate Plus 8 …… TO And An NFL Franchise ….. Spare Me The Drama Please …………….!

Well the NFL season has started and last night the reigning Superbowl champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers started things off – by defeating the Tennessee Titans in overtime 13-10. Now that our appetites have been wetted. What else can we expect not just from the weekend’s plethora of games but also the season itself , as it begins to unfold ?

Now in all honesty as an avid New England Patriots’ fan . I for one am looking forward to seeing the resumption of Tom Brady’s career within the NFL. Far more so than the stop start, will he or won’t and now that he’s finally here…..the return of Brett Favre. And as much as it has been regaled upon by those irreverent idiots within ESPN. Their wanderlust and reverential man crush for Favre has bordered on being odious to say the very least. But when that’s allegedly only horse in town that they’re prepared to ride. You can well understand the incessant round the clock coverage that the Favre saga has been given. Journalistic values went straight out the window the ESPN network to begin with.

Now comes one of the more interesting stories that may well be played out this upcoming season. And stop me if you’ve either seen or heard this all before. A self absorbed scene stealing , press chasing NFL star , in the guise of Terrell Owens, seeks to resurrect his career with the Buffalo Bills. Having been cast aside by the Dallas Cowboys. Owens chafed and chomped at the fact, that he felt, he’d been mistreated and lied to by the Cowboys’ organization. His relationships with his former teammates cooled mightily. Albeit, that there was actually no childish name calling. But Owens felt it necessary to berate his former teammate and at onetime closest pal, Tony Romo.

Buffalo   Bills'  wide  receiver   Terrell  Owens   makes a  catch  during  practice  at  the  Ralph  Wilson   Stadium  in Orchard  Park,  N.Y.   The  team has  a  had  something  of a  turbulent   week  having   fired  offensive  coordinator  Turk  Schonert  .      picture  appears courtesy  of  ap/photo/David  Duprey   ..........................
Buffalo Bills' wide receiver Terrell Owens makes a catch during practice at the Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, N.Y. The team has a had something of a turbulent week having fired offensive coordinator Turk Schonert . picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/David Duprey ..........................

Now with the tide settled , or at least one would hope so. It’s now time for Owens to step up to the plate and prove that he’s still one of the elite players within the NFL. But even more so that of a teammate and not seemingly interested in continuing his narcissistic behavior. He’s probably seen his mantel as the league’s best wide receiver now be assumed by the Arizona Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald. Though few around the league would feel that the title bestowed upon Fitzgerald isn’t justified. Hell , you’d be hard pressed to find a knowledgeable NFL fan say otherwise.

For Owens and the Bills this is the season where if nothing else, they’ve got to improve on last year’s debacle. In the AFC East the team finished with a unenviable 7-9 record seated afoot of the AFC East. All the while looking up at the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots and the New York Jets.

Bills'  quarterback  Trent  Edwards   in  full  stride  as  he  scrambles  out  of  the   pocket  ast the  Cleveland  Browns  in  a   game  played  at   Ralp  Wilson  Stadium  ,  Orchard  Park,  N.Y.    The  Browns   would   go  on  to  defeat   Buffalo   29-27  on the  day.    picture  appears  courtesy  of  ap/photo  /  Don  Heupel  ...............................
Bills' quarterback Trent Edwards in full stride as he scrambles out of the pocket ast the Cleveland Browns in a game played at Ralp Wilson Stadium , Orchard Park, N.Y. The Browns would go on to defeat Buffalo 29-27 on the day. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo / Don Heupel ...............................

And though much of the team’s troubles lay in the fact that its defense as well as its offense left a great deal to be desired. It most certainly hurt that the team’s quarterback, Trent Edwards couldn’t get through an entire regular NFL season. Edwards is to tissue paper , what ice is very much like when placed in the midst of heat. They both tend to just break down within a specific environment. If you sneeze on tissue paper it’s liable to tear. You place ice in the midst of heat , it no doubt melts. Place Trent Edwards on an NFL football field and you’re unlikely to see him last the whole season. To put it succinctly , he’s as soft as they come physically. Immensely talented he’s not able to withstand the rigors of a sixteen game regular season schedule.

Courtesy of The Buffalo News and AP:

Bills overshadowing T.O. in disruption department.

By John Wawrow

So much for everyone assuming Terrell Owens would be the one causing all the disruptions after the prolific and headline-grabbing receiver signed with the Buffalo Bills this offseason.

It turns out this once-proud franchise didn’t need any help. In the week leading up to their season-opener at New England on Monday, the Bills have proven capable of creating distractions all on their own.

The turbulent stretch came this past week when the Bills fired offensive coordinator Turk Schonert and released starting left tackle, Langston Walker: two stunning moves that – as unfathomable as it sounds – managed to push T.O. out of the spotlight.

“It’s crazy,” receiver Lee Evans said.

Happy 50th anniversary, Bills. So much for the plaudits Buffalo earned a mere month ago when Bruce Smith and team owner Ralph Wilson were inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And long forgotten is the buzz Owens generated among a hopeful fan-base at the start of training camp in late July.

“You can say the T.O. buzz has worn off,” Evans said, noting that Owens did miss the final four weeks of the preseason nursing a sprained toe that’s now healed. “It has overshadowed him. But it’s bigger than 81. He’ll certainly do some things throughout the season to get it back. And hopefully it ends with a ‘W,’ because that’s all that really matters.”

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Owens for his part believes that he’s finally found his calling. And that’s to lead the Bills into the postseason and beyond. No doubt he’ll use this environment as a tool to brand himself as a marketable product. That being said , don’t waste your time in trying to buy anything that TO is trying to sell you. It’s bad enough that a cable outlet has seen fit to give him his very own self titled reality show. If anything he’s setting bar so low in terms of the show’s perceived intelligence . That even ‘Flavor Flav’ comes off looking like a Harvard graduate, not only terms of intelligence but also in terms of his persona. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that the bar was set all that high to begin with , with Flav’s own shot at reality stardom. Be a clown and the whole world may well end up liking you for one reason or another. And the same can be said of both individuals. Though in the case of Owens , he has a tendency of rubbing people up the wrong way. And then he looks to apportion the blame elsewhere.

And though much of the Bills’ success will be predicated upon the relationship and communicative skills between Owens and Edwards. One can’t help but feel the franchise is but seconds away from imploding , if things don’t prove to be successful between the two. Owens just wasn’t brought in to be the centerpiece of the Bills’ offense. But he was also brought in to be the fulcrum for it as well. And looking at the team’s roster . Other than Owens , Kawika Mitchell, Lee Evans , Josh Reed and Roscoe Parrish. You’d be hard pressed to suggest that this team is actually littered with players that can make a real difference as to this team’s aspirations this upcoming season.

Owens may well be coach Dick Jauron’s reclamation project. And one can surmise that Bills’ owner Ralph Wilson gave this all his blessing. But at this juncture I’m of the belief that should things head south . As no doubt , it always seems to do, when Terrell Owens is in the midst of it all. I’m inclined to believe that it won’t only be Owens who’ll be canceled-but also too , Dick Jauron. Starting afresh would be nothing new for either party. But I’d like to think that as of now we’ve all had enough of the drama and tantrums that tends to surround Terrell Owens and his traveling circus. What say you on the matter ?

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Too Late The Hero Or So They’d Have Us Believe …………..




Much  has  been made  this  season as  to  the  resurrection  of   Kurt  Warner and his   career   and  the  fortunes  of  the  Arizona  Cardinals.   Warner  was  brought  in  by  the  franchise  at  the  wishes  of coach  Ken  Whisenhunt’s  predecessor   Dennis  Green.    Green  felt  that  with  Warner brought  in  to  take  the  team’s  number  one draft  pick  Matt  Leinart  under  his  wing  and   tutor him.  




Cardinals'  quarterback  Kurt Warner  and  GM  Rod  Graves  at  the  team's  walk   through  at the  training  facility   in  Tampa , Fl .........picture  appears courtesy of  ap/photo/Ross D Franklin .......................
Cardinals' quarterback and GM Rod Graves at the team's walk through at their training facility in Tampa , Fl. picture appears courtesy of ap/photo/ Ross D Franklin ................



Cardinals’ quarterback  Kurt Warner  and  GM Rod  Graves at the  team’s  walk  through  at  their  training  facility in  Tampa ,Fl .  picture appears  courtesy of  ap/photo/Ross  D   Franklin ………………..





Unfortunately  for  Leinart   his   leadership  and  play  has  come  into  question  and  under  a  great  deal  of scrutiny.  Leinart  the  poster  child  for  some  of  the  success  at  the  University of  California   became  short  lived  upon  his  introduction  into the  NFL.  He’s  yet  to  prove  himself   the  franchise   quarterback  that  many   felt   he  could  be.    Analysts  in  and   outside  the  game were   singing  the  praises  of  Leinart as   to   his   decision making  and  talent.    Thus   far  there’s  been  very   little  evidence  to  suggest  that  Leinart  has   even  matured   as an  NFL  player  much  less  a  franchise   quarterback  upon   which  an  organization  can  pin  its   hopes.








The  hopes  of  a  franchise  if  pinned  on   Leinart  most  certainly  wouldn’t  be  well served.  Matt is   far  too  Hollywood  for  his  own  good. He  felt  that   upon  his  entrance  into  the  NFL   things  would  be   just  as  they   were   when  reigned   over  all  he   surveyed.    He  was  given  the  entitlements  befitting  that  of  a  king   while   he  played   for  the  USC  Trojans  under  the  guidance  of  their  coach  Pete  Carroll.    And  during  that   time  the  program  had  unprecedented  success  with  Leinart  at the  helm  as  the college’s  quarterback.




Larry Fitzgerald  of  the Cardinals  holds  his  son Devin  as  the  players , family  and  friends  have  their  walk  through at the Tampa Bay  Buccaneers'  training  facility ..........  picture  appears  courtesy of  getty images /  Frank  Pollitto ...................
Cardinals' wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald holds his son Devin as the players, families and friends hold their walk through at the Buccaneers' training facility in Tampa , Fl



 Larry Fitzgerald  the Cardinals’ wide receiver  holds  his  son  Devin as  the  players  ,  families  and  friends  have  their   walkthrough  at  the  Buccaneers’ training  facilty  in  Tampa  , Florida………..  picture appears  courtesy of  getty images/  Frank  Pollitto …………………..








Warner  for  his  part   did  stumble  out  of  the  block    but   his  missteps  aren’t  as  acute   as  those   made  by   the  young  protégé.  Leinart  has  complained  as  to  his playing   time  and  though  not  directing  any  of  his  displeasure  directly   towards  management or   his  teammates.   He  has  made his  feelings  known   to  the  local and  national   press alike.  Though in  terms  of  his  temperament  it  wasn’t merely  overly   vocal.  But then  again  in  a   star  driven  league   where  a  player’s  power  and  stance  can  all  too  often  bring  down    the  franchise  or  coach.  Though  not  necessarily  in  any  particular  order. We’ve  seen  it  and  we’re  liable to  see  it  happen  again.     Thankfully  for Arizona    they didn’t   take  the  bait   with  regard  to  the  player’s  play. With    Warner  being installed   as  the   team’s   starting   quarterback  they’ve not  really   had  to   look  back.







Finishing  this  ’08-09  season  with  a  9-7  record  they  went  into  the  postseason  as  the  winners  of  the  NFC  West division.  Often  criticized as being  a  team  not  worthy of being  considered a  contender .  This  postseason  they’ve   come  out  of  the  gates  like  hare  being   chased  by  wolf.   Much  to  the  surprise  of  their fans  and  the rest  of  the NFL  alike.   And  much  of  that   success  can  be  attributed  to  not  only  the  play  of  Warner   alone.   But  also   the  play  of  their   trio  of  receivers   Steve  Breaston  ,Larry  Fitzgerald  and  Anquan  Boldin.  With  spirited  contribution  coming   from  a  running  attack  that  few   thought  this  was  capable  of in  the  guise  of  Tim  Hightower  and  Edgerrin  James.  Never  mind  the   fact    their   defense   suddenly  also   seemed to have  found  a  life  of its  own.   Lamentable   through  much  of  the  regular  season  .  It  were   as  if   during  this   postseason  a  beast   had  been  awaken   from  its  long   slumber  as  life   was  breathed   into  it.



Warner  sets  of  the  make the  pass  attempt  during the  Superbowl  against  the  Pittsburgh  Steelers  in  Tampa , Fl....................
Cardinals' quarterback Kurt Warner attempts the pass during the Superbowl game played against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Raymond James Stadium , Tampa Fl ..................



Warner  sets  off  to  make  the pass  attempt  in  the  Superbowl  game  played  against  the  Pittsburgh  Steelers .  picture  appears  courtesy  of  ap/photo/ Ross  D  Franklin ……………………….






And  now  with  the  franchise   on  the  cusp  of   history  with  an  appearance  in  Superbowl XLIII at  their  call.  It  has  to  be  said  that  the  fairy  tale  approach  being  taken  with regard  to  the  Cardinals’  rise  anonymity  within  the  league  is  surprising.  However  the  rise   in profile   with   regard  to  Warner’s   ascension  back  atop  of   the  league’s  most  effective  quarterbacks   shouldn’t  really  have  as  a  surprise  to  anyone  at  all.   He’s   proven  himself  to  be  a  warrior  over  the years.  Even  if  it  appears  that  he’s   been  a  wandering   troubadour   around  the  league.     It  may  well  have  been  that   the  surrounding  talent  was  never   really   up  to  par   at  his   subsequent  destinations  after  he  was  cut    let   go  by   the  St Louis  Rams.






It’d  would  appear  that  the  Cardinals  were  on  to  something.  And  they  stuck  to  their  guns.   And  it  has  paid   dividends  for  the  franchise  and  its   fans.   And  for  the  Bidwill  family  one  would  hope  after  all  those  years  of  ridicule  some  legitimacy  as  to  their   team’s appearance  in the  Superbowl  will  actually  mean  something .   And  that   it’ll  empower  them   to  do  what’s  right  for  the  franchise  and its   fans.  Not  merely   what’s  right  for  their  own   pockets.